Peter C
Thursday Jun 21 @ 8 pm

Solstice Brings Summer Vibes to The Plough

Only 3 teams this week on account of the beautiful weather and football on the telly, but no shortage of good times at East Dulwich’s premier quizzing venue. Regular favourites ‘Pruners’ eventually ran out winners with an impressive 34 points, cruising home ahead of the aptly named ‘Don’t Cry for me Argentina’ (a football reference for the uninitiated) and The Plough’s very lovely bar staff. Always a pleasure to quiz at this grand old venue, make sure you come down next week with friends and family in tow! Until then...

Callan D
Thursday Jun 21 @ 8 pm

As Messi Falls, Norfolk Rises...

After a week away to allow the World Cup its spotlight, The Capital of Quizwick was back up and running at the 'Crown & Anchor where Norfolk-Ing Chance' continued their supreme reign but only after fighting off the mighty 'Thames Great Whites' in a fierce contest. Once again, this Jackpot just wants to get bigger and bigger till someone can pay the rent with it so it will roll over to an astonishing £235. You know what to do. Next week, Thursday, Crown & Anchor Chiswick. If there’s more than play, there’s more to play for!...

William M
Thursday Jun 21 @ 8 pm

A night full of prizes at Manor Arms

A lovely night where no team left empty handed. 'Two Few' got a free drink, and a gd star for thinking that a young Mariah Carey was Mick Hucknell, my favourite answer of the night and probably my life. Three Canadians and a Crumpet won the other free drink and a well-deserved bottle of wine. But it was 'Let’s Get Quizzical' who really Got the most. Winning both the top prize bar tab and the rollover jackpot of £382... and they weren’t sure they wanted to play at the start of the night, which just goes...

Andy D
Thursday Jun 21 @ 8 pm

Croatia and Bellifannon were victorious!

A close quiz for all 4 teams tonight at the Italian Job. ‘Ballibannon’ took the bar tab by just half a point this evening, with the mega question about music videos aiding in the nail biting glory! Commiserations to the other teams who fought well! The riddle threw the teams tonight as did the anagram but nevertheless much fun was had by all. Arrivederci folks!

Jodyanne F
Thursday Jun 21 @ 7 pm

Messi's Mess

'I'll Buy Everyone In The Quiz A Pint If Croatia Win 3-1' and 'T' were at the top of their group when the half-time whistle went with 'The Nurdles' and 'LSE Girls' jostling in defense. After play resumed 'I'll Buy Everyone In The Quiz A Pint If Croatia Win 3-1' steamed ahead to easily take the £30 bar tab trophy. The house wine team of the match prize went to The Nurdles who graciously gifted it to LSE Girls. We were then into extra time for the jackpot round with The Nurdles winning the free kick...

Georgina E
Thursday Jun 21 @ 7 pm

Mariah Carey, Sonic the Hedgehog and Robert De Niro walk into a bar...

My first cover at The Hop Poles wasn’t a big one, but it was nice to have somewhere to hide from all the World Cup mania! 3 teams battled it out for the first prize of a bottle of house wine. After 40 gruelling questions, “The InQuizition Strikes Back” took first place just One point ahead of the team placing second!

Sean D
Wednesday Jun 20 @ 8 pm


A really close quiz this week. There was a fight for the bottle of wine to be won by the team who finished one from last. 'C**k of the Rock' got the wine, finishing on 20 points just one point ahead of 'Quiz Vanjiiie'. Just one and a half points separated the top 3 teams, but this week's victors, on 28.5 points, were 'Nayduch Speaking'. One of the highlights of the quiz had nothing to do with the quiz as the whole bar paused for breath after Iran scored against Spain in the World Cup only...

Tom W
Wednesday Jun 20 @ 8 pm

Penny Pushing Punter’s

This week at The Railway Tavern we had a game of shove the penny mid-quiz. A crowd gathered, the stage was set (an empty table) the aim to get your coin further down the other end of the table then everyone else. One of the guys made an excellent shot and ended up only millimetres from the edge of the table. no one could better it and they ended up with two extra points. Congratulations to ‘Josh’s massive brain’ on the win. See you all next time Tom

Victoria S
Wednesday Jun 20 @ 8 pm

You can't catch the Mum's On The Run!

Well well well, what a night! Those who chose our fun quiz instead of the footy were in for a treat! A musical theme running through tonight's questions, with some Chuck Berry, Oasis, Iron Maiden, Guns N Roses, The White Stripes and even Grease! The spanner in the works was the Tom Hanks film no one had ever heard of (Bachelor Party) and some mind boggling emoji tube stations. That didn't stop 'Ron's Dons' claiming 2nd place with their pitcher of beer and a home run for 'Mum's On The Run' in 1st place! The evening...

Luke T
Wednesday Jun 20 @ 8 pm

The Anglo-Aussie Agreement swoop back into the pub and into 1st place

We learnt many things today but probably the biggest "take away" was that the world's biggest omelette needed 145,000 eggs. "But Luke, how big was the pan?" I hear you cry. "And how many chefs were needed to make it?" Well wonder no more, take a goosey gander at this: The SpoHo opens it's doors for another eggstraordinary night of trivia shenanigans next Wednesday, with Rollover odds at 1 in 7.

