Img 9268
Rita S
Tuesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

Tiny But Mighty! Quiz In Single Player Mode


All the single players, put your hands up! The evening started with two hopeful quiz players, who decided to battle against each other. Soon they were joined by another and the fairest solution was to keep playing solo! It was a tiny quiz, but what we lacked in numbers, we made up in spirit. It was one of the rare nights when all the players fit in a single picture. :)

Img 4825
Mike K
Tuesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

Wide margin win for Dane bramage


'Dane Bramage' coasted to a nine-point victory over second-placed 'No drama llamas' tonight, with 'Irish space agency' and 'the Butter churners' two points behind in joint third. The team that finished in seventeenth and last place, 'Beer brains', were, however, the team that was closest to the jackpot answer. Sadly, their 50/50 chance of picking the winning envelope was incorrect, and so over £300 rolls over to next week on what will be a guaranteed win for one lucky team!

Tyrone A
Tuesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

The Tuesday Swindles Storm to Success On Oval Cucumber Night!

Dsc 0763

If you happen to have a cucumber on you The Fentiman Arms was the place to be because for one night only you would receive a gin and tonic if you had a cucumber. Strange but true and so the pub was in a fine old mood. One team that didn't bring a cucumber was The Tuesday Swindles. They were there for one reason and one reason only - victory. They won the quiz by a healthy 4 points and the prize of the £50 bar spend. Did you miss tonight's fun and games? Then come...

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Paige W
Tuesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

The ‘Clapham Analytica’ have it


A lovely mix of newcomers and regular faces this evening at The Rectory. The chilly weather we’ve been having did nothing to deter the fiery competition of the quiz this evening! It was a David and Goliath fight to the top this evening, with 2 woman team ‘Gin’ll Fix It’ vying to push ‘Clapham Analytica’ off the top spot at the end of the first round. It was a closely fought battle, but in the end, ‘Clapham Analytica’ snatched the £50 bar tab prize! Returning quizzers ‘You’re A Quizzard Harry’ were up to Play Your Cards...

Howard S
Tuesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

Quizzy Does It


'Quizzy Rascals' ran out eventual winners in a closely fought quiz. They needed all three bonus points for winning the plasticine modelling competition. Proving that it's not just brains but the creativity that can win you points in this quiz. So get your multi-talented quiz team together and join us!

Liam E
Tuesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

Rare occurrence


We had a rare occurrence this evening at The Brogue...a tiebreaker! As regulars ‘Mr Sweets’ & newcomers ‘King Henry’ both achieved 30 points. The winners in the end though by guessing how many episodes there are in the US version of the Office were King Henry! Beginners luck? We will found out soon enough as they now have a £50 bar tab to spend next week, well done guys :)

Peter+willoughby 0432
Peter W
Tuesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

Charity Starts at The Bar

Img 20180320 220734

The late arrival of our eventual victors should have been a handicap, but 'The Yorkies' caught up the first half in the five minutes between last question and first half marking, and carried their resulting lead through the competition. A topsy-turvy second half changed up the following places, but 'The Yorkies' stayed out front. The win wasn't begrudged by any team in the room, however, with 'The Yorkies' sharing their bar tab with all their competitors to ensure it was spent before they departed away to pastures afar. What a nice bunch!

Kiev+ +me+by+the+river
Jason C
Tuesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

The Winner Is... In Second Place!

Image 6483441

After a tense second round and tiebreaker between 'Lea Bridge Analytica' and 'In Second Place' it was The un-eponymous team name that won it! 'The Moles', unfortunately, missed out by one card in the Play You’re Cards Right round and the chance to win £250, but didn’t go away empty-handed as they got the consolation bottle of wine. All to play for next week and the jackpot still (yes still!) remains unclaimed! :)

Luke M
Tuesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

'The Foreigners' Take The Quiz


Tonight at The Black Lion it was the foreign invasion which left the biggest dent. 8 teams gathered to have a Crack at the first price, with a team of two leading at the break. But the foreigners only lost a staggering 2 points in the second half to ensure victory!

Annette F
Tuesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

Highbury Dry Cleaners Clean Up


'Highbury Dry Cleaners' cleaned up tonight at The Alwyne Castle leaving the other teams dirty in their wake. Following closely behind were 'Tessa's Toughies' and 'B Squared'. It was a pretty quiet night tonight, with the cold weather keeping people from venturing out, but it was still a fun night with 'Al's Angels' taking home the bottle of wine for second last. The jackpot was not won meaning with will be at least £45.25 next week! See you there! :)

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Hannah E
Tuesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

'Oh, no no, that's Bull*hit'


Ooh our cryptic tube stations questions do cause controversy. I don't know why you all hate doing 'em when you absolutely love it when you know one. Come and try your hand at our difficult cryptic tube stations questions and perhaps win £250 in return. A fair exchange, especially for a train driver.

