Chris R
Tuesday Nov 29 @ 7 pm

Quiz the season...

Forty hardy quizzers filled the floors at the Crabtree after braving the coldest night of the Winter so far. A cosy atmosphere of mulled cider and Christmas lights was there to greet them as a tricky quiz tested their grey matter to the limits. Four-time winners Northern Soul were notable by their absence and local regulars Queens of the Manor were here in depleted numbers. Leaving the floor open to new challengers in the form of the Pub Quiz Virgins and the Troubadours. Welcome back also to the Real Housewives of Fulham who challenged for second...

Richard L
Tuesday Nov 29 @ 7 pm

Office leaver leads her team to victory!

Tonight at The Spice Of Life, 7 teams battled for victory but by one point Petra's People was the winning team. The Captain, Petra, was enjoying a final night out with her current work colleagues, before she moves onto pastures new so this victory was a fitting farewell!

Deb J
Tuesday Nov 29 @ 7 pm

Everyone's a Winner!

Quiet night at Ameriesko tonight (thanks to EFL Cup!), however it was a plus for our 3 teams who all received a prize. It was one of our regular teams winning 1st prize this week - Team by the TV, also known as Izzy Whizzy Let's Get Quizzy! Jackpot question was very close between Hannah from Weekend at Bernie's 2 and Jack Evans from JONNOR. The question was 'How many survivors were there on the Titanic'. Jack answered 650, only 56 away from the true answer of 706, so had a chance to open a box....

Jodyanne F
Tuesday Nov 29 @ 6 pm

And it's goodnight from me...

It was the last quiz of 2016 at the Marquis Cornwallis so teams were truly fired up to end the year as champions. 'The Quizatines' knew just what they were going to do when they walked all over the competition in round one to take the bonus drink. The bonus points in round two were both scooped up by 'The Brothers Smith' which impressed me much and brought it home. At the end of the evening there was excitement all round when it was revealed that NYE's four week winning streak had been broken. First prize...

Charles C
Monday Nov 28 @ 8 pm

The Craptaculars return! The jackpot rolls over

A down-to-the-wire finish saw 'The Craptaculars' beat 'Up Yours, Beardy' in a tie-breaker at the end of last night's quiz. A fiery set of questions saw the teams bunched for the first half but more spread out after a few Classics teasers and a three-parter about the real names of a broad array of celebrities. 'The Curtain Raisers' put in another very strong effort to jump past 'It'll Come To Me' and 'Rudolf's Republicans' for 3rd place. Meanwhile, 'The EggNog Heads' won the 2nd-from-bottom bar snacks AND the prize for the best Christmas-themed team name. The...

Jason T
Monday Nov 28 @ 8 pm

Gourmet Quiz-ine cooks up a win

It was a very fine turn-out at the latest Phoenix Fact Hunt with 'Gourmet Quiz-ine' rustling up a convincing three point lead over their nearest rivals. They bagged themselves £92 in hard cash. It wasn't too shabby at the other end of the scale either with a happy duo called "We don't know about celebrities" making a strategic bid for the wine for achieving second-to-last. Come and enjoy pub quiz fun every Monday at the Phoenix.

Richard L
Monday Nov 28 @ 8 pm

Three wins for Heaven Knows!

"Heaven Knows I'm Quizzable Now", once again was the victorious team at The Waggon & Horses Quiz. One team of university students divided their normally five person team into two teams to make Monday evening more competitive. Despite lack of numbers the atmosphere was good and some people who arrived too late to play are intending to come and quiz next week.

Howard S
Monday Nov 28 @ 8 pm

Two wins in two weeks!

Woof Bark Donkey made it consecutive victories with a hard fought win. In a close run quiz they pushed The Harrison's into second place with The Quizzard Of Oz completing the podium. A really fun time was had by all, come along next week and join the party!

Dean D
Monday Nov 28 @ 8 pm

The mummys from SW13 make merry mirth at quiz night

When the mummys from SW13 met Chris the dog the competition was on. Then three university lads flexed their intellectual muscles, which resulted in a evening of jolly rivalry and a lot of laughs!

Ellie W
Monday Nov 28 @ 8 pm

Jackpot rolls over to £450!

