Daniel C
Wednesday Jul 20 @ 8 pm

Team Jane wins with tie breaker

Some of the regular teams enjoyed the quiz tonight with free drinks won and our second to last winners enjoying their prize of a bottle of wine a three starters for next week's quiz. Tonight's winning team was Jane who edged tonight's quiz with a tie breaker question and chose to double up on tonight's winning by choosing the bar tab option. A good night of quizzing tonight with plenty of laughs, roll on next week

Eddie E
Wednesday Jul 20 @ 8 pm

Third time lucky

Lovely vibe in the pub this evening. But then it always is, so that isn't news. Congratulations to the winning team who clearly only came last the previous two weeks as a cunning plan to lull other teams into a false sense of security! (They did call themselves "Interested In Time Travel? Meet Us Here Yesterday" though, which sounds like it should be an 80s synth ballad.) Congratulations as well to the other two teams, who drew, thus meaning they both share silver medals on the podium!! (Important note - the medals and podium are imaginary)...

Stephanie S
Wednesday Jul 20 @ 8 pm

Away Win

The Beaufort Pub Quiz welcomed visitors from afar last night with teams travelling from as far as Shenley and New Zealand! It was in fact our guests from New Zealand who took the crown (and £50 bar tab) after a very tense tie break. "Let's get quizzical" put up a good fight but were sadly defeated. Their complimentary food platter definitely consoled them though!

Maeve O
Wednesday Jul 20 @ 8 pm

Hot weather madness

Well done everyone who came to the quiz tonight at the Railway Tavern in Bromley. It was an extremely hot one, but we got through it! Very impressed with your solving of the cryptic clues - I know you love those ones - and great to see more tetrapods appearing each week (do you remember what it means?!)

Graeme W
Wednesday Jul 20 @ 8 pm

Nacho Kids Reign Supreme

On an indecently hot and muggy night, winning by 7 with a mighty 39 points, The Nacho Kids smashed the opposition and took the £40 bar tab on their first quiz at the Duchy Arms, beating Off-Piste (swapping fencing for quizzing for tonight) into 2nd place. The Scousers just nabbed the wine for 2nd last by a single point.

Luke T
Wednesday Jul 20 @ 8 pm

Two weeks in a row for both the first place bar tab AND the second last bottle of wine

Meanwhile, Last Again Inevitably used his keen knowledge of Bryan Adams and astrology to step up to the Roll Over but failed to nab the cash - settling instead for two drinks for solving the anagram the quickest. See you next Wednesday!

Ken B
Wednesday Jul 20 @ 8 pm

And the winner is........

Team "Not you"! Yes our winning team needed not to be so pessimistic with their name as they scooped the top prize with a two point lead knocking last weeks reigning champions off the top spot (they proved to be a good sport though and still managed to scoop one of the free drink questions between them!).

David G
Wednesday Jul 20 @ 7 pm


Man Down certainly proved to be no pushovers as they romped to to first place in the Wednesday night quiz at the Hare in Harrow. They also scooped the bonus drink questions proving that it is clever to drink! For winning the quiz they received a £30 drinks and food voucher as well as the obvious glory of being the cleverest people in Harrow! The second-to-last place team also scooped a prize, winning a voucher for a bottle of wine. If you are struggling at the quiz, you can still play a tactical battle to try...

Marcas L
Wednesday Jul 20 @ 7 pm

These guys didn't fluff their lines...

Boris may have a new job in further downgrading the status of the U.K abroad but these guys may have found a whole new vocation of their own. A colossal 41 points and the sheer adrenalin of winning a three way tie breaker - better than sex!

Nick H
Wednesday Jul 20 @ 7 pm

"At least we turned up", turned up and won a prize!

Despite the wonderful hot weather, five teams battled each other at week's regular Wednesday Quiz night at the Highwayman in Berkhamsted. "Not a Scoooooby" did it again taking the £40 first prize piping "Quizard of Oz", whose lady team members have the most delightful Scottish lilt. Team "At least we turned up" turned up and illustrated it was worthwhile as they went home with the second prize of £20! Although all teams correctly answered the question "In which sport can you get three in a bed?", there were also some interesting alternative answers, all of which...

Jodyanne F
Wednesday Jul 20 @ 7 pm

A little corporate comradery goes a long way

A very busy night at the George tonight. The beer garden was full to overflowing with punters relaxing with a cool drink at the end of the, a corporate shindig was in full swing in the conservatory whilst every seat in the bar was filled up by keen quiz teams. Among them 3 groups of work colleagues split into teams for a little competition - there will no doubt be ribbing aplenty in the office kitchen tomorrow morning. The bonus drink in round one was snapped up by Quizzy Rascals and in round two by Hold...

