Graeme winchester
Graeme W.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

Your Mission, N12: Topple The Trivia Titans

Fact: if Crystal Palace can beat Chelsea and Arsenal in the same season and still be near the relegation zone, then it stands to reason that even The Sockrobbers can be defeated. Not on this occasion, but it's possible. This is your mission: come to The Bohemia, bring your booze-heads and your...

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Georgina E.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

Snow White, Madonna and the cast of Sesame Street walk into a bar...

Img 3557

Lovely to be back in Richmond Hill tonight. 5 teams battled for the £40 bar tab and free bottle of house wine. Congratulations to reigning champions, Dyslexia Untied!! The jackpot hasn't yet been won, so at least £44 will be up for grabs next week! Remember, the more people that play, the bigger...

Dean D.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

Deadbeats beat the competition

The Deadbeat Club had a quiz punch up with the big fat Greek pub Quiz team with the deadbeats coming out on top. In the meantime at the bottom of the heap were the Cupid Stunts,who despite coming last did however get a go at the Jackpot. All will return to the Brouge for another quiz battle and a...

Ellie W.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

£500 Rollover Next Week!

...yes you read that right! Join us for the golden opportunity next Tuesday @ 8pm. Thank you lovely teams tonight for all your banter! In case you are curious then the closest-to question was as follows: "What is the world record for the most seedless grapes stuffed in the mouth?" Think.... Think...

M00129071 0103
Eddie E.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

Youth Versus Experience


Universally Challenged were a team of 20-somethings and The Outcasts a team of...well, let's not guess but "middle aged" seems fair. Seems a foregone conclusion right? Well, alright,The Outcasts DID actually win but it was close, especially in the first half! Questions such as "Who did Britney...

Sam 1781
Matthew D.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 7 pm

North Korean Leader graces us with his presence!

Dsc 0121

Only joking by the way! This week's quiz was a fun one and my favourite team name was Quiz Jong Umm, very clever reference there. My apologies also go out to the Quilter Quizzers who I forgot to announce- long day. Great to see so many new faces and old ones, such as the return of the team members...

Img 20160321 wa0001
Chris R.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 7 pm

Easter Quiz Hunt!

The holiday thinned the numbers this week and current leaders of the pack Northern Soul took the week off leaving the way clear for a new leader to be crowned. Queens of the Manor were a welcome sight as ever as they returned to lock horns with Mim's Minions who seldom go away empty-handed. Steve...

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David M.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 7 pm

Real life hero's attend Question One quiz

A brilliant night. Four teams including some real life heros who experience life everyday on the frontline of the NHS accountancy department. The next time you fall over and break your arm it will be these guys who calculate how much the cost of putting it right will be. By the end of the first...

Rosie F.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 7 pm

Does a digestive have a top and a bottom.... Yes it does!

Quizzing up a storm in Ladbroke grove last night. Great turnout for weekly quiz as new and old teams battled it out for top spot. Winning place game down to a tiebreaker where it was "may day "who game out on top by guessing the closest to the year that the first manned hot air balloon took flight...

Simon K.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 7 pm

What a floater

I have not had such a wonderful evening. We had a fantastic win by the 'quizlamist extremists' and a super creative round from the '2/3 united' team. Well done to all. Tonight's creative round was airborne tin foil which was timed from ceiling to ground. We had leaves, ballerinas and flying carpets...

Dsc 7542
Richard L.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 7 pm

An Intimate Evening.

Img 0314 Img 0312

After the long Easter weekend, the weekly Tuesday night quiz at The Spice Of Life was quieter than it has been recently with just four teams competing for the pot. Having said that a brand new team entered the quiz and won a bottle of red wine by coming second to last. All the members said that...

Jodyanne richardson 102 finished colour example 10x8
Jodyanne F.
Tuesday Apr 18 @ 6 pm

Working off the Easter eggs

20170418+bonus 20170418+bonus 1 20170418+house

Odds 'n Sods cast their spell to take the first bonus drink, S&S soared high to take the second whilst the bonus anagram point went to NYE for searching every hen house, outhouse and dog house in the area. At the end of the evening it was The D's who nabbed the house prize bottle of wine whilst the...

539257 10151189441614225 1666265647 n
Andy D.
Monday Apr 17 @ 8 pm

The end of Easter

Well done everyone and thanks for coming along. A fun night had by all with the top prize going to Quiz Khalifa who edged out East A Egg Heads by 1 point. Big Fact Hunt walked away with the house wine and nobody won the jackpot again. It's now £!

Dean D.
Monday Apr 17 @ 8 pm

Stannah Stair Lift elevate to first place

Easter Weekend and the Sun Inn at Barnes was full of students all sugared up and over dosed on chocolate Bunnies and Easter eggs. A lively night a loud night with much laughter and banter, the Jackpot will rollover to £216 for next week

Ellie W.
Monday Apr 17 @ 8 pm

The Crazy Horse

Tonight was a little bit mad, if you didn't manage to join us then you have missed the craziest night at the Black Horse to date! Oh my goodness we have an exciting surprise next week too about the Chase the Ace...

Graham E.
Monday Apr 17 @ 8 pm

One question quiz!

20170417 220800

For the first time ever in my history of quiz mastering, all of the participating teams finished on the same number of points! This led to an incredibly exciting finish, akin to a sudden-death penalty shootout. The three-team competition was effectively settled by just the one tiebreak question: In...

Jason T.
Monday Apr 17 @ 8 pm

Beginners luck for the newbies?

Img 20170417 215255743

There were lots of new faces at the latest Bank Holiday quiz with 'Déja Vunicorns' winning the cash. As it was Easter, everyone had sweet treats but the wine for coming second-to-last went to 'Joss FC'. A good time was had by all and we look forward to welcoming you every Monday at this Clapham /...

Charles+chalkly maber
Charles C.
Monday Apr 17 @ 8 pm

‘Let’s Get Down To Quizness!’ mix quizness with pleasure

There can come a time in a quiz team’s life where all members find a rhythm and prove themselves to be ready for whatever comes their way (cryptic tube stations; movie posters; song lyrics – the works). Monday 17th April was one such time for ‘Let’s Get Down To Quizness!’ Making their first...

185691 10150415477780447 7422490 n
David G.
Monday Apr 17 @ 8 pm

Help Find Found the Answers!

Output qhu74o

Help Find won the Monday night quiz at the Village Inn, Ealing. They scooped the cash jackpot, making it a very happy Easter indeed. Answering questions on St Bernard dogs, Thierry Henry and blackbirds, they mafe it an Easter to remember! Come down next Monday for a great night, great quiz and great...

Steven B.
Monday Apr 17 @ 8 pm

Easter dedication

Roundhouse0 Roundhouse1.1

What a night! There were all sorts of discussions at the Roundhouse on Monday evening. Despite a chocolate egg overload we had a great turnout of quizzers eager to flex their brain cells for the evening. The second round was quite a decisive one, including everyone's favourite 'play your cards...

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