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Caolan B.
Tuesday Feb 20 @ 8 pm

The happiest birthday


It can be hard to know what to get someone for their birthday but thankfully The Waverley Arms had all the answers last night. Food? Wine? Quiz?? Check check check. In what was a hotly contested affair there were two teams that broke away from the pack but it was the birthday girl and her team of “it’s my party and I’ll quiz if I want to” who reigned supreme and winning themselves a £40 bar tab. What a gift! A happy birthday indeed. But It was a night of tie breaks. First for a free...

Keith H.
Tuesday Feb 20 @ 8 pm

Is This a Cartoon?


In fact it got so exciting, that I must have talked some truly a-level rubbish at the end. The banter is starting to flow, some regular teams we haven't seen for a bit are starting to re-incarnate (regenerate, even?) and more new faces keep coming , bright and keen to rattle everyone's cages. Welcome to the fun Yogi and The Bear, The Muppets, TopCats, and (to ensure that not every team was in a state of Animation), The Roger Moore Fan Club. all of whom ended up doing better than they thought they would. And, meanwhile,...

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Callan D.
Tuesday Feb 20 @ 8 pm

Barca can’t beat the Lighthouse


Even though this Tuesday night had to compete with a Champions League in Chelsea, it didn’t stop Ken’s Corner storming the second half to take the title of this week’s Lighthouse Champion. Where are my dog biscuits came close to winning the £149 jackpot but the luck of those big red cards was not with them this time. It’s a rollover of course so we’ll see you next week for a chance to win a £50 bar tab, bottle of house wine, a packet of crisps and nearly £200 in cash!

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Paige W.
Tuesday Feb 20 @ 8 pm

A Cracking Debut #QuizNight


What a warm welcome from The Rectory tonight! Energy was buzzing from the very walls in anticipation for tonight’s quiz. The picture questions seemed to be the nemesis of many this evening, with lot of head scratching whilst trying to figure out who the young footballer in the ‘Who When Younger’ question was. (Lots of ‘of course!’ sighs when Peter Crouch was revealed as the answer!) Team ‘No Ragrets’ were quick to get in the lead this evening, tying for 1st place at the end of round 1 with no less than two other teams. They...

Annette F.
Tuesday Feb 20 @ 8 pm

5 Weeks In A Row - £483 Jackpot For Next Week!!


KFC - Kan't Find Chicken, the team that change their name to suit that particular week's newsworthy items, make it to the winning spot 5 weeks in a row. They remain unchallenged in what was a very close finish, with 'Highbury Dry Cleaners' almost hanging them out to dry by coming in a close second one point less on 40. The Rollover Jackpot was not won again tonight making it a whopper £483+ For next week.

Kiev+ +me+by+the+river
Jason C.
Tuesday Feb 20 @ 8 pm

Doris’ Dandies Do It In Style! £221 jackpot for next week!

Image 6483441

Unfortunately for 'Never Been Quizzed' - with a member at her first ever pub quiz(!) - they were pipped to the post by 'Doris’ Dandies', despite being joint first at half time! 'Doris’ Dandies’' mascot, Doris, clearly gave them the morale needed to pull ahead for the final round. Furthermore, the jackpot remain so unclaimed and will be a not insignificant £221 next week. Will the money be yours? Come down to the Clapton Hart to finding out! :)

Howard S.
Tuesday Feb 20 @ 8 pm

Advantage Alan


The winning team 'The Alanistas' worked very hard to keep their lead from half time as it was in danger for a while there. We had some brilliant plasticine models in our plasticine modeling round which always proves to be fun. A great night was had by all, where were you?! Come and join as next week!! :)

James H.
Tuesday Feb 20 @ 8 pm

Wizarding Hound Strikes Lucky While Closest Rivals Quiz Themselves


10 teams this week fought for the plethora of prizes on offer at The CCC. Free drinks, crisps a fifty pound bar tab and some MONEY! £250 to be precise. :) As usual there was much hilarity and general carrying`s on as always with 'Team Zero' assisting the quizmaster with asking the generic questions we get each week - like who is behind the smiley, name that place and "name the cryptic tube station"! And on the subject of our regular 'Team Zero' he was nearly beaten this week to the anagram but just pipped 'Captain...

Danny hurst
Daniel H.
Tuesday Feb 20 @ 8 pm

Quizzy Rascals

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Winter Olympics was this week's theme of the creative round and the teams rose to the challenge magnificently with sculptures of several events. This was won by No Name, but the overall winners of the night were Quizzy Rascals with a runaway 45 points. Great night and good to be back after being in bed ill for a week. See you there next time.

Img 4825
Mike K.
Tuesday Feb 20 @ 8 pm

Quizzing Action in Crystal Palace


The 'Quizlamic Pundamentalists' won a tight finish by just a point from 'Tbc' tonight, with 'A bucket of wine and a punchbag please' just a further point away in third. Twenty teams competed on a fun evening, and although 'Quizzee Rascals' were closest to the jackpot answer, they didn't select the right envelope, which means £155 rolls over to next week.

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Celia L.
Tuesday Feb 20 @ 7 pm

We’re Going On A Big Fact Hunt ...


