Jonathon M
Sunday Jul 8 @ 8 pm

No Spoof - These Quizzers Are Here to Win!

It was an epic night for the team "Two Poofs and a Joanna" (one poof temporarily missing), who they secured tonight's first prize with their expert quizzing. But the exciting part came when the eponymous "Joanna" also lucked out by guessing the Jackpot question closer to the correct answer than tonight's second place winners "Harry Kane You Marry Me" - by a difference of only 2! Down to ten cards, all she had to do was draw the joker, and sure enough, that's exactly what she did, bringing that cash prize home to the team. (That...

David M
Sunday Jul 8 @ 8 pm

The Best Night Of The Year Excluding All The Others

It was one of those nights. By that I mean it was a Sunday night. We were doing a quiz at The Ram pub in Kingston. Everyone was there that were playing. Put it like this, there was no-one that wasn't playing in the quiz. It was continual quizzing apart from the break and when it ended and before it started. I thought it was a belter but then again I always say that but this time it was. "Quizz In My Pants" won it with more points than we had questions. An outstanding performance. Let's...

Tyrone A
Sunday Jul 8 @ 7 pm

"Quizteama Aguilera" Do The Business Again In Waterloo!

Festivals. Hot Weather. The World Cup. None of these exciting occurrences prevented these fierce quiz teams from turning out in Waterloo's finest quiz. The Kings Arms saw a battle of wills throughout this evening but when the dust settled, only one team prevailed. "Quizteama Aguilera" ended up winning by a big 6 point margin after a tight halftime score. They secured the £30 bar spend on this night. Can you do better? Come on down next and EVERY Sunday for 7:30 and find out.

Ben P
Sunday Jul 8 @ 7 pm

Flossing All Over the Place

Congrats to 'Not Last' who stormed the quiz by 2 points over 'My Interesting Lady Friend' whose 44 points would usually win this quiz comfortably. They celebrated by repeating the dance that new team member Lissa demonstrated to the pub earlier, 'The Floss'. Elsewhere BOGOFs continued their streak of 2 second-last place finishes out of 2 quizzes. This is, of course, momentous, as second last place always takes a little bonus prize home.

Alice B
Sunday Jul 8 @ 7 pm

Wasted Youth pays off

A very subdued quiz this evening, we Brits are starting to fade in the heatwave. Our two teams were excellent at fighting through the haze and sharpening their wits, 'Wasted Youth' case up trumps with their winning score of 33. A really wonderful score with some flashes of genius which came like a lightning bolt. Come along next time to test your brain power, or just enjoy the fantastic pizzas and look at the pictures!

Rita S
Sunday Jul 8 @ 7 pm

Jackpot Won Again! No Direction Takes The Prize

The heat was high this Sunday, but as dedicated quizzers, we congregated in the shadow of the bar! The competition was fierce: team "Quiztopher" only won a bottle of wine by a mere half point, and "No Direction" had 36 points to their win. Team "John Kebabquiz" got to Play Their Cards Right for the jackpot and fought their way to the prize of £45 - that's a drinking fund for the team, right there! As always, we left in a good mood and I can't wait to see everyone next week.

Howard S
Sunday Jul 8 @ 7 pm

One Hot Quiz!

On a hot night the quizzing was pretty hot too! A tug of war at the top was won by "Simple Minds" in fine style. They then also won a chance to play for our jackpot, unfortunately, they didn't with that so it rolls over to next week £187. The "Mamasitas" were very happy with their bottle of wine for second to last so all in all a great night.

Nigel B
Sunday Jul 8 @ 7 pm

"Four Eyes" Just Too Good!

Hiya chaps. Well on another hot and steamy night and after an epic Saturday of football, I was amazed to see anyone at all in the pub. So eight hardy souls were here to quiz, and quiz we did in the comfort of the back garden, leaving the rest of the pub totally empty. Anyway, it was a pretty straightforward affair with "Four Eyes" running away with first place by four points. The intimacy of the quiz actually made it heaps of fun, and there was a lot of bonding going on which bodes well for...

Daniel C
Sunday Jul 8 @ 7 pm

Clean Sweep For "The Turkey Quizzlers"

Team "The turkey quizzlers" made history tonight, they were the first team ever to make a clean sweep and take all of our top prizes, both free drinks and our £50 bar tab. But our roll over jack pot still needs to be won so next week there is a huge £250 waiting to be won.

Gerry H
Sunday Jul 8 @ 7 pm

Hot Hot Hot!

H o t t o g o - hot to go! Was today the hottest day of the year so far or perhaps the hottest day on planet earth ever? Either way, there were four dedicated and valiant teams that didn't melt or evaporate but instead showed up to compete in what proved to be another classic quiz. "The Thumbs" were double thumbs up by the half but in the end, "Friends of the forest" had made enemies of ignorance and jumped into bed with knowledge.