Matthew F
Tuesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

The first Spring Quiz


Goes to “Putin it about” who laundered, fairly, the £87 jackpot and sauntered back to the safe-house knowing they had cleaned up as the daffodils blossomed in Blackheath. Which is noted for its association to the plague, by the way. Saturday Night Takeaway romped up to second, even though it’s a Tuesday and boozed out on cocktails for the covered second prize. Happy Spring.

 mg 0226%2810x8crop%29
Shaun B
Tuesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

Goodbye old friend

20180320 212503

The last northern white male Rhino dies today, and to show our grief we made tiny tin foil monuments in our creative round (all recycled afterwards). Some were beautiful, others exceptional, some looked a little special, and then there were the guys that made a tiny tin foil grave. Seriously guys, for shame. This was a serious game... sake...

185691 10150415477780447 7422490 n
David G
Tuesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

Hilarious Team Name Laugh to Victory


'Hilarious Team Name' won the £50 cash first prize at the Tuesday night quiz at the Star by Hackney Downs. The 2nd and 3rd placed teams took home the £25 and £15 bartabs, respectively. 2nd place had a double celebration as they also won the free drink spot-prize. Several teams took advantage of the offer of booking in advance for 4 or more to receive a complimentary bottle of house wine. For a great, lively night, come to the Star next and every Tuesday. 8 pm!

Head+shot+ +very+small
Ainhoa B
Tuesday Mar 20 @ 8 pm

Quiz 'en petit comité'


We were few but we were enough! We had a great laugh last night at L'Affaire with two teams battling vigorously for the bonus drink rounds. A good old game of rock – paper – scissors decided the winner in the end. Looking forward to another fun night of quizzing next week!

Michael chalkley
Michael C
Tuesday Mar 20 @ 7 pm

The Mysterious Photocopying


On a chilly night in chilly Bethnal Green, 57 chilly quizzers convened at The Birdcage public house. With 10 answer sheets prepared and 16 teams ready to play, quizmaster Michael Chalkley was in a potentially disastrous situation. However, suddenly there were 17 answer sheets! A miracle! Is there a photocopier at The Birdcage? It was it a mysterious act by the gods of quizzing, we’ll never know... :)

Sean M
Tuesday Mar 20 @ 7 pm

Q1st Quiz for Sean!


As this was my first quiz with Q1 I was a tad nervous that I wouldn’t have all of the preparation correct or remember what prizes went where, however with the wonderful help of the venue and the lovely folks who took part, everything went swimmingly! Although it was quite a tricky quiz with only one team scoring above 30, 'There’s Only One F In Fulham' were head and shoulders above the rest, pulling out some brilliant answers for some difficult questions! 'FourPlay' deserves a mention too for some fine answers which saw them finish second!...

Jonathon M
Tuesday Mar 20 @ 7 pm

Quiz Surprises

Img 7630

If you’re planning on going out for just one, but then a Quizmaster asks you to join the quiz for quiz night, you should always say yes! This is what the team “We Only Came For a G&T” learned tonight at The Boat House in Putney. Not only did they get more booze than they bargained for (second place bottle of wine) but they also guessed closest to the jackpot question and then breezed through a quick game of Play Your Cards Right, winning the cash jackpot! Not to be outdone, our winners tonight expertly gathered...

13906770 10154405635084570 3393116965994655651 n
Georgina E
Tuesday Mar 20 @ 7 pm

Pierce Brosnan, Shirley Temple and Gwen Stefanie walk into a bar...


Half a point between first second place again tonight!! Congratulations to the “Bernard Matthews Gang”, enjoy your bar tab! Second to last place deserves an honourable mention too tonight as “Ono Solo” refused any help and hints from me and played strategically to grab himself a free bottle of house red. Well done, sir!

2 1430731177 sarah+ratheram apr15 42cropped
Sarah R
Tuesday Mar 20 @ 7 pm

Tuppenny Towers & a Third Rollover

20180320 220349

It was feats of engineering in the creative round at The White Bear this week, as the teams had to create the tallest freestanding tinfoil tower to suspend a 2p piece. 'Big Fact Hunt' triumphed as the Bear Necessities' tower suffered a structural crisis at the last moment... BFH, despite being down a member, still won overall. 'O'Trivia Newton John' took home the honours for second-from-bottom (& possibly the unawarded 'best name of the night' prize)! 'The Sexy Bar Stewards' had a stab at the jackpot, but only took home a bag of crisps, so the...

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