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Charles C
Monday Jun 12 @ 8 pm

‘The Team With No Name’ romp to anonymous victory

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A storming evening’s quizzing saw six teams wrestle it out for the top prize at The Calf last night. The folk who knew about Taken, Tekken, the films of Danny Boyle and Jack Daniels found themselves on to a good thing. A couple of free drink questions raised the excitement levels even further, especially for the gentleman, adopted by ‘Quizee Rascal’, who had already been drinking all day (he did not win). Only a handful of points separated the teams at the halfway stage with ‘Quiz On My Face’, Miffy’s Minions’ and ‘The Craptaculars’ all vying...

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Richard L
Monday Jun 12 @ 8 pm

It's A Family Affair!

Img 0513

Four family members made up the winning team this week. Mum, two daughters and uncle/dad! Uncle/dad is the girls father's twin brother. Sounds complicated but really it is!! Also playing tonight two of the teams had members from Yorkshire and the prize for the person who travelled furthest to quiz, goes to the man from Australia. International quizzing, every week at The Wagon & Horses.

Graham E
Monday Jun 12 @ 8 pm

Gertbags defend their title

20170612 220646

It was great to be back at The Castle for a really lively quiz. Top performing couple 'Gertbags' returned to spend their first prize £50 bar tab, and promptly won another. If they keep this up they'll never have to cook at home again! American raiders 'People in the back' nabbed the sparkling cider, helped by quite a few US related questions this week.

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David G
Monday Jun 12 @ 8 pm

Rubbish Irresistable

20170612 223224

Rubbish at Team Names won a packed-out quiz at the Village Inn, scooping the £25 cash first-prize. They beat 10 other teams to the prize, with 2nd-place winning a Euromillions ticket and 3rd-place picking up a scratchcard. If you want to come to a lively night, come to the Village Inn next and every Monday, 8pm!

Graeme winchester
Graeme W
Monday Jun 12 @ 7 pm

Propellerheads Leave Bull In A Spin

"On a quiet June evening in Highgate, an equally quiet revolution took place...well, many revolutions, as it was the Propellerheads who gained their first ever quiz victory at The Bull with a superb 36 points. Left in their jet-stream two points behind on 34, the ever successful Les Quizerables took home a bottle of wine for 2nd place. They shouldn't make plans to build a wine cellar just yet, though. LQ will be back and will win again. However, for this evening, all the plaudits must go to Propellerheads for a stunning maiden victory.

Marnie N
Monday Jun 12 @ 7 pm

Nearly as close as Kensington


The sun is shone and the pens were poised as a new sheet of answers was filled in by a barful of quizzers at Duke tonight! Round one was a close call but they Thatchers lost out to Emily's Tuppence by one point! Well done guys. Special mention to Newly Wed Yanks who won the free drink despite not having a clue where Arnos Grove is!

Ken B
Monday Jun 12 @ 6 pm

Billy and co triumph on debut!

Img 0173

And the winner is .......... team Billy and the nuggets! Congratulations to this new team who on their debut no less scoop the gold prize with a healthy two point lead!

Tyrone A
Sunday Jun 11 @ 8 pm

Birthday Party Rules The Roost In Clapham Tonight!

Dsc 3109

It was Sergio's birthday "Let's do a quiz" his friends say, and so they did. And..... They won! Thus making Sergio's birthday a memorable one as he and his friends walked out of The Jam Tree with the £50 bar spend first prize. Can you do better? If you think so, come on down to the best quiz in Clapham next Sunday to find out.

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Georgina E
Sunday Jun 11 @ 8 pm

Dora the Explorer, Dizzee Rascal and Snow Patrol walk into a bar...

A night of high scores in Kingston tonight! 10 teams played for the £50 bar tab (congratulations to team of 2, We Like to Run Through Fields of Wheat) and second to last prize of a free bottle of Rosé (well done Cookies & Cream). After only one week, the jackpot has been nabbed by the Couple in the Corner! Enjoy your tax-free, cold hard cash!! Join us again next week to see if your team will be the ones to triumph above the rest, (or failing that, you could win yourself a free drink!!).

Marnie N
Sunday Jun 11 @ 8 pm

Holy Quiz winning Batman


Tonight's quiz was In honour of everyone's favourite Batman and the Growlers smashed it despite having a point bashed off for being 7 strong. Join in the fun yourself next week and see if you can get the better of the Riddler!