A lovely change of scenery this evening to be at the White Bear in Ruislip- what an enthusiastic and utterly effervescent Quizzing throng tonight! So my favourite part of the way this Quiz is run is their special addition of “The Half Time Tin Foil” Challenge. Tin foil? Challenge? Yes reader you see correctly. So what this involves is each team creating a sculpture out of tin foil in the 15 minute break on a theme of the quiz master’s choosing, for an extra 2 points to be added to their overall score come the end...

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Clemente L.
Tuesday Feb 20 @ 7 pm

'Those Who Can't Teach' - win pub quizzes!


Quite, but exciting night here at The Draft House Camden. Unlike last time only three teams went head to head, battling for the chance to win a whopping £50 behind the bar. At the end of the first round all teams had a fair chance at winning, with only a few points separating each team. By the end of the second round however, 'Those Who Can't Teach' absolutely blew the others away with a massive 40.5 points to win tonight`s quiz. Well done to everyone involved and a special well done to the winners of tonight`s...

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Rachel L.
Tuesday Feb 20 @ 7 pm

So Close

Img 8385

One of the closest quizzes at The Eagle this week for a long time, two points separated the top three teams. The bar staff were enjoying playing this week with fewer people about....guessing the football won over quizzing this Tuesday looking forward to a busy week to end the month off! Come and join us next week! See you there! :)

Nick H.
Tuesday Feb 20 @ 7 pm

D'Artagnan didn't quite make it!

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Even without D'Artagnan the "Three Musketeers" fought the good fight and overcame all-comers to take the £40 bar and food voucher first prize at this evening's Quiz Night at the Jolly Farmer. A tiebreaker was however necessary to separate "Steve's Girls" (without Steve) and the "Misfits for the £20 bar and food voucher for coming second to last second prize. The "Misfits" did prevail by knowing the exact flying distance between Manchester and London ......... that's without knowing which London airport or allowing for the 113 mile circling as "Steve's Girls" did! The "misfits" also won...

Jonathon M.
Tuesday Feb 20 @ 7 pm

Last Week’s Runners-Up Come Back for Top Prize


Not content for the second place award of a bottle of wine, last week’s runners-up have returned in greater numbers and taken the top spot at tonight’s quiz night at The Boat House in Putney. The questions were difficult and sometimes tricky, but they pulled their knowledge together and claimed the first place prize of a £50 bar tab. Well done to all players, and we’ll see if they can defend their position next week!

Sophie J.
Tuesday Feb 20 @ 7 pm

Whether It Is Nobler In The Mind To Come Second In The Quiz?


Both ‘Brain Tourist’ and ‘Liquid Quiz’ lost their reigning titles this week as newbies ‘Bhad Bhabie’ came first place with a massive 43 points! QM Sophie got on well with 'Bad Bhabie', a team made up with 2 fellow Irish folk and despite more loss of transmission with our microphone, we managed to battle through to help 'Bad Bhabie' win the £50 tab. With only 1.5 points between 'Bad Bhabie' and 'Brain Tourist' it was a close one. Sad to say our previous winners ‘Liquid Quiz’ came in 6th place but will they be back to...

Dean D.
Tuesday Feb 20 @ 7 pm

'Harvey Quiztein' And 'Qxfams PR Team' Were Close

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Tonight was a fun night at The Crabtree with much rivalry and laughter and banter. 'Anything Is A Dildo If You`re Brave Enough' narrowly beat 'Sexting' into second to last place to win the prestigious two free drinks. Next weeks quiz will be a charity quiz to raise money for 'Mind' a very worthwhile cause. So come on down as all of the quiz take will be going to charity!

Dsc 7542
Richard L.
Tuesday Feb 20 @ 7 pm

So many teams, so many identical scores!


The scores last night at The Spice Of Life in London's Soho were very close with two tie-break questions necessary. Three cash prizes meant of course that there were three winning teams but to decide the third placed team, a tie-break question was used. Another tie-break question was needed for the second to last prize of a bottle of wine. All together a very lively night at The Spice with 14 teams battling it out and we welcomed a team of lovely Australian folk who ended up winning a bottle of red! Why not join in...

David J.
Tuesday Feb 20 @ 7 pm

Reserved and Revitalised


This week at The Draft House MK brought us a far larger turnout than usual, with a large reservation from a local insurance company as well as a lot of smaller teams consisting of friends, families and colleagues joining the quiz! With so many people turning up, the jackpot jumped right up to £101 this week, (but hasn't been taken yet) and the night proved to be hugely exciting. Thanks to everybody who turned up and here's hoping to see you all next week!

Marnie N.
Tuesday Feb 20 @ 6 pm

League of Nations


It was an international flavour at Marquis Cornwallis tonight. We had the Irish Contingent in who didn't win by the most amount (there are no losers at the Marquis!), the Nosmo Kings were in from across the Atlantic and a wonderful Crazy Crowd on holiday from Germany who managed a very impressive 5th place! It was tight at the top with Wot no chicken retaining last week's crown but Unconstitutional Affairs were nipping at their heels. Next week you'll be in with a chance to take the pot yourself if you get down to the nice...

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