Peter C
Sunday Jul 8 @ 7 pm

So Close....Yet So Far

There was Jackpot agony on a sweltering night this week at East Dulwich’s premier quizzing venue... Before the drama unfolded we had 5 teams of 15 players all crowding as close as humanly possible to the only open window in the pub - and some quizzing happened too. "Miss Vanjie" scored an impressive 40 to take home the £50 bar tab, and special mentions must go to our two teams of two players ("Out With the Old, In With the Nucleus" & "Bonnie & Clyde"), with a very creditable 29 each. Maddy of "Out With the...

Alex D
Sunday Jul 8 @ 7 pm

Well Well Well... Not So Single Guys Any More

Two weeks ago. Three Single Guys won the quiz. Single buff and brainy. Last week Three Single Guys came second. And added their buff phone numbers to their team name. This week they won. But they were not alone. Amazingly, The Three Single Guys ALL turned up with dates! Not only that but these dates made every other quiz team ask "How did they manage that?!? Those ladies are well too attractive for those lafs". The lads were indeed punching above their weight but the ladies stayed to the end even adding vital answers to complete...

Luke M
Sunday Jul 8 @ 7 pm

And The Winner of The Quiz Is

"And the winner of the quiz is" were the winners of the quiz. How ironic. Tonight at The Rose in Fulham, we had 4 teams and a crazy 25 people battling it out for the 110 jackpot. "And the winner of the quiz is" won the quiz but went for the wrong envelope - they did get a bottle of champers as a consolation prize, though. Not too shabby! See you again soon for another better of wits.

Simon J
Thursday Jul 5 @ 8 pm

Hot in The City...of East Dulwich

A hot n sticky night of quizzing at The Plough tonight as seven teams battled it out for the quiz honours. A close run thing saw "Cheese Biscuits" take the cash pot by just 1/2 point... They had held a three-point lead at the break but that was clawed back by the other teams in the 2nd half. But "Cheese Biscuits" did just enough for victory. "Pruners" Alex had the chance to take the big money in the Jackpot game. Did the heat get to him? Who knows? What I do know is that there is...

Callan D
Thursday Jul 5 @ 8 pm

Columbians Win. The Penalty Shootout Was All A Dream.

Like me, you probably woke up on Wednesday morning with your head spinning and still singing 'It’s Coming Home' after England’s miraculous penalty win. However, skip forward to Thursday at The Capital of Quizwick and it turns out The "Dirty Cheating Colombian B******s" (the hilarious tongue in cheek team name as opposed to the footballing nation) stormed away without the need for extra time and took home the trophy of a £50 bar tab. However, the Jackpot is still to be taken so who will finally get a chance to send the country wild and win...

Ellie W
Thursday Jul 5 @ 8 pm

007 is the dialling code for Russia

...yes it’s true about that dialling code! Thank you to the dream teams who took part tonight, I learned some really interesting facts about James Bond as well. Have you heard about our next theme “Pirates of the Caribbean” happening in August? If you you haven’t... book today!

Daniel C
Thursday Jul 5 @ 8 pm

Closest Quiz to Date

Close call tonight with teams "Quizlamic State" and "Quiz On My Buddha" tied at the half, both teams had a strong second half but top spot went to "Quizlamic State" who edged it by just 2 points, but team "Quiz On My Buddha" didn’t go away empty-handed, they got our closest to question to enter our envelope challenge and won themselves a round of drinks. New team "Let’s get quizzical quizzical" came in second to last so they took home a couple of craft beers. Great teams and the closest quiz we’ve had here for a...

Charlie T
Thursday Jul 5 @ 8 pm

Girls Galore

It was an all-female quiz tonight as The "Rules" took on The "Swedish Mafia" is a heated showdown - tight to the final corner. The "Swedish Mafia" had the lead in the first half but the high-number "Rules" pipped them at the final post. Jackpot remains to be won! Come get it next week.

Andrew H
Thursday Jul 5 @ 8 pm

Get Lucky Live Up Their Name!

Another thrilling quiz night at The Station Hotel saw "Jamay And The Rest Of 'Em" take an early lead at the halfway stage before slipping down the field to end up second to last which at least meant they didn't go away empty handed as they won a bottle of wine! Top honours this week went to the aptly named "Get Lucky" while "S & A & S" got a go at this week's jackpot Play Your Cards Right game. An unlucky first draw of 7 had them up against it right from the start and...

Jodyanne F
Thursday Jul 5 @ 7 pm

You Must Have It Written Down...

Friends from across the pond "Zissman" felt the ogre's breath to take the first bonus drink whilst "Edward" felt the Balkan breeze to take the second. The bonus anagram question kicked off with a few teething problems and false starts but finally, "Uncle Dave" swept in on a tropical storm to take it. At the end of the evening, it was "2for1 Novichocktails" who claimed the top prize £30 bar tab and the lovely ladies of "Plastic Shopping Bags" who took the second to last place bonus house wine prize. The jackpot round went to "Dense...

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