Simon J
Tuesday Jul 19 @ 8 pm

Hot in the City...

As temperatures soared in East Dulwich, 4 teams battled it out in the heat of The Clock House quizzing cauldron to become this weeks Quiz champs... Some apt team names going on the weather, as regular team SCORCHIO! came out on top taking not only the rollover JP of £63.00 but also the MILLIONAIRE MAKER ticket, all of this on half a team, as other members sunned themselves on holidays... But well done to 4xxxx's who were game runners up. It could have been so different, if a technical snag hadn't seen the anagram question voided...

Howard S
Tuesday Jul 19 @ 8 pm

Hottest Quiz Of The Year!

On the hottest day of 2016 so far 47 keen quizzers made up 10 teams, ignored the sunshine and battled it out to see who could take home first prize and second prize at The Bollo. Imaginary Friends took home the coveted first prize which was quite an achievement as at the start of play they numbered only two (hence the name). However reinforcements arrived and victory was theirs.A mighty battle for second resulted in a tie break between "Our people have suffered enough" and "Hot and quizzered". It was one by the latter with the...

Marnie N
Tuesday Jul 19 @ 8 pm

Boiling Brains

It was a hot night of quiz action at Westow House with the breeze of knowledge blowing through the bar! New comers Bilious Tinto took round 1 but the heat and wine took its toll. A hearty congratulations to regular players A Bucket of Wine who had their first victory tonight!

Ben G
Tuesday Jul 19 @ 8 pm


It was a hot night of quizzing down at the Anglers. Queues at the bar and sweat pouring from the quizzers. It was a close night and close in the quiz too! After a highly competitive night there was only two points between the top six teams. The TJC'S were victorious once more. They mopped their brows and drank to a well earned Victory.

Milo S
Tuesday Jul 19 @ 8 pm

Lavender Hill Mob catches a windfall

They may have placed third in tonight's quiz, but Lavender Hill Mob couldn't care less about their podium position. After weeks of careful scrutiny this regular team snatched the rollover cash jackpot of £420 from the jaws of the other contenders by getting the number of jelly beans in the infamous jar exactly right.

Jodyanne F
Tuesday Jul 19 @ 8 pm

Shabby chic but not so shabby on the answers!

A balmy evening at the Catford Constitutional Club and with the French salon doors thrown wide open to the breeze it was easy to imagine we were on Frenchman Street. The first and third bonus drink questions went to 'Mum's on the Run' with the second being scooped up by 'Arlo + Moe 2'. First prize went to 'Four Hopes and a Shaw' on a spectacular 39.5 points. It was a draw at the bottom of the table between 'We Lose!' and 'Zhuge Pang Tong Lang'. A tiebreaker was held and won by 'We Lose!' who...

Rhys T
Tuesday Jul 19 @ 8 pm

Hot scores on a hot day!

It was the hottest day of the year so far and so many of our regular teams still came along. Last Again Inevitably finally got the "Second to Last Prize"! Charlie's Angels had to be split into two groups today and the smaller team were the winners! The Bonus Jackpot started from scratch this week after the Flashing Fannies taking it home last time, however it rolls over to next week, so it will be worth £21 plus £1 per player! So come along next Tuesday to the fabulous Lass O Richmond Hill!

Daniel C
Tuesday Jul 19 @ 8 pm

biggest quiz so far

The hot weather didn't stop the best night of quizzing we've ever had, 33 players over 6 teams made tonight the best night so far. Regular team '4 ladies' won out bottle of wine prize with new regular team 'Hot as' taking tonights top place and winning themselves a £50 bar tab, very closely followed by team article 50/50. We had free drinks won and tonights roll over jack pot was not won so we will have an even bigger one up for grabs next week. Tonight was another night full of banter and jokes between...

David G
Tuesday Jul 19 @ 8 pm


The Three Musketeers fought off all competition and proved they could never be accused of being Dumas! Their rapier knowledge cut a swathe as they answered questions on South African mountains, Elbow songs and Richard Nixon. They took home the £50 cash prize, but other sides were also fine quiz swordsmen, taking home £25 and £15 bar tabs, with one side also picking up a free drink. What better way to spend a Tuesday? See you next week at the Star by Hackney Downs, 8pm

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