'3 and a half men' took the £50 tab on a tie break question! Our new team 'Fox and Hound' got a delicious bottle of house for being 2nd to last. The pub dog Hendrix only interrupted the quiz twice to bark the answers, luckily no teams spoke dog. Join us next week for the highest rollover on record of £450! Check out the rollover 'Chase the Ace' board!

Tim B
Monday Nov 28 @ 7 pm

A Quiz Team Wins at a Quiz in Which a Quiz Occurs!

In a world in which pub quizzes exist, the pub quiz at the White Hart in Crystal Palace is a good example of such a quiz. It's not life changing, but then very few quizzes are - unless you met your current wife at a pub quiz, obviously. But it's probably too soon to tell regarding the current crop of players, but what I can say for certain is that AT LEAST SOME DREAMS DID COME TRUE. For, you see, many of our teams arrived ready to chase the impossible dream of a £50 bar tab...

Graeme W
Monday Nov 28 @ 7 pm

Two Man Map O'Taz Dazzle...

A great evening's quizzing at The Bull (Highgate's finest quiz), but above all the best thing tonight was the fact that a team of only TWO PLAYERS triumphed and triumphed convincingly. Yes, two-man Map O'Taz wom with a mighty 41 points, three points ahead of five-player Sniffer Dogs. Sometimes, with pub quizzes, strength-in-numbers isn't always guaranteed...

Tyrone A
Sunday Nov 27 @ 8 pm

Solid Victory For Schindler Team In Clapham's Best Quiz

Another fine night of quizzing I'm Clapham saw the glory and the £50 first prize go to Schindler's Bitches as they pulled away in the second half to win comfortably by 5 points. Let's see you here next Sunday!

Ellie W
Sunday Nov 27 @ 8 pm

Carrots won

1st Prize £50.00 bar tab went to 'Scourge of Carrots' with 2nd 'Fox News' getting the wine. Rollover will creep up for Christmas again soon! Fingers crossed someone gets a huge win before the festive day...

Dean D
Sunday Nov 27 @ 8 pm

International quiz night exraordinaire in Kingston Pub

Brexit Quiz night battle at the Ram in Kingston upon Thames. The Swedes, Italians, and the Irish failed in their attempt to wrestle the quiz night voucher away from Kingston locals. Even after having lost the crown the Irish had a go at the jackpot but narrowly failed on the turn of a last card. Beware Kingstonians we may well face another threat next week when the jackpot is even bigger.

Marnie N
Sunday Nov 27 @ 8 pm

A night out for the Dog Owners

A pub full of dog owners played it out tonight but it wasn't a requirement to have one! Well done to Cheezes of Nazareth who came for the first time last week and now return to claim the cash! Join the fun next week and see how you compare!

Graeme W
Sunday Nov 27 @ 7 pm

Chaysers Down To One...and still won!

The mighty Tanks For Da Chayse were down to only one man...and yet that one man (Joseph) not only won the quiz (and the free drink question) but he only went and won the jackpot as well! This surely is history in the making at The Sporting Page. Well done, Joe!

Brittany M
Sunday Nov 27 @ 7 pm

Let's get down to quizness

For the third week in a row Trump proved to be the smartest of the Walmer Castle bunch, blowing the competition out of the water with a whopping 37 points. Their friends and rivals I lost my virginity at the age of...came in second on 30 points.

Daniel H
Sunday Nov 27 @ 7 pm

Irish Wristwatch beaten!

A lovely atmosphere once again at the Royal Oak in Harlesden last night. Very close result with regular arch enemies Lucky Sevens and Irish Wristwatch coming first and second. Third place Ducks Have Beaks went through to the Play Your Cards Right round but fell at the third fence, meaning the jackpot rolls over to next week. Hope to see you then.

Mike G
Sunday Nov 27 @ 7 pm

A resplendent second place

The team called resplendent have been a force at the Northcote in recent weeks. 2 people with the brain power of a small planet, they have taken quizzing to a new level. Sadly for them, this week, sigourney's allstars did what they do best and scraped the win. Only one point separated the top two teams. In fact, only five points separated first and last so it really was a very close game. If you want to be the winner of a £50 bar tab, come and join us next sunday from 19.30.

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