Xander A
Thursday May 17 @ 8 pm

Bloodsport 6 Eat Pray Blood

Another packed house at The Penny Black last night, fifteen brave teams came forth to do battle in the arena of knowin stuff real good. By halftime it seemed 'Where’s Erica' had the night in the bag, but after a perfect audio round 'Bloodsport 6 Eat Pray Blood' took the gold! :)

Aamir A
Thursday May 17 @ 7 pm

It's Getting Colder..

It's getting pretty quiet with winter being around the corner. But that doesn't stop the dedicated few who come out to quiz. We had a modest turnout of 10 people - and even five to five distribution. It was nice and intimate. The quiz went on as usual, with some regular faces and a whole team of new ones. The weather even allowed us to have the paperplane round. In the end it was the newcomers at Bootleggers who stole top prize with 28 points! Stay tuned for more fun times at the Ravens!

Sweeney Y
Thursday May 17 @ 7 pm

Hot Singles in Your Area

Tonight we witnessed the most revered of happenings in all of trivia mythology - two teams tied for second place. A nasty playoff ensued - with each guessing Lebron James' height - yup it all came down to that. A big fact hunt for the truth, thats what it was... We also had a Joke Competition - the winner a succinct two words: Dwarf Shortage.

Sean L
Thursday May 17 @ 7 pm

When you're a Downer, you're really a winner!

Four great teams took to the stage for what appeared to be a very close battle in round 1. 'The Downers', nearly a perfect score after the first 10 questions. Precipice and 'River Pigs', equal second and very close behind, 'QSW' quietly holding up the rear of the pack. Round two proved tougher for some and the lead increased. Saving the audio round for last, the final 10 questions shook things up a little. 'Downers' and 'River Pigs' scored perfectly on the cryptic, impressive. 'QSW' had an amazing sound round nearly scoring perfectly, well done lads!....

Corey J
Thursday May 17 @ 7 pm

‘Trivia By Candlelight’

The lights had been dimmed and the candles were lit at The Eureka Hotel for Thursday Night Trivia giving the place a slightly more romantic ambience than usual. I dug it. Thanks Kieran. Two wins in a row for “Up the bum no babies” in a close contest separated only by a point or three. Well done to “Here for the 10 pack” for coming second and fulfilling your prophecy of receiving a 10 pack.

Jarred K
Thursday May 17 @ 7 pm

Full House and a barrel of laughs

The infamous Lord Dudley Fire is still not yet needed as the weather remains unseasonably bearable, however, the night still heated up as returning champs, 'The Boffins' soared to an amazing lead in the hunt for the Win. Plenty of new teams discovered the unique and entertaining flavor of our Quiz, along with a few more familiar faces coming back for me. Not everyone can win, but everyone can laugh and make new friends, which is just as good sometimes, isn't it?

Andrew B
Wednesday May 16 @ 8 pm

The Coq is on fire

It's gettin' pretty pretty cold outside in ol' Melbourne town. If you wanna keep warm on a Wednesday the best place is Lucky Coq. It's warm and cosy inside with 100+ bodies rubbing against each other in a mass orgy of trivia. Last night saw all the regulars and lots of new faces battle it out for the $50 voucher. Funny team names, lame paper planes and awesome jokes from the host were there for all the see and soak up. They've new chairs and tables and everyone is now comfortable, well... until the creepy host...

Leigh Q
Wednesday May 16 @ 7 pm

New Team Same Tie!

What is it with The Golden Gate and nail biting quiz nights! Although it was the ever mighty "Here for Leigh's Jokes" (great name by the way) who took the big win, it was a big ol' fashion tie between King Rosco and Oscar Quiztorius for 2nd prize! King Rosco came up on top for a bottle of wine whilst our new team Quiztorius walked away with the beautiful prize of 3 bbq shapes and a cow in a sandwich bag!

Jake S
Wednesday May 16 @ 7 pm

Winners are grinners

Tonight we had a bit of a quiet night at The Gold Diggers Arms with just 3 teams competing. Still, the competition was tough with all 3 teams tied on 17 points after round 1! The sound round was a bit tough and the final round had one of our teams drop off the pace. In the end, we had a tiebreaker to decide our champions! Well done to all. ;)

Luke L
Wednesday May 16 @ 7 pm

Michael Burnham

What a fun night at George’s! Tonight a question about Spock led me to google whether he had a first name, and we all learned something absurd: in what has got to be simultaneously the laziest and one of the more oddly creative moments in sci-fi history, someone went and named Spock’s half-sister Michael Burnham. No joke. The whole genre of science fiction is full of characters with whacky names, and in a world full of wacky names, what could be whackier than a name that sounds like a guy who works in compliance? Also, we...

