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Rob L
Tuesday Mar 20 @ 7 pm

Nicolas Lyndhurst not a bunch of Plonkers


'Nicolas Lyndhurst' dominated the pub quiz on Tuesday at The Draft House in Camden Road. They were leading just at the halfway stage from their nearest rivals ‘Putin the right answer’ and pulled away to finish 3.5 points clear at the end! They almost won the jackpot as well! Just two cards away from the ‘double’ in the Play your cards right after getting the closest answer to the special question at the end. Didn’t they do well though!

Jonathon M
Tuesday Mar 20 @ 7 pm

Quiz Surprises

Img 7630

If you’re planning on going out for just one, but then a Quizmaster asks you to join the quiz for quiz night, you should always say yes! This is what the team “We Only Came For a G&T” learned tonight at The Boat House in Putney. Not only did they get more booze than they bargained for (second place bottle of wine) but they also guessed closest to the jackpot question and then breezed through a quick game of Play Your Cards Right, winning the cash jackpot! Not to be outdone, our winners tonight expertly gathered...

Michael chalkley
Michael C
Tuesday Mar 20 @ 7 pm

The Mysterious Photocopying


On a chilly night in chilly Bethnal Green, 57 chilly quizzers convened at The Birdcage public house. With 10 answer sheets prepared and 16 teams ready to play, quizmaster Michael Chalkley was in a potentially disastrous situation. However, suddenly there were 17 answer sheets! A miracle! Is there a photocopier at The Birdcage? It was it a mysterious act by the gods of quizzing, we’ll never know... :)

Dsc 7542
Richard L
Tuesday Mar 20 @ 7 pm

Tie-Breaks And Mathematical Problems!

Img 0574

Two tie-breaks were needed last night at The Spice of Life during the Tuesday quiz. The first tie-break was for the second to last prize, a bottle of wine which was won by The Spice Girls Of Greek Street. The second tie-break was for the third place and three teams competed for the honour. In the end, 'Four Emos And A Lumberjack' was the victorious team with second place going to 'Quizzle McNizzle' and regular team, 'Innocent Bystanders' taking first place and winning £50!

David J
Tuesday Mar 20 @ 7 pm

Hustle and Bustle


Not joke, I was a quite shocked this week by how many players took part in this week's Draft House's MK pub quiz! 65 Players, 17 Teams and a huge boost for the Jackpot money: which is still waiting to be claimed by the by! Congrats to Thin Quizzy for a well-deserved win (despite some tricky questions), Quiz Kamara for winning a bottle of house red, and to everybody who had a fun time tonight. As this weekly quiz is becoming something of a local hot-spot, the Draft House will now be offering a bonus chance...

Sophie J
Tuesday Mar 20 @ 7 pm

Third time's a charm


Looks like it was only me, the Irish redhead, who went hard for St Paddy's weekend as we still had a great turn-out at The Owl & Pussycat tonight for our THIRD ever quiz! 4 teams battled it out tonight, with 'Full Fat Hummus' taking home both a bonus free drink question and a bottle of prosecco for 2nd place! "Brain Tourist" who won OAP's debut quiz came back this week and stormed into first place again, as well as getting a chance to compete for our jackpot of £117. Sadly, their team member went lower...

Marnie N
Tuesday Mar 20 @ 6 pm

Bigger and Better


It was a bumper night in Bloomsbury as 15 teams quizzed their record-breaking brains out! Mid-table was where the action was as 10 teams ended round one on 14 -15 points. They were led all the way by worthy winners 'Putin on the Style' who went home £124 richer!!

Dean D
Monday Mar 19 @ 8 pm

'Dirty Birtie' Almost Did a Whoopsy in 'Comrade Corbyn's Hat'


What an exciting night and a very close quiz night. 'Comrade Corbyn's Hat' a tie with 'Eiffel Hated the French Rugby Team' and so a playoff ensued. Of course Corbyn won the £50.00 bar tab without Russian influence. But in an unusual twist and playing a game of chance 'Getting Quizy With It na na na nana na na' came away with a cool £175.00 cash which still leaves next weeks Jackpot at a whopping £282.00. Come on down have a laugh and maybe go away with some cash and new friends.

Graham E
Monday Mar 19 @ 8 pm

Winners' Night Again!


With temperatures hovering fractionally above freezing, just two teams braved the bitter March air to compete in the cozy confines of The Castle. An intimate contest ensued with both teams well rewarded for their fortitude. At close of play it was the Americans of 'Blue Phoenix' who delightedly collected the £50 bar tab for first place, while local students 'Team Guinness' were hardly disappointed with their handsome bottle of wine, in second. Next week sees the start of our new cash jackpot question, don't miss it!

Jon B
Monday Mar 19 @ 8 pm

The Puns Have It...


A good night at The Colton, and although it looked quiet at 8 pm, by 8.10 pm we had a competitive crowd, and by 8.30 pm, 'Pacey’s Mom' arrived. Well, two of them anyway, but would that be enough to challenge the likes of 'The Amazing Technicolour Quizcoat', or the 'Brief Quiztory of Time'? After round one, it looked that way, with the mighty duo nailing an impressive 18 points despite mistaking a Gerbera Daisy for a Pansy - we’ve all made that mistake in the past? The Second half started strongly for the 'Quizcoats', who...

