Jonathon M.
Tuesday Dec 12 @ 7 pm

Prizes for All Teams

Img 6905 Boat Boat2

It was prizes all around at The Boat House in Putney, as every team that stayed till the end went away with something in hand. The top prize went to newcomers 'Three Spirit', who left with a £50 food and drink voucher; well deserved with their clear win. Returning for a second week and defending...

Nick H.
Tuesday Dec 12 @ 7 pm

'Big fact hunt' found most of the answers

Wp 20171212 21 39 04 pro Wp 20171212 21 39 12 pro Wp 20171212 22 25 34 pro

It was prizes galore at the last Quiz Night before Christmas at the White Bear in Ruislip. Team 'Big fact hunt' scored 39 points out of a possible 46 points to deservedly take the £30 bar and food voucher first prize and 'The Celtic Fringe' strategically scored 31 points to take the £20 bar and food...

David J.
Tuesday Dec 12 @ 7 pm

Quizzing in the Snow


This week has been a chilly one. The snow is deep, the roads are slippery and the hot food at The Draft House MK has never looked so appealing! And what better to eat with hot food than a delicious quiz? Hmm... yeah okay that was stretching it. But regardless, this week's quiz has been a great one...

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Skye V.
Tuesday Dec 12 @ 7 pm

Grand prizes


Tonight at The Spice of Life we had no less than 60 people who braved the cold weather to join in on our Quiz! As a quiz host, it always makes me happy to see people win some nice prizes and tonight was definitely a good one, as we had a pot of 120 pounds to give away! Split for a first and second...

17038627 729961793840222 1644432712771198782 o
Hannah E.
Monday Dec 11 @ 8 pm

The Titanic: Billy Zane Wears A Terrible Wig and Manages to Never Get it Wet

Image2 Coltonarms

A delightful quiz in a snug corner of West London. Plenty of good food, drinks and a few laughs at the expense of the quiz master! A special mention for the best team name I've heard in years - 'Cheggers' Naked Resurection'. Divine. The jackpot prize rolls over to next week and stands at £219 cash...

Jason T.
Monday Dec 11 @ 8 pm

Ay Carumba! as a new team takes top spot at the latest fact hunt

Img 20171211 220359396

Congratulations are due to 'Quiz Akabusie' who took home lots of cash following their victory at the latest Phoenix Fact Hunt. Their knowledge of 'Ay Caramba' being the first words that Bart Simpson said probably contributed to their success along with their abilities with anagrams of Andy Garcia...

185691 10150415477780447 7422490 n
David G.
Monday Dec 11 @ 8 pm

Where's Nico? Find Their Way to Victory


'Where's Nico' won the Monday night quiz at The Village Inn. They secured the £40 food and bar tab after a nail-biting tie-break. They almost made it a double celebration, narrowly missing out on the £77 Play Your Cards Right jackpot. Next week, the jackpot will be £103. Another 2 teams secured the...

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Tom K.
Monday Dec 11 @ 8 pm

Christmas wins


It was all neck and neck at the end of the first half at The Roundhouse with 4 teams vying for the grand prize of £100 bar tab! And then one team leapt ahead with a storming second half... 'Who Let The Reindeer Out' romped to victory with 45 points! Join us next week for the final Roundhouse quiz of...

Liam E.
Monday Dec 11 @ 8 pm

It’s cosy

Whitehart Whitehart2

On these cold winter nights with the snow falling down, it’s nice to go and do a cosy Quiz at The White Hart. Whilst one side of the pub focus on the drink the other side is focusing on the Quiz. We sit in our alcove and have some good old fashioned fun, testing those brains. Well done to our...

Graham E.
Monday Dec 11 @ 8 pm

Tiebreak for top spot


I'm not sure if word has got out what a cracking quiz we have here at The Castle or if there was simply a large number of people fleeing the freezing temperatures on the coldest night of the year, but, whatever the reason, we had a great crowd tonight and a brilliant atmosphere! A suitably exciting...

