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Clemente L.
Tuesday Oct 17 @ 8 pm

Baked Camembert have done it


10 Teams, 1 big prize and a lot of laughs. What a fantastic quiz we had here at The Alwyne Castle! After the first round numbers where close with 3 teams joint at first place. After the second round however 'Baked Camembert' came through with 36 points to win, beating 'TBC' (on 35) by one point....

Milo S.
Tuesday Oct 17 @ 8 pm

Just take the money

20171017 210749 Lighthouse1

It's well past time that somebody walked out of The Lighthouse with their pockets full of cash. The jackpot has been sitting, unwon, at £200 for weeks now. At this week's quiz we even opened it up to the top THREE teams in the jackpot round but even then none had the good fortune to make it through...

Screenshot 20170524 034245 crop 224x257
Joshua H.
Tuesday Oct 17 @ 8 pm

Ooh Aaah The Leyton Star

20171017 215655 20171017 215553 20171017 215516

Another buzzing quiz at The Leyton Star complemented by the thrilling champions league match between Real Madrid and Tottenham, led to a new team - 'Sean Hughes RIP' taking home the top prize after a brilliant display. They were actually outscored by two points by 'We Thought This Was Speed Dating'...

539257 10151189441614225 1666265647 n
Andy D.
Tuesday Oct 17 @ 8 pm

No Luck Needed for the Dead

A fun quiz tonight with it wide open at half time. However, one team pulled out all the stops in the second half to claim a long awaited top prize. Congratulations then to 'Dead Lucky' who saw off the challenge of 'The Nomads'. At the other end it was a return of 'The Locals' which caused a stir...

Liam E.
Tuesday Oct 17 @ 8 pm

Just The Tip

Img 8900 Img 8898

A team by the name of 'Tip of the tongue' tipped everyone else over tonight at The Brouge as they won by a clear 3 points and nearly achieved full marks! Everyone playing tonight tested their wits and it was another fun night at my favorite gastropub. Can't wait for more next week!

Fb img 1493755037205 1
Logan S.
Tuesday Oct 17 @ 8 pm

Tuesdays are for Quizzing

20171017 213230 Island1

London winter is quickly approaching, so to stay warm, come on in for a great quiz and great company! Every Tuesday at 8 pm. It is an unassailable fact that there is no better place to be on a Tuesday night than playing a pub quiz at The Island Queen, so don't miss out!

Daniel C.
Tuesday Oct 17 @ 8 pm

Back to winning ways

Img 0923

A huge well done to 'Team Caroline @7.30' who returned back to the quiz after a short hiatus and were straight in to winning ways by taking tonight's top spot on 34 points. We welcomed a couple of new comers from The States who took part in their first ever UK pub quiz and scored a very respectable...

14224899 308966729463386 5590833159349559835 n+%282%29
David M.
Tuesday Oct 17 @ 8 pm

Left In Hough

Img 20171017 220810 Img 20171017 220750 Img 20171017 220800

What happened tonight has probably never ever happened before apart from in a quiz or somewhere else. It really was a ding, dang, doozy of a quiz that ended up finishing around about tenish or just after. I've never ever seen anything like it apart from in a quiz. So what did happen first of all? OK...

Nigel B.
Tuesday Oct 17 @ 8 pm

Ultimate reign continues

20171017 223732 001 20171017 223636 20171017 220655

Great turnout here at The Richard 1st. Fantastic to see a few new teams ready to be abused by the quizmaster. Once again the boys would pay the price for having such a large team. Tonight they lost two points and it cost them dearly as they would have tied with 'Ultimate Quizbee'. Both teams scoring...

13435432 10153868561073318 6577762032807796070 n
Skye V.
Tuesday Oct 17 @ 8 pm

Back to School isn't so bad

Tonight at The Schoolhouse we started our first quiz with four strong teams, all excited to put their knowledge to the test! With a wine bottle, a bar tab and two free drinks, there was a prize for everyone, which certainly made it a lot better than any tests I took at school!

13906770 10154405635084570 3393116965994655651 n
Georgina E.
Tuesday Oct 17 @ 8 pm

Hugh Laurie, The Simpson’s and Afroman walk into a bar...