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Michael L
Monday Mar 19 @ 8 pm

What a Turnout


Loads of teams crammed into their local to hedge their bets on that £50 at the bar, that bottle of wine, those free bonus drinks, and that saucy £39 rollover jackpot. It can only mean one thing. It’s the Monday night quiz at The White Hart. This week, some of the smartest teams we’ve had battled it out for the top spot, there was only one point in the top five. Congratulations to '1 4 C B R', you clever bunch!

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Tom K
Monday Mar 19 @ 8 pm

Tiebreaker Settles £100 Bar Tab!


A tiebreaker was needed at The Roundhouse quiz to settle who took home the £100 bar tab and who went away with nothing. 'Big Black Dog' and 'Roots Hall Heroes' were neck and neck at the end of the night so they were asked: As the crow flies, in miles what is the distance from London to Dublin? 'Roots Hall Heroes' said 320 'Big Black Dog' said 340. And the answer.... 289. So 'Roots Hall Heroes' took it! Join us next week for more questions and more prizes! :)

Daniel C
Monday Mar 19 @ 8 pm

Ready to Rock and Roll Won Big


Well done to a regular team 'Ready to Rock and Roll' who stormed the second half to grab themselves 35 points and a £50 bar tab. We had a tie for second to last with team 10 to 4 edging past rival team you can’t handle the hoof. Team 'Ellie’s Brigade' got closest too to take part in our jackpot round, unfortunately, they could not win our £340 jackpot which can only mean one thing, even more, money on offer next week!! :)

Luke M
Monday Mar 19 @ 7 pm

'Team B' Successful


What a night tonight and previous winners 'Team B' turned up for a special night at The Arnos Arms and romped to victory. 7 teams turned up for the quiz tonight and it was a close encounter, but 'Team B' showed triple trifles what a trifling matter winning was. Just us next week for more of the same!

Graeme winchester
Graeme W
Monday Mar 19 @ 7 pm

EN4 + QPR + IQ = A1


On a very cold and low-scoring Monday evening at The Bull, some debut-winners emerged but only after a tie-breaker, and even that was incredibly close. After 40 questions, 'EN4'ers' and 'Quizlamic Fundamentalists' were tied on 30 points (the only two teams to creep into the thirties), so it came down to a tie-break question on the capacity of Queens Park Rangers' home ground Loftus Road. On one team we had a sports journalist and on the other a QPR fan of 30 years, so it turned out to be the perfect question. In the end, it...

Screenshot 20170524 034245 crop 224x257
Joshua H
Monday Mar 19 @ 7 pm

A Proper Good Night!

20180319 205521

A great evening in Bloomsbury ended with our top team taking home the big prize. 🥇'T*t's McGee'🥇sailed home in first place leading from the off. We had a RPS showdown to decide the second last place house wine prize after 'Hogarth Heroes' bumped up their score with their fantastic recreation of a masterpiece. However the extra points won tied them with 'Epic Skillz' who then won the tiebreak for the prize. Come back next Monday for another bout of brainteasing fun. 🤣

Tyrone A
Monday Mar 19 @ 7 pm

Cold Outside But Red Hot Inside - New Guys Win All In Pimlico!

Dsc 0758

The White Swan saw an epic battle tonight as the top three teams were only separated by one point apiece. Tonight's champions turned out to be the 'Shrewper Troopers' who whooped and cheered their victory like they'd won an Oscar. The cash 1st prize was theirs tonight... but can you do better? Of course, you can! Come on down to Pimlico next Monday at 7 pm. You can win big.:)

Marnie N
Monday Mar 19 @ 7 pm

Snow Excuse


There might still be snow on the ground but there was a fire in the brains of the Waterloo massive tonight. New teams and old put their wits to play for the bar tab. 'Em’s Tuppence' triumphed in the first half but up from below popped 'All Fur Coat and No Knickers' to snatch the prize. Well done to 'Quiz Time' who grabbed a bottle of wine for their efforts too! :)

Jimmy Donny C
Monday Mar 19 @ 6 pm

Open For Quiz Win Again


'Open for Quizness' make it 8/11! In quite an extraordinary run of results recently, Oxford graduates 'Open for Quizness' won yet again. After a table of 20 turned up, we knew we were on for a cracker and at halftime 3 teams tied on 17 points for 1st place. 'Open for Quizness' wasn’t one of them but they did put in a sensational performance to win on 38 points. Same time next week? Go on then x

Charlie tantam 023charlie tantam 023
Charlie T
Sunday Mar 18 @ 8 pm

And Then There Were Three Winners


'And Then There Were Three' took the top spot on a tight finish - only half a point in it! The Jackpot rolls on into next week pushing up to a solid £255. A tough quiz but a fun night in the pleasant company. It was a real pleasure to work this pub. :)

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