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David M.
Sunday Feb 18 @ 8 pm

I Quizzed All Over Myself


It couldn't have been won by a better team (unless the other team scored more points than them.) Tonight "Quiz In My Pants" quizzed all over the other teams and put in an award winning performance. They won fifty, that's right fifty thousand pence of real money's worth of bar tab at The Ram in Kingston! They've really come a long way...right from the other side of Kingston to be where they were tonight. Finishing on top after the first half but really getting a run for their money from "The Runners" who ran all the...

Marnie N.
Sunday Feb 18 @ 8 pm

Growlers Big Bite


It was packed out tonight at The Duke with 58 quizzers gunning for glory. Four teams sat in second place in the first half but they were no match for "Growlers" who led all the way tonight finishing four points clear and taking hefty cash pot for their troubles. Join us next week for more fun and brain teasing!!

Keith H.
Sunday Feb 18 @ 8 pm

Welcome Back! £375 And The Curse Of The Host


This keeps happening. I go round the joint, beer glass in hand, surprising unsuspecting drinkers and diners and drag some poor soul(s) into a quiz they didn't even know was on, and they go and win it. So the Secret of Success is obviously. Say to yourself these magic words: 'I am only going to the Ferry Boat for a beer with a few carefully chosen others. Or a bite. Or a cup of tea. It doesn't matter. But whatever happens, I am not going to have anything to do with the quiz, which I do...

Ellie W.
Sunday Feb 18 @ 8 pm

Do You Want £350?


Yes?! The only way to get £350 is to join me at 8 o’clock on Sunday at The East Hill; get the closest to question correct and use your mystic meg senses to choose the envelope with the swag in. Simple! Well done to "Banana Peel" for your bar tab win, see you next week :-)

Rosie D.
Sunday Feb 18 @ 7 pm

Another Strike From Winnie Mandela’s


3 weeks in a row we have a running victory team! When will someone steal 1st place and a 40 pound bar tab?! Give it a try and you might nab a bottle of wine for your efforts...Sunday’s are fun days at The Alex, enjoy it with a roast to feast the brain and the stomach! :)

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Georgina E.
Sunday Feb 18 @ 7 pm

Eeyore, Stormi Webster And Kim Yo-Jong Walk Into A Bar...


Brilliant quiz back in Clapham tonight! 6 teams played for the £50 bar tab (awarded this week to “Tequila Mockingbird”) and second to last prize of a free bottle of red wine, won by “Our Mate is Late for His Flight!!!” I look forward seeing you all again next week!

Jodyanne F.
Sunday Feb 18 @ 7 pm

But Who Caught The Bouquet?


Deeply humbled by the dedication of regular players "Alternative Answers" tonight. Two of their players were married yesterday 'up North' with the whole team in attendance but raced back to Waterloo today for their weekly quiz fix - sparkling new rings at the ready. The first bonus drink was munched up by a jet setting and slightly jet lagged member of "Quiz-Team-A-Aguilera" whilst the anagram point and second bonus drink went to "The Fact Hunts". At the end of the evening it was these three plus "Eurotrash" that dominated the top of the leader-board with just...

Daniel C.
Sunday Feb 18 @ 7 pm

New Team - New Winners


A new team joined us tonight and we’re rewarded for their efforts by winning tonight’s quiz by a single point, returning team "Vancouver Utd" scores 33 points to bag themselves a bottle of wine. We had a great mix of returning and new players in tonight which made for a fun night and we look forward to more next week!!!

Nigel B.
Sunday Feb 18 @ 7 pm

"Triple Date" Enjoy The Glory - £206 jackpot for next week!


Hiya folks! Once again a decent crowd assemble at The Ship for a hearty pizza and of course an enthralling quiz!! Scoring was excellent in the first half with "Two Is A Crowd" leading the way on 18 points. Unfortunately for them they had a disaster in the second half. A bit like my football team. Still at least they were able to drown their sorrows by winning the bottle of wine for second to last place. Triple date on the other hand, stayed consistent and ended up victorious with 32 points. PYCR once again did...

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Hannah E.
Sunday Feb 18 @ 7 pm

Who Were That Couple Making Out For The Entire Quiz?

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PDA a plenty at The Bull and Last this week, it must be the first week of spring! A passionate display from some strangers accompanied some empassioned quizzing. My fave team 'Our Interesting Lady Friend' were the best on the night, winning £64 and clearing their tab with £17 left over (service included).! See you all next week!

Howard S.
Sunday Feb 18 @ 7 pm

Next Week We Play For £199 CASH!


