David M
Tuesday Jul 10 @ 8 pm

An Amazing Night

The Atlas Quiz in West Brompton looked like it would go down in history as the only quiz to be played in the Atlas on the same night as France beat Belgium in the 2018 World Cup. There were only ever three teams in it right from the word go. Everyone who played really knew what they were doing. The pens came in handy. Without them, it wouldn't have been the same. The teams also contributed to the excitement of it all. Without them, it would not have been the same game at all. It was...

Jason C
Tuesday Jul 10 @ 8 pm

Nick Cave To The Rescue!

In a night where the quiz faced stiff competition from the World Cup next door, it was "Nick Cave and the Thai Boys" who rescued the night from disaster. With oxygen levels running low towards the end of the night after a close first half, we ended up with the clear winner of the £40 bar tab. With the World Cup excitement all over (for good or bad) on Sunday, it will be all back to normal for next week at The Clapton Hart. See you there!

Graeme W
Tuesday Jul 10 @ 8 pm

Sodds And Idiots Join Forces And Conquer All

Tonight at The Bohemia, two sets of loyal regulars combined their resources to form a kind of quizzing 'supergroup', and the merger paid off. "American Sodds" (TQTFKA American Idiots & Odds And Sodds) won tonight’s quiz and the £50 golden bar ticket with a creditable 33 points. This may not be the last we hear of this new and excellent hybrid team. Further back on 26 points, "Comfortably Average" managed to capitalise on a dip in their usually-fine form by winning a bottle of wine for coming second last.

Sarah R
Tuesday Jul 10 @ 7 pm

Simple Minds & Superheroes

"Simple Minds" proved their name to be completely untrue when they scooped the win at The White Bear on Tuesday night, aided by the 4 bonus points that accompany round 2's free drink question (on Dalmatians at Crufts). Round 1's free drinks question & 2 bonus points went to late arrivals "Halal Is It Meat You're Looking For" (a question about the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb). The tinfoil modelling round 2 bonus points went to "Big Fact Hunt" for their newly created cartoon hero SuperJohnny (probably rated 18+). "Big Fact Hunt" also claimed a...

Alex A
Tuesday Jul 10 @ 7 pm


Just the two regular teams tonight but what an EVENTFUL quiz it was! The first ever Jackpot was won. A whopping £78!! Next week the World Cup is over so you’ve got no excuse but to get down and test your brains. You can’t let the same teams keep winning the prizes, can you?

Marnie N
Tuesday Jul 10 @ 6 pm

Penalties Take It

France and Belgium may have been competing in the semi-final but the Bloomsbury faithful were willing to give their all for their brains and their team. "There's No Future in History" may not have won by the most amount but Joel got a free beer! It was a three-way after the first half but "It's Quizzing Home" and "Sally's Quite Weird" took it to extra time with a tie at the end of regular play. Well done to "It's Quizzing Home" who took the penalty and the cash!

Georgina E
Monday Jul 9 @ 8 pm

Postman Pat, Harry Styles and Kyle Edmund walk into a bar

The “Cobham Cobblers” stormed ahead and took first place tonight in Kingston! Congratulations are also due to “Les Quizerables” who came second-to-last and won the free bottle of wine. Enjoy your bottle of wine!! The jackpot remains untouched, so come back next week and see if your team will be the ones to find the Queen and bag yourself some cash!!

Graham E
Monday Jul 9 @ 8 pm

Gertbags Return To Victory

On a busy night at The Castle, former top team 'Gertbags' returned to claim number one spot again and the £50 bar tab. And it was nice to see old friends the 'Mudlarkers', back after many weeks absence. They left happy too, after taking the bottle of wine in second-to-last. The jackpot rolls over once again to next week when it will stand at more than £160!

Tom K
Monday Jul 9 @ 8 pm

Play Your Cards Right rolls again!

It's been a while since we've had a winner on Play Your Cards Right and that means it's rolled over again - the jackpot now stands at a guaranteed minimum of £138, with it rising even further next Monday! In other news, 'Selhurst Parkers' continued their winning streak with a victory on a tiebreaker... let's hope their also advising our lads on Wednesday!

Dean D
Monday Jul 9 @ 8 pm

Postman Pat and the Pepita Pumpkin Seed

What a great mix at our quiz tonight with of course the English and the Irish that live in Spain but are here because the son graduated with a Bsc today. Then we had the Americans but with English relatives and the other Americans with English kin and I'm sure an even greater ethnic gathering for a battle of wits and challenges of mental prowess which after question eleven, the answer being a Dunce, we all decided to drink more, laugh more, think less and enjoy. The Jackpot next week will be £298.00 so come on...

