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David G.
Tuesday Nov 21 @ 8 pm

7 Seabiscuits Ride to 7th Heaven

20171121 212612

'7 Seabiscuits' packed too much horse-power as they rode to victory at The Star by Hackney Downs. The picked up £50 cash for their victory. The team also won the free drink by being fastest on the buzzer for a spot-prize question. Several teams also took advantage of booking in advance for a table...

Luke M.
Tuesday Nov 21 @ 8 pm

Triple Tiebreaker


The pub quiz was so close tonight we needed a tiebreaker to separate three teams. And who doesn't love a three way?? There were 11 points between top and bottom as we had the closest quiz ever run at The Black Lion, the questions being both fiendish and friendly. We had old faces and new, canes ten...

Tyrone A.
Tuesday Nov 21 @ 8 pm

Landslide Win For Quiz Regulars In The Oval

Dsc 0427

'A Labour of Moles' are a strong team but have gone without a win for several months. This baron run came to an end tonight with a resounding victory at The Fentiman Arms as they claimed the £50 bar spend by a solid six point margin. Can this form continue? Although they have won several times...

Charlotte V.
Tuesday Nov 21 @ 8 pm

Play Your Cards Right

Img 20171121 220755

You know how when you we little your mum would say that what mattered was taking part not the winning. Well at The Ferry Boat Inn taking part in their Tuesday evening quiz is all you need to do in order to be the team to try and win the jackpot.

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David M.
Tuesday Nov 21 @ 8 pm

I Dreamed A Dream

Img 20171121 234241 Img 20171121 220449 Img 20171121 220344

It was the magnificent Susan Boyle who first drew the publics attention to a historical musical set in France at the time of the June Rebellion of 1832. Most people assume that the Schönberg musical is about the French Revolution of 1789 but it isn't it is a bit further on than that but nevertheless...

Graham E.
Tuesday Nov 21 @ 8 pm

But will they win again?


Local office workers 'Shorty always wins' stormed to victory in their first quiz with a great score of 42 points, but they'll have to return to defend their title if they truly want to live up to their team name! That cracking performance meant that 'Tiny Rebellion' had to settle, once again, for...

Screenshot 20170524 034245 crop 224x257
Joshua H.
Tuesday Nov 21 @ 8 pm

'We Thought This Was Speed Dating' Finally Nail It

20171121 221534 20171121 221657 20171121 221644

A brilliant first time victory from 'We Thought This Was Speed Dating?' came down to the wire... We had three teams tied at the top at the end but our winners were almost spot on when it came down to our 'closest to' tiebreaker bringing them home the top prize. The other two teams that tied on...

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Gavin F.
Tuesday Nov 21 @ 7 pm

That’ll Teach ‘Em


Tuesday was a chirpy night in The Birdcadge. Ten teams battling it out to the top prize. However ‘Lavish Box’ flew out on top with a cracking score of 43 for a 4 person team (despite the photo). Great fun despite some teams saying they were just winging it! A pleasure to be quizzing with you all...

Luke T.
Tuesday Nov 21 @ 7 pm

Double celebrations at the top

Img 8843 Img 8847

It's a little known fact that there is no better way to celebrate your engagement than by winning our quiz at The Crabtree. Fact. A valiant effort from 'Northern Soul', rewarded with a bottle of wine. And let's not forget the '2 Irish Bad Boys' (and friends) drunkenly bringing up the rear. Same time...

Daniel C.
Tuesday Nov 21 @ 7 pm

The bees storm or tonight

Img 1483 Whitebear

A huge well done to team the bees, they got both of our bonus points to help them score a massive 47 points and take the quiz. We needed a tie breaker for our second to last, it eventually went to team 'JLS' who won themselves a £20 bar tab. Lots of competition for our bonus envelop round, team 'Big...

