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Georgina E.
Wednesday Sep 20 @ 7 pm

Harry Enfield, Nicki Minaj and Ellen Degeneres walk into a bar...

Img 4739 Img 4738 Img 4737

Cosy quiz night just across from Vauxhall rail station tonight. Congratulations to winning team The BBC Bunch + Jess with their impressive score of 39! Enjoy your free drinks vouchers! I know it might feel odd to do a quiz outside with England's unpredictable climate, but we've got plenty of...

13435432 10153868561073318 6577762032807796070 n
Skye V.
Wednesday Sep 20 @ 7 pm

Some friendly rivalry


When only one team came in to play the quiz at George's tonight, the friends agreed to split up and compete against each other. In two teams of three, they spent the night trying to one-up their own mates, and the results were close! Unfortunately there could only be one winner, but the prize was...

2012 hs2 michael wharley online
Simon J.
Tuesday Sep 19 @ 8 pm

Picker Pat...Picker Pat...Picker Pat...

20170919 224025 20170919 223907 20170919 205937

...What the hell was that??? Screamed ALBERT & BOB of the 4XXXX's as PAT missed out on the CASH JACKPOT and won a nice BOTTLE O WINE for his team of beer drinkers in the ENVELOPE CHOICE. It never is as easy as it looks. But well done to the 4XXXX's who took top spot this evening... Delighted with...

Ellie W.
Tuesday Sep 19 @ 8 pm

£300 jackpot next week!

The magic of The Drapers due to the popularity is that it's not long before we get a hue rollover jackpot! £300 could be yours next week. A reminder first prize is a £40 tab (well done Mormon Freegan this week) plus prizes and surprises throughout to keep you all happy!

Marnie N.
Tuesday Sep 19 @ 8 pm

Jackpot goes again!

Image2 8 Westow+house0

Well it was a chilly night at Westow House but still the quizzers came out and got sizzling with brain power. Lots of new teams came to play but it was Dane Brammage, back after a hiatus, that took the top spot. The night was also a winner for Four Foreigners and Friend who picked the winning...

185691 10150415477780447 7422490 n
David G.
Tuesday Sep 19 @ 8 pm

Prescription Umbrella Reign Supreme!

20170919 213823

Prescription Umbrella won the Tuesday night quiz at the Star by Hackney Downs, scooping the £50 first-prize. They won by just 2 points, in what was a very close contest. The 2nd-placed team won a £25 bartab, with 3rd place securing a £15 bartab, after a nail-biting tie-break. The third-placed team...

Graeme winchester
Graeme W.
Tuesday Sep 19 @ 8 pm

WhatsAppers Send Out Strong Message


Tonight at The Bohemia, we have yet another team of first-time winners, though it was another close one, with a tie for first and three-way tie for second last! Both first-time players here, WhatsApp & Chill and Bernard were tied on 33 points after 40 tough questions, so it came down to a deciding...

Jason T.
Tuesday Sep 19 @ 8 pm

Yours quizically signs off with a big win

Img 20170919 222151436

Yours Quizically demonstrated their prowess at the latest Tavern Teasers by securing £76.50 hard cash for their efforts. It was quite a tightly fought quiz with LGQ snapping at their heals. The wine for second-to-last was achieved by a brand new team called "There should be more of us." It was a...

Howard S.
Tuesday Sep 19 @ 8 pm

Quizzy Does It

20170919 222024

In a packed quiz night Quizzy Rascals came in three points ahead of second place Howard We Do by virtue of winning the plasticine moddeling round which earned them three bonus points. So as well as having clever friends remember to bring along a friend who is good with their hands!

Fb img 1493755037205 1
Logan S.
Tuesday Sep 19 @ 8 pm

Team Quizco with the Come from Behind Win!