Luke L
Tuesday May 15 @ 7 pm

Free falling

Another great night at The Branch. I love this gig and look forward to it every week. Happy new faces, happy familiar faces, indifferent faces shoved into baskets of 50c wings....it’s always a good time. Tonight we had a heartfelt ending as the house music suddenly started playing the Tom Petty classic Free Falling as I was reading out final scores. It was a lovely choice. Thanks, Spotify! Also, the bar won second place and gave their voucher to 'Quizzie Wizzie' who shot from 8th place to 2nd prize!!

Xander A
Tuesday May 15 @ 7 pm

Chilli wings on tour

Ooooh weee another packed house at The Provincial Hotel last night. Eleven brave teams came forth to do battle in the arena of knowing stuff real good. By halftime it seemed 'The Quizzical trivialists' had it in the bag, but after a stellar audio round, 'Chilli Wong’s On Tour' took the gold!

Aidan B
Tuesday May 15 @ 7 pm

Old Mates

It was a very cold night in Woolarah, but luckily we had a few teams battling for the 1st prize! We settled in with beer and wine and huddled in before the 1st question was announced. Questions were challenging, laughs were had and in the end... the 'Old Friends' picked up the victory!

Jacob S
Tuesday May 15 @ 7 pm

Taking Down The Champs!

The nights are getting colder and we’re all after that warm cozy feeling and Grape and Grain hits the spot with Tuesday Night Trivia! The paper plane competition was fierce with a few contenders hitting close! Sofa King’s Mart won the free drink with the closest. In last place, “What’s Up Man? Not Much” on 29 points taking home the wooden spoon. It was a tie for third place between “The Know It Owls” and “We’ve Been Deflowered” with 39 points. Second place and first place came down to a tiebreaker between “Sofa King’s Mart” and...

Ben S
Tuesday May 15 @ 6 pm

Nocturnal Emissions

Brilliant night at The Belgian Beer Cafe with a global mix of talented trivia buffs... Winning team was 'the Ausmericans', and the best team name came from 'Put a sock on your nocturnal emissions' - emission-free by 2023” Just genius! Want a clue for next week? Http://instagram.com/bensorensen1

Firdi B
Monday May 14 @ 7 pm

Yes they deserve to die...AND I HOPE THEY BURN IN HELL!!

Two rival soccer teams playing off and not a Melbournian in sight. Kodiak tonight was an international affair, which didn't bode well for the suburb acronym question. In the end... 'Samuel L Jackson' took home the prize once again.. maybe by force. But definitely by a lot of points!

Xander A
Monday May 14 @ 7 pm

Brendos loud shoes can’t distract these champs

Another cracker night at the Skinny Dog Hotel last night as five brave teams fought for glory, knowledge and of course god damn jugs of beer. By half time it seemed pick n mix were a shoe in (foreshadowing), but after a stellar third round You’ll Have To Speak Up Brendos Shoes Are Too Loud, took the gold!

Xander A
Thursday May 10 @ 8 pm

'A Beer and a Gobbie!'

Another packed night last night as 19 brave teams came forth through the icy cold night to do battle in the arena of knowing stuff real good. By halftime, it seemed 'Bloodsport 4' was a shoe-in but at the end of the night they had to a showdown in a tiebreaker which was won by 'A Beer And A Gobbie'! :)

Sweeney Y
Thursday May 10 @ 7 pm

2 smart guys, 1 not so mart guy at Katuk

I do appreciate a burn contained within a team name. Well, tonight was eventful - we had a joke competition which went spectacularly, highlight being a bloke from 'Cubby Sluts' called Ian telling the worlds most offensive joke in front of a table of HR department workers. Thankfully he was labelled a transphobic heteronormative agist and we could continue with our night. A topical impersonation of Apu won the impressions competition - the HR girls made sure to check that the impressionist was indeed of Indian ethnicity - earning him a free pass. It really was...

Sean L
Thursday May 10 @ 7 pm

Strength in numbers, no joke, (or maybe coz there was a Sheila)

On a cold, dark Melbourne night, a band of mortals came to a country pub to test their wits at a famous weekly challenge. Armed with tasty beverages and a desire to win, they knocked the quizmasters' questions away with gusto. '3 Blokes & a Sheila' had round 1 in the bag. Made in YG had some ammo in their arsenal taking out the first free drink and halftime paper plane challenge, a well crafted aero missile saw no challenge from others, had the team earn a jug of the finest to share. 'Andy Goodwin Sucks',...

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