Jonathon M.
Tuesday Nov 21 @ 7 pm

Down to the Wire

Img 6751

This evening's quiz at The Boat House in Putney came down to the wire as two teams finished with the top score of 25 points. It was decided with a tiebreaker in which both teams had to guess which year the Porsche 911 was launched. In the end, both teams guessed only one year apart! But it was 'Sink...

 mg 0226%2810x8crop%29
Shaun B.
Tuesday Nov 21 @ 7 pm

Cosy in here!

20171121 213117

The smell of the food, the taste of the beer, Draft House is a lovely little venue for a quiz on Tuesday night. Only going to get bigger as well. 1 point in between first and second for the 50 quid bar tab and the rollover continues! Well done to 'The Turd bank' for knowing exactly how many episodes...

Steven B.
Tuesday Nov 21 @ 7 pm

Dog leads team into victory

Img 4891

3 teams all pitted against each other. But one team had a secret weapon... Was it the brute knowledge of the team members or did they have the brainiest dog in the world? Winning by a landslide majority, 'Ollie's football team' came out on top! Thanks to Ollie the dog their quizzing paid off, Ollie...

Nick H.
Tuesday Nov 21 @ 7 pm

A tiebreaker is needed to separate "Alpha" and 'The Galway Goliaths'

Wp 20171121 22 13 55 pro Wp 20171121 22 16 15 pro

Eight teams battled it out at The Jolly Farmer in Chalfont St Peter this evening and as the headline tells us, the £40 food and bar voucher first prize needed a tiebreaker before "Alpha" could be announced as the recipients. The awarding of the £20 bar and food voucher second prize for the team with...

Dsc 7542
Richard L.
Tuesday Nov 21 @ 7 pm

Christmas Coming Early?

Img 0342 Img 0343 Spieceoflife

Yes, it's not even December yet but one of the questions in last Tuesday's quiz at The Spice of Life in Soho related to the forthcoming festive season! A busy and fun night saw 13 teams battling it out for one of four possible prizes. First prize £60, second £30 and third £19. Also of course a...

David J.
Tuesday Nov 21 @ 7 pm

New Beginnings, No Regrets

Midsummer Midsummer2

Despite a quiet week for The Draft House MK, on account of the upcoming Black Friday, the 7pm Tuesday night quiz was as active as ever, with 4 big teams playing to win! Many new arrivals from Network Rail: the 'Quizzie Rascals' had a go and came out with a respectable 30 points! However the winners...

Jodyanne F.
Tuesday Nov 21 @ 6 pm

2017 penultimate challenge

Powerpuff+girls Tom+is+a+chazwozzer Marquis

'Tom is a Charwozzer' snaffled both bonus drinks tonight whilst the anagram point went to 'The Roman Empire'. At the end of the evening it was the lovely 'Powerpuff Girls' who claimed the second to last place bonus house wine prize - exactly what they were aiming for. Meanwhile there was a draw at...

Graham E.
Monday Nov 20 @ 8 pm

A win-win-win situation

20171120 214859 Castle

Loyal regulars 'Cornerstone' aka 'Two fat ladies' were justly rewarded for their commitment to the quiz with a hard fought victory in a wonderfully cozy quiz where no one came away empty handed. Returning Americans 'Who's on first?' collected the bottle of wine (uniquely this week the prize for both...

Jon B.
Monday Nov 20 @ 8 pm

The first sight of 'Joe Root's Back Foot Cover Drive'

20171002 221750 Coltonarms1

A competitive night at The Colton, with the heat of the competition only bettered by the heat from the open fire phew. 'Pacey’s Mom' appeared to have been scared off by the loss of two on the bounce, but on closer inspection, a close relative of 'Pacey's Mom' was there, playing as 'The RePACEments'...

Daniel C.
Monday Nov 20 @ 8 pm

Returning champs and fist time winners

Roundhouse Roundhouse1

A huge well done to our regular teams 'Coalition of chaos' who were just 1 point ahead of new team 'The Bavettes' to edge the quiz and reclaim their £100 bar tabs. Plenty of new players in tonight with our bottle of wine going to one of them, well done to team 'Fistful of flowers'. A close game of...

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