Michael chalkley
Michael C.
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm



In a joyful night of quizzing type...joy, 29 individuals came together in Islington for some fun. After a very impressive first half score of 20, the delightfully named "Can you smell carrots?" romped to victory with an incredible 40 points! When pressed for comment, quizmaster Michael Chalkley said...

Ellie W.
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

£600 Jackpot Rollover


Congrats to "Mormon Freegan" for wining the tab - also shout out to the midwives who all qualified today and got a bottle of wine. They were screaming every time they won a point during the answers which made me chuckle. Check out the photo, the money is yours if you choose the right rollover card...

Alex fisher
Alexandra F.
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

A Local Victory!

20170815 222257

We had quite a few big, bold teams this evening but in the end it was Soon to be Local who took home the winning prize. We had a McDonalds themed tie breaker for third place and generally a lovely old time. Thanks guys and see you next week!

Ken B.
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm



And the winner is .... team Scott Bakshula! Congrats to this team getting a high score scooping top prize with a healthy two point lead! Not forgetting our visitors from all across europe (5 countries) winning the wooden spoon prize!

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Georgina E.
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

Liam Hemsworth, Usain Bolt and Ke$ha walk into a bar...

Brilliant quiz tonight in Twickenham! 4 teams played for the £50 food and bar tab and after a nail-biting tiebreaker question, team Off the Rails clinched the lead! A lovely venue with friendly staff and gorgeous food! Looking forward to covering this quiz again in the future.

Img 20151117 181303
Rhys T.
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

Granny would be proud!

 20170815 235530  20170815 235154 Devonshire0

Nail biting stuff tonight anticipating that rollover jackpot! I can't believe it still hasn't been won! Next week there will only be 3 cards on the prize board and the jackpot stands at £752!!! This week's foil challenge was to sculpt something that you would find on Granny's Mantle Piece. We had...

260148 10150207652030566 6910044 n
Ben G.
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

The Bird Brains Feature A Winning Mentality

Img 1520 15 08 17 10 49 Img 1519 15 08 17 10 49 Img 1518 15 08 17 10 49

A buzzing atmosphere at The Anglers tonight. Fourteen teams were up for some Teddington quiz action and the evening did not disappoint. A fierce first half saw The Bird Brains ft Bogatara Palmer Tomkinson take the top spot. They were closely followed by Bogie Savoch and The Hogs of War. The second...

Matthew F.
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm


...Tango to another victory taking home nearly 90 pesos to dance their way to top. "Here One Minute, Guam The Next" were rocketed into second just ahead of "Daft Spunk" who leaked into third.

Graham E.
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

A sensational night of tiebreaks!


At the end of an incredibly exciting quiz, 'The Dropkicks' and 'Respek On My Name!' were inseparable on 41 points each. A tiebreak question on the age of Mark Zuckerberg when he made his first million (22) failed to break the deadlock, as both teams gave the same answer of 24. So, for the first time...

Gerry howell
Gerry H.
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

Mum's the Word!

A long long time ago in a galaxy far away (Sydenham Hill) the fabled Quiz Team Mums on the Run won an amazing record smashing 13 quizzes in a row. And then they didn't win anything for a long time. No-one knows why, it was one of the great mysteries of the universe. But who cares now that they have...

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David M.
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

Mentholated Spirits

Img 20170815 215644 Img 20170815 215706 Sketch 1502833362756 1

A beautiful evening and a beautiful crowd in the Atlas West Brompton. New teams and not so new teams tried their luck tonight. One team was absent and their presence was noted. Serial winners La Triviata have wisely spent their prize money on a glorious holiday in the sun. They are treating it as a...

Danny hurst
Daniel H.
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

Big and Loud

Excellent crowd at the Leyton Star tonight with 13 teams and lots of noise. Despite the Liverpool match in the background we still had a huge turnout for the quiz which was won by Monocles R Sexy, even after deductions for extra players. The wine for second to last was taken by the Yorkshire Girls...

Charlotte V.
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

Anagram, managra, gramana

Img 20170815 211340

This week at The Botanist on Kew Green regular Ray worked out the anagram first and got himself a free drink. He was quite chuffed with red. If you think you're better than Ray at anagrams and fancy winning a free drink get yourself down to The Botanist on a Tuesday.

Daniel C.
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

Vote for pedro take top spot

Image Image 1

Lots of new faces in tonight with Vote for pedro taking our £50 bar tab on 39 points, an unusually tight quiz tonight with second to last going to Melchester rovers who scored a decent 37 points and bagged themselves a bottle of wine by coming second to last. Plenty of competition and laughs for our...

Howard S.
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 8 pm

Much Savages Triumph!

20170815 221804

A late summer quiz was the place to be in Chiswick this Tuesday as teams fought hard for the cracking first prize. The Good Old Muck Savages won this week but next week it could be you and your friends, all you need to do is get to us before 8 PM to be in with a chance!

535244 707496851212 1856344632 n
Rachel L.
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 7 pm

Tie break


The term of Margaret thatcher determined the fate of Norfolk and Chance this week, they failed to reclaim their title even though their score was strong. New comers - quiz team aguilera - took the prize and have promised to come back to defend their title.

Simon K.
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 7 pm

What a morbid evening

Some interesting questions this evening that made us all laugh a lot. Well done to 'corina's Weeners' for a great win and to 'Taxi for 4' for a great second to last win Tonight's tin foil creative round was 'design a weapon' well done to 'big fact hunt' for nearly setting the place on fire but the...

 mg 0226%2810x8crop%29
Shaun B.
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 7 pm

Get down here

Draft house is an awesome venue! Great staff, music, food, booze and surroundings. All it needs is people! These guys willing to give a £50 tab with as little as 2 teams playing. Get down here!

Dean D.
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 7 pm

Bassim's Macaroni Pizza delivers a winning recipe

Bassim's Macaroni Pizza won the quiz tonight by one single point, knocking Jet fuel cant melt steel beams into second position. A very high second round score shifted the ultimate positions of the top five teams on the score board in a dramatic way. Which goes to show that a poor score in the first...

Sam 1781
Matthew D.
Tuesday Aug 15 @ 7 pm

Quizzy Rascals finally triumph!

Dsc 0843

It was such lovely weather tonight that I busted out my shorts again. In other news, this quiz was one of the most fun in ages- we laughed at impossibly long riddles, late arrivals of quizzers and Daft Punk/Durex collaborations. Alternative Answers had a great score per person! And it was great to...

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