Wayne B
Tuesday Feb 28 @ 8 pm

A real toss up!

Who needs to toss a pancake when you can be playing our Tuesday evening pub quiz? That's what our quizzers thought on a lovely cosy evening tonight, with our Bill Paxton themed questions. (Even if some of them were quite tough!)

Marnie N
Tuesday Feb 28 @ 8 pm

Is it the right envelope?

It was Shrove central down at Westow House tonight with a special pancake menu and a lot of quizzers fired up on fruit and cream! Returning after a long absence, What's Your Strategy took Round One along with So Called Quizlamic State and Mancakes. None of them bet on a storming second half by Dane Brammage who took half the pot. The other half went into the Jackpot where the ladies of Les Quizerables guessed closest and ended the night by picking well and taking the big prize! Well done to all who came, quizzed, choffed,...

Jason T
Tuesday Feb 28 @ 8 pm

How big's a Giza? sorts out the top spot

It was a nail-biting tie-breaker that saw our two top teams fight it out for £93 in hard cash. Teams had to come closest to guessing the width of the Pyramid of Giza so well done to 'Heats Trebles of the Bellscape' for inching ahead. We had lots of 'Big Fact Hunts' today but one of them got the wine for coming second-to-last, while the other seemed happy with some Fizzy Strawberry Snakes and a packet of Shrimps & Bananas. There are happy times to be had every Tuesday at the Tavern's pub quiz in the...

Matthew D
Tuesday Feb 28 @ 7 pm

The Sly Vom in the NT were the Better Half again

This week's quiz was a friendly and more intimate vibe- exactly the sort of quizzing I enjoy with everyone just there for a good time. The name of the night had to be David James, simply because they let the ball slip through their fingers (not really, they quizzed well, I was just proud of my football joke!) The better half (but not the Better Half) of the See You in the NT team took the victory this week as the Sly Vom. Congratulations to everyone else who played, loved all of the new faces.

Phil A
Tuesday Feb 28 @ 7 pm

Cash Shoe Nuts FTW

The worst pun of the night won it for Bottoms Up - in the foil challenge, a "shoe" theme led to a few shoes.. but Bottoms Up put together a shoe with some change and a bag of peanuts, the utter corniness of their "cash shoe nuts" gave them the extra three points to tie, and a better guess at the width of the base of the Great Pyramid of Giza gave them the win on the tie break.

Mike G
Tuesday Feb 28 @ 7 pm

Fat Tuesday

It's over, the utter dominance of team sofa came to an end. There will no doubt be excuses that the team wasn't at full strength but regardless, it's over. Our new champs 'my mates in the corner' were very impressive and worthy winners of the £50 bar tab. They knew for example that the French call Shrove Tuesday Mardis Gras (Fat Tuesday). They did well on the bonus pancake eating round too. We also had a couple of guys from the Gypsy Hill brewing company in tonight giving away samples of their delicious beer. Something for...

Gary S
Tuesday Feb 28 @ 7 pm

Irish Wristwatch at the Double

Week 2 of the new Tuesday quiz at The Eagle saw Irish Wristwatch once again claim the top spot, thus meaning they are the only ever winners of this lively new quiz. Only 2 points seperated the winners and In the Meantime at the halfway point but by the end Wristwatch won with a 5 point gap over 2nd place Quizzly Bear. Marthas Angels nabbed 2nd last and a bottle of wine.

Chris R
Tuesday Feb 28 @ 7 pm

Crabtree Conundrums!

There was stiff competition in the Crab last night as a regular team split in two to go head-to-head - Wood Burning Stoves v Alt-Wrong was the fight of the night. They didn't reckon with the competition of Steve and his allies and Let's get quizzical, both in a quiet 2nd and 3rd place at half-time only for Alt-Wrong to tank in the 2nd half to 4th place after losing the lead! Fair play to Let's get quizzical, who showed their true grit through a tough round of riddle's and cryptic tube stations to take the...

Richard L
Tuesday Feb 28 @ 7 pm

Virgin Quizzers Triumph!

Team European Cocktail took the honours earlier tonight at The Spice of Life. The team of four (two from Spain, one from Lithuania and one from Latvia) had never taken part in a quiz before so members were a little nervous and were keen to know what was expected of them. With a final score of 32 the team was into a tie-break situation with two other teams but a lucky guess regarding the size of the base of a pyramid clinched victory and a prize of £44! So was it skill or just beginner's luck,...

Jodyanne F
Tuesday Feb 28 @ 6 pm

Full House Rules

A great evening at the Marquis Cornwallis this evening with teams small, large and extra large ready to pit their knowledge against each other. NYE had no need to get out of town after correctly answering the bonus drink in round one, Quizatine Aguilera fought the revolution to take the bonus anagram point at the start of round two and it was Norfolk'n Chance who knew the right gesture to take the second bonus drink. At the end of the evening it was Sati's Angels who took the bonus house bottle of wine for coming second...

