Img 20160321 wa0001
Chris R.
Monday Aug 8 @ 8 pm

Big Money at the Sunny!

The lure of the rollover jackpot has bought quizzers old and new to the leafy 'burbs of Barnes. A whopping cash prize of £308.00 awaits the lucky winner who can hold their nerve and be lucky in the 5-prize drawer. A big welcome to new team Saga Louts who held their own to finish a respectable 7th...

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Georgina E.
Monday Aug 8 @ 8 pm

Ned Flanders, William the Conqueror and Frankie Knuckles walk into a bar...

Image2 Image3 Brewhouse1

Quite a chilled quiz night at the Brewery & Kitchen in Highbury tonight. Congratulations to reigning champions "Ceefax the Cat" with their mammoth score of 47!! Commiserations to the other teams, better luck next time!!

Markcolour 5
Mark W.
Monday Aug 8 @ 8 pm

Kiwis Give Blessing To Sweet Potato Match

After a game in which England, New Zealand and Austalia were all represented at The Calf in Clapham, the trophy was New Zealands, but the Test Match was the English team - tellingly calling themselves First Date. Before meeting Hugo, Harriet had already fallen for a sweet potato; or to be precise...

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David G.
Monday Aug 8 @ 8 pm

First Wives, First Prize

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First Wives Club stormed through to win the Monday night quiz at the Village Inn, Ealing. They smashed the competition with their vast array of knowledge, scooping the £25 cash first prize. The 2 runners-up, scooped a Euromillions ticket and scratchcard respectively, but all the teams left with the...

Danny hurst
Daniel H.
Monday Aug 8 @ 8 pm

Two to tango

Only two teams last night at the Walmer Castle last night, but it was quality, not quantity that counted and a very high scoring quiz ensued with multi-national team Albione taking the first prize with a huge 44 points. The Gutterballs were no fools either, a group of scientists who sailed through...

Ellie W.
Monday Aug 8 @ 8 pm

Top Pub in Kingston


‘The Black Horse’ has got to be one of the best extreme-makeover pubs I’ve ever seen. With food and drink that really hits the spot in a quirky meets contemporary setting (and all things NEIGH-themed), welcome to Kingston’s hottest new pub! ‘NCTBN‘ won the £50 bar tab tonight; ‘The Huntsmen‘ came...

Jason T.
Monday Aug 8 @ 8 pm

Shania Twain scores her first hit at the latest Phoenix Fact Hunt

Img 20160808 220435839 Img 20160808 203446775

It was a well fought contest this week that saw new winners take the pot of £73 hard cash by securing a narrow one point lead over Agatha Quizteam. The other key prize of the wine for second-to-last was awarded to our cheeky guys called "I took a Quiz in Ibiza to show Quiz Tarrant I was Cool?" but a...

Nick H.
Monday Aug 8 @ 8 pm

"Quizly Bears": from second last to first.

Wp 20160808 22 18 27 pro Wp 20160808 22 18 58 pro Wp 20160808 22 19 28 pro

Last week "Quizly Bears" picked up the prize for the second least points, but totally reversed their fortunes this week by winning the £50 food and drink voucher first place prize with an impressive 43 points at this Monday's Quiz Night at the Corner House in Windsor. The £25 food and drink voucher...

Ken B.
Monday Aug 8 @ 6 pm

And the winner is.........

20160808 204248

Big fat noise! Appropriately titled from last weeks anagram for singing sensation Gloria Estafan! Two streaks in a row for this team not bad folks! Meanwhile our US regular team "Norfolk and Chance" scooped second place with 3 points behind winning a bottle of house wine!

Mark T.
Sunday Aug 7 @ 8 pm

Quizlamic State reaches Sunbury

New team to The Flower pot Quizlamic State, was a family just out for a nice Sunday evening meal who decided to join in on the spur of the moment... and ended up winnning the first prize of a £50 Food and drink voucher. Dad was very happy with the cheap night out after all. Taffs on tour were just...

