Rian H
Tuesday Aug 14 @ 7 pm

The Provincial Brings in a Crowd

Tonight the trivia was hot and the wind was cold, and we were packed to the rafters here at The Provincial! "The A Team" lived up to their name, coming first in style as well as winning the Space Force aerospace weapons platform test launch. This week we learned that if it's your birthday on trivia night, everyone is going to know about it, we learned a little more about butterflies than we already did, and everyone squealed Rian's name just because he asked them to. They're great, so come down next week and meet everybody!

Lauren B
Tuesday Aug 14 @ 6 pm

An Uncommon Shirt at The Common Man!

A fun night a trivia down at The Common Man, pizzas eaten, beers consumed, trivia quizzed. Scores remained unchanged throughout the night, with the happy but ultimately unsuccessful "The Pina Coladas" boldly taking out last, "Better late than pregnant" (AMEN, SISTER) held fast and gave the winning team a run for their money, getting a pizza for their trouble, but it was "Dan has a new shirt" that were the champs for the night. A new shirt, AND a very wise shirt full of knowing stuff about trivia! Many thanks to the bar staff!

Rian H
Monday Aug 13 @ 7 pm

Francesca's 9 - I Got Swindled at the Hat Store

Mondays at The Francesca's Bar continue to provide all the thrills and atmosphere that we've come to expect of this gem of a venue. This time, two teams came out tied in the end, but heartbreak came for "Yoga with Anthony" as they lost one point for having 7 players. The winners this week, the regular local team who went by "When's Rob getting a Dog?" this time, made an impressive show of their skills with yet another first answer with the anagram. This week, we were all introduced to the little piggy bank that is...

Josh P
Monday Aug 13 @ 7 pm

"Shenanigans" Run Amok

With a huge turnout for The Skinny Dog Hotel trivia, it was bound to be a fun and competitive night. But no one could predict the whitewash from team "Shenanigans", who claimed all three beer jug prizes and walked away with the $50 grand prize. Everyone had hoped the jugs of beer might affect their trivia answers, but they proved strong, also claiming the halftime game paper airplane competition. A shout out must go to team "Quizton Trivintino" for the best team name for a long while! We'll be back next Monday from 7.30 pm!

Xander A
Thursday Aug 9 @ 8 pm

Come Back to the Provincial claim victory

Holy crap a huuuuge night at The Penny Black last night. Twenty-six brave teams came forth to do battle in the arena of knowing stuff real good. By halftime, it seemed Blue is the new green, we’re the team to beat, but after a perfect audio round "Come Back to The Provincial" shot first into first and won a hundred dollar bar tab!!

Sweeney Y
Thursday Aug 9 @ 7 pm

"All I want for Quizmas, Is Clue"

What an effort by "All I want for Quizmas, is Clue" - the best team name and the best score of the night - rewarded with a $50 voucher. Our number one joke of the evening came from Damo, scoring himself a pint of Furphys: 'What did the cannibal do after she passed her boyfriend?... Wiped her a**!' Our second best joke... well who can remember number 2. In any event, it came from a fellow who also scored himself a pint of Furphys. Hannah from England had the character building experiencing of bombing with her...

Corey J
Thursday Aug 9 @ 7 pm

"Thlird Time Lucky" (not a typo) Get Luckier Than Pharrell

And it didn’t even take them all night! It was all happening at The Eureka Hotel on Thursday night as five teams fought it out in an attempt to win themselves one whole pineapples worth of Eureka $$$! Looking at the leaderboard one might assume that it all ended in a draw. Not true! That’s just my poor data entry skills. It was a close one nonetheless with only a single point separating first and second. Apart from the usual fun and frivolity that’s come to be expected at what I think is Melbourne’s premier dive...

Rian H
Thursday Aug 9 @ 7 pm

3 Ravens Keeps Up a Tight Scrum

3 Ravens Brewery was tonight the scene of an intimate, energetic game of trivia, with a close competition between three hungry teams. In the end, the regular team under the guise of "Ooh yeah baby, dance for Pappa Eddie" took home the win, but all teams put up a great fight. This week, we learned what a true Wookie growl sounds like, Rian danced with tears in his eyes, and we witnessed a two-person team who nearly snatched victory for themselves with an impressive show of trivia prowess. See you later 3 Ravens!

Jarred K
Thursday Aug 9 @ 7 pm

Tense Tipsy Tiebreaker

The multiple point questions came hard and fast in tonights quiz, with a few head-scratching cryptics and fierce debate thereafter. Many teams wanted the win, and multiple previous champs were in attendance, but 2 teams soared to the outstanding score of 47 for a gripping, if not infuriating tiebreaker. With the qualifying round included to make things easier for the "Price Is Right" style question of how deep the Mariana Trench is, both teams guess above the actual depth and a comedy of errors ensued until finally "Too Many Roosters" too the crown.

Andrew B
Wednesday Aug 8 @ 8 pm

The Team is Back But They Flaked...

