Sam 1781
Matthew D.
Wednesday Aug 16 @ 8 pm


Dsc 0844 Dsc 0845

Where do I possibly begin? Firstly, I guess I have to say, thank you for so many of you joining the quiz tonight - the Railway was rammed to the rafters! We had some great team names tonight including, It's not dogging, Do I raise my egg, I've never had the urge, Can't touch this... And those are...

Danny hurst
Daniel H.
Wednesday Aug 16 @ 8 pm

Small and beautiful

20170816 214231

Only 4 teams at the Duchy arms in Kennington but it was quality over quantity and a great atmosphere. Gin Dependent Women, two ladies of the Australian and Peterborough persuasion took the £40 bar tab for first place while the Cool Blokes took the wine for 2nd last. A lovely night with plenty of...

Daniel C.
Wednesday Aug 16 @ 8 pm

Repeated winners

Img 0189 Img 0190

Congratulations to team Garret and cash who have now won the quiz twice in a row and did it on a whopping 45 points. New team Cool for cate scored 22 points and won themselves a bottle of wine by coming second to last. Plenty of contest for our 2 free drinks questions and we all look forward to more...

Graham E.
Wednesday Aug 16 @ 8 pm

Quiztal Meth back to win again!

20170816 220130

A busy Rylston saw a high scoring contest topped by regular raiders 'Quiztal Meth'. Quiz-loving students from Imperial College 'ICSC' picked up the bottle of wine with another solid performance.

Luolamies 017
Nick H.
Wednesday Aug 16 @ 7 pm

44 points was not quite enough!

Wp 20170816 22 07 21 pro Wp 20170816 22 07 36 pro Wp 20170816 22 24 11 pro

You needed 45 points at this evening's regular Wednesday Quiz Night at the Highwayman in Berkhamsted to take the £40 bar and food voucher first prize. Team "Quiz Akabusi" were understandably expectant with 44 points, but they were again maid of honour as opposed to the bride as "Charlie's Angels"...

Rsz 58a
Annina K.
Wednesday Aug 16 @ 7 pm

Kissing the Whippet does it again!

Image1 4 Image2 2

Last week's Jackpot round winners won this week with an impressive 35 points and went home with their 30 pound voucher very happy. 12 teams competed with so many teams tieing with each other it was a close battle and a tiebreaker round was needed to see who won the second to last prize. The hounds...

Jason T.
Wednesday Aug 16 @ 7 pm

Big Ben's Banned Bongs chime with success

Img 20170817 094257

They may be falling silent for a bit but "Big Ben's Banned Bongs" still manged to ring in a successful night with a splendid four point lead over their nearest rivals. Perhaps it was their knowledge of Greenland or Christopher Robin that set them apart. Well done to our runners up and our team of...

Web dsc 9421
David S.
Wednesday Aug 16 @ 7 pm

Dancing to Victory

George+pub0 George+pub+1.1 George+pub+2.1

A stone's throw from Cross Harbour DLR, tonight the George was both a charming pub and the arena for a quiz battle of Herculean proportions. Six teams from each corner of the globe staked their claim to each corner of the conservatory, ready for an enjoyable war. Brows were furrowed, drinks filled...

Verity K.
Wednesday Aug 16 @ 7 pm

Fancy Olives- Fancy Winners!

Img 5437

Tonight at the lovely Vauxhall Food Garden team Fancy Olives (complete with drawing of said fancy Olives in a fancy martini glass) shot to first place by half a mark, nabbing the bar tab! One team member was in the loo when their victory was announced, and he was overjoyed at the news upon his...

2012 hs2 michael wharley online
Simon J.
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

Money-Penny would have been Proud....

20170815 224516 20170815 224218 20170815 220033

...Of tonight's quiz winners BOND, KEITH BOND as a stonking 2nd half performance saw them take top spot by 1 point. CALLY and JOSH (who have been MIA for a while due to a house move...lovely to see you back) take home the £50 BAR TAB from the Envelope Choice and also took the MILLIONAIRE MAKER...

13906770 10154405635084570 3393116965994655651 n
Georgina E.
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

Liam Hemsworth, Usain Bolt and Ke$ha walk into a bar...

Brilliant quiz tonight in Twickenham! 4 teams played for the £50 food and bar tab and after a nail-biting tiebreaker question, team Off the Rails clinched the lead! A lovely venue with friendly staff and gorgeous food! Looking forward to covering this quiz again in the future.

Graeme winchester
Graeme W.
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

Trivia Masters Of Men's Hosiery Theft Strike Again

In another stunning display of unbridled quizzery, the ever-mighty The Sockrobbers stole the show at The Bohemia's Tuesday night, winning the £50 golden bar ticket 1st prize with a staggering 41 points. Still scoring brilliantly, three teams were tied for 2nd place, but were all still a full four...

Graham E.
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

A sensational night of tiebreaks!


At the end of an incredibly exciting quiz, 'The Dropkicks' and 'Respek On My Name!' were inseparable on 41 points each. A tiebreak question on the age of Mark Zuckerberg when he made his first million (22) failed to break the deadlock, as both teams gave the same answer of 24. So, for the first time...

539257 10151189441614225 1666265647 n
Andy D.
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

The Quiz That Loves a Tie

Another week, another tie break from the quiz that can't seem to get enough of the tension. After our last place tie break a week ago this time round the top prize had to be settled the same way. Entente Cordial were the victors this time round on their debut at the quiz edging out the unlucky...

Daniel C.
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

Vote for pedro take top spot

Image Image 1

Lots of new faces in tonight with Vote for pedro taking our £50 bar tab on 39 points, an unusually tight quiz tonight with second to last going to Melchester rovers who scored a decent 37 points and bagged themselves a bottle of wine by coming second to last. Plenty of competition and laughs for our...

Ellie W.
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

£600 Jackpot Rollover


Congrats to "Mormon Freegan" for wining the tab - also shout out to the midwives who all qualified today and got a bottle of wine. They were screaming every time they won a point during the answers which made me chuckle. Check out the photo, the money is yours if you choose the right rollover card...

Marnie N.
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

Beginner's Luck!

Image1 Image2

Another bar of quiz brains gathered at Westow House. Newbies Quiz Akabusi had a great night winning round 2's free drink and took the jackpot! The top of the tree also had a new name with first time winners Three Men and a Little Lady taking the big prize!

185691 10150415477780447 7422490 n
David G.
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

Mullered the Opposition!

20170815 213733

Mullered Corner proved far too fruity for the competition, as they secured victory and the £50 cash first prize at the Tuesday night quiz at the Star by Hackney Downs. The runners up secured the £25 and £15 bartab for finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively. A fourth team were also in the prizes, winning...

Danny hurst
Daniel H.
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

Big and Loud

Excellent crowd at the Leyton Star tonight with 13 teams and lots of noise. Despite the Liverpool match in the background we still had a huge turnout for the quiz which was won by Monocles R Sexy, even after deductions for extra players. The wine for second to last was taken by the Yorkshire Girls...

Img 20151117 181303
Rhys T.
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

Granny would be proud!

 20170815 235530  20170815 235154 Devonshire0

Nail biting stuff tonight anticipating that rollover jackpot! I can't believe it still hasn't been won! Next week there will only be 3 cards on the prize board and the jackpot stands at £752!!! This week's foil challenge was to sculpt something that you would find on Granny's Mantle Piece. We had...

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