Tyrone A
Tuesday Aug 14 @ 8 pm

Champs Retain In Fentiman Fatal Four-Way Finale!

A welcome return for Team Van der Beek gave the night some extra zest as they had been missed all summer but their Oval quiz comeback fell shy of all-out glory as they, along with legends The Last Supper and semi-regulars Get A Semi were bested in an incredible four team tie break by last weeks victors The Master Debaters. As has been the case following other victories, self-appointed captain Ash of the Debaters was not shy when proclaiming that her team "..will never be beaten. Not by anyone! Two in a row!" as she cashed...

Matthew F
Tuesday Aug 14 @ 8 pm

While the kids are away...

...Blackheath keeps quizzing, as summer heats on, come rain or shine. This week’s wonders “Dinosaur’s and condoms - 2 things you don’t want to fuck with” triumphed handsomely over the crowded field of teams vying to take home the £68 jackpot. Sweet second went to “Quizteam Aguilera”, taking home a bottle of wine.

David G
Tuesday Aug 14 @ 8 pm


Jizzy won the Tuesday night quiz at the Star by Hackney Downs. They picked up the £50 cash first-prize. Quiz on My Face won both the £25 bartab and free drink with Annoying Vegans winning the £15 bartab for finishing third. For a great night out, come to the Star by Hackney Downs next and every Tuesday. 8pm!

Shaun B
Tuesday Aug 14 @ 8 pm

Say what again!!

We were packed, heaving in The Devonshire tonight and people were in a party mood! This is what we like to see. Best joke of the evening; why do irishmen wear 2 condoms? To be sure to be sure! Top points went to 50 pind bar tab with 43 points and our rollover jackpot wasn't won, so next week is an epic £224!!

Graeme W
Tuesday Aug 14 @ 8 pm

Trivia-Loving Octet QOMF Take The Hit & Still Take The Win

It was incredibly close at the top of the table for tonight’s quiz at The Bohemia, with the top 5 teams having only a 3.5 point margin between them. Normally at a Q1 quiz, having too many friends can be problematic, but it wasn’t so for this evening’s winners Quiz On My Face. Having 8 team members, they incurred a 2 point handicap, but that didn’t stop QOMF edging to a fine victory, taking the £50 barvtab first prize with a score of 35 points. Only one point back, three of the Bohemia’s regulars were tied...

Jessica S
Tuesday Aug 14 @ 8 pm

Two is company, four is a competition!

We had 4 teams taking on the quiz at the Leyton Star tonight, in what was a highly competitive and difficult quiz! The teams really got into the spirit of things and after a really close first half, the score gap widened during the second half. Winning the creative round bought Dr Shrimp Puerto Rico in line with Better Leyton Than Never for a tiebreaker! The question? How many steps to the summit platform in the Eiffel Tower? Better Leyton Than Never went with 500 and Dr Shrimp Puerto Rico chose 1500 - the answer was...

Peter N
Tuesday Aug 14 @ 8 pm

Boris' Novelty Mug Collection win the cup!

I have to say that was one of the most fun quizzes I have ever presented! Enthusiastic and competitive teams made this a fierce but brilliant competition. With questions on cartoon monkeys, sports team anagrams, and High Grant, a lot of varied knowledge was needed. And Boris' Novelty Mug Collection had that very knowledge, and scored the highest score I've seen for a while. What If I Want Wings came a close second, and did remarkably well for a two-player team. Kudos to all the teams, and the wonderful crew working behind the bar. You all...

Ellie W
Tuesday Aug 14 @ 8 pm

£150 rollover next week!

£150.00 rollover up for grabs next Tuesday from 8pm - oh, and have you booked the Harry Potter Quiz on Sept 6th? Well done to our winners tonight, more members than Blazin Squad #throwback, in case you were wondering, they got the tie breaker correct! Great job! See you next time!

Paige W
Tuesday Aug 14 @ 8 pm

The 'Vayrak Kayakers' Show Us How It's Done!

On Tuesday night The Rectory was practically buzzing with excitement for this week's quiz. What a joy it was to have so many competitive quizzers join us for our weekly game. We had last week's winners 'The Shaymen' in attendance determined to keep their crown, as well as last week's second place team, the renamed 'Vayrak Kayakers' set upon stealing the top spot. It was a tense first round which saw lots of tied scored in the middle of the leader board, but the 'Kayakers' were off to a great start with the top spot as...

Andrew P
Tuesday Aug 14 @ 8 pm

Fair Play The Name of the Day as Quizzymodo win it by half a point!

Winners Quizzymodo went home with the £30 gift card this evening, winning it (as the headline suggests) by a mere half a point! It seemed, however, that sportsmanship and fair play were the true winners this evening as second place Gambia were genuinely happy for them and the second last place prize was generously split between the two tieing teams! Jobbers Rest veterans 'Quizslamic State' won the tiebreaker but were happy to share the prize, with them and the Mysterons bagging a £10 giftcard (instead of one £20 one) from the Essex based local. The teams...