Ellie W.
Sunday Aug 7 @ 8 pm

Not clever, just lucky

You don’t even have to be clever to win a prize at The Bell Inn, Hampton just lucky! Subject to a limited time over summer we put all the weird and wonderful team names into a hat, pull out a name and TA-DA ‘3 massive queers‘ tonight won themselves a round of drinks for their table. Cheers! ‘In the...

M00129071 0103
Eddie E.
Sunday Aug 7 @ 8 pm

Quizzing Better Than Olympics, true or false? (Hint: True)


I always feel sad when lovely people don't win the prizes. Maybe next time they will. Keep coming to pub quizzes, lovely people. Even though quizzing is the most important thing in the world, hopefully these people can take some solace in meagre things like love/happiness/personal fulfilment/etc, at...

Jonathan harden
Jonathan H.
Sunday Aug 7 @ 7 pm

Dwight fail to return to winning ways...

The Electric Dwight Yorkestra lives! A welcome return, but not the one they had hoped for. Joe is Bald instead took the lion share of the spoils - a £50 bar tab - with the Yorkestra splitting a bottle of wine between a team of 8. That's less than a half a glass each. BUT... there's always the cash...

Lewis R.
Sunday Aug 7 @ 7 pm

Scallop-gate in Highgate

After weeks of coming second, the trio forming 'Quizlamic State' finally took top spot at The Bull & Last. It was an impressive display, as it also was from the 'My Interesting Lady Friend' quartet, who both brushed aside teams of 7 and 8 people to take 1st and 2nd. However with a free drink up for...

Danny hurst
Daniel H.
Sunday Aug 7 @ 7 pm

Small but Perfectly Formed

A quiet night tonight at the Royal Oak in Harlesden on a swelteringly hot evening, no doubt the reason why numbers were so low. We still had a great night though, with 4 teams and just 7 payers altogether. First prize went to the Abandoned while Quizimodo Lite took the wine for second last. A lovely...

Graeme winchester
Graeme W.
Sunday Aug 7 @ 7 pm

HA Are Back...

Yes, that old familiar quiz stalwart, the appearance of Hardly Athletic are back with yet another win at The Sporting Page with 40 points, but it wasn't easy for them, with Team Squanchy only 2 points behind in 2nd place. This quiz is definitely there for the taking. As for the jackpot? It rolls...

Mike G.
Sunday Aug 7 @ 7 pm

No prize for second place

Boaty Mcboatface had fame snatched away from her at the last second when her name was cruelly changed. Quizzy Mcquizface also missed out on the fame that a first place quiz result brings as they were beaten by 1 point into second. The aptly named team awesome proved just too much for the...

Jason T.
Thursday Aug 4 @ 8 pm

Five teams end up in 1st place at the end of the 1st half!

Img 20160804 224813

It was incredibly close at the end of the first half with 5 teams in first position halfway through the quiz. But the picture changed in the second half as the positions started to spread out. 'Not Ready Already' maintained their crown despite a big handicap, while newish team, 'Lethal Quizzle' were...

Daniel C.
Thursday Aug 4 @ 8 pm

By far the best night

20160804 222207 20160804 221554

Biggest night so far saw 25 people over 7 teams competing for tonight's top prize, team 'Dobby and the house elves' came out on top tonight with a staggering 41 points, team 'No beds' (who heard the quiz going on as they walked past and decided to join) won our other prize of 2 craft beers. Our free...

185691 10150415477780447 7422490 n
David G.
Thursday Aug 4 @ 8 pm

Apocolympics Win Gold!

13938188 10157142981585447 6604207740446456198 o

The Thursday night quiz at the Phoenix Bayswater, was another tight race as the teams pitted their athletic minds against each other. Apocolympics found themselves on the top podium at the end of the night and took the gold medal, otherwise known as a £30 bar voucher!. other prizes were won. The...

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