Danny hurst
Daniel H.
Tuesday Sep 13 @ 8 pm

Crickleburn on Top

Six teams at the Black Lion on a swelteringly hot evening on the Kilburn High Road. Jackpot once again rolls over to next week while Crickleburn took the £22 first prize. A lovely time was had by all.

Jodyanne richardson 102 finished colour example 10x8
Jodyanne F.
Tuesday Sep 13 @ 8 pm

teams on fire for the hottest day of the year

Liam+++ophelia Playing+al+fresco Second+prize+%27

Indian summer at the Island Queen tonight yet teams managed to keep their cool and think straight. Scores were really tight at the end of round one with 5 teams neck in neck, but 'Half Man Half Back Off' pulled ahead to win the evening and a very respectable pot of £84.80. The 'Hateful Four' took...

Graeme winchester
Graeme W.
Tuesday Sep 13 @ 8 pm

ANOTHER New Champion Team...

Loads of first-time winners in more recent weeks at The Bohemia, and tonight that trend was maintained, as The Deplorables absolutely stormed it with a stunning and far-from-deplorable 41 points, beating multiple previous winners The Sockrobbers by 3 points. The oddly named Oh No Not Another War...

Marnie N.
Tuesday Sep 13 @ 8 pm

That's a lot of Cider Rosie!

Image1 Image2

It was guaranteed Jackpot night at Westow House and a raucous barful of quizzers joined in the fun. Newbies Give em The Old Shazzle Dazzle lead all the way and took the top spot. It was a very good night for Cider With Rosie who were closest to the jackpot question and bagged themselves a very tidy...

Daniel C.
Tuesday Sep 13 @ 8 pm

Another great night of quizzing

20160913 222110 20160913 221519

Yet another fantastic night of quizzing with plenty more newcomers joining in the fun. Well done to new team 'gracie and the real time winners' who were tonight's winnets taking a £50 bar tab, 'the peace makers', another new team, were tonight's bottle of wine winner. More free drinks were won...

Simon K.
Tuesday Sep 13 @ 7 pm

Let's go fly a 'plane'

What a night! Our creative round was to find the best aeroplane and then as an added bonus, make it fly! We had best plane, won by 'dibley says relax' and best flight by the '5 p's' which made them joint second to last. After a hair raising tie breaker between ' what's in a name', who had been dying...

Maeve O.
Tuesday Sep 13 @ 7 pm

My Drinking Team has a Trivia Problem...

We had great fun tonight at the Spice of Life quiz night! All the teams were fantastic and we learned lots of things together - a cryptic clue for Hamlet...a riddle for cheese... Definitely food for thought. Pun intended! See you next week!

Paul M.
Tuesday Sep 13 @ 7 pm

The Students Are Back!

20160913 205838 resized 20160913 205828 resized

An amazing turnout on a wet Liverpool night saw 12 teams totalling 45 players fight to be 'Tuesday Champions'. As on many previous ocassions the winners were 'Weekend at Bernies' who triumphed by a 2 point margin over 'Lets Get Quizzical'.

Dsc 7542
Richard L.
Monday Sep 12 @ 8 pm

Hastings Pier Wins again!

Earlier tonight although slightly quieter than last week, a good turn out at Windsor. Hastings Pier a very successful team were once again in winning form although tonight only by one point! Some of the younger quizzers were missing - they have had to go back to university! I wish them well and look...

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David G.
Monday Sep 12 @ 8 pm


14311496 10157323147555447 416906919691929879 o

Rubbish at Team Names retained their grip on the Monday night quiz at the Village Inn, Ealing. They won by answering questions on Rory McIlroy, Hugh Jackman and Mad Men! The £25 cash prize was theirs, but the second-placed team took home a Euromillions ticket, worth, potentially, millions! The...

Jason T.
Monday Sep 12 @ 8 pm

Crapataculars bowled over in latest Fact Hunt

Img 20160912 220151844

Was it their knowledge of cricket that tipped 'Mostly Craptacular' to top spot at the latest Phoenix Fact Hunt? They certainly knew that the length of a pitch was called a chain and it no doubt helped them to victory against last week's winners, 'Beer No Evil'. A jolly time was had by all especially...

Ken B.
Monday Sep 12 @ 6 pm

And the winner is.....

20160912 200435

Team Christiba and Ramona with a two point lead against their opponents. It was the film knowledge on the merged movie poster question that certainly gave them the edge on the scoring here-well done!

M00129071 0103
Eddie E.
Sunday Sep 11 @ 8 pm

Tim From Ruislip just about take gold!


A close run thing this week between regulars Tim From Ruislip, (who seem to be an amorphous supergroup, sort of like Arcade Fire) and Fizzy (a smaller, well loved indie band like...er...oh I don't know. Why did I start this analogy?). Anyway, Tim took top prize in the end, Fizzy get the wine...

Marnie N.
Sunday Sep 11 @ 8 pm

Returning and triumphant


Well done to last week's winners Tired and Emotional for taking Round One but to their own surprise and delight Sorry We Haven't Been For A while came back to play and took the pot!

Mark T.
Sunday Sep 11 @ 8 pm

Jackpot building to large amounts!

What a great crowd at the Flowerpot hotel this week, with several teams returning to try and win that crown of pub quiz champion. A close call with Serendipity, our favourite 2 man team, just losing out to newcomers, and birthday celebrators, The Darth Side by 1 little point. They may well just...

145 img 6827
Ben P.
Sunday Sep 11 @ 7 pm

Wine earners

Well done to the 3 teams who came joint second and had a nailbiting playoff to fight over the 2 wine bottles but it was half-time runners-up Leaver Family who took the big prize of £46. Although if the coin toss and come out the other way that could have been £92 How much will it be next week? And...

Danny hurst
Daniel H.
Sunday Sep 11 @ 7 pm

Irish Wristwatch again

Up until 7.25 there was only one team in the room at the Royal Oak last night, but then everyone started arriving and we had 5 teams quizzing! Regular winners, Irish Wristwatch took first prize and also won the Jackpot of £75. Can they be beaten? A great night was had by all.

Jodyanne richardson 102 finished colour example 10x8
Jodyanne F.
Sunday Sep 11 @ 7 pm

going for gold

Bonus+drink+ro Bonus+drink+ro 1 House+prize+wi

A big turnout at the Kings Arms tonight meant hefty competition and much debate. Bonus drink in round one went to 'No Name' for their operatic knowledge and in round two to 'Dum + Dummer' whose day job held the answer. There was only a point in it at the end of the evening between 'No Name' and...

Jonathan harden
Jonathan H.
Sunday Sep 11 @ 7 pm

The Fall of the Electric Dwight Yorkestra?

Img 9590 Img 9591

After tonight's result, the quizzing world is asking: is this the end for the Electric Dwight Yorkestra? Dominant for so long, it looks like newcomers Trivia Newton John are more than a match for the one-time number one seeds. A bottle of wine for second place seemed to do little to lift morale for...

Graeme winchester
Graeme W.
Sunday Sep 11 @ 7 pm

Tanks For Da Bartab...

Another win at The Sporting Page from excellent regular team Tanks For Da Cheese, who absolutely stormed it tonight with a glorious 39 points, beating next placed Tom & Stef by 7 points. Poor Vibe Tribe had to make do with the bowl of wasabi peas for last place. And....the jackpot has still not been...

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