What a night! The busiest trivia night south of the river just keeps getting bigger! They will soon have to knock down walls to fit everyone in (I heard a rumour they actually are!). A tense tiebreaker capped off a great night that saw the return of "Jimmy, Some Crap 'half time tossers", a really good joke to open proceedings and a loud geezer out the back! It all comes together to form "LUCKY COQ TRIVIA' - The best damn show in town!

Jake S
Wednesday Aug 8 @ 7 pm

Three-way Tie-breaker

Tonight we had quite a few turn up at The Gold Diggers Arms for another round of trivia. Scores were locked between a few teams after the first round and coincidentally they were locked between three teams at the end of the night. So we went on with the tie-breaker! Congratulations to our winners and to all who played.

Leigh Q
Wednesday Aug 8 @ 7 pm

The Mighty Hybrid

The powers of "Where's Rosco" and "The Gavs" joined forces tonight to form the ever mighty "Where's Gavs" and they absolutely.....won by 2 points. Solid effort gang! Just behind them was a tie between two excellently punned teams "Nicky Minaj a Trois" and "Pumpkin Quizzotto". But it was the Nicky Minaj enthusiasts who walked away with a brand new "Ipood" t-shirt all the way from Vietnam. Stay groovy kids!

Josh W
Wednesday Aug 8 @ 7 pm

No Names Win Fame

Another great turnout this week at Hotel Brighton trivia. The rainy weather wasn't enough to put off some enthusiastic teams. A team with no name won first place, and second place again came down to a tense tiebreaker question between 3 teams. Do you know how tall the Taj Mahal is?

Lauren B
Wednesday Aug 8 @ 7 pm

Best Foot Forward in Footscray

A fantastic night of Trivia down in the heart of Footscray, with teams battling it out over the coveted first prize and honour and glory for all time. It was anyone's game at the end of round two, with "The Mighty Darks" dominating taking out the jug of beer with their plane "Air Force 2". The Purple Giraffes had the lead but slipped behind to tie second with "Scaryfoot", with a nail-biting tiebreaker resulting in "Scaryfoot" taking out Proseccond and enjoying the fruits of their spoils with an excellent Brut. Well done to winning team The...

Rian H
Tuesday Aug 7 @ 7 pm

The Provincial Keeps the Questions Coming on Strong

This week saw a very close competition and a great energy throughout the night, with regulars "Chilli Wong" bringing home the win after a nailbiting tiebreaker with "Quiztina Aguilera," in a stellar game of Connect Four. Differences were put aside however to celebrate the true hero of the night, Phil, who had the distinct honour of it being his birthday. This week we learned that knowing about videogames comes in handy sometimes, that the hunter who shot Bambi's mother is totally going to get away with it, and that when it comes to The Lord of...

Jacob S
Tuesday Aug 7 @ 7 pm

Like An Egyptian 🏺

The taps were flowing at The Grape and Grain as the room filled out with laughter and tinking glasses for Trivia Night Tuesday! The Egyptian Origami Competition came with an array of pyramids, some three-sided and others four, Sphinxes, a statue of Anubis and even a mummy in a sarcophagus! The winner for the free drink, however, was “We Sock...” with their pyramid and Sphinx. In the last place, signing their names into the Wooden Spoon of Defeat were “We Sock...” with 26 points at the end of the night. Coming in third after a tiebreaker...

Rian H
Tuesday Aug 7 @ 7 pm

"Quiz Khalifa" Blowing Full Steam Ahead

After a shaky start to this evening, the teams settled in nicely after some mild coercion into happiness. A few of the teams have begun to remember and notice my go-to's. The halftime pat on the back for being there and remembering that turning up is the hardest part. Nicely competitive with no one being aggressively serious. Loving the gradual build at the PA and super happy to see some of the faces again.

Lauren B
Tuesday Aug 7 @ 6 pm

On a Mission at Common Man

A jovial night of Trivia down at Common Man, with 4 teams battling it out with an incredibly close game of mighty wits and smarts. "Davsal" whilst very enthusiastic walked away last but got a jug of beer for a sweet paper plane throw. "Dan's Lame" gained a pizza for their trouble but alas were pipped at the post by "Unchained" who were also pipped at the final post by winners "The Team Formally Known As Paul Hasn't Bailed" Many thanks to the bar staff!

Ben S
Tuesday Aug 7 @ 6 pm

"I Shot Bambi" for Free Drinks at the Bar...

Another delightful night down at The Belgian Beer Cafe in Melbourne. A merry gang of locals and spirited travellers assembled as we debated the differenced between Myoglobin and Hemoglobin, and relived our childhood with Bambi. Team name of the week is "I Shot Bambi". Want a hint next week? www.instagram.com/bensorensen1

Josh P
Monday Aug 6 @ 7 pm

Skinny Dog Trivia Goes Down to The Wire

"6 Pack" and "Here For The Beers" were all tied up at the final siren, with only one able to take home the grand prize of $50. It was intense. You could feel the tension in the room. It was down to a tie breaker... who could guess the IQ of one of everyone's favourite movie stars. "6 Pack" came within 2 IQ points. Unbelievable. Skinny Dog Hotel erupted! That's a small glimpse of what we do every Monday night down at the Skinny Dog Hotel. Not to mention, we gave 4 jugs of beer away...

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