Ellie W.
Tuesday Mar 21 @ 8 pm

£200 Rollover Next Week!

Yes you heard it, £200 rollover woo! Amazing bunch of you tonight who had me running around the pub - nearly pulled me hamstring! Well done to 'Quiz Atkins' who not only won the tab they also spent it straight away! See you next week y'all :)

Marnie N.
Tuesday Mar 21 @ 8 pm

Stay for the Pudding


Plenty of locals followed the yellow brick road to Westow House. The free drinks flowed for the lucky two, even Alex who eventually found the right answer. The jackpot is building nicely because the lovely Sad Carts... got closest but couldn't find the winning envelope. Maybe it's waiting for you!!

Ken B.
Tuesday Mar 21 @ 8 pm

Tie for seconds!

20170321 221625

And the winner is.....team Tinker Tailor Soldier! Congrats to these first timers that scooped gold prize! Second place was hotly contested again with our tiebreaker but team quizco came out on top!

Christine R.
Tuesday Mar 21 @ 8 pm

Fat Kids Are Harder To Kidnap storm to Victory!

Img 4197 Img 4195 Img 4200

Three-man team Fat Kids claim winner's Food Voucher at Brouge Quiz! Cheeky Minstrels edge closer in third place. Beautiful ladies + dog Jophie bag the vino. Unpronounceable Team 'Cryzaszcz' witnessed counting each other's molars for Q.10 - Classic!!

Graeme winchester
Graeme W.
Tuesday Mar 21 @ 8 pm

Ah Go-Win, Go-Win, Go-Win, Go-Win, Go-Win...

You may have noticed a rather laboured Father Ted/quiz pun in the title, but I do this for good reason, I'm not just having a laugh... After a tense tie-breaker, we have new winners at The Bohemia: the Ted-inspired Straight Outta Craggy! After 40 questions, tonight's champions were tied on 35...

Charlotte V.
Tuesday Mar 21 @ 8 pm

Cheesy chat ups earn extra points

As Winter turns to Spring and many of us find a little spring in our step this week's creative challenge at The Botanist in Kew was the best / worst chat up line you've ever heard. One hopes that most of them have never been tested on the general population...

Paul 06 crop
Paul A.
Tuesday Mar 21 @ 8 pm

The Neighbours back to winning ways

The Neighbours sneaked a cheeky one-point victory over high scoring trio 'Pub-Fiction' in this week's round of the Royal Oak Quiz. We were also bowled over by the generosity of The Burnt Hill Mob who donated their second successive big prize win as a raffle prize to the forthcoming Yattendon Village...

Gerry howell
Gerry H.
Tuesday Mar 21 @ 8 pm

a royal night out in Catford

they came, they quizzed, they conquered. they were relatively quiet tonight night but then it's always the quiet ones, right? Heads down, beavering away like a bunch of knowledgeable beavers. All Hail the People's Princesses, this week's worthy winners! And commiserations to our Galileo devotees...

Sam 1781
Matthew D.
Tuesday Mar 21 @ 7 pm

Brain Tourist fly to victory!

Despite a touch of a sore throat, nobody seemed put off by a slightly by my slight croakiness! There were lots of new faces tonight and lots of great team names including Quilter Quizzard Crew and King Gizzard + the Lizard Wizard (who tied so I had to do that tongue twister!). The tragically named...

Simon K.
Tuesday Mar 21 @ 7 pm

Method of transport

Well done to the winners for a wonderful win. Also, well done to our second to last winners for a fabulous second to last prize. Our creative round was modes of transport and we had some wonderful examples. I look forward to seeing you all next week.

Mike G.
Tuesday Mar 21 @ 7 pm

Small but perfectly formed

A team of 2 showed it is quality not quantity that counts as they romped home to walk away with a £50 bar tab. A broad general knowledge along with incredible paper plane making skills meant that nobody could catch them. Next week there will be more top quality trivia, a brand new half time game and...

535244 707496851212 1856344632 n
Rachel L.
Tuesday Mar 21 @ 7 pm

Free drinks

Trying to be more traditional with a free drink question backfired when no one could answer any of the three options and we had to revert to a more simple time of 'first to bring...' lesson learned.

Dsc 7542
Richard L.
Tuesday Mar 21 @ 7 pm

Double Tie-Break!

Img 0234 Img 0199

'tis the season of tie-breaks or at least it seems so because tonight there were two at a very busy Spice of Life in Soho. Kevin Spacey's Chin a brand new team with three players won by one point but the first tie-break was for second place with two teams scoring 33. The tie-break question was about...

Jodyanne richardson 102 finished colour example 10x8
Jodyanne F.
Tuesday Mar 21 @ 6 pm

Office Party time!

20170321+bonus+drink+winner+nye 20170321+anagram+bonuse+point+winners+the+quizatines 20170321+house+wine+winners+last+place

'NYE' knew I was looking at them to take the bonus drink in round one whilst 'The Quizantines' felt the chill of Lara's lover to take it in round two. They also scooped themselves the anagram bonus point on hearing the soulful sounds of the son of Stax before anyone else. At the end of the evening...

Ellie W.
Monday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

You know it's big news when...


..people who aren't playing the quiz still follow the rollover saga! Yes, it's STILL £500 waiting for the right winner and yes anyone playing the quiz has the opportunity to win it regardless of whether they win or loose. I hope to see you next week!

Dean D.
Monday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

Four Paws win-a-lot but just couldn't quite reach the cash Jackpot

Tight battle lines were drawn at the Sun Inn by animal named teams. Chris the dog made a puppy mess, the Bograts bogged themselves down in the second round and the Four Paws bounded into the lead but the Jackpot still rolls over

Charles+chalkly maber
Charles C.
Monday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

It was down to the wire; and, actually, down to the height of the Taj Mahal!

‘Screeches B*tchez’ snuck ahead in an edge-of-the-seat thrilling, tie-breaker against ‘Ultimate Quizbee’ (my new favourite team name) in last night’s showdown at The Calf. Having been behind at the halfway point, the winners motored through the second half to edge ahead of ‘Quizteama Aguilera’ and...

Graham E.
Monday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

Special relationship pays dividends!

20170320 220444

Tonight demonstrated beautifully how Question One is the real social network as on-her-own Brit Diana joined with Liz's American family to form a team, made three new friends, and won the quiz to boot! And what an exciting event it was! With just three points separating first from last it was...

Dsc 7542
Richard L.
Monday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

Heaven Knows Back on Top Form!

Img 0251 Img 0253

Having last week very sportingly suggested a deduction of five points for winning two weeks in a row, team "Heaven Knows I'm Quizzable Now" won tonight's quiz five points ahead of the second placed team. In second place a two man team "Two Shots" scoring 30 which for a team with only two players...

185691 10150415477780447 7422490 n
David G.
Monday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

Rubbish Reclaim their Crown

20170320 214748

Rubbish at Team Names returned to the Monday night quiz at the Village Inn, Ealing, to reclaim their crown and scoop the £25 cash prize. The runners-up comforted themselves with a Euromillions ticket, and scratchcard for finishing second and third respectively. The atmosphere was lovely and the quiz...

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