Nigel B
Wednesday Aug 16 @ 8 pm

Goons are at it again.

Hiya all welcome wel come to the Cutty. Another fantastic turnout tonight and teams with a sense of humour. A great first half showed us that all the teams were within 4 points of each other. All tof play for in the second half.) It was the goons who pulled away in three

Graham E
Wednesday Aug 16 @ 8 pm

Quiztal Meth back to win again!

A busy Rylston saw a high scoring contest topped by regular raiders 'Quiztal Meth'. Quiz-loving students from Imperial College 'ICSC' picked up the bottle of wine with another solid performance.

Matthew D
Wednesday Aug 16 @ 8 pm


Where do I possibly begin? Firstly, I guess I have to say, thank you for so many of you joining the quiz tonight - the Railway was rammed to the rafters! We had some great team names tonight including, It's not dogging, Do I raise my egg, I've never had the urge, Can't touch this... And those are just the team names! As for the scores, they were also tremendous! Seven teams scored over forty! Miraculous. The winners by a Chihuahua were Wieners Wonders so they got the £50 bar voucher and Graeme Souness took the...

Stephanie S
Wednesday Aug 16 @ 8 pm

Wednesday is for Winning!

Wednesday is the definitely the best night of the week for the people of Colindale and Hendon! The drinks are flowing, the questions keep coming and more importantly a whopping £50 bar tab is up for grabs. Yesterday was no exception as Charlie Whiskey One won two free drinks and Coalition of Chaos stormed to victory yet again and won the £50 bar tab.

Ken B
Wednesday Aug 16 @ 8 pm

Legion of Moles Scoop Gold!

And the winner is .... team Legion of Moles! Congrats to this team that scooped gold prize with an impressive high point lead-fending off competition on our busiest night yet! Well done guys!

Michael B
Wednesday Aug 16 @ 8 pm

A Tale Of Two Tie-Breakers

Tie-Breakers are like buses, aren't they (said no one EVER)? You wait for one for ages, then two ... blah, blah, blah. Anyway, to cut a long story short, we had two tie-breakers in tonight's quiz at The Nightingale. One was to separate our top two teams who both reached the hallowed 40 points mark, with 'Mums On The Run' ultimately pipping 'Shite Supremacists' to the £40 bar tab. Then, our aforementioned champs 'MOTR' (who doesn't love an acronym?) found themselves in yet another tiebreaker in the Jackpot Round. Once again however, the glory - and...

Tyrone A
Wednesday Aug 16 @ 8 pm

Call The Cops There's Been A Massacre In Clapham!

This reporter is still speechless. After hundreds of quizzes that I have overseen, It is rare to witness such a win, such a vast margin of victory, such a drubbing as was seen tonight. The team of Dyslexics Untied won by a whopping TEN POINTS leaving their nearest rivals behind in the dust. The champions were rightfully applauded by the other ten teams and none of them had any doubt on what had occurred. A brutal (but fun) beating. They all vowed to be back next week but will you???? Gather some friends and come on...

Nick H
Wednesday Aug 16 @ 7 pm

44 points was not quite enough!

You needed 45 points at this evening's regular Wednesday Quiz Night at the Highwayman in Berkhamsted to take the £40 bar and food voucher first prize. Team "Quiz Akabusi" were understandably expectant with 44 points, but they were again maid of honour as opposed to the bride as "Charlie's Angels" piped them to the post with 45 points with "one stinking bishop and a laughing cow" in third place with an excellent 43 points. With 14 teams competing this evening, competition was equally fierce for the £20 bar and food voucher second prize. Albeit in this...

Annina K
Wednesday Aug 16 @ 7 pm

Kissing the Whippet does it again!

Last week's Jackpot round winners won this week with an impressive 35 points and went home with their 30 pound voucher very happy. 12 teams competed with so many teams tieing with each other it was a close battle and a tiebreaker round was needed to see who won the second to last prize. The hounds narrowly won a closest to round tiebreaker question to with their 20 pound voucher. The jackpot round was won by Summer holidays who guessed the exact date of Pocahontas's death on the closest to round. No rollover for next week...

Jason T
Wednesday Aug 16 @ 7 pm

Big Ben's Banned Bongs chime with success

They may be falling silent for a bit but "Big Ben's Banned Bongs" still manged to ring in a successful night with a splendid four point lead over their nearest rivals. Perhaps it was their knowledge of Greenland or Christopher Robin that set them apart. Well done to our runners up and our team of one, all the way from Belgium (Dardo) who all received sweets as consolation prizes. Remember it's easy to book a table for added comfort every Wednesday night at the Eagle pub quiz in Hoxton:

Verity K
Wednesday Aug 16 @ 7 pm

Fancy Olives- Fancy Winners!

