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David M.
Sunday Dec 10 @ 8 pm

Quizzing It Down

Img 20171210 191600 Ram Ram2

It was a noisy night on Sunday in The Ram in Kingston but that didn't stop six teams playing like they wanted to win and in the end one of them did. New teams and not new teams played against each other, through the rain and the sleet and the snow. Tensions absolutely erupted in the play your cards...

Marnie N.
Sunday Dec 10 @ 8 pm

Snow Joke


It might have been a white Sunday but that didn’t stop the hardy folk of Chiswick coming out to play. The bar was toasty warm and the mulled wine thawed the brains! Well done to Ding Dong Merrily who won their first ever round but a storming second half saw Too Cool for Yule snatch the pot from...

Dsc 1407logo potrait%28sml+res%29
Nick T.
Sunday Dec 10 @ 7 pm

He who braved the snow...wins

Pilot Pilot2

We may have been hit a bout of snow...that’s right Christmas is here :) but that didn’t stop the brave teams coming and stealing away the money and a bottle of wine. Just a shame for them it was the big jackpot which at over £400 is still available next week for who wants to take it away. Some nice...

13906770 10154405635084570 3393116965994655651 n
Georgina E.
Sunday Dec 10 @ 7 pm

Melissa McCarthy, Carrie Fisher and Sam Smith walk into a bar...

Fullsizerender Fullsizerender 1

Brilliant night in Clapham tonight! 7 teams played for the £50 bar tab (which was just about clinched by reigning champs 'Tequila Mockingbird' after an incredibly close tiebreaker question against 'Arm Wrestling with Chaz and Dave'), and the second to last prize of a free bottle of wine...

Web alice bell 2  michael wharley 2011
Alice B.
Sunday Dec 10 @ 7 pm

'Isocoles triangle' win the pot

Alexander Alexander2

A quieter night brought fun with pups as 'Four idiots and their dogs' won a bottle of wine and this Quiz mistress had many doggy cuddles! Isoceles triangle were on great form, winning the top prize which is just as well as they had huge puddings! All in all a quiet but perfectly formed evening.

Danny hurst
Daniel H.
Sunday Dec 10 @ 7 pm

Drunk and Disorderly

20171210 214649

Some people shouldn't be allowed to drink, but we got through it despite constant interruptions and having to repeat each question about 20 times for the drunken group of pensioners. Otherwise it was a great night with guest team Northern Lights taking the first prize. The wine for 2nd to last went...

145 img 6827
Ben P.
Sunday Dec 10 @ 7 pm

Prizes all round

Bull Bull2

3 new teams braved the snow and cold to find 'My Interesting Ladyfriend' waiting on them in the pub. Frequent quizzers 'MILF' took a comfortable 13 point victory while strong scores from all teams meant nobody left empty-handed, with the wines being split between second placers and the usual...

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Gavin F.
Sunday Dec 10 @ 7 pm

Flakey Quiz? Sno-way


Despite the snow it was a cozy evening of quizzing at the Walmer Castle. Regulars and newbies alike braved the cold for the reward of a £50 bar tab or a bottle of wine and fun with free drinks. Continuing their winning streak, 'Boko Harambe' took the spoils again! Come challenge them next week!

Jodyanne F.
Sunday Dec 10 @ 7 pm

Delicious homemade Christmas biscuit? Don't mind if I do

Like+kyle%2c+but... Quiz team a aguilera

It was snowy cold outside but cosy and snuggly warm inside the Kings Arms tonight thanks to the glowing fire, the bonhomie of the players and the joviality of the Christmas jumpers. Quiz-Team-A-Aguilera understood the dangers of transportation to take the first bonus drink whilst Like Kyle, but...

Screen shot 2012 11 25 at 9.22.16 pm
Alex D.
Sunday Dec 10 @ 7 pm

Double chipolata

20171210 213533

In a packed quiz at The Prince of Wales this evening the team 'I love a chipolata' won on a grand score of 46 points. Two points clear of the team in second place. However it was a double whammy as one of the team "I love a chipolata" got engaged today. So double celebration for the team...