Absolutely brilliant night in Kew tonight! A whopping 8 teams played for the 2nd prize of a £25 bar tab (congratulations to ‘Spokeback Mountain’) and first place chance to play 5 Envelope Roulette. After a nail biting tiebreaker question on 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' between ‘Spokeback Mountain’ and...

Ellie W.
Tuesday Oct 17 @ 8 pm

Two quizzes @ The Drapers next week!

Image1 Image1

The usual Tuesday Quiz kicks off at 8 and THEN... On Thursday 26th of October it's a HARRY POTTER THEME! Yes you heard correctly, all things magical in the wizarding world of the books and films begins at 8pm. Well done to 'Mike & Graham' for winning the £200 rollover tonight - don't worry we start...

Danny hurst
Daniel H.
Tuesday Oct 17 @ 8 pm

Tiebreak Drama


Considerably less teams than last week at the Draft House in Battersea last night but the atmosphere was just as good with 4 teams. This week's creative round themed around Napoleon with it being the anniversary of his exile was won by 'ET Phone Home' with a dreadful visual pun that impressed our...

Graeme winchester
Graeme W.
Tuesday Oct 17 @ 8 pm

An Oddly Sodding Marvellous Win For Some Loyal Bohemian Quizzers

Bohemia1 Bohemia2

They have won a couple of times before, but tonight's winners been competing for The Bohemia quiz crown for years, coming every Tuesday like loyal, lovely clockwork, and FINALLY, they have done it again, after many months of trying. After what turned out to be a crucial recount, 'Odds & Sodds'...

Kiev+ +me+by+the+river
Jason C.
Tuesday Oct 17 @ 8 pm

Rob’s Small Torso Big Winners


Returning under the guise of 'Rob’s Small Torso', last week’s jackpot winners take first prize with a grand total of 34 points in a tensely fought contest of wits. Unfortunately 'Film Fans' didn’t win the jackpot after crashing out of the jackpot so it rolls over to £31 for next week’s (potential)...

N567430643 2586794 8650
Danny M.
Tuesday Oct 17 @ 8 pm

Say Cheese!

Cheese is an innocuous substance, isn't it? Harmless, unassuming, tasty. Lovely, yummy cheese. Unless, of course, it's the subject of a question at The Prince Regent in Herne Hill - then all manner of crazy happens. Across-the-pub banter and well-meaning arguments between tables meant for a cracking...

Img 20151117 181303
Rhys T.
Tuesday Oct 17 @ 8 pm

Diwali celebrations

 20171017 222925 Dsc 0744

Tonight, to celebrate the start of Diwali celebrations, the theme of the Foil Challenge was "South Asia". The winning team was 'Team Teem' with their Taj Mahal, including water feature. Runner up was 'I Foiled Myself' with their Elephant. 'I Foiled Myself' won the quiz with an outstanding 41 points...

Charlotte V.
Tuesday Oct 17 @ 8 pm

Team Mascots


Some teams have lucky pens, some teams keep using the same lucky name, others wear the same pair of lucky socks. 'Ophelia Like A Woman' on the other hand brought their adorable pup as a lucky mascot, leading them to second place and a £25 bar tab! If you think you're luckier or have a cuter mascot...

Luke M.
Tuesday Oct 17 @ 8 pm

Team C tops the lot


On a cold Tuesday evening, 8 teams gathered at The Black Lion on Kilburn for a battle of win. The first half ended with not much between the teams - 6 points between the 8 teams. As the second half got going silence fell over the pub, as the teams took their tasks very seriously. Cryptic tubes were...

Jason T.
Tuesday Oct 17 @ 8 pm

JK Rowling wins the latest Tavern Teasers...or not...

Img 20171017 221009100

A team calling themselves 'J. Kriti Rowling' worked some magic and secured success at the latest Southwark Tavern quiz on Tuesday while 'Fuller Life' demonstrated immense prowess at getting the wine for skillfully coming second-to-last. Looking forward to seeing you all next week. Book tables for...

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