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Wayne B.
Tuesday Dec 6 @ 8 pm

The Christmas Treat

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So for two weeks only, Quizmaster, Wayne, is providing a Christmas treat of chocolate to the second to last place team. Well done to Team Pulpo for winning the chocolate for this evening. There's one more chance to win this festive goodie next week. Make sure you join in to win some money, chocolate...

Sam 1781
Matthew D.
Tuesday Dec 6 @ 7 pm

Frankie's Angels do the Triple!

Dsc 0015 Birdcage1.1

Another great performance by Frankie's Angels to take a third victory in a row (despite their tiredness from the term's teaching). The real star performance this week though has to go to All on his Larry who, on his own, came second! A truly staggering performance. The two smallest teams came...

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Lucy B.
Tuesday Dec 6 @ 7 pm

Big Fact Hunt Does It Again!


It was our last ever quiz of 2016 at the White Bear last night and we certainly went out with a bang! There was only a point in it between the top three teams but in the end it was Big Fact Hunt who took the victory. The Christmas themed creative round made matters even closer and the Christmas...

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Chris R.
Tuesday Dec 6 @ 7 pm

Crabby Christmas!

It was a night for small teams, as 2 teams of 2 - Bit of a pickle, and the TJCs fought it out for first place with a tie-break to win. Bit of a pickle were the lucky winners, successfully guessing the closest to.. question. Another couple - She's from Putney, took second place and went home with a...

Dsc 7542
Richard L.
Tuesday Dec 6 @ 7 pm

Girl Power Wins!

At The Spice of Life earlier tonight, Quizmaster Richard Linton hosted a lively quiz with some first timers in attendance. The winning team comprised of ladies, all of whom worked for the BBC! Whether working as a BBC employee gives one an edge at a quiz, I really couldn't say but by their victory...

Deb+headshots+2 12
Deb J.
Tuesday Dec 6 @ 7 pm

The 6 Box Challenge


Another great night at Ameriesko Quiz night, filled with lots of laughter, banter and cake!!! Big WELCOME to our new teams this week, 'Squad Goals' and also 'Georgia Leigh Moonhead' who took tonight's 3rd place and won a £10 voucher. Jackpot question tonight had last week's contender (Jack) coming a...

Dsc 7542
Richard L.
Monday Dec 5 @ 8 pm

"Heaven Knows" Victorious Again!

Once again tonight at The Waggon & Horses quiz "Heaven Knows I'm Quizzical Now" was the victorious team. This was the team's third consecutive victory but despite the handicap (having two points deducted), a score of thirty five put the team easily in the lead.

Jason T.
Monday Dec 5 @ 8 pm

Full 'Schteam' ahead for one team

Img 20161206 093145

Team Schteam managed to grab £70 hard cash at the latest Phoenix Fact Hunt with a narrow one point lead over their nearest rivals. All was not lost for the second placed contenders as we decided to have two cash prizes this week with a rather neat £22 going to 'Tidings of comfort & Joyce'. After a...

Ellie W.
Monday Dec 5 @ 8 pm

Backstreets Back Alright back with tab


...Yes you heard it right they won the £50 tab! Sister team 'Triple A's' screamed when they came 2nd to last meaning they'd won the wine. Such a good crowd tonight everyone, full of cheers and chats thanks for coming back again and again - especially Wolvergate who have been with me since the start...

Charles+chalkly maber
Charles C.
Monday Dec 5 @ 8 pm

The Craptaculars take quiz glory, but it was ‘The Curtain Raisers’ who get the jackpot

Ii%29+jackpot+wi I%29+quiz+winner

Perhaps prematurely, last night’s first December Calf quiz saw me sporting a rather snug reindeer hoody in what I hoped would be a sea of other Christmas jumpers. It was not. I felt like Rudolph before that fateful foggy Christmas eve. Anyway, self-esteem aside it was quite the evening’s quiz. It...

Dean D.
Monday Dec 5 @ 8 pm

the bograts blew in and blew away the competition

Team Bograts who haven't been seen for a while pipped everyone at the post with a clear win, turned down a £100.00 missed out on the jackpot and came away with a bottle of Prosecco. The good news is that the jackpot at the Sun is now £344.00. See you next week, someone might be in for a Xmas bonus!

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David G.
Monday Dec 5 @ 8 pm


Rubbish at Team Names won the Monday night quiz at the Village Inn, Ealing, scooping the £25 cash first prize. In another top night, Woof Bark Donkey won the Euromillions ticket, with the Quizzard of Oz securing the scratchcard. Every team, however, left with a prize, as all the competing teams were...

Graeme winchester
Graeme W.
Monday Dec 5 @ 7 pm

Les Quizerables Dreamed A Dream...


Excellent work at The Bull this evening by Les Quizerables, as they triumphed tonight with a solid 36 points, with Gay Dads nabbing second prize with a creditable 34 points. Half-time leaders Lauren And On And On, rather than carrying on and on from where they left off after the first 20 questions...

Tim ballantine
Tim B.
Monday Dec 5 @ 7 pm

A Team Who Haven't Won Before Win For The First Time

Such excitement has never before been witnessed upon the darling eaves of Crystal Palace's buttresses. This Monday, like many Mondays previous and, indeed, many Mondays hence, the White Hart hosted a pub quiz in which questions were answered, many of them answered, and prizes apportioned based on...

Ken B.
Monday Dec 5 @ 6 pm

First Timers who shall not be named win the top prize

20161205 202244

With a slightly crude team name, the reference to Noel Edmonds had no explanation but we decided that they will be those who shall not be name. However congratulations to them because these first timers scooped the gold prize on their first quiz outing (and a bonus free drink on their team between...

Dean D.
Sunday Dec 4 @ 8 pm

The Odd couple win but team USA walk with the wine

The two some gruesome came low in points but scored high with the Jaeger bombs whilst the Odd couple won with ease; it could be because at least three of the other teams were kissing and cuddling for much of the time. Romance at the Ram!

Marnie N.
Sunday Dec 4 @ 8 pm

Quizmas is Coming

It was looking festive in the Duke tonight and players braved the cold to join in the brain teasing. Growlers took the crown this week despite stiff opposition and a strong second round by second placers Chilluminati. There's another chance to win the pot next week and with the Christmas Cheer and a...

Tyrone A.
Sunday Dec 4 @ 8 pm

Pilots Rule The Roost in Clapham again!!!

Dsc 2078

The Ill Capo team win big at the Jam Tree once more as other competitors from the Clapham area fail to thwart their dominance. Surely there are other teams in SW4 that can overcome this challenge? Why not you and your friends come and test them this coming Sunday and see if you can win the big £50...

Day1 session12 i%27m+producing+a+film+next+month %5bsmall%5d 95
Tom K.
Sunday Dec 4 @ 8 pm

Dangling modifiers get back on form

The dangling modifiers fought off regular rivals the Barflies to claim the £50 bar tab last night! A fun night at the East Hill saw a lot of new comers trying their luck, but the favourites stood firm amongst some teams who were very merry this week. Booking advised for next week of you want to take...

Ellie W.
Sunday Dec 4 @ 8 pm

A December Night of Quizzing


The Bell Inn has been decked out in all its Christmas glory! It's the perfect place to grab a bite with views of river houses and of course, unwind having a laugh doing the quiz. Legendary team 'Starfleet Academy' won the £50 tab. They are the most well known team and the one everyone wants to beat...

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