Neizan F
Monday Jul 9 @ 8 pm

They won the Jackpot!

Last night we had the very impressive 'Urban Turban' team win The Quiz with 39 points, they earned the £50 bar tab!! It was a tight one with 'Quiztionable Puns' in a close second with a respectable 37 points. We also had 'Trevor Coleman' who was our Jackpot winners winning some cash!

Nick T
Monday Jul 9 @ 8 pm

It’s Coming Home... just not the jackpot

That’s right we all know It’s Coming Home so we celebrated that with some lovely tin foil models including a deformed queen head but being won by a beautiful English rose. As for the quiz, it was nice and competitive with the winners proving you don’t need consistency to get the trophy. Storming to the win 'Consistently Inconsistent'. You can always win prizes. We had a playoff for the bottle of wine nicely won in a very closely contested match even then the losers got the chance at the big jackpot. Unfortunately, they could only put...

Luke M
Monday Jul 9 @ 7 pm

Happy birthday

A birthday treat was in store for a team 'Total Brexit recall', who managed to beat 'The Mjs' in a tiebreaker to take home first prize. Knowing how tall the tallest man in the world was what settled it, with 'Total Brexit recall' clearly being up to date with their facts. The team 'Late comers' came late but not too late as to miss out on the bottle of wine. Just us next week for more of the same

Daniel C
Monday Jul 9 @ 7 pm

A very close call

We had the closest quiz we’ve ever had tonight with returning champs Quizzy rascals taking tonight’s £50 bar tab by just a single point, but team Jordan pickfords wrists didn’t walk away empty handed as they were rewarded with a bottle of wine for coming in second.

William M
Monday Jul 9 @ 7 pm

Missing People Gaining Prizes

A more intimate quiz than usual at The Duke of Sussex as four teams of general knowledge experts battled it out for the top prize - a £50 bar tab. 'The Clever Canadians' lived up to their name as they managed to catch up despite joining midway through the first half - but they sadly weren’t a match for some of the other teams playing tonight. 'Team K' won themselves a free drink and came in third, while And In Third Place rather confusingly came in second place and won a bottle of wine. But it...

Charlie T
Monday Jul 9 @ 7 pm

The White Swan Is Back In Play

The newly-refurbished White Swan returned after weeks of inaction tonight and it was as if she'd never been away! Three teams of three battled it out for the £25 top-prize bar tab. 'Annoying Team Name' took it with a mean score of 33, followed by 'Two Seniles and a Unicorn' with a valiant 28. Late arrivals 'Hendo's Army' were defeated with 18 but they vowed to return again next week. Local challengers - the gauntlet is at your feet.

Graeme W
Monday Jul 9 @ 6 pm

Shaft Graft Out Last Gasp Draft House Victory

The Monday night quiz at The Draft House saw its first tiebreaker tonight, as venue soundalikes Shaft House pipped Bedtime For BoJo to the top. With both teams tied on 36 points after 40 question, SH were just close enough on a tough deciding question to take the £100 bar tab first prize. Additionally, the consolation prize of a bottle of wine for second last went to Draft Punk, and for another week the jackpot was not won, already making next week’s prize pot a very tasty £200.

Sarah R
Monday Jul 9 @ 6 pm

Winning team Fact Me Hard are real softies

It was the summer of generosity at The Angel in Old Street on Monday evening, when the winners of the £50 bar tab first prize - 'Fact Me Hard' - showed themselves to be magnanimous in victory by giving their free drink from round 2 to 'Sarah's Saviours' in order to ensure that all 3 teams taking part in the quiz left with something! The free drink in round 1 went to 'The Buzz' for their knowledge of Croatian museums, & the donated round 2 prize was again loosely Croatia-themed, this time about Dalmatians. Warm &...

Ellie W
Sunday Jul 8 @ 8 pm

£100 bar tab up for grabs next Sunday

Where else in Wandsworth could you get a £100 bar tab to spend on food and drink at this fanatic pub? Congrats congrats congrats to “The Barflies” on your winning tab - see pictured! It’s amazing when other teams team up to get stronger and become unbeatable. See you soon!

Jonathon M
Sunday Jul 8 @ 8 pm

No Spoof - These Quizzers Are Here to Win!

It was an epic night for the team "Two Poofs and a Joanna" (one poof temporarily missing), who they secured tonight's first prize with their expert quizzing. But the exciting part came when the eponymous "Joanna" also lucked out by guessing the Jackpot question closer to the correct answer than tonight's second place winners "Harry Kane You Marry Me" - by a difference of only 2! Down to ten cards, all she had to do was draw the joker, and sure enough, that's exactly what she did, bringing that cash prize home to the team. (That...

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