William M
Tuesday Aug 14 @ 8 pm

Twelve Teams, lots of winners but just one (WON) jackpot

It was a full and fun filled quiz in Catford tonight where twelve teams battling it out to be crowned tonight’s star players with a £50 bar tab in place of actual crowns! Team Gondor were victorious with a smashing score of 41, while drinks were won by the Gun Club, Die Totenhosen and Hillocs, and the Quizzards of Oz came away with some crisps. But the nights big winners were team Very Strong who put in a very strong performance in the jackpot round because of their knowledge of Elvis. Appropriately the first card drawn...

Wade C
Tuesday Aug 14 @ 8 pm

Quizzing with Jane Mcdonald Runs away from the pack

On a calm Tuesday evening in Hackney, four teams gathered at the Clapton Hart to battle for a 40 quiz(quid) bar tab and all-round bragging rights. At the end of the first round our four teams were too close to call, with 2 points separating the 4 teams. But the second round is what sets that Pro-Am Handicap, and by the end, it was pretty clear how the cards have fallen, with Jane Mcdonald cruising on to victory.

Liam E
Tuesday Aug 14 @ 8 pm


Ooooooo it was a close one tonight at The Brouge as two teams went head to head in a tiebreaker. It was between Courtyard Crew and previous champs of weeks gone by The Deadbeat Club. Yet the team that ended on top was the Courtyard Crew by correctly guessing the amount of concords that were ever made. Well done guys, always good to have a close competition. See you all next week!

Hannah E
Tuesday Aug 14 @ 8 pm

A Cool Summers Eve, and a Cool Summers Quiz

A lovely little turnout for the quiz at The Islington Town house, on every tuesday evening from now until the run up to Christmas. Why not join our regular teams and attempt to win a £40 bar tab, a cash prize of £157 or perhaps just distract your difficult work collegues that you've been forced to spend time with after hours.

Joshua H
Tuesday Aug 14 @ 8 pm

Team C Keep The Momentum

Team C continued their good form this week and snapped up the top prize for the second week running. They were closely chased by Twin Sandwich who put in a great performance as did Venom Snake in third. The free beers were one by Sol's Tacos and Big Potatoes in the RPS showdown and Team C nearly took home the jackpot too but the last card we uncovered before theirs was the joker meaning it rolls over to next week and now stands at £43. I hope to see you there.

Celia L
Tuesday Aug 14 @ 8 pm

Hit Me With Your Quizzlestick

Despite electronic malfunctions we still managed to have a cracking quiz at the Alwyne Castle this evening. 10 teams playing for cash and wine - is there a Tuesday evening more divine? Congrats to the three ladies of team stoked who totally didn’t expect to win and jumped out their seats winning their cash prize tonight!! And congrats to “Glass half Full” who definitely are looking on the bright sides of things with their bottle of second to last bottle of wine!

Andrew H
Tuesday Aug 14 @ 8 pm

Jackpot Nailbiter Leads To Another Rollover!

Another great quiz night at The Champion saw Tiny Rebellion claiming top honours and a £50 bar tab while The Crystals were absolutely thrilled with their bottle of wine for coming second to last. The closest jackpot challenge we have seen in a while saw Feigned Knowledge and Tequila Mockingbird tied with the correct answer so after a nailbiting tiebreaker, Feigned Knowledge got to pick this week's envelope which contained...a free shot meaning the £250 jackpot rolls over for yet another week! Surely someone has to win it next week...

Mike K
Tuesday Aug 14 @ 8 pm

It's all fine for A bucket of wine

A bucket of wine and a punchbag please took tonight's prize by three points from runners up and previous winners Quizlamic pundamentalists. Homemade Bram led at the break, but faded to finish a respectable third. Board games were closest to the jackpot question, but picked the wrong envelope, so £224 rolls over to next week. Losing is the new winning won a round of drinks in the artistic round for their play-dough Lock Ness monster model.

Jason T
Tuesday Aug 14 @ 8 pm

Yours Quizically see the magic return after a long absence in the league table

Well done to 'Yours Quizically' which managed to clamber back on top after a challenging few months of trying to get to winning position. It was a good atmosphere all-round with a couple of ladies knows as 'The Recce' being tactical enough to secure themselves the bottle of wine for coming second-to-last. Come and enjoy pub quiz fun every Tuesday in the cellar bar of the Southwark Tavern. Why not book a table for added comfort?

Ainhoa B
Tuesday Aug 14 @ 8 pm

Quizzing Kiwis

Last night we had not one but two teams out of three coming from New Zealand. All of them battling hard to get the most points to win the final prize. One of the funniest moments was when one of the kiwi teams struggled with the question about Ross' allergy, from Friends. Yep! you guessed it, it was the kiwi fruit :P More next week at L'Affaire!

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