Jason T
Wednesday Jun 20 @ 8 pm

The Prince Rides to Glory

Congratulations to our cheeky 'Prince Boner Party' who finally seized top spot at the latest quiz at Prince Bonaparte. It was a convincing 8 point lead over their nearest rivals; Their knowledge about Keanu Reeves and elephants undoubtedly helped. They also happened to get through to the rollover cash jackpot challenge but failed to pick the jackpot envelope and won some smarties instead, which means next week's cash jackpot stands at £58. Maybe you could win it? Why not book a table for next Wednesday and join the fun?

Tom K
Wednesday Jun 20 @ 8 pm

Surprises at every turn

A tough quiz saw a new team It’s Difficult to Say locked in a tiebreak with regular favourites Drawing of a C**k... and the newbies came out victorious sweeping almost £75 in cash for the win! In other news, Play Your Cards Right rolled over for the 4th week in a row with a jackpot of £235! It won’t be featured at the Quiz next week, but will be up for grabs on Wednesday 4th July - see you then!

Chris R
Wednesday Jun 20 @ 8 pm

Hugh'd 'ave though it!

A steamy night in Clapham saw five teams come out for a brain-straining evening of Quizzy goodness. Previous winners The Undateables were here in force, as were 'Coxed Four & Coach', 'Saz & the Lads' also in the running. A tricky first half showed a portent of things to come, with a race to the bottom in full effect, with 4 teams on 12 or less and 1 team on 19! That team was 'Hue-less', who showed there's no substitute for experience, with a little youthful creativity to assist! They proved too strong to catch, despite...

Charles C
Wednesday Jun 20 @ 8 pm

Anyone for a 6.4-ton omelette? You'll just need 145,000 eggs

After two weeks of new-baby madness, just like the prodigal son I returned. It wasn't about me, though, or the blessèd infant waiting for me at home. As ever, it was all about the quiz. Last night did not let us down. Iron Maiden, Lithuania and the Oscars all featured in a packed night of trivia teasers. A tie-break for first place saw 'Wriggers' emerge victorious, just ahead of Hucklebum, while Ginger 'n' Juicy got the second-from-bottom bottle of wine. With a weighty jackpot on offer, it was only appropriate to ask a first-rate jackpot question....

Marnie N
Wednesday Jun 20 @ 8 pm


The evening was warm but the beer was chilled and so were the quizzers of Islington The football was no deterrent to brain teasing! Hoping for glory and Ellen’s Degenerates both came close but it was the Wombles who led all the way and picked up the prize pot of cash! Well done too to The Cunny’s who Came second to Last and got a nice bottle of house wine. Cheers!

Joshua H
Wednesday Jun 20 @ 8 pm

Please 'Mind' The Gap!

A great quiz again at The Draft House, led to a return to winning ways for 'Rother-Hive Mind'. They were closely followed by '4.5' who smashed the paper aeroplanes winning points for both creativity and flying! 'Firestarters' came in close again and managed to win another free drink in RPS as well as picking up points for their arty plane. It was great to have both 'Chudley Canons' and 'Transmetropolitan Cuckoo's' back in the action and it was also lovely to meet a host of new faces. Join us next week for another forty questions and...

Alex A
Wednesday Jun 20 @ 8 pm

Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry

Busy, fun, exciting night at The Rylston this week! Competing with the World Cup, 13 teams took to quizzing, shouting, getting things wrong. Who knew Steve Irwin voiced a character in Happy Feet? Sadly no jackpot went off, so get down next week to win and prove you’re the smartest.

Nigel B
Wednesday Jun 20 @ 8 pm

Les quizerables do the double

Hi chaps, great to see everything back to normal after a pretty quiet couple of weeks. Some heavy hitters back in town meant this was going to be a battle royal. Half time saw three teams tied on 19 points,so it was all to play for in the second half. 'Les quizerables' took advantage of some arguing over the answers within the other teams and went on to win by a single point. So it was to be other runners-up berth for 'The Periodic Table Dancers'. Well done to two hopes for claiming the bottle of...

Mike K
Wednesday Jun 20 @ 8 pm

In the corner smash it

In the corner were tonight's overall winners at The British Queen, taking both quizzes in the process, firstly finishing seven points in front of NCT, then finishing five points ahead of A cat's lick. 'Byron maiden' made up the four-team challenge despite the World Cup going on

Andrea G
Wednesday Jun 20 @ 8 pm

Growlers roar to win again

A busy night at The Old Pack Horse in Chiswick tonight, where last weeks champions reigned victorious yet again with a fierce forty-three points... No growling for this team -but a fab £40 bar tab to whet their appetite for next weeks challenge. 'Team Upskirting' won the closest to question for a chance to play your cards and it was going really well until ....we had a double 7 -boo! So the rollover £200 remains up for grabs next week - hurrah! The Old Pack Horse packs a punch!

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