Steven B.
Monday Jun 26 @ 8 pm

Bigger stakes

Calf123.1 Calf1231.1

Stakes are often high in a quiz. But after a quiet night any two teams racing head to head last night at the Calf, things got pretty heated! Luckily in the end, there were a few free drinks, bar snacks and the £40 bar tab going to the Craptaculars! Showing their strength and flexing their thinking...

Mark T.
Monday Jun 26 @ 8 pm

Vetting and betting

I was expecting it to be a little quiet at the Black Horse pub tonight. Not because I was standing-in for the excellent Ellie, as I'm excellent too... in my own small way... but because it was sunny and warm and lovely outside. But then so was the atmosphere inside (cheesy, but true) at one of the...

Dean D.
Monday Jun 26 @ 8 pm

Chris the dog bite back

Tonight's quiz at the Sun Inn at Barnes was a closely fought competition with Chris the dog coming from behind to win the Quiz and two other teams fall from a clear lead after round one. It's never over until the fat dog barks. Still next weeks jackpot rolls over to £222.00

Jason T.
Monday Jun 26 @ 8 pm

Back in the Nick of time!

Img 20170626 220226438

It was quite clear that 'Nick's back! No-one cares' relies on Nick to turn around their fortunes and win first prize - which is exactly what happened when he returned on top form. At the other end of the scale, it was two teams of two guys each that fought a tie-breaker for the bottle of wine for...

Graham E.
Monday Jun 26 @ 8 pm

Podgers return to triumph!

20170626 215215

A lovely cozy quiz saw returning team 'The Podgers' took the honours and the £50 bar tab, scoring 29 in what was a fairly tricky contest this week. 'West London Warriors' collected the sparkling cider, finishing both second and second-to-last in a three-way competition. First-time-quizzing couple...

539257 10151189441614225 1666265647 n
Andy D.
Monday Jun 26 @ 8 pm

William it was Really Somethimg

William was tonight's individual winner with a free drink in the first half then the winning answer in the tie break as BB4S pipped The Newly Weds to the second from last place wine. The Newly Weds did win the jackpot so went home happy. Ftench Hags won outright with Tri Angels and Happy Birthday...

185691 10150415477780447 7422490 n
David G.
Monday Jun 26 @ 8 pm

Help Found the Way! gifmaker+%289%29

Help Find won a nail-biting tie-breaker to win the Monday night quiz at the Village Inn, scooping the cash prize. It was nick-and-tuck all evening, but eventually Help found the way! If you want a great night out with good company and drink, come to the Village Inn next Monday 8pm!

Dsc 7542
Richard L.
Monday Jun 26 @ 8 pm

A Long Walk Home!

Img 0537 Img 0538

Once again the garden was the setting for the Monday night quiz at The Waggon & Horses in Kingston-upon-Thames. Four teams played for the prize of a bottle of red or white wine and Heaven Knows I'm Quizzable Now was the victorious team with a score of 39. Prize for the furthest distance travelled to...

Graeme winchester
Graeme W.
Monday Jun 26 @ 7 pm

Crockery Confections Confound In Cracking Contest

What do you associate with the term, "chocolate teapot"? Being useless. Melting under the heat. Well that term will have to be rethought, as we have new champions at The Bull: Chocolate Teapots! Far from useless, didn't melt away in the heat of competition. What's all the more impressive about this...

Ken B.
Monday Jun 26 @ 6 pm

Jenny and the Hermans strike gold!

Img 0429

And the winner is ........ team Jenny and the Hermans! Congrats to these first timers who seized the gold prize on their first attempt, having competition from only one other team! You read that right, only one other team! With a newly introduced £50 bar tab The Angel provides a prime opportunity to...

M00129071 0103
Eddie E.
Sunday Jun 25 @ 8 pm

Preparing For The Worst Is Sensible


I've got a friend who lives his life preparing for the worst and to be honest it's a nightmare talking to him. The conversations are so depressing. However there's no doubt that it's sensible. After all, you can evidently win a pub quiz by preparing for the worst, and then you can take that money...

Tyrone A.
Sunday Jun 25 @ 8 pm

Clapham Sunday Quizzing Gets No Better Than This.

Dsc 3171

Ill Capo, the scourge of quizzing in the Clapham area, were on song again tonight as they won by a fairly comfortable margin after being behind at the half way mark. Their experience shone through though and did what they so frequently do... win. They won the £50 bar spend prize tonight but the...

Marnie N.
Sunday Jun 25 @ 8 pm

Hang on til the end please!


Tense times at The Duke tonight with round one 3 way tie and lots of mid table fun to be had. A massive congrats to regulars Growlers who brought their A game to the second half, producing a perfect score and taking the pot! Special mention to One Week to Go who quizzed despite a new member of...

Daniel C.
Sunday Jun 25 @ 7 pm

Boys v girls


Some great fun between our teams tonight with some great cross team laughs and banter. Well done to the all female team The wahines who edged tonight's quiz, beating their all male counter parts by just three points. Plenty of friendly competition tonight for our 2 free drinks questions saw this as...

145 img 6827
Ben P.
Sunday Jun 25 @ 7 pm

Runners up celebrate

Img 0219

An intimate quiz saw the winning team Sausages opting to claim the £24 cash fund over 2 bottles of house wine, much to the delight of the runners up who got to keep the wine. Another night where everyone's happy

13906770 10154405635084570 3393116965994655651 n
Georgina E.
Sunday Jun 25 @ 7 pm

Amber Heard, Mrs. Doubtfire and Marcel the monkey from Friends walk into a bar...

Img 3904

Brilliant quiz night at The Northcote tonight! 5 teams played for the first prize of a £50 bar tab and second to last prize of a free bottle of wine. Well done to everyone who joined in and won something and everyone who didn't! It's been a pleasure covering this venue the past two weeks. See you...

Jodyanne richardson 102 finished colour example 10x8
Jodyanne F.
Sunday Jun 25 @ 7 pm

On the wine for two weeks in a row

Champions+quiz team a aguilera House+wine+winners+cheetah Straya%27s+bonus

Team Dan recognised the Hellenic Ptolemaic migration to take the first bonus drink whilst the Plantagenet pony romped it home for Straya! on the second. For the second week in a row Cheetah finished in the second to last place to take the house bonus prize bottle of wine. Top score went to...

Web alice bell 2  michael wharley 2011
Alice B.
Sunday Jun 25 @ 7 pm

JC made no boobs in this quiz

The winning team were the delightfully young and exuberant Jeremy Corbyn's boob five. Exceptional scores for them, but followed closely by our runners up and wine winning Titanic swim team. As the temperatures cool a little let's hope for more teams next week, with fun for all.

Nigel B.
Sunday Jun 25 @ 7 pm

Captains table serve up a fine victory.

On a cooler night here at the Ship a nice little crowd rolled in for the quiz. With a lot of money at stake in play your cards right, the atmosphere was tense. Also for the quiz, half time was very close and it was the second half that once again proved to be decision maker, with the Captains table...

Ken B.
Sunday Jun 25 @ 7 pm

Team escape take away winnings!

Img 0417

And the winner is....... team Escape! Well done to these first timers visiting from outside London who scoop the top prize with a super strong 5 oint lead in our second week of the quiz!

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