Tonight at the lovely Vauxhall Food Garden team Fancy Olives (complete with drawing of said fancy Olives in a fancy martini glass) shot to first place by half a mark, nabbing the bar tab! One team member was in the loo when their victory was announced, and he was overjoyed at the news upon his return! In second place were Bradford team London Bantarns- who graciously shared their winnings of prosecco with third place team You Don't Make Friends With Salad! Thanks to everyone who played!

David S
Wednesday Aug 16 @ 7 pm

Dancing to Victory

A stone's throw from Cross Harbour DLR, tonight the George was both a charming pub and the arena for a quiz battle of Herculean proportions. Six teams from each corner of the globe staked their claim to each corner of the conservatory, ready for an enjoyable war. Brows were furrowed, drinks filled and pens raised. It was tight at half time, seemingly the battle for the Crisps/Nuts (for the second to last team) called for resolve and endurance. Questions were asked, answers were given, to collective groans or cheers (some of the most glorious sounds a...

Simon J
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

Money-Penny would have been Proud....

...Of tonight's quiz winners BOND, KEITH BOND as a stonking 2nd half performance saw them take top spot by 1 point. CALLY and JOSH (who have been MIA for a while due to a house move...lovely to see you back) take home the £50 BAR TAB from the Envelope Choice and also took the MILLIONAIRE MAKER TICKET to...Could Sydenham have MILLIONAIRE residents come the next Lotto draw? <p> New players IF SUE PERKINS WAS A MAN took the BOTTLE OF WINE as runners-up and were our leaders at the break but they did have the 2...

Milo S
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

Cash Dollar!

Yesterday was National Relaxation Day and we hope you all celebrated in true style. It seems that residents of Battersea have one surefire way of relaxing and it involves some seriously good quizzing. We had teams flooding in at the Lighthouse Quiz last night and ended up with record high numbers! While heavyweight regulars Ken's Corner just managed to come in first place it was Team Benita who had everyone's attention as Giovanni, their team rep, calmly and collectedly bagged them the £200 cash jackpot. How's that for relaxing!

Gerry H
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

Mum's the Word!

A long long time ago in a galaxy far away (Sydenham Hill) the fabled Quiz Team Mums on the Run won an amazing record smashing 13 quizzes in a row. And then they didn't win anything for a long time. No-one knows why, it was one of the great mysteries of the universe. But who cares now that they have regained their quiz winning mojo?

Georgina E
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

Liam Hemsworth, Usain Bolt and Ke$ha walk into a bar...

Brilliant quiz tonight in Twickenham! 4 teams played for the £50 food and bar tab and after a nail-biting tiebreaker question, team Off the Rails clinched the lead! A lovely venue with friendly staff and gorgeous food! Looking forward to covering this quiz again in the future.

Daniel H
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

Big and Loud

Excellent crowd at the Leyton Star tonight with 13 teams and lots of noise. Despite the Liverpool match in the background we still had a huge turnout for the quiz which was won by Monocles R Sexy, even after deductions for extra players. The wine for second to last was taken by the Yorkshire Girls and despite it being a noisy night, a great time was had by all. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo for the blog tonight but it was a party atmosphere and a lovely night. See you there next time.

Howard S
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

Much Savages Triumph!

A late summer quiz was the place to be in Chiswick this Tuesday as teams fought hard for the cracking first prize. The Good Old Muck Savages won this week but next week it could be you and your friends, all you need to do is get to us before 8 PM to be in with a chance!

Graeme W
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

Trivia Masters Of Men's Hosiery Theft Strike Again

In another stunning display of unbridled quizzery, the ever-mighty The Sockrobbers stole the show at The Bohemia's Tuesday night, winning the £50 golden bar ticket 1st prize with a staggering 41 points. Still scoring brilliantly, three teams were tied for 2nd place, but were all still a full four points back on a highly creditable 37 points. Odds & Sodds, One Plus An Essex Girl & A Blonde, and Quizby Queems, take a deserved bow all of you. Back in 2nd last on 28 (by no means a disasterous score), Canadian Cuties took home a bottle...

Graham E
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

A sensational night of tiebreaks!

At the end of an incredibly exciting quiz, 'The Dropkicks' and 'Respek On My Name!' were inseparable on 41 points each. A tiebreak question on the age of Mark Zuckerberg when he made his first million (22) failed to break the deadlock, as both teams gave the same answer of 24. So, for the first time ever, we had to a tiebreak on the tiebreak! This was finally won by a delighted Dropkicks, who came closest to the guessing the number of times the human heart beats in a day (100,800). It was a thrilling end...

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