Ellie W.
Monday Dec 11 @ 8 pm

BGT act in the building!


In the photo are my new mates the magician siblings who showed me some really fun magic tricks - nothing to do with the Quiz! They guessed where the chase the ace was too, shame they weren’t actually taking part. Congrats to their parents on their wedding anniversary too! If they can guess so can...

Charles+chalkly maber
Charles C.
Monday Dec 11 @ 8 pm

Fairytale of Clapham Old Town for Universally Challenged

Dsc 1118 Dsc 1100 Calf

Not even the UK’s blizzard conditions could stop folk from coming to the warmth – metaphorical and physical – of The Calf last night for the quiz. Big Bird, Cuba and the Flux Capacitor (from Back To The Future) all featured in a high-spirited evening of testing trivia. ‘This Queen Can’ turned up the...

Dean D.
Monday Dec 11 @ 8 pm

Bograts triumphant return

01+sun+inn+11th+dec+2017 Sunin

Fighting their way through the rain and the sleet and then the snow 'The bograts' returned disheveled but not disheartened to take first place position and a £50.00 bar tab. 'The quizlamic extremists' settled for second prize, a £25.00 bar tab. Both teams are looking to return next week for the...

Graeme winchester
Graeme W.
Monday Dec 11 @ 7 pm

And The Winner Is...Aptly Named

Image1 Bull3

Just in time for Christmas, The Bull quiz has yielded the gift of a new winning team. Usually teams whose names make some reference to how they think they'll do don't live up to that prediction. However, on this occasion the winners were... 'And The Winner Is...', who trounced the opposition with a...

Luke M.
Monday Dec 11 @ 7 pm

What a turnaround

Img 4259

Neutral observers were in for quite a treat tonight as up became down, black became white and defeat became victory for team 'Brookdale boys' in this week's quiz at The Arnos Arms. 'Brookdale' were behind by two at the break but managed to use their decoding of tube station emojis to their advantage...

Tyrone A.
Monday Dec 11 @ 7 pm

Andy & Dave Are Back And They Take The Spoils Again!

Whiteswan Whiteswan2

The team of 'Andy and Dave' were back again this week at The White Swan to cause havoc and they were the ones to walk away with the booty of cash as the other teams were all a solid 5 points behind at the end. Although they were the ones who laughed loudest with their cash prize, there was still...

Jimmy Donny C.
Monday Dec 11 @ 6 pm

The only quiz in London that makes a loss

Img 5079

A small turn out but ran on pure adrenaline as this weeks quiz in The Angel at Old Street hit the dizzy heights of 7 players. Last weeks winners were back, as was a stranded (straight) Canadian and two ladies who insisted on claiming 25 points for each question they got correct but alas the old...

Ellie W.
Sunday Dec 10 @ 8 pm

£400 rollover next week!


Just in time for Christmas there is a £400 rollover, if that’s not a reason to come and take part next Sunday then I really don’t know what is! Oh, other than the £50 bar tab, wow.. you could be holding that just like in the photo, in front of the tree, picture the scene: it’s yours. Well done 'The...

Marnie N.
Sunday Dec 10 @ 8 pm

Snow Joke


It might have been a white Sunday but that didn’t stop the hardy folk of Chiswick coming out to play. The bar was toasty warm and the mulled wine thawed the brains! Well done to Ding Dong Merrily who won their first ever round but a storming second half saw Too Cool for Yule snatch the pot from...

549529 10151595003659646 279349766 n
Jo S.
Sunday Dec 10 @ 8 pm

Last Minute Entree Swipes 1st Position

Img 20171210 205833 Img 20171210 205844

No one could have predicted the outcome of tonight's quiz at The Jam Tree from the outset, as two small teams set out to test their general knowledge against one another. It wasn't until half time, that the Irish team arrived, and managed to get themselves up to speed in the break. The second round...

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