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Alice B.
Sunday Oct 25 @ 7 pm

A gruesome twosome

Gruesome twosome (and mum) won the quiz this evening, and had banana fritters and ice cream, so the perfect evening in my book. The jackpot was not won tonight so £102 will be rolling over to next week, exciting stuff ahead. Come and join us!

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George C.
Thursday Oct 22 @ 8 pm

Walt Disney Puts His Meat In The Middle

Every now and then a question comes up that truly makes everyone laugh and tonight we had one. We were doing part question 25 about cryptic tube stations and the clue was "Disney puts his meat in the middle". There was a moment of bewilderment and then everyone went into piles of laughter! Ya gotta...

 money kills  premier  head   shoulders
George C.
Wednesday Oct 21 @ 8 pm

Stephen Hawking's Football Boots Win Again!

Img 2667 Img 1594 Img 1595

It's fun when you get a team that are full of banter and make people laugh. That's what tonight's winners are all about. They love to make joke after joke and it can be deceptive if you're a rival team because you don't what to make of them. By the time you realise that they're getting most...

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John K.
Wednesday Oct 21 @ 8 pm

Big Fact Hunt warm up before Genius League

Img 9812

Past winners Big Fact Hunt took first place again tonight, probably in preparation for their appearance at the Genius League later this week. We wish them well and hope they kick some ass! Newcomers The Pickers and Asian Sensations rounded up the quiz with some much-needed numbers and kept the show...

Danny H.
Wednesday Oct 21 @ 8 pm

In it to win it

Another great turnout! You really need to have your game face on if you want to take home the cash! Michael Barrymores pool cleaners were strong tonight! The only way is up!

Desree toast
Marcas L.
Wednesday Oct 21 @ 7 pm

A Very Happy National Apple Day

Img 0246

Winners of tonight's humongous jacky are Happy National Apple Day who had worked out the number of miles in a light year via a complex formula to answer a question. They really 'appled' themselves to the quiz and got their just desserts - which would probably have been an apple turnover. Or tarte...

145 img 6827
Ben P.
Wednesday Oct 21 @ 7 pm

The Hare's Goliaths still await their David

Well done to The Hatchenders who came within 3 points of toppling the domination of Full House but couldn't quite clinch it despite the stronger second half. Well done also to debutantes L/B who pulled off a narrow victory over Bad Apple in a thrilling 4-way Back To The Future-themed tiebreaker...

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Simon J.
Tuesday Oct 20 @ 8 pm

Quiztal Meth can be good for you...

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Coming from behind with some, quote "pure guesses" were QUIZTAL METH taking the Quiz win at The Clockhouse this week. As the 2nd half was being marked you could sense something was afoot as ooooh's followed cheers followed frantic hand clapping from the team destined for top spot. A great first half...

Danny hurst
Daniel H.
Tuesday Oct 20 @ 8 pm

Team C beaten!!!

Once again we were bringing in extra tables and chairs to accommodate the numbers of quizzers at the Black Lion in Kilburn last night. Our very own Eggheads, Team C, were pipped to the post by one point by the Portobellows, who walked away with the first prize. The jackpot, now in triple figures...

Jason T.
Tuesday Oct 20 @ 8 pm

'Lets get quizzical' are crowned new Tavern Teaser winners

Img 20151021 090618

There was a shake-up at the latest Southwark Tavern quiz as 'Let's get quizzical' stole a march on other regular teams to take this week's crown. They had a consistently strong performance in both halves with a convincing two point lead at the end. Meanwhile, different dramas unfurled at the other...

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Thomas G.
Tuesday Oct 20 @ 8 pm

More Than Beginners Luck!

Newcomers, 'The Other Lass' narrowly beat out 'Mason's' by only half a point to be crowned winners of the night! It was all about aviation as paper planes soared through the pub during another exciting half time free drink challenge. A special welcome to the children from 'Mason' our youngest ever...

Tyrone A.
Tuesday Oct 20 @ 8 pm

A Storming Win For "We're Playing For The Shiraz" in Islington's Hop & Berry!

Islington quiz competitions beware! A new team entered Question One's weekly quiz night at the Hop & Berry and blew the competition away with a winning margin of eight points. "We're Only Playing For The Shiraz" (a three person team) pulled away early from the pack to secure victory against pub...

Marnie N.
Tuesday Oct 20 @ 8 pm

An extra player wins the day!

It was a lively night at Westow House with 15 teams battling it out. Well done to 4+1 Mysterious Girl who lead from the front with one of their team carrying "mysterious girl" in her tummy who seemed to help spur them to victory. A special mention to birthday girl Rebecca whose team Jamon got to...

Web alice bell 2  michael wharley 2011
Alice B.
Tuesday Oct 20 @ 8 pm

Trivia Newton John wins

We had walk throughs, hecklers and group dubbing of the Chinese state dinner. Dog Dougal remains the most popular team member visited by nearly all the teams - I hope he's not cheating!

Desree toast
Marcas L.
Tuesday Oct 20 @ 8 pm

Revolting Peasants overthrow the Quo

Img 0244

Who said poor people aren't clever? Nobody - that's who! Revolting Peasants staged their own class war by not being dressed formally for dinner and trouncing their (mainly) privately educated rivals. Bravo!

 money kills  premier  head   shoulders
George C.
Tuesday Oct 20 @ 8 pm

Cryptic Tube Station Questions Fox Everyone!

Img 2664 Img 2665

Cryptic tube station questions are like Marmite; you either love them or hate them; there's no middle position to be taken. Each week when I announce that we're going to do them I get cheers from one area and groans and boos from another. It always turns out to be a laugh and gets people really...

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Chris R.
Tuesday Oct 20 @ 7 pm

Autumn Leavings

It was a cosy night at the Crabtree with all tables full and some big teams in for a fun night. We had a large group split into two teams, a good job for everybody else as they came second and fourth respectively! A combined effort may have won the night! Nice to see the return of the Real...

Jason T.
Monday Oct 19 @ 8 pm

Beerview Mirrors battle Quiz Akabusi for top spot

Img 20151020 094253

It was a nail-biting tiebreaker that decided the winners of the latest Phoenix quiz...all hinging around beards and moustaches in the USA (you'd have needed to be there to understand!). Last week's winners, 'Size Doesn't Matter' came second-to-last after being handicapped for winning two weeks in a...

Img 20160321 wa0001
Chris R.
Monday Oct 19 @ 8 pm

Jackpot Joy at the Sun

As we enter the Winter season at Question One and the nights draw in it's business as usual at the The Sun Inn with quiz regulars Chris the Dog taking the 1st prize and getting lucky on the jackpot by choosing the winning envelope! It means the rollover resets and the next weeks jackpot will start...

Jonathan harden
Jonathan H.
Monday Oct 19 @ 7 pm

The Last Days of the Gipsy Kings Reign

Beaten into last place, former winners The Gipsy Kings were left ruing some second-guessing and equivocation as Supercool Team 2000 proved too hot to handle. New teams Quez Betches and the Hairy Bees made a good account of themselves given team size and inexperience; we hope they will return to...

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