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Question One, probably the world's greatest Social Network.

Question One is a leading provider of pub and corporate entertainment across three continents.

Facebook, SnapChat & Twitter boast millions of users who connect via their Social Networks. We connect 1,000s of real people each week in pubs and other venues across London, Melbourne & Houston. We not only discourage people from using their cellphones and other digital devices we prohibit it.

For 2 hours each week 1,000s of users turn off and disconnect from their digital lives and socially connect, Quiz making Question One the world's largest Real Social Network.

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Mix socially with others. Take part in social activities; interact with others; to talk to and do things with other people in a friendly way.

"The young man hates to socialise"

synonyms interact, converse, be sociable, mix, mingle, get together, meet, keep company, fraternize, consort;

antonyms keep oneself to oneself

The thing that we are trying to do [socially], is just help people connect and communicate more efficiently.
Mark Zuckerberg — Facebook CEO
I have Social Disease. I have to go out every night. If I stay home one night I start spreading rumors to my dogs.
Andy Warhol — Pop Artist


Nigel was a great quiz master. The event excited the whole team, and considering we were a little rowdy after our work Christmas dinner, he managed to take charge and conduct a very fun but still challenging quiz. The feedback from our company was brilliant, and the night was made all the better for having organised our quiz with Question One. Thank you for all your help,

Rebecca G

We had a really great night last night, it was really well organised. Thank you to Jodyanne (our Quizmaster), she was lovely and very professional, but funny! We’ve had lots of compliments about her in the office this morning. Thanks again for a brilliant evening.


Jason was our quiz master for our company summer party and he did a terrific job. The mix of questions kept everyone entertained and his sense of humour created a great atmosphere for the crowd. The whole process of booking and securing the quiz master was very stress-free and professional. I would use Question One and Jason for future events.

Tania Mateva

We booked Question One and their fantastic quiz master for our Charity School Quiz Night. They provided a fast, exciting, up to date, brain-teasing quiz that was enjoyed by everyone that attended. The booking process and customer relations are excellent and I highly recommend this company. We look forward to next year's quiz!

Prospect House PTA