Dean D
Monday Feb 27 @ 8 pm

tonight the best were the best but jackpot will now be £106.00 next week

Great great atmosphere at the Sun Inn tonight. Anyone that wants a great quiz in a warm and friendly pub with excellent food and quiz players that love to have a laugh and compete then come down next week and try for our £106.00 Jackpot

Ben P
Monday Feb 27 @ 8 pm

Rare feat as solo quizzer wins

Seldom in a pub quiz does a solo player feel confident at holding their own against a range of forces, and tonight saw a one man band not only pit his solitary wits against 3 couples, but he did so in style. In Space No-one Can Hear You Lose The Pub Quiz was in second last place at the halfway stage but mounted an epic comeback to win the quiz by 2 clear points, leaving his victims scrambling for a tiebreaker bottle of cider as he laughed all the way to the bank. Or the bar,...

Charles C
Monday Feb 27 @ 8 pm

'Quiz On My T*ts' take victory. Hungry for more cryptic tube station questions

Questions on Mr Benn, Indian languages, famous film kisses and kites proved a varied banquet for last night's teams at The Calf. 'Sponsored By SuperDry' were very strong on TV shows and geography but it was 'Quiz On My T*ts' who edged out in front for the win. That done, SBSD wrestled with the jackpot round and just missed out on the cash. We know what that means...IT'S A ROLLOVER. More to play for next week!

Jason T
Monday Feb 27 @ 8 pm

Using lard slips top team into a big cash win.

Another fun and busy night saw 11 teams battle it out for the £80 cash pot that was seized by just one point by a team that loves pig products. The wine for coming second-to-last went to 'Pinky and the brains'.In truth a good night was had by all. Come and enjoy the crazy Monday quiz fun every week at the Phoenix. See you soon.

Mark T
Monday Feb 27 @ 8 pm

£500 cash remains...

All by Myself... the saddest of songs, but the name of the winning team none the less, leading by a clear 4 points in the end on a packed Monday night at the Black Horse in Kingston Town. Normally that is the crowning glory, the reward of a £50 food and drink voucher, but tonight was another chance to win the MASSIVE JACKPOT of £500!!!!!!!!!!! The all girl football team from Hampton, known as 'The Beavers' won the right to play for that impressive jackpot... and sadly didn't come away with the prize! So what does...

Graeme W
Monday Feb 27 @ 7 pm

Micro-Boeing Soar, Les Quizerables Make Do With The Bin Rouge

On a damp February night in N6, a new team took the title away from last week's winners. Winning by a healthy 5 point margin, Micro-Boeing (a scaled-down version of regular team, erm, Boeing...) took home a well-deserved £50 bar voucher with an excellent 35 points. Last week's champions Les Quizerables have a warming bottle of vin rouge for 2nd, and stalwart Bull quizzers Nil Desperandum were 3rd with 28. Also a special mention for the last placed team who scored 23 points: Gusset Banjo. The mind boggles...

Marnie N
Monday Feb 27 @ 7 pm

And the winner is..,

No mistakes tonight at The Duke. The scores were independently adjudicated and The One and Only took the bar tab fair and square! You could take your brains for a spin next week and end up with a winning envelope!

Ken B
Monday Feb 27 @ 6 pm

Team Cherrypickers took home the cash

the winner is.....Team Cherrypickers! Congrats to these first timers who scooped the gold prize! It was a close one though with our returning veterans (after a little hiatus) from the Barbican only one point behind (team name Ken can't but Barb-I-Can-pun intended of course).

Georgina E
Sunday Feb 26 @ 8 pm

Humpty Dumpty, Wayne Rooney and the Sugababes walk into a bar...

Brilliant night in Kingston yesterday! Congratulations to "The TJCs" on their win of a £50 food and drink tab and well done to team "Jelly Brains", who won the second-to-last prize of a lovely bottle of red! The jackpot has grown to a healthy sum of £90, and has remained untouched, so will rollover to next week!!

Eddie E
Sunday Feb 26 @ 8 pm

Caution, may contain SUCCESS

Caution, May Contain Nuts put their nuts together and won the quiz, and by nuts I mean heads, not testicles or actual nuts, because I was making a pun based off of their name just then. Well done!, and Well done! also to Smells Like Team Spirit whose spirit saw them win actual spirit (ok, wine) and to the Railway Children for knowing a lot about the width of the base of the Eiffel Tower and getting some sweets for their trouble. See y'all next week!

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