Charlotte V.
Tuesday Feb 28 @ 8 pm

As Flat As A Pancake

20170228 222546 Botanist1.1

One year for Lent I gave up reading The Mail Online rather than my customary Toffee Crisp withdrawal. Miraculously I managed this deprivation far better than no more Cadbury's. This week's creative challenge at The Botanist was to depict your guilty pleasure that was to be given up for Lent. From...

Img 20151117 181303
Rhys T.
Tuesday Feb 28 @ 8 pm

The £229 jackpot was won!

20170228 213124

Big congratulations to our doubly winning team "The Fat Kid Always Wins The See Saw", who won not only the bar tab for coming first, but also the bonus jackpot of £229!!! We had a specially themed night tonight, with questions about Pancake Day, The Oscars and Wales to celebrate St. David's Day...

 mg 0360
Alex M.
Tuesday Feb 28 @ 8 pm

Big Mama's Scream!!!

20170228 221018 20170228 220902 20170228 220846

We are so going to win!! Those were the words that were uttered by a member of Big Mama's Scream half way through me reading out the answers for the second round. Confident? Cocky? Maybe but she was right the newcomers this week won the quiz in the end by 4 points. this wasn't our busiest quiz of...

Snapshot 20140817 11
Maeve B.
Tuesday Feb 28 @ 8 pm

Team C sail ahead


We had a runaway success with team C in the Black Lion. The 5 lads were unstoppable. Several teams were introduced to cryptic clues for the first time which led to some interesting answers during the second round.

Simon K.
Tuesday Feb 28 @ 8 pm

Great Tuesday Night

A fantastic night was had by all. We had some really intriguing questions and a big well done to 'Anchovies Wrestlers' for a stunning victoryand to 'The hateful six' for grabbing a brilliant second place. We also must say a congratulations to all teams for taking part and can't wait to see you next...

Graeme winchester
Graeme W.
Tuesday Feb 28 @ 8 pm

A Performance Full Of Zest...

So Pancake Day came and went, and true to form the Pancake Eve quiz at The Bohemia was flipping marvellous and anything but flat, and what appropriately named winners we had tonight. For what goes well with pancakes? Nutella, sugar, jam, yes, but most importantly lemon juice. How apt, them, that...

Daniel C.
Tuesday Feb 28 @ 8 pm

New team new winners

New team 'sprout' were tonight's winners taking home a £50 bar tab, closely followed by another new team 'quiz in my pants' who were just 2 points behind them. Regular team 'the youths' took our second to last bottle of wine and our free drinks questions were shared between our remaining teams. No...

Luke T.
Tuesday Feb 28 @ 8 pm

Double C bow out of Fulham...

Img 6277 Img 6276 Img 6280

Regulars at The Atlas Quiz, and no strangers to the top spot, Double C have left the SW6 building. Watch out for guest appearances in the future when they re-surface, like re-formed pop acts hoping to return to their former number 1 glories... And who's this pipping them to the top spot on their...

Charles+chalkly maber
Charles C.
Tuesday Feb 28 @ 8 pm

The Mother-Flippers quiz flat out for pancake-themed victory. Come Shrive with me!

2017+02+28+ +t 2017+02+28+ +t 1

Pancake madness last night at The Lighthouse. A mixed bag of questions touching on: the Olympics; Victoria Falls; and, Britney Spears put the teams through their paces. ‘Quizzy Pancakes’, ‘Moo’s Crew’, and ‘We’re Not Lemons, We’re Eggcellent’ all putting in a good show, particularly in the...

Gerry howell
Gerry H.
Tuesday Feb 28 @ 8 pm

Giving Up Lent for Quizzes!

They came with the lowest of expectations. Happy just to be taking part. It was supposed to be their last quiz until Easter, they would deny themselves the pleasure of quizzing until Jesus was back from the dead. But then they won! So now they're hooked and this could be the beginning of a very long...

Ken B.
Tuesday Feb 28 @ 8 pm

To win or not to win

20170228 221308

the winner is Team to Win or not to win! Congrats to this team who have returned to victory and scooped gold prize. They had to certainly fight for it though in our tiebreaker giving the closest guess to the base of Giza!

Sam 1781
Matthew D.
Tuesday Feb 28 @ 7 pm

The Sly Vom in the NT were the Better Half again

Dsc 0038

This week's quiz was a friendly and more intimate vibe- exactly the sort of quizzing I enjoy with everyone just there for a good time. The name of the night had to be David James, simply because they let the ball slip through their fingers (not really, they quizzed well, I was just proud of my...

Mike G.
Tuesday Feb 28 @ 7 pm

Fat Tuesday


It's over, the utter dominance of team sofa came to an end. There will no doubt be excuses that the team wasn't at full strength but regardless, it's over. Our new champs 'my mates in the corner' were very impressive and worthy winners of the £50 bar tab. They knew for example that the French call...

Gary sansome 2011 march
Gary S.
Tuesday Feb 28 @ 7 pm

Irish Wristwatch at the Double

Week 2 of the new Tuesday quiz at The Eagle saw Irish Wristwatch once again claim the top spot, thus meaning they are the only ever winners of this lively new quiz. Only 2 points seperated the winners and In the Meantime at the halfway point but by the end Wristwatch won with a 5 point gap over 2nd...

Phil A.
Tuesday Feb 28 @ 7 pm

Cash Shoe Nuts FTW

The worst pun of the night won it for Bottoms Up - in the foil challenge, a "shoe" theme led to a few shoes.. but Bottoms Up put together a shoe with some change and a bag of peanuts, the utter corniness of their "cash shoe nuts" gave them the extra three points to tie, and a better guess at the...

Img 20160321 wa0001
Chris R.
Tuesday Feb 28 @ 7 pm

Crabtree Conundrums!

There was stiff competition in the Crab last night as a regular team split in two to go head-to-head - Wood Burning Stoves v Alt-Wrong was the fight of the night. They didn't reckon with the competition of Steve and his allies and Let's get quizzical, both in a quiet 2nd and 3rd place at half-time...

Dsc 7542
Richard L.
Tuesday Feb 28 @ 7 pm

Virgin Quizzers Triumph!

Img 0203 Img 0207

Team European Cocktail took the honours earlier tonight at The Spice of Life. The team of four (two from Spain, one from Lithuania and one from Latvia) had never taken part in a quiz before so members were a little nervous and were keen to know what was expected of them. With a final score of 32...

Jodyanne F.
Tuesday Feb 28 @ 6 pm

Full House Rules

Bar+tab+winners+nye Bonus+drink+wi Bonus+drink+winner+nye

A great evening at the Marquis Cornwallis this evening with teams small, large and extra large ready to pit their knowledge against each other. NYE had no need to get out of town after correctly answering the bonus drink in round one, Quizatine Aguilera fought the revolution to take the bonus...

Mark T.
Monday Feb 27 @ 8 pm

£500 cash remains...

All by Myself... the saddest of songs, but the name of the winning team none the less, leading by a clear 4 points in the end on a packed Monday night at the Black Horse in Kingston Town. Normally that is the crowning glory, the reward of a £50 food and drink voucher, but tonight was another chance...

Jason T.
Monday Feb 27 @ 8 pm

Using lard slips top team into a big cash win.

Img 2759

Another fun and busy night saw 11 teams battle it out for the £80 cash pot that was seized by just one point by a team that loves pig products. The wine for coming second-to-last went to 'Pinky and the brains'.In truth a good night was had by all. Come and enjoy the crazy Monday quiz fun every week...

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