Daniel C.
Thursday Oct 12 @ 8 pm

New team new winners

Kings+arms+chelsea0 Kings+arms+chelsea1.1

A few new teams joined us this week with one of them, 'Norfolk and Change' taking tonight's £40 bar tab with 30 points. Another new team joined in the fun and won themselves a couple of craft beers for coming second to last and one man team 'I twerk from home on Fridays' taking our free drink...

James B.
Thursday Oct 12 @ 7 pm

'Raff’s Savages' Win A LOT


The busiest week ever at The Hop Poles with a whole bunch of new faces! A whole bunch of questions flew around, there were some not so sneaky cheaters and one unstoppable team of marketing executives. Rafferty from 'Raff’s Savages' won the free drink round (and got a round of apple sours shots for...

Tok A.
Thursday Oct 12 @ 7 pm

Warm up with a pub quiz


It's getting darker earlier now isn't it. Daylight saving time is only a week away and before you know it, it'll look like midnight at 5pm at night. I can speak for myself as a sun and daylight lover and say that I tend to dread the winter and I'm almost certain so many more of you out there do. But...

Screenshot 20170524 034245 crop 224x257
Joshua H.
Wednesday Oct 11 @ 8 pm

'BQOB' Capitalize

20171011 215046 20171011 215107 20171011 214943

A packed night at The Draught House led to a very tightly fought quiz with 'BQOB' winning the top prize. Last week's winners 'Quizical Virgins', matched the 34 points our winners managed but I had to deduct a couple of points as they had eight players this time pushing them down to second...

Howard S.
Wednesday Oct 11 @ 8 pm

Packed quiz produces fun


In another fun night a team of just three came out on top despite being up against teams of six. Yet more proof that size does not matter. Free drinks were played for and a £100 cash jackpot was also played for and not won so come and have a go next week!

Dsc 0405bw
Michael B.
Wednesday Oct 11 @ 8 pm

Jo Jo Go Loco

Img 4867 Balham1

After a week's absence due to coughing, spluttering and general voice-losing (first person to say 'man flu' is off my Christmas card list), I was back at The Nightingale with a vengeance and ready to give away the £600 jackpot ... what do you mean it was won last week? Oh. Right. Fine. REALLY...

Alex A.
Wednesday Oct 11 @ 8 pm

Don’t you know the Buffalo Man?

Beaufort1 Beaufort3

It’s a shame there’s not a prize for third place because tonight’s bronze medal was a theee way tie! 'Carlton Banks' aimed high but just missed coming second, and 'Quizee Rascals' stoke the prize with a massive score. See you next week for more beers and brainy fun!

Sam 1781
Matthew D.
Wednesday Oct 11 @ 8 pm

The Case of the Disappearing Quiz Aliens

Dsc 1059 Dsc 1058 Dsc 1060

I have seen some close calls with quizzes before but I have never seen such a close battle between the top teams-every other team had someone nipping at their heels. We also had Denmark vs Germany in the quiz with the Germans just pipping the Danes to the post but because they left early, they...

Marnie N.
Wednesday Oct 11 @ 8 pm



There wasn't a spare seat in the bar tonight as Islington's best quizzers put their brains against each other and Quizstress Marnie to challenge for the big prize. It was regular team 'Inflatable Fun' who triumphed and were delighted to bag their first ever win! Well done too to 'Matt and Adele' who...

14224899 308966729463386 5590833159349559835 n+%282%29
David M.
Wednesday Oct 11 @ 8 pm

Colon The Bar Barian

Img 20171011 222040 Img 20171011 221821 Img 20171011 221849

The Bar Barians came they saw, they conquered, they won... They were Pub Jizz all over..... Let's go back a bit shall we? Where did all this take place! The venue was Goose Island "Goose Island in Balham you mean?" Yes that's right. "But this must have happened on a day. Which one was it?" It was a...

Tok A.
Wednesday Oct 11 @ 8 pm

Who knew?


It takes the average person 347 days to walk around the Earth non stop? You didn't know that either? Well have no fear because in a question one pub quiz, you don't need exact numbers to talk away with some of the best Pale Ale in London absolutely free! In all of our quizzes we have two 'free drink...

Nigel B.
Wednesday Oct 11 @ 8 pm

Mcteam face win in style

Cutty1 Cutty3 Cutty5

Hi chaps. Two tiebreakers, a full house, banter galore and the whole pub singing. The perfect recipe for a quiz night. The icing on the cake was a delightful couple who just got engaged. Well done Holly and Nathan. The night belonged to 'Teamy Mcteam face' who scooped the first prize. It took two...

N567430643 2586794 8650
Danny M.
Wednesday Oct 11 @ 8 pm

It's always the quiet ones

'P and L' sat quietly in the corner, a happy, unassuming couple having a quiet night out and a bite to eat. Amongst the rowdy young crowd you'd be forgiven for not spotting them. After a decent - but not amazing - first half, you'd think they would be happy to settle for mid-table mediocrity. BUT OH...

Leon K.
Wednesday Oct 11 @ 8 pm

Courgette Clubs In


The rain may have been battering down the heath but this did not dampen the spirits inside The Hare & Billet pub. All the teams made a real effort with some sensational biography titles being improvised along with a very mean game of rock paper scissors. Couples, groups of lads and ladies enjoying a...

Graham E.
Wednesday Oct 11 @ 8 pm

Quiztal Meth return to triumph


Regular irregulars 'Quiztal Meth' returned, after several weeks of absence, to demonstrate what a great team they are, crushing all opposition in what was the busiest quiz I've ever done at The Rylston! Although they nearly didn't receive their prize, as yours truly had his own horrific 'Oscars'...

Luke T.
Wednesday Oct 11 @ 8 pm

Some cracking quizzing in Putney

Spottedhorse1 Spottedhorse3 Spottedhorse5

'Where's Cam?' did rather well. Not so much in terms of points as such, but second last won them the wine, then their knowledge of Neptune and excellent beer matt choosing won them the £229 Rollover. A second week on the trot in the top spot for 'TriQuizzard Champions' - but three other regular...

Frankie S.
Wednesday Oct 11 @ 8 pm

Venue re-opening


After a period of not having a quiz due to refurbishment, it went off with a bang. New me, new teams. A couple of people celebrating a birthday who got a bit silly but it was all in good fun. Really nice venue, happy to return to what I hope will be a huge success!

Daniel C.
Wednesday Oct 11 @ 7 pm

I Had Mango wins big

Highwayman1 Highwayman3

A big well done to team 'I Had Mango' who beat off stiff competition from team 'Quizzly bears' to take the quiz by a single point, winning themselves a £40 bar tab. While team 'Wet dog' scored 26 points and took home a £20 bar tab. Plenty of competition for our very generous 3 free drinks made this...

145 img 6827
Ben P.
Wednesday Oct 11 @ 7 pm

Kissing the Whippet first past the post

Many congratulations to 'Kissing The Whippet' who pulled off a magnificent 7-point victory at The Hare tonight, in a special quiz hosted by ex-regular QM @BenDaliHypno. The team left in their wake, 'Fortnightly Friends Forever' didn't seem to mind so much though, as they won both free drinks and a...

Jason T.
Wednesday Oct 11 @ 7 pm

The escapees make off with the cash pot


It was a tight quiz throughout but it was 'The escapees' that pulled ahead in the second half to win themselves more than £120 in hard cash for their efforts. It was a jolly quiz throughout with 'Fizzy Strawberry Snakes', 'Shrimps and Bananas and Teeth and Lips' sweets awarded liberally as...

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