Alice B
Sunday Aug 12 @ 7 pm

"Scouse not Stew"!

"Scouse not Stew" and the inappropriately named and in last place... won the quiz and after a tense tiebreak, "the Scouse" won the prize. They will be too young to remember the ad phrase 'course you can, Malcolm' but it’s apt. Some great teams tonight. Only a few points between the top four. Which goes to show every point counts. Have a wonderful week and see you next time.

Georgina E
Sunday Aug 12 @ 7 pm

Cinderella, Vince Vaughn and Snoop Dogg Walk Into a Bar...

Rowdy night in Clapham tonight! Everyone was in high spirits after the football and we had 5 teams play for the £50 bar tab and a free bottle of wine. “Team 30” leapt ahead - along with the team captain’s two, first-class law degrees - to a winning score of 31. Congratulations also to “Busta Hymen + The Penetrators” on their strategic play to get into third place after we lost a team. Enjoy your free bottle of house white!

Tyrone A
Sunday Aug 12 @ 7 pm

Icing On The Cake As Birthday Team Win Big In Waterloo

A team celebrating a birthday were all smiles and cake at The Kings Arms but that did not hinder a sheer ruthless nature when it came to quizzing. "Let Us Win, It's J's Birthday" edged the win by two points and the £30 bar spend in what was a tricky couple of rounds against strong opposition. The bottle of wine went to the quiet but capable team of The Morgan Mob who only discovered the quiz was occurring after finishing some lovely Thai food that The Kings Arms very much (and deservedly) pride themselves for. Have...

Peter N
Sunday Aug 12 @ 7 pm

"Hardly Athletic" Run Away With It!

On a pleasant Sunday evening in Fulham, there was a serious battle brewing. At halftime, only 4 points separated first from last. Two-person team "Quizteama Aguilera" ran eventual winners "Hardly Athletic" the closest but got undone on the topics of Japanese words, gazelles and American comic actors. Shout out to "Ss-Success" for snagging the Sambucca shots for second last, and to "Hollywood Knights" who were joining us from LA, "Ful On Ham" who improved on their previous quizzes, and to "No Team Name" who entertained us with a wide array of random noises and enthusiasm. Topping...

Skye V
Sunday Aug 12 @ 7 pm

The Most Disciplined Classroom Ever

Quizzing at The Phoenix tonight was definitely a treat for this quiz host! Where I usually have to shout to be heard over the noise and repeat myself several times (even with microphone), the Phoenix quizzers were exceptionally quiet. Luckily this was just a sign that everyone was thinking hard and they loosened up after a few questions! Great job from everyone tonight! :)

Gerry H
Sunday Aug 12 @ 7 pm

Week In, week Out, Quiz Up

Winners for the second week in a row - what can we say about this team that we haven't already said? This week was tricky everyone said at halftime, it feels like the second half already except we're not warmed up yet, surely the winning score will be a low one, but no, not with these guys around. "Foward to the Hamlet", forward to victory more like...

Peter C
Sunday Aug 12 @ 7 pm

Jackpot Won at Last

Imagine wandering down to your local, paying £2 to enter the weekly pub quiz, and coming away £250 richer a couple of hours later... I’m pleased to report that our hero Bethan doesn’t have to! Yes, you heard me right! The Cherry Tree’s rollover jackpot was finally won this evening! And the best thing about it was that it couldn’t have been won by a nicer team. Big up Bethan and the "Cunning Stunts". Congratulations also go to this week’s winners "The Quackening", as well as all the other teams who took part on what was...

Amber B
Sunday Aug 12 @ 7 pm

"The Famous Five" Went to a Pub Quiz!

Taking home big winnings tonight after the gruellingly tough pub quiz is the "Famous Five" winning a £60 bar tab! Coming all the way from New Zealand and taking home a bottle of bubbly in 2nd to last place is "Antipodeans"! Come back next week Sunday at 7 pm for another quiz!

Celia L
Sunday Aug 12 @ 7 pm

Enter With “No Hope” and Exceed All Expectation!

Well, this is more like it!! Appears the rainier weather brought our quizzing throng back full throttle with 6 teams battling it out tonight for quizzing glory. Congratulations to new team “Superstar Dan & The No Hopers” who clearly didn’t set their sights on first prize, yet completely trounced the competition and won their £50 bar tab! Congrats also to returning team “Quizzie With Lizzie” who brought reinforcements this week and came out winning their bottle of wine to share.

Jonathon M
Thursday Aug 9 @ 8 pm

Long Time Quizzers Finally Take the Crown

What an exciting night at the Station Hotel, with many quizzers coming together for a battle of wits! Big congrats to long time veterans "Roy's Rovers" whose stars (and answers) finally aligned and they took home that £50 bar tab. After a true-false tiebreaker and some interesting free drink questions, it was quite the full night. And our cash jackpot eludes us yet again, which means next week it will break the £100 mark for the first time in a while!