20170919 220954 20170919 220858 20170919 220832

Don't let the first half get you down, anything can happen! Team Quizco is proof of that-in the middle of the pack after the first half, they 'turned it on' with some great movie knowledge, and ended up walking away with £50! Every week, there's great prizes and lot's of fun. Tuesdays at 8, don't...

Screenshot 20170524 034245 crop 224x257
Joshua H.
Tuesday Sep 19 @ 8 pm

Toronto Trippin Not Slippin!

20170919 221932 20170919 221920 20170919 221859

A packed record breaking night at the Leyton Star ended with a new team - Toronto Trippin taking home the spoils. Team New Coat might not have got that many questions right but still walked away with the bottle of wine for our second last placed team. The creative round was won by East London Ladies...

13435432 10153868561073318 6577762032807796070 n
Skye V.
Tuesday Sep 19 @ 8 pm

Where do you live?

20170919 221314

Tonight we had a lovely crowd at the Atlas in Fulham. And at the Atlas, we have some great prizes, and no less than THREE free drink rounds! First one with his or her hand up gets to answer, but don't get TOO excited. You actually have to answer correctly to win. And sometimes, the excitement of...

N567430643 2586794 8650
Danny M.
Tuesday Sep 19 @ 8 pm

Tired of Being so Brilliant

20170919 220857

When Nigel's Bottoms found out they were this week's victors their collective groan was pure comedy: "it's difficult being this brilliant," it seemed to say. But with a whopping score of 43, who are we to argue? A close-fought and lively quiz won by a deserving team, and an extra shout out to The...

Luke M.
Tuesday Sep 19 @ 8 pm

Quizzle is lethal


On a mild Tuesday night 12 teams met at their local pub to attempt what turned out to be a challenging quiz . Tears were shed , pies were thrown , blood was lusted after. Relative newbies lethal quizzle got the fine score of 39 to take home the 46 quid in the pot. The biggest drama of the night came...

Daniel C.
Tuesday Sep 19 @ 8 pm

First time winner

Img 0567 Builders+arms00

A huge congratulations to team Eagle hath hostile take over who took tonight's quiz on 36 points, they joined us for the first time is evening and edged it by a single point over team Quiz me up Scotty who were close behind them of 35, but they did get both of our free drinks questions tonight. Team...

145 img 6827
Ben P.
Tuesday Sep 19 @ 8 pm

Record Jackpot

Img 0338

Well it's our first ever jackpot run so it's destined to hit a record high, but with Question One getting the ball rolling with a £50 starter we're already into triple figures after just 3 weeks! A nice twist of events in today's quiz saw all 6 teams finish in a different place to their half-time...

Graham E.
Tuesday Sep 19 @ 8 pm

An amazing atmosphere for a cracking competition!


A packed Champion saw an amazing quiz, with just about everyone in the pub taking part! A huge challenge then for top team 'Tiny Rebellion', which they rose to magnificently, defeating their largest number of opponents ever with a tremendous score of 40, and collecting another £50 bar tab in the...

Paul 06 crop
Paul A.
Tuesday Sep 19 @ 8 pm

Neighbours No.1!


After the summer hols and the kids have gone back to school, it was a full house at The Royal Oak. Six teams in fierce village rivalry for the coveted first prize. On the night it was the 'Neighbours' team who came out on top with a stunning almost perfect second half performance of 22 points. Once...

Img 20151117 181303
Rhys T.
Tuesday Sep 19 @ 8 pm

International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Avast ye mateys! Today be International Talk Like A Pirate Day, so our landlubbers had to answer some pirate themed questions as well as our usual great selection of general knowledge trivia. The foil challenge was of course "Pirates". Our winner was a treasure chest that opened and was filled with...

James H.
Tuesday Sep 19 @ 8 pm

Crispy Hatrick


This could have been called reversal of fortune due to the scores of two teams in each half but in the end it was A hatrick of winning the crisps that made one team very happy. 5 teams played for the coveted £50, 3 drinks vouchers and the highly sort after packet of crisps and to be honest they...

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