Ken B.
Wednesday Jun 8 @ 7 pm

And the winner is...

20160608 215209

X going to give it to ya! It was a close one but with a 2 point lead this team secured the top spot-and that was after having checked the marking where they secured another point! They get to enjoy a generous FIFTY POUND bar tab. Fear not for our runners up though as they enjoyed a bottle of house...

145 img 6827
Ben P.
Wednesday Jun 8 @ 7 pm

Still more booze

Another nice turnout of over 30 meant we got to give a round of drinkers to runners-up Quizzard Sleeve (formerly Statcatos) who were held at bay by Man Down. 30 players is the target for extra alcohol in the prizes each week so every quizzer counts

Phil A.
Wednesday Jun 8 @ 7 pm

Not a Scooby back to winning ways!

Previous winners Not a Scooby put in a very strong performance for quite a tricky quiz.. and a tie for second/second-to-last place was won with a super bit of working out of the year Ulysses S Grant became president from Graeme's Hairclip.

Jodyanne richardson 102 finished colour example 10x8
Jodyanne F.
Tuesday Jun 7 @ 8 pm

Tropical night at the Clockhouse

2nd+ +be+prepared Winners+ +tequila+mockingbird

A lovely balmy evening at the Clockhouse with doors rolled back and al fresco dining to watch the sun go down. Add in the quiz and it was the perfect evening. A big shout out thank you to the players tonight who helped me with my foreign pronunciation - we mono-linguists are at a definite...

Gerry howell
Gerry H.
Tuesday Jun 7 @ 8 pm

Viva La Triviata!

The reigning Champions were overthrown tonight as the previously unbeatable Quiz O Clock finished second to a formidable La Triviata. They were tied on 18 points each at the break but a magnificent second half score of 22 secured victory for the musical team. The hills are alive with the sound of...

Marnie N.
Tuesday Jun 7 @ 8 pm

Not doing Suffolk proud!


It was packed out at Westow House with a bar full battling their brains out! Dane Brammage continue their winning streak and were 4 points clear of nearest rivals.The big drama was on the jackpot question with Quizzy McQuizface and Suffolk and Proud tying for closest answer but it was Quizzy who got...

Danny hurst
Daniel H.
Tuesday Jun 7 @ 8 pm

The Shy Teds

Arch-rivals Shy Teds and Team C came first and second last night at the Black Lion in Kilburn, which saw ten teams competing. A great atmosphere with high scores and the jackpot keeps rising.

Img 20151117 181303
Rhys T.
Tuesday Jun 7 @ 8 pm

The Jackpot rolls over once again!

It's always a pleasure to host the Quiz at the beautiful Lass O Richmond Hill. Hair Of The Dog continue their winning streak, if you think you have what it takes to remove them from their throne, come along next Tuesday! Newcomers The Newbies took home the bottle of wine for coming second to last...

Mike G.
Tuesday Jun 7 @ 8 pm

There's a new champ in town!

20160607 221340

The London bantams missed out on defending their crown by 1 point this week as team read english stole the show. Excellent knowledge of cryptic underground stations and african countries ending in the letter I proved the difference. If you think you have what it takes, come down next Tuesday at...

185691 10150415477780447 7422490 n
David G.
Tuesday Jun 7 @ 8 pm

Potterwatch Are Simply Magical!

13417013 10156906571455447 5967147193513928662 o 13415500 10156906579235447 2647560260274922661 o 13412060 10156906575700447 4730822010884809165 o

At the Harry Potter-themed quiz at the Star by Hackney Downs, Potterwatch flew to victory with a near perfect score of 43 points! Incredibly, the runners-up were just 3 and 4 points behind, respectively, as Hackney was gripped with Potter-mania. The runners-up claimed bartabs of £15 and £25...

Daniel C.
Tuesday Jun 7 @ 8 pm

Another great Tuesday night

Another brilliant night at the Builders Arms with 31 people taking part across 8 teams. A very close one tonight with just 3 points between the top 3 teams. We had a roll over jackpot this week so next week's now stands at nearly £70 (plus 50% of next week's entry fee). Our free drinks round was as...

Luke T.
Tuesday Jun 7 @ 8 pm


Img 4144 Img 4145 Img 4147

Babs, of course. What a quiz it was - we lived, we learned, Massimo made some new friends. Cash for Woof Woof and wine for NEVE - good times! 2 weeks 'til our next Brewery Quiz Night - Orchard Pig will be in with tasting and bonus prizes on the 21st.

260148 10150207652030566 6910044 n
Ben G.
Tuesday Jun 7 @ 8 pm

A Force to be reckoned with

20160607 222317

It was an electrifying night at The Anglers mainly because of the lightning outside! A sizzling first twenty saw 'Five Go On the Big Night out' top the leader board at the break. It was a perfect second twenty that gave Megaforce the spoils. A full house in the second half gave them their well...

145 img 6827
Ben P.
Tuesday Jun 7 @ 8 pm

Fight for the Wine

Great work from the Australian family visiting the UK who got 3 points for winning the creative challenge with the best boastful Muhammed Ali-style poem that pushed them ahead of the teams who tied in last place to take the wine tonight. And all smiles at the top for Knowledge is Optional who held...

Alex fisher
Alexandra F.
Tuesday Jun 7 @ 8 pm

Summer quizzing begins!

2016 06 08+09.00.21

It was a beautiful summer's evening last night and perfect to be enjoying a game with friends! The huge glass windows in the pub let in all the late evening sunlight. I certainly had a lovely time being back after a few weeks away. Nice to see the locals, nice to meet new people as always...

Ken B.
Tuesday Jun 7 @ 8 pm

Massive Quiz Night

20160607 222919

Liz and the Quizbury's! With 18 teams and a close tight nit race, you guys still managed to win with a 2 point lead! And it was third place where 2 teams battled it out for the bottle of hoyse wine in our tie breaker guessing how many episodes of MASH there were (winning team guessed 100, even...

Jason T.
Tuesday Jun 7 @ 8 pm

Noel's Quiz Party unlocks the box to a fortune

Img 20160607 220711295

'Noel's Quiz Party' picked the correct box in their brains to bag themselves more than £70 in hard cash as they won the latest Tavern Teasers. After creeping up in the ranks in recent weeks, the 'Sama Sama Sisters' fell back a little - but cleverly into second-to-last place, which secured them a...

Milo S.
Tuesday Jun 7 @ 8 pm


20160607 214745

This week at the lighthouse there were a lot of new faces but the grand prize was snapped up by regular egghead team Interroban. Keep it up guys, fingers crossed for the rollover jackpot next week!

Img 20160321 wa0001
Chris R.
Tuesday Jun 7 @ 7 pm

Crabbie Goodness

It was a hot and humid night on the river after the first burst of Summer brought short skirts and sweaty cyclists out in force. The Crabtree garden was heaving as the locals enjoyed some shade and sipped their pints. But inside was a balmy evening with a few teams making it for tonight's quiz...

Paul M.
Tuesday Jun 7 @ 7 pm

Hot Summer Night

20160607 204930 20160607 204913 20160607 204901

It was a hot sumner night 6 teams where in sight. Each of them determined to give it a fight. Some of them struggled some saw the light. 'Weekend at Bernies 2' eventually claimed the win. Leaving again with a familiar grin. No matter the score everyone had fun. QUIZ NIGHT ON TUESDAY ITS GOTTA BE...

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