Charlie T
Thursday May 17 @ 8 pm

Norfolk And Chance Make Good

A rip-roaring thrill ride tonight with a very tight quiz all round! Just three teams but little could separate them. 'Norfolk And Chance' squeezed out on top with 29, 'MRECS Youth' followed close behind with 28. First-round top-scorers - 'James, Marty and Jasper' - landed last with 27 points. Come join the fight next week if you're in town - there's plenty of space and you're bound for a good time.

Jodyanne F
Thursday May 17 @ 7 pm

Drumroll please

'Ken Dodd's Dad's Dog is Decidedly Dead' dodged the marshmallow man to take the first bonus drink whilst 'The Locals' trekked through the desert for the second, (stopping off in France on the way to pick themselves up the bonus anagram point). Their epic journey proved fruitful as they ended the evening at the top of the leader board to take the £30 bar tab. Meanwhile 'I Thought This Was Speed Dating' moved with the bell to take home the second to last place house wine prize. Then it was jackpot time! 'Les Quizerables' cleared closest...

Andy D
Thursday May 17 @ 7 pm

Uxbridge station?!

What a night at The Hop Poles! 5 teams showed up this evening to compete for the bar tab prize. The victors aptly named ‘quiz’ had some stiff competition from ‘I’m cold and there are wolves after me’ but held them off until the very end despite changing their guess my origin bonus question to the incorrect answer. You know EXACTLY what I mean team ‘quiz’! The liveliness was set by the youthful team ‘blank’ who had their own face off with 5th placers; ‘not funny’. Meat and 2 veg played sportingly coming 3rd and even...

Tom K
Wednesday May 16 @ 8 pm

The Shaymen stave off competition!

It went right down to the wire at the Bobbin this week. 'Drawing of a Co*k' and 'Anne Wiidecombe’s Vajazzle' fought it out for second place on 43 points but it was 'The Shaymen' who held on for a famous victory, despite losing 2 points for team size. Play Your Cards Right went again with a nice little £35 pot. Join us next week for more cash prizes!

Joshua H
Wednesday May 16 @ 8 pm

Rother 'Hive' Mind!

This week saw a return to form for 'Rother-Hive Mind' but only after a nerve wracking tie breaker with 'Fruit Loops' who were two points behind until Bailey (the barman) revealed that they had won the creative origami round pushing them into joint first place. Unfortunately for them, Matt from 'Rother-Hive Mind' knew the exact number of episodes of the wire to nail the tie break question and take home the glory! There were some great debut performances from 'Smeg and Sparkle' and '12 points to Ant McPartlin' with both teams finishing very close to the...

Graham E
Wednesday May 16 @ 8 pm

Jackpot captured by quiz first-timers!

The top cash prize was collected by Imperial College newcomers 'MIA' who had been brought along to the evening by friends. The joyous students shared £123 which worked out at more than £30 each! The quiz proper was won by fellow alumni 'Wu Clam Clan' who amazingly managed to score 100% in the second round to collect their £40 bar tab, while the 'Golden Girls' returned to pick up their now customary bottle of wine.

Jason T
Wednesday May 16 @ 8 pm

A new top team joins the leader board

Congratulations to 'The Jap's Eyes' who managed to scoop the top prize of a £50 food and bar tab for coming first at the latest quiz at the Bonaparte. It was a tight quiz with three teams snapping at their feet with only a point difference. The 'Matt Damon Society' let out whoops of joy when they realised they had won the bottle of wine for coming second-to-last while 'The Swindler's List' had to console themselves with a box of smarties for not quite managing to scoop the rollover cash jackpot. Next week's jackpot stands at...

Celia L
Wednesday May 16 @ 8 pm

No BullQuizzing in Here

A pleasure to cover at The Bull again this evening, and what an evening we had! I love a good topical comical Team name and this week I had two stand out Royal Wedding themed names in contention for the Best Team Name extra bonus point - “The Quiztian Union Of Harry & Meghan” and “Taking Meghan ‘Up The Aisle’”... I had to award each a point I couldn’t choose! Congratulations to St John’s Priests who won their victory Second- to last place wine. They didn’t quite understand why they won it but they certainly didn’t...

Tobias J
Wednesday May 16 @ 8 pm

An Awesome Night of Quizzing in Bristol

An awesome night of quizzing yesterday! Great to have two new teams on board! The numbers were up and proved to provide some great competition! Unfortunately, The Tom Hanks themed team had their crown stolen from them by some newcomers! who were only 2 questions away from a full house! Bonus drink questions were also being taken full advantage of too! Join us again next week for another fantastic quiz at The Clifton!

Charles C
Wednesday May 16 @ 8 pm

331,000 bees on one human! Unbelievable!