Daniel C
Thursday Aug 9 @ 8 pm

Let Me See Your Peacock Reclaim Their Title

They were back after a few weeks break and stormed it tonight on 37 points to win themselves a £40 bar tab, while another returning team, "Quizzy Rascal" bagged themselves 22 points to win themselves a couple of craft beers. No winners on tonight’s envelope challenge so next week we have have 1 less card and even more chances to win!

Charlie T
Thursday Aug 9 @ 8 pm

Baer's Booming Bom-Boyay

It was a close one this evening in Notting Hill - and I don't just mean the weather! I mean the quiz. It was tight! (The quiz, again.) Only 2 points separated them all at the end: two teams squeezed onto the bronze podium, "Quizteam" took the silver and "Baer's Booming" got the gold. Jackpot roll-roll-rolls on into next week. Rock it up here next week if you want a chance to catch it.

William M
Thursday Aug 9 @ 8 pm

Johnny’s Came Lately/Left Victorious!

"The Johnny’s Came Lately" but left with first prize after a full and fun filled quiz at the Manor Arms tonight. They fought off very tough competition from "The Workaholics (minus 1)", who appropriately only needed 1 to reach joint first place (still, they did win almost all the drinks). "Hold Me Closer, Tiny Answer" (great name!) were also in joint second place, but did have a chance to play for the jackpot, after a Moonlight/LA LA Land Oscars moment with the "Know It Alls". It was a tense moment, but the jackpot remained unclaimed and...

Peter C
Thursday Aug 9 @ 8 pm

You Call it Rain, I Call it Pub Quiz Weather

The crowds flooded in as the rain came down this Thursday at East Dulwich’s premier quizzing destination.... Anyone continental would have done well this week as we had questions on the French and Italian dialects, German cities, and Dutch cognitive neuroscientists (obviously). Regular favourites ‘Not Ready Already’ took home the dough, with commendable performances from youthful outfits ‘Quizteama Aguilera’ and ‘Bocats’. Despite 2 teams having a crack at the jackpot game, the money (somewhat predictably these days) remains unwon for what feels like the 50th consecutive week... Come down next week at the NEW AND IMPROVED...

Luke M
Thursday Aug 9 @ 7 pm

What A Night

Now that’s a way to celebrate your engagement ! Team "We’ve Just Got Engaged, Points Please" took home the £300 jackpot after a great game of play tour cards right. And not only that, they finished second last and took home the bottle of wine too! Congratulations on all three fronts

Victoria S
Wednesday Aug 8 @ 8 pm

Who's the Don? RON!

Wow what a Wednesday! Some first-time quizzers that vow to return, and some trusty regulars in the mix tonight. Many a cartoon character made an appearance tonight, from Richie Rich, Alien Simpsons, and Tinkerbell... but it was an illegal Tube Station that caused the most head scratching! (Burn Toke)... you have to had been there. It was an old faithful team that took the grand prize of the £40 bar tab... "Ron's Dons" had a PERFECT first round, and only had 3 incorrect answers in round 2, even without Guy and Ian! (shoutout to you both)....

Howard S
Wednesday Aug 8 @ 8 pm

Stunning Victory!

Sometimes a team just hits the ground running and doesn't stop. "The Asbestos Appreciation Society" got one hundred percent in the first round and wouldn't let that lead go. However "Robert And The Lovely Ladies" were happy with their prize for second to last, a bottle of House wine and the jackpot wasn't won so there's £200 to win next week!

Rosie D
Wednesday Aug 8 @ 8 pm

"Court Powers" Hold Their Reign

With an impressive ending score, are "Court powers" proving to be unbeatable? Maybe this week, but "Quiz McDonald" are hot on their heels, and the jackpot is continuing to roll over and roll up with over 100 pounds in the pot just waiting to be snatched up. The sum is still rising at the rising sun. See you next week!

Jo S
Wednesday Aug 8 @ 8 pm

Size Isn't Everything

8 enthusiastic teams took to the tables this evening at The Bobbin in Clapham Old Town, to battle it out for the top prize - 75% of the kitty, (this week a grand total of £78.00, making first prize a handsome £58.50, and a second prize of the remaining 25% - £19.50). And my how the neurons flew! Our teams demonstrated a wide range of knowledge answering questions on everything from Russian geography to physics, history and popular culture. Teams varied in size from 1 man and his dog, to 6+, and while tonight's winning team,...

Sean D
Wednesday Aug 8 @ 8 pm

The Plane From Spain

The sun has taken a break but the Clifton Quiz was still radiating with utter this evening. However there was an increased level of tension as we encountered two tie-breakers. To finish one from last and win a bottle of wine, "Les Miserables" fought long and hard to defeat "The Ten Ones" in a fierce battle of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Following that we watched "The Incredibles 3" easily beat "The Fockers" at the same game. "The Spanish Quizners" were clear winners for the bonus prize after showing their prowess in making a paper aeroplane that can...

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