13906770 10154405635084570 3393116965994655651 n
Georgina E.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

Snow White, Madonna and the cast of Sesame Street walk into a bar...

Img 3557

Lovely to be back in Richmond Hill tonight. 5 teams battled for the £40 bar tab and free bottle of house wine. Congratulations to reigning champions, Dyslexia Untied!! The jackpot hasn't yet been won, so at least £44 will be up for grabs next week! Remember, the more people that play, the bigger...

Danny hurst
Daniel H.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

Tiebreak Thriller!!!

Only 4 teams at the Atlas in Fulham last night, but still a great atmosphere. After a tie break, Beer Grills took the cash first prize while No Name got the wine for second place. Lovely night all round. See you next time.

Graeme winchester
Graeme W.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

Your Mission, N12: Topple The Trivia Titans

Fact: if Crystal Palace can beat Chelsea and Arsenal in the same season and still be near the relegation zone, then it stands to reason that even The Sockrobbers can be defeated. Not on this occasion, but it's possible. This is your mission: come to The Bohemia, bring your booze-heads and your...

539257 10151189441614225 1666265647 n
Andy D.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

Keep Escaping...

They escaped from the kids to spend their previous winnings and waltzed off with another victory. Well done to Escape from the Kids who pipped Save the Parents to first place. The Chicken Jerks were just edged out by What's it all about Alfie who were delighted with the house wine. Also delighted...

M00129071 0103
Eddie E.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

Youth Versus Experience


Universally Challenged were a team of 20-somethings and The Outcasts a team of...well, let's not guess but "middle aged" seems fair. Seems a foregone conclusion right? Well, alright,The Outcasts DID actually win but it was close, especially in the first half! Questions such as "Who did Britney...

Graham E.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

Dropkicks score again!

20170418 220453

After something of a drought, top team 'The Dropkicks' finally got the ball between the posts again, and collected the £50 bar tab for first place. A good-natured and generous quiz saw cheeky chappies 'Who came second?' enjoy both a free drink and a bottle of wine even though they had won neither -...

Nigel B.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

Long wait is over for the Tapas 5.

20170418 221706

Not a bad turnout considering it was right after the bank holiday. Tapas 5 finally breathed a sigh of relief, after finishing runners up on a few occasions, they ran out worthy winners in a high scoring contest here at the Richard the first. Well done to skips army for winning the bottle of wine for...

Ellie W.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

£500 Rollover Next Week!

...yes you read that right! Join us for the golden opportunity next Tuesday @ 8pm. Thank you lovely teams tonight for all your banter! In case you are curious then the closest-to question was as follows: "What is the world record for the most seedless grapes stuffed in the mouth?" Think.... Think...

Gerry howell
Gerry H.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

A bonnie Night!

Charity may begin at home but it wins at the Quiz. What better way to prepare for the London Marathon on Sunday than coming to the quiz, eating loads of chips, drink several bottles of wine? They rested their bodies, and exercised their minds. And to great effect. Well done Bonnie's Bitches, who won...

Charlotte V.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

To Balloon Or Not To Balloon

20170418 212028

When was the first manned balloon flight? If you are team Various Artists and you guessed 1750 then you'd be wrong, but crucially you'd be less wrong than the other team in the tie break who guessed 1870, and you would've got the point. Various Artists picked the £100 bar tab prize! If you fancy...

Daniel C.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

Everyone's a winner

Image Image 1

All teams were winners tonight with new team obamas third term edging it tonight with 40 points, very closely followed by a Olivier Newton John who were on 39 who were our bottle of wine winners. Team the return of the Yas took home a free drink so all prizes were shared amongst our teams tonight...

Matthew F.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

Election was the main quiz team name theme

.,.Undoubtedly won best team name, though coming a painful 4th overall, beaten by the rather wonderfully-named "Quizmaster Matt For PM" who took home a healthy majority jackpot of £68. The Bungalow made it to a creditable second place, and "Sponsored by Milliken" lost their deposit in third (though...

Tyrone A.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

Strong Performance By New Guys Win All At The Oval's Best Quiz

Dsc 2979

The team of The Fizzy Strawberry Laces won by a strong four point margin tonight and upset the regular teams in the meantime. They have vowed an era of dominance and plan to come again next week... Can you and your friends stop them? Come on down to The Oval's finest quiz and find out. We're here...

Alex fisher
Alexandra F.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

And the winners are still looking for tweezers..

20170418 220530

Thank you lovely Prince Regent people for a fantastic and enjoyable quizzing evening. A big congratulations to a team who haven't been for a while but came back to win the quiz - 'I Have a Splinter, Does Anyone Have Any Tweezers? Yes that's right, they needed them. I hope that issue got sorted...

Marnie N.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

Dane Brammage Rise Again

Image1 1

No celebrity guests this week but Dane Brammage returned triumphant after an Easter hiatus. Well done to all the newbies who enjoyed a good quizzing for the first time - can me back and see us again. You might be like Still Undecided and get a shot at picking the jackpot envelope. That's rising next...

Lewis R.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

It came down to a tie break, and Team C couldn't be broken!

Despite the truly valiant effort of Bad Ideas ltd, they just missed out on first place by losing the tie break to Team C. However, this was their first quiz at The Black Lion so expect big things from them in the future! Rosie from You're a Quizzard Harry didn't manage to pick the winning envelope...

185691 10150415477780447 7422490 n
David G.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

MSing in Action Find Success!

Output cuibyo

MSing in Action won the Tuesday night quiz at the Star by Hackney Downs. They won by a nail-biting tie-break. Indeed, only 2 points seperated all the teams at the end. It was that close! They picked up £50 cash, while the runners-up scooped a £25 and £15 bartab, respectively. The tram that finished...

Annette F.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

Winners rise to the top with a whopping 43 points


With a superb 43 points Snap Erection beat off all competition by winning the Leyton Star Quiz night by a generous lead of 9 points over their closest rivals HBHRCQT who came in second with 32 points.

Ken B.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

Good idea to get Quizzical!

20170418 222053

And the winner is.....team Lets Gets Quizzical! Well done to this team who scooped first place with a tight one point lead! Two teams however had to figgt it out for second prize in our tie breaker guess the year question!

Howard S.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

The Gin Members warm up with a win.

20170418 222014

In a closely fought quiz The Gin Members team were victorious. In a packed pub 10 teams made up of 42 players, answered questions, made plasticine models and did owl impressions for points. Why weren't you there? Come on down there's room for everyone.

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