10 teams filled the bar at The Duchy Arms last night in what became a hotly contested brainteaser battle. The bottle of wine (for the second from bottom) was valiantly fought for by 'Quiz In My Panties' (who had suggested that the answer to a question on the smallest cell in the human body might be the appendage of one of their own team-mates. Brutal!) and 'Stani-Lundie'. Stani-Lundie's guess on the age John Wayne was when he died (72!) was slightly closer and the wine was theirs. At the other end of the league, 'Clown Baby'...

Victoria S
Wednesday May 16 @ 8 pm

Heavenly 'Jonty's Angels' Top the Tree

Very high scoring week at The Nightingale with a mix of new and the old regular teams... Incredibly, 2 of the 15 teams came up with the same name - which wasn't in the least bit confusing... and every single team knew which way to swipe when you like someone on Tinder! We had those trusty tube station emoji's to figure out, a seasonal 80s classic and a Smooth Criminal all leading to 'Jonty's Angels' steaming into 1st place with an almost perfect score, followed by last week's winners 'Halal is it Meat You're Looking For'...

Luke T
Wednesday May 16 @ 8 pm

Putney quizness

Regular SpoHo quizzers and plenty of new faces gathered tonight for a pretty classic questions and answers combo in Putney. Congratulations to 'Universally Challenged' - back in the top spot. Tough competition tonight and so on. £50 bar tab, a bottle of wine, rolling jackpot - prizes galore! Putney High Street every Wednesday.

Leon K
Wednesday May 16 @ 8 pm

Tie Breaker K Hole

So tonight down at The Cutty Sark, the regular teams were out in force with a couple of new additions. A lot of teams went for some topical team names but 'I Thought This Was Speed Dating' took away the prize for the best team name. Finally, it came to a tiebreaker with 'The Ketty Sark' taking away the £50 bar tab and last weeks winners coming in 3rd place.

Howard S
Wednesday May 16 @ 8 pm

Massive fun on a Wednesday night

This week we introduced the VERY popular beer tasting bonus round where you get three thirds of beer, a sheet of beer names and you have to guess which beers you've been given! It was an exceptionally high standard this week with all teams doing very well and in the cash jackpot round the prize remained out of reach. So next week we have £200 to give away again!

Charlie T
Wednesday May 16 @ 8 pm

The Undateables Prove Unconquerable

'The Undateables' took home the big one tonight. £25 of a solid bar tab. Unfortunately, their jackpot attempt proved less successful - it rolls up on into next week's quiz. 'Norfolk In Chance' got good with a free drink question and ended second-last - proud owners of a bottle of house wine.

Mike K
Wednesday May 16 @ 8 pm

Enzo nick it from Mick

'Enzo and friends' came out on top tonight as overall winners in a very close fought contest by just a point from 'Mick is on his own'. 'Enzo' took the first quiz by the same margin, but 'Mick is on his own' fought back to win the second quiz on the tie-break. Regulars 'The Dog's danglies' and 'The Blue Lions' weren't too far behind either in third and fourth place. A fun night was had by all.

Tom W
Wednesday May 16 @ 8 pm

A right Royal knees up 🎩 👰🏻

This week I got teams to give advice to the royal wedding couple Harry and Megan 🎩 👰🏻 being that the big day is this Saturday. More than one team asked them to practice safe sex on the wedding night. However, I liked the advice ‘don’t listen to your mother in law’. Congratulations to 'Cloaklands' for there 3rd win on the trot winning with a 2point handy cap! :)

Frankie S
Wednesday May 16 @ 8 pm

Dontfinkesaurus !!

The name of the winning team is the headline tonight with a massive score of 46. A high scoring quiz altogether. The creative round making dinosaurs from Play-Doh went down a storm (see photos), there are some very talented people out there, we even had a dino who had had a poo (peppercorns) one who had flower petals as its back and one eating flowers as it was a vegetarian. Everyone joined in and I feel a great night was had by all. :)

Simon K
Wednesday May 16 @ 7 pm

A royal wedding gift

Well done to the ‘Quizerable bastards’ for a super win of 42 points. Also, to newcomers ‘Double M’ who snatched the second to last prize winning £20 in vouchers. Our creative round was a ‘royal wedding gift’ and the ‘quizerable bastards’ won it with their beautiful vase. Our jackpot was not won and so rolls over to next week and at present, it is £61 in cash. See you next Wednesday!

Nick H
Wednesday May 16 @ 7 pm

Marital bliss obviously suits Davey

We had some very impressive scoring at The Highwayman this evening. With a total of 45 points available, three teams (“Davey’s not single anymore”, “Against all odds” and “Stick Stick Dollar”) scored 40 points or more and two of them scoring a maximum 23 points in the supposedly more difficult second half of the quiz. It was, however, “Davey’s not single anymore” who prevailed with 42 points winning the £40 and food voucher first prize. Congratulations should go to them plus of course Davey and his now wife. We made mention in last week’s blog of...

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