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Eddie E
Sunday Jun 11 @ 8 pm

Politicians always win in the end


Well done to Jeremy Kopparburg and Tequila May for winning the quiz and for the election. We had to do the jackpot question three times this week - THREE TIMES! Honestly, do you think I have nothing better to do? No, I'm just kidding. I do have nothing better to do. Also, it's all because of the skill of the aforementioned team and of The All Blanks at just knowing random things and being willing to work out how many seconds there are in a year. Your knowledge and maths abilities are mighty. See you all...

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Tom K
Sunday Jun 11 @ 8 pm

Three way tiebreak!

It was another close quiz at East Hill! Three teams came out on top with 40 points and so to a tiebreaker we went! After battling it out over 40 questions, 'Yeah Booiiiii', 'The Barflies' and 'Fluvia' had to guess what the population of Wales is. Fluvia came out on top with a guess of 3.5m, whilst The Barflies came second with a guess of 2.1m. Join us next week to try and win the £50 bar tab, round of drinks and maybe even a free drink question! Oh, and the right answer was 3.1m.

Jonathan harden
Jonathan H
Sunday Jun 11 @ 7 pm

Quizzing was the real winner

Img 2663

We always say that the traditional pub quiz is the purest form of social networking. And tonight at the Northcote, we were proven right once again. While JL Tequila took the £50 bar tab with an impressive 35.5, and Quizzle Kicks nabbed the wine, one team deserve special mention for embodying the spirit of quiz. A team of two girls, and a guy on the way back from the toilet, soon became 2 girls and four guys they'd never met before. And they managed to come second into the bargain. Now that's what quiz is all...

Jodyanne F
Sunday Jun 11 @ 7 pm

Theresa Mayhem lands in poll position


The Lord Buckethead Fan Club just stepped outside to snaffle the first bonus drink then constructed the Maiden's Castle to take the anagram bonus point whilst Oranges + Lemons remembered the cheesy grin to sip the second bonus drink. At the end of the evening Robin's Back In Town pulled half a point ahead to take the house prize bottle of wine but it was The Lord Buckethead Fan Club again who rose above the din to take the top prize £30 bar tab. Everyone applauded Mariska Hargitay's steel, bounced with Zebedee and ran with the...

Dsc 7542
Richard L
Sunday Jun 11 @ 7 pm

Squatters Back On Form!

Img 0505

Squatters Rights was the team name of the winning team this Sunday at The Hare & Hounds quiz. This team has won before but under a different name and with a slightly different member line-up. Also at the quiz were two brand new teams and members of one team who had previously quizzed at another venue nearby! Shock, horror but at least the general consensus of opinion was that The Hare quiz is better. Of course! Every Sunday starting at 7:30pm.

Daniel C
Sunday Jun 11 @ 7 pm

Winners all round


The weather didn't stop a great nights quizzing with team no name coming out on top with 30 points while rival team quiz on my face took home a bottle of wine for finishing second to last. We had a couple of free drinks questions that were shared amongst our teams so this week everyone was a winner

145 img 6827
Ben P
Sunday Jun 11 @ 7 pm

Tiebreaker Clinched by Avocados

Img 0127

A strong second half performance saw both Avocados Over Real Estate and Joseph & The Amazing Technicolour Nightmarecoat topple Theresa Maybenot who led by 3.5 points at the interval. After a nailbiting tiebreaker the Avocados took the bar tab while Joseph took 2 bottles of wine, with plenty of other prizes going round, including a free pint to celeb quizzer Sue Perkins.

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Alice B
Sunday Jun 11 @ 7 pm

Balmy evening not barmy

A quiet sedate and quite difficult quiz evening for our teams. Winnie Mandela's falcon perch came out top team. Followed very closely by a new and welcome group, who guessed closest but these cards are stacked against.

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Logan S
Sunday Jun 11 @ 7 pm

The Manx Challenge 'wrecks' competition at The Ship

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The competition for 2nd to 5th was close, but Team Manx Challenge made easy work of them last night night. A good pop culture knowledge went a long way to ensuring their success. But winning isn't required to get a shot at the £300+ jackpot! Four people played, and still no winner. Try your luck next week! Every Sunday at 7:30 pm, take a shot at sinking the competition!

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Shaun B
Sunday Jun 11 @ 7 pm

Back again!

After a few weeks off was great to get back to the cherry tree! Small team sizes made for a really close night. And rollover is gonna carry on next week. With a similar size night it might even get up to £100!

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