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Shaun B.
Thursday Apr 20 @ 8 pm

My God...

The longest tiebreaker in history tonight. 2 closest to questions, 6 true or false questions. Nearly had them dance off for the prize, and the was all for the re-started £10 rollover. Craic was mighty as ever though! Plough is the place to be Thursday night

Daniel C.
Thursday Apr 20 @ 8 pm

Returning champs

Well done to team James monthly flick fest who returned after their 3 week break to narrowly win it tonight on 42 points, beating off stiff opposition from team Jenny's roll back and the four skins who had 41. No winners on tonight's £50 cash roll over jack pot. Great atmosphere on the pub tonight...

Luke T.
Wednesday Apr 19 @ 8 pm

Tie-break for our biggest Rollover ever!

Img 6574 Img 6577 Img 6584

With £573 at stake (at 50:50 odds) it seems only fitting that we needed two Rollover questions to find our winners. 'Theresa May's Snap Erection' picked their beermat, resisted the urge to switch, and scooped the cash - congratulations! Kudos to 'The Asses and Donkey Trust' for making it to the...

Rosie F.
Wednesday Apr 19 @ 8 pm

What on earth is a land Gastropod?

Quiz night at The Duchy was filled with new faces. New teams scoring closely, learning facts like the barcode first appearing on a packet of chewing gum in 1974 and what a land gastropod is. Even with new teams in the running the Duchy's regular winners were back and struck the winning prize with a...

Dsc 0405bw
Michael B.
Wednesday Apr 19 @ 8 pm

A Tale Of Two Birthdays

Img 1967 Nightingale1

What better way to celebrate one's birthday than amongst fellow fact-hunters at The Nightingale, (possibly) South West London's premier pub quiz venue? We had not one but TWO birthday quizzers this evening, but alas there was to be no metaphorical icing on the equally metaphorical trivia-laden...

Graham E.
Wednesday Apr 19 @ 8 pm

Clash of the Titans!

20170419 215747

A great night of quizzing saw a classic battle between three top regular sides - 'room to rent', 'red lorry yellow lorry' and 'quiztal meth' - with 'room to rent' just edging it by one point and collecting a £40 bar tab in the process. Imperial College physicists 'Frazer's Fulham Fanboiz'...

Ken B.
Wednesday Apr 19 @ 8 pm

The Return....of Legion of Moles

20170419 222032

And the winner Legion of Moles! Congrats to this returning team, who after a few months hiatus from last year returned to victory to scoop top prize with a very close 1 point lead.

James B.
Wednesday Apr 19 @ 8 pm

Jonny Finds Some Friends


A lovely week at the Bull this week with seekers of truth battling it out for the life changing sum of £72. We had some wonderful declarations of love also, both with a large number of couples who enjoyed PDAs and also people attempting to sweet talk the quizmaster. In the end it came down to a one...

Img 20160321 wa0001
Chris R.
Wednesday Apr 19 @ 8 pm

'There won't be snap Quiz.'

Some old friends and new faces in the Railway this week. Rast ate my pants were here in full strength to battle a depleted Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Quzzadre for the bragging rights and the first prize. A warm welcome to Generic Blonde Betches and Snap Erection, both fielding large teams.Two...

Sam 1781
Matthew D.
Wednesday Apr 19 @ 8 pm

The Pub was alive with the sound of Quizzing

Dsc 0124 Dsc 0123 Dsc 0122

A great busy quiz tonight with lots of teams taking part at this fabulous venue. The quiz was a tale of two scores with most teams falling into two categories- those that scored okay and then those who scored amazingly. Very high scoring week with only 4 points between 1st and 5th. The winners were...

Danny hurst
Daniel H.
Wednesday Apr 19 @ 8 pm

The election taking centre stage

Only three teams, with Snap Erection taking the first prize and Ashley Page Appreciation Society winning the wine for second last. Hopefully the regulars will be back next week. See you then.

Nigel B.
Wednesday Apr 19 @ 8 pm

Goons win a tight one.

Cutty+sark 20170419 220610

Hi everybody, quiet night here after the bank holiday, but it did not stop the banter and audience participation which was excellent for such few teams. To cap it all the quiz went to a tiebreaker with the goons and mum squeaking out a win. Well done to Ben Coppack who won the bottle of wine for...

Dsc 7542
Richard L.
Wednesday Apr 19 @ 8 pm

Alfie - The Secret weapon!

Img 0316 Img 0319

Last night at L'Affaire the victorious team was made up of just two people and one small dog. Battling against at least one team of seven people, the victors were keen to pretend that without Alfie the Yorkshire Terrier, a win would have been unlikely. A free drink was won by another team of two...

M00129071 0103
Eddie E.
Wednesday Apr 19 @ 8 pm

Watch Out For The Quizzly Bears!


Get Shwifty put in a brave fight, especially with the gains they made in the second round, but it wasn't to be. The Quizzly Bears pipped them to the prize by 5 points. Well done to both teams for getting those cryptic countries though. Man, that was hard! Clearly they all do lots of crosswords and...

Day1 session12 i%27m+producing+a+film+next+month %5bsmall%5d 95
Tom K.
Wednesday Apr 19 @ 8 pm

£80+ of prizes dished out

Img 1736 19 04 17 11 22

In another eventful night at the Bobbin, it was regulars Drawing of a Cock that held firm to take down the opposition. The competition was strong with 3 teams tied just 2 points behind so anyone with a bit of know-how could easily take them down next week! Booking necessary.

Img 6181
Stephanie S.
Wednesday Apr 19 @ 8 pm

New Name But Still A Winner

Img 8750

Charlie Whiskey One renamed themselves last night but that did stop their tradition of claiming the Beaufort Quiz Champion title. However, Quizee Rascals were left equally happy as they won a fantastic chance to attend the Beaufort Vodka Masterclass! Let's hope that they are not too hungover to...

Luolamies 017
Nick H.
Wednesday Apr 19 @ 7 pm

Last week it was Stacey, this week it's Mum that makes all the difference

Wp 20170419 22 03 32 pro Wp 20170419 22 03 46 pro Wp 20170419 22 04 22 pro

The rivalry between the two Mark's continued at this week's regular Wednesday Quiz Night at the Highwayman in Berkhamsted. Whereas last week it was Stacey who made all the difference, it was Mum from Norfolk ... or is it Suffolk ....probably Essex (!), who made all the difference this week whereby...

Simon K.
Wednesday Apr 19 @ 7 pm

I got there by Hot air Balloon

What a lovely evening seen our regular teams battle it out for the Crown. Well done to 'Flap' for another first prize and to 'Quizzerable Bastards' for once again winning a prize albeit 'second to last'. Our creative round tonight was modes of transport and 'Monkey & Giraffe' clinched it with their...

Jason T.
Wednesday Apr 19 @ 7 pm

Kwiz Akabuzi sprint to Gold

Img 20170419 212647284

Congratulations to Kwiz Akabuzi who enjoyed the pot of cash as their reward for coming first at the latest Eagle Fact Hunt. Being experts in the likes of Vanessa Paradis and Harper Beckham no doubt helped. Everyone else was awarded with sweety treats in the wake of the Easter celebrations. Looking...

Marnie N.
Wednesday Apr 19 @ 7 pm

Snap Quizzing


It pays to play as Quizzly Bears found out tonight. They love coming and always order the delicious food and have a great time. This week was their time to shine, beating the lovely Welsh wizards to the bar tab. Join the fun next week!

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