Gerry howell
Gerry H.
Sunday Dec 10 @ 7 pm

God Bless Team America!

Dsc 0008

They came, they Quizzed, they Conquered! Congratulations to our American friends for winning tonight's quiz in a typically rambunctious and flamboyant fashion. they say we have a special relationship with the US of A - well, these guys have a special relationship with knowledge, they know it all and...

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Matthew E.
Sunday Dec 10 @ 7 pm

Frown turned upside down for the 'Cranky Yankees'

Img 4817 Cherrytree Cherrytree10dec

Solid Sunday Session at The Cherry Tree. The scores were neck and neck at half time. To bridge the gap between round 1 and round 2, Teams competed building the best Sydney Harbour Bridge out of tin foil, One team used it to wrap around there heads so no one could read their thoughts during round 2...

Liam E.
Sunday Dec 10 @ 7 pm

Newcaslte Takeover

Rose Rose

At the The Rose we’ve grown used to seeing 'Hardly Athletic' take home the bacon. Yet tonight they met their match in 3 Newcastle lasses! Only the two teams battled it out as we ended up going to a tiebreaker! What are the odds on that as they both scored 36. It was tense and then the Girls named...

Dsc 1407logo potrait%28sml+res%29
Nick T.
Thursday Dec 7 @ 8 pm

Beware the big red button

Image1 Plough

That was a nice fun quiz with some great teams but they’re may need to be work done on the team names. As the 'Aiming for the Wine' team ended up overachieving and getting nowhere near the wine. Even when you try to get near the bottom the competition of a quiz sucks you in. So who did get the wine...

Hugh S.
Thursday Dec 7 @ 8 pm

Streatham's Brightest Brain Boxes Battle for Bar Tab

20171207 223508

Last night, 'Legendary Heroes' lived up to their namesake by conquering all to win The Manor Arms' iconic quiz and take the first prize of a £40 bar tab. Special mention goes to mysterious duo team, 'Black Magic', who snuck over the finish line in second-to-last place to win a delightful bottle of...

Jonathon M.
Thursday Dec 7 @ 8 pm

Massive Jackpot Eludes Us Yet Again

Img 6862 Img 6864 Station

What an exciting night at The Station Hotel in Hither Green tonight! It was a very tight quiz and all these incredibly smart quizzers gave it their best. The top prize was won by just one point, beating out last week's champions 'Quizabella Rosselini'. Even the second-to-last place was a tight race...

Daniel C.
Thursday Dec 7 @ 8 pm

New teams win all round

Kingsarms Kingsarmss

Plenty of fun to be had tonight with plenty of players competing for our £49 bar tab, new team 'In seventh position' came out on top, just edging past team 'Prawn toast' who were just a couple of points behind them. They were also double winners, they got our closest too question and took part in...

17038627 729961793840222 1644432712771198782 o
Hannah E.
Thursday Dec 7 @ 7 pm

£160 Up For Grabs At The Next Quiz


In an intimate little corner of the bar our quiz teams competed to win a £50 bar tab voucher, 3 bottles of excellent craft beer or cold hard c££££££££sh. It's a new quiz at the stylish Italian Job which boasts craft beers, Italian wines and a sexy looking cheeseboard.

James B.
Thursday Dec 7 @ 7 pm

Work Night Out Works Out For Pete

Img 0125 Img 0126

Twas the week before the Christmas special And all through the quiz All the players were writing And getting down to biz I can’t keep this up but suffice to say we had over 50% work Christmas dos this week and we had a ball! In First Place came in first place and got a £30 bar tab. Work do SCENED...

Img 20160321 wa0001
Chris R.
Wednesday Dec 6 @ 8 pm

Drink Apple juice let to a victory


The weather and the season is taking it's toll but four hardy teams made it for this week's quiz, and for one team, they were certainly happy they did! Of the four teams who made it, regulars 'Rats Ate my Pants' and 'Drink apple juice, cos OJ will kill you!' were up against 'the ANZACs' and 'The...

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