Team "Awkward First Date" won out a thrilling quiz which saw a tie break for second to last. Why a tie break? Because second to last means you win a bottle of wine of course! Then we had the team who lost the tie break ending up having a go at our jackpot and failing. All the more money for next week!

Gerry howell
Gerry H.
Sunday Feb 18 @ 7 pm

A Pregnant Pause


Could the quiz have been any more tense, any more exciting than it was tonight? There was a lady who was due to give birth today, meaning that any time, at any moment she (and Dad) would have had to leap up and rush off to hospital. Any question asked might have been the last question asked before a brand new person was brought into this world. A future quiz champion? We'll have to wait and find out... :)

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Celia L.
Sunday Feb 18 @ 7 pm

Happy Wine-se New Year


This weekend welcomes the year of the Dog in Chinese New Year, and we had two pampered pooches in tonight, the team mascots of "Team K9" - Chief and the other little pup who’s name I unfortunately can’t remember now so let’s call him Greg. But tonight, we had a fair few teams not aiming for first place, oh no, they were in it for the second-to-last place wine!!! But teams “And in Last Place”, “Team K9” and “The Peaky Blinders” all after round one we’re trying to pitch it just right to hit the sweet...

Liam E.
Sunday Feb 18 @ 7 pm

Clever Bunch


They must be putting something in the water around Fulham as the teams seem to be getting smarter each week! "Hardly Athletic" can be considered our resident champs yet tonight they really had to step up their game and achieve a massive points tally of 41 to take home the prize. They stepped up and fought off the rest! Well done yet again! :)

Screen shot 2012 11 25 at 9.22.16 pm
Alex D.
Sunday Feb 18 @ 7 pm

Everyone Expects The Spanish Inquizition


Oof.. I feel like I'm repeating myself. The quiz happened. Public transport didn't so it was a quiet one. "The Spanish Inquizition" won again! No surprises. They are lovely and great and invincible lala la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la.. Who will challenge and defeat them next week?! I am waiting for you in The Prince of Wales Putney next week Sunday at 7pm!:)

William F.
Sunday Feb 18 @ 7 pm

Sext Kings Usurp The Crown


This evening at The Cherry Tree, "Sext Kings" triumphantly took the quizzing crown from last week's winners, "Dulwich Hamlet". They've won first prize before and after a taste of victory, they were eager for some more. In other news, the Jackpot prize rolls over again! From now on, every £50 added to the total will result in one card being taken away from the original 10. Now we're on 8! Come and join us next week in The Cherry Tree!

Img 1015
Peter C.
Thursday Feb 15 @ 8 pm

‘15th Feb and Still No Valentine’ Eventually Find Happiness in £56 Jackpot


If the premier league has a ‘big six’, then this week the Plough pub quiz had a ‘big four’ - we had 4 very talented teams finishing within a point of eachother at the top, with a 6 point gap to the next closest challengers in 3rd. Fingers crossed any singletons in the room were able to banish their Valentine’s blues by winning one of the many fabulous prizes on offer at The Plough. Indeed, it would be difficult for our eventual winners ‘15th Feb and Still No Valentine :(‘ to remain melancholy with a magnificent...

Daniel C.
Thursday Feb 15 @ 8 pm

All Tied At The Half


As always we had a fun filled evening with plenty of inter team banter and jokes, it was a close call tonight as there was a tie for the top spot at the half. Team 'Parker' came out eventually winners, storming the second half and maintaining their strong start. Looking forward to more fun next week!!! :)

Img 2267
Sean D.
Thursday Feb 15 @ 8 pm

New Quiz At The Clifton


The new quiz at The Clifton was a grand success; '3rd Wheelie' won the £30 bar tab and 'Two's Company, Three's a Crowd' won the free drinks for best name and the bottle of wine for being one from last. However, we discovered that the in-depth knowledge of George Michael's career was very much absent. We'll be back next Wednesday with another challenging yet exciting quiz at 8pm!! :)

Jonathon M.
Thursday Feb 15 @ 8 pm

Jackpot Eludes Quizzers Again, Grows Bigger


It was a fairly tight race from the start, as all teams during tonight's quiz put their brains to the test at The Station Hotel in Hither Green. Many teams were evenly matched, but it was "Quiztopher Columbus" who shot ahead. Previous winners "Bolofo Mofos" were able to close the gap but it wasn't quite enough, and they ended up behind by just one point! The jackpot question stumped everyone - the Great Pyramid of Giza isn't as tall as you might think it is! But the woman who guessed closest chose the wrong envelope yet...

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