Jimmy Donny C.
Monday Oct 16 @ 6 pm

Late start and late excitement at The Angel


A late start due to a desperate bid to try and find some teams (ended up having to split one team in two to make it more exciting), but despite that, another half time draw between 'Shabby' and 'I’m the Quiz' both at 18 each. However a fine round in the second half saw I’m the quiz break away and...

Tyrone A.
Sunday Oct 15 @ 8 pm

Four Person Team Defies The Odds In Clapham


The team of 'Quiz In Your Pants' came up trumps against a team of superior numbers in 'Lukesy Goosey' tonight who had a slightly oversubscribed outfit of seven but still managed to have what it took to seal the first prize of the £50 bar spend by a single point. Were they happy? You bet your life...

Ellie W.
Sunday Oct 15 @ 8 pm

Jackpot winners


Well done to these three ladies for guessing my exact birthday the closest (just a month out!) and choosing the Jackpot envelope.. £100 to them, not bad for a Sunday night! Make sure to join us every Sunday in Wandsworth at The East Hill for our weekly pub quiz! Test those brain cells and your team...

Marnie N.
Sunday Oct 15 @ 8 pm

Last Minute Sunshine


An unexpected sunny day brought smiles and quizzing hoards to The Duke tonight. The Growlers put up a good fight in Round One but with a storming second half it was no lousing for 'The Lousers' who took the hefty pot. Special mention to Harley and her birthday friends. They may not have got as many...

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David M.
Sunday Oct 15 @ 8 pm

Just the Tonic

Img 20171016 001335 Ram2 Ram3

I have always said that one of the most important parts of any quiz is the pen. Without a pen most teams would do really, really badly. The pens are used for winning points. When they are used correctly they can end up being a decisive factor in winning the game. The second very important part of...

Sam 1781
Matthew D.
Sunday Oct 15 @ 8 pm

Rodeo Jester? I Food Jester more like

Railway1 Railway2 Railway3

There were a few little hiccups tonight on my part tonight weren't there? Just a couple. That's okay, the Irish men covered up most of my mistakes! Still, we got there together in the end. 'The Quiz alien' designs were absolutely stellar (pun intended, and yes, I will make that joke twice in one...

Nigel B.
Sunday Oct 15 @ 7 pm

Victorious INNIT

20171015 222038

Very quiet night here at The Ship, in fact the only people in the pub were those who were quizzing. Such a shame. Nevertheless we all had a good time, and there were laughs aplenty. 'Us lot innit' were the winners tonight followed by the team who appeared for the first time last week and once again...

Dsc 7542
Richard L.
Sunday Oct 15 @ 7 pm

Quality not quantity

Hare1 Hare2

Only three teams competed at The Hare & Hounds on Sunday evening, but great teams they were! Two all male teams made up of four players each, competed against a team of five with two ladies adding their expertise. By the end of the quiz, 'Osterley Oddballs' had clearly won with a score of 31 but the...

Daniel C.
Sunday Oct 15 @ 7 pm

Quizzy Rascals do it again

Walmer1 Walmer2

Regular team quizzy rascals came back from their holidays and were straight back to winning ways, taking tonight's £50 bar tab on 29 points, beating off stiff competition from teams 'Victor and Oscar' and 'Basil and the Rats'. We had a four way battle for our second to last bottle of wine, which was...

Jodyanne F.
Sunday Oct 15 @ 7 pm

Your guess is as good as mine

Honey+i+shrunk+the+quiz Ishiguru+is+a+ Kings1

Publishing mogul 'Ishigura is a Guru!!' sank their teeth into the first bonus question to take the initial free drink whilst 'Hollywood's Shame' showed the fierceness of Sasha to take the second. The anagram bonus question at the start of round two caused much consternation but 'The Team That Gives...

Howard S.
Sunday Oct 15 @ 7 pm

Fun fun fun

20171015 215759

Another great quiz night with the winners deservedly taking hone their £50 voucher first prize with a very strong showing in the second half. Competition was strong and second to last place were very happy with their bottle of house wine claiming "That's better than the first prize!" Come and join...

145 img 6827
Ben P.
Sunday Oct 15 @ 7 pm

Ben's Darlings win big


A nailbiting quiz tonight saw quizmaster @BenDaliHypno's biggest fans 'Ben's Darlings' win a narrow victory to secure a very healthy £90 prize, with 'Table 6' sneaking in to take 2 bottles of wine in second place by just half a point. Lots of fun, laughs and learning had by all, but then that's...

13906770 10154405635084570 3393116965994655651 n
Georgina E.
Sunday Oct 15 @ 7 pm

Maggie Smith, Jessie J and Beyonce walk into a bar...


Lovely night of quizzing tonight in Clapham. 5 teams played for the coveted £50 bar tab and second-to-last prize of a free bottle of wine. After a tiebreaker question between the two last placing teams, 'Catherine's Howard' won a free bottle of red wine! Reigning champions 'Tequila Mockingbird'...

Liam E.
Sunday Oct 15 @ 7 pm

New Trend

Rose1 Rose2 Rose3

There seems to be a new trend at The Rose and it's called 'new winners' or #NW (for the twitter users). In Weeks gone by the usual winners would be 'Hardly Athletic' yet it seems times have changed. As tonight we had new winners in 3 lovely ladies smashing it with 31 points well 'B.M.S + Wink' and...

Gerry howell
Gerry H.
Sunday Oct 15 @ 7 pm

Sunday Quizzing in Forest Hill

Dsc 0305

yet another classic quiz from the heart of the sovereign state of forest hill. Full of twists and turns including anagrams that turned out not to be anagrams, people who arrived an hour late, visiting quizzers from The Netherlands (which is emphatically not the same as Holland), a lady from Chad...

Tok A.
Sunday Oct 15 @ 7 pm

The Perfect medicine


We've all had those terrible days. Where a random event can completely alter the trajectory of your morning and turn a seemingly carefree day into an absolute nightmare. In the incredibly hectic city that is London whenever something goes wrong, it can feel as though there is no one willing to help...

Cookie M.
Sunday Oct 15 @ 6 pm

A very good question!


A quiet night in Soho but that didn't stop the competition! Team "Kevin's Calender" battled it out for top spot with team "That's a very good question " who pipped them to the post by just 1 point and earning them top prize of a £50 bar/food tab The cash jackpot wasn't won which means it rolls over...

Jason T.
Thursday Oct 12 @ 8 pm

Not so 'Dumberer' at the latest Plough Puzzles

Img 20171012 224534577

'Dumb & Dumberer' were the clever team that won £62 hard cash at the latest Plough pub quiz in East Dulwich. Not only that, they got closest in guessing the number of days it would take the average person to walk non stop around the world as part of the £70 rollover cash jackpot...but they were less...

Daniel C.
Thursday Oct 12 @ 8 pm

New team new winners

Kings+arms+chelsea0 Kings+arms+chelsea1.1

A few new teams joined us this week with one of them, 'Norfolk and Change' taking tonight's £40 bar tab with 30 points. Another new team joined in the fun and won themselves a couple of craft beers for coming second to last and one man team 'I twerk from home on Fridays' taking our free drink...

13435432 10153868561073318 6577762032807796070 n
Skye V.
Thursday Oct 12 @ 8 pm

Bring your Puppy to Quiz night


Tonight at The Station Hotel we had a wonderful number of quizzers, all with great knowledge and intellect. But also... With many puppies! No less than 5 puppies wandered around our quiz tonight, and it sure made the night that much better! It even cured some of the disappointment of not winning the...

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