Nick H.
Tuesday Jan 16 @ 7 pm

Where have all the flowers gone?

Jollyfarmer Jollyfarmer2

It seems as though the residents of Chalfont St Peter are "on the wagon" after the festive activities with a small but distinguished group competing at this weeks quiz at The Jolly Farmer! Namely "Quiz in my pants" and "Lexi" with the former taking the £40 bar and food voucher first prize following...

Dsc 7542
Richard L.
Tuesday Jan 16 @ 7 pm

A busy night

Spice+of+life1 Spice+of+life+2 Spice+of+life+3

With a team new to The Spice of Life, a tie-break for third place and fifty people quizzing, last night was a busy night at The Spice Of Life in London's West End. 'Wookepedia' was the team name of the top team with an excellent score of 34 points. Three teams tied on 29 so the third place was...

David J.
Tuesday Jan 16 @ 7 pm

Tie Break Bonanza


The week's quiz at The Draft House MK was a fun time for all, with some real head-scratchers and some satisfying turnarounds! Everyone gave it their all, but this week the winners were a group from up north stopping by for a visit: 'Gustave's Long Bath'! I've been told that name is a long story and...

Jon B.
Monday Jan 15 @ 8 pm

IT's all about the money...

Colton+arms Colton+arms+2

The second quiz of the year, and a good turn out at The Colton, buoyed by the return of last weeks champions (now called 'The Naked Disney Princesses') and 'Paceys Mom'. An easy start to the quiz, although one team from Holland believed man has set foot on two planets (reverting to type!)and a great...

185691 10150415477780447 7422490 n
David G.
Monday Jan 15 @ 8 pm

Rubbish Ride High

20180115 214706 20180115 214648

'Rubbish at Team Names' reclaimed their crown at the Monday night quiz at the Village Inn. They won the £40 food and bar tab, but weren't the only winners. 'First Wives Club' won the bottle of Prosecco for finishing 2nd-last. They also won one of the free drinks, with 'Team Woodfield Cats' securing...

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Tom K.
Monday Jan 15 @ 8 pm

Tricky second half


It was the classic trick of lulling everyone into a false sense of security at The Roundhouse this week. At the half way point, 2 teams had full marks and 2 more had dropped just 1 point... but all that was about to change! As the big guns came out, teams fell away with errors strewn across a messy...

Graham E.
Monday Jan 15 @ 8 pm

Biggest quiz ever


There was a thrilling atmosphere at The Castle tonight as 11 teams packed into the pub to contest a £50 bar tab. A tiebreak for first place between top teams 'Very Stable Genius' and 'Quizeppe Verdi' provided a suitably climactic ending to the evening. Both teams had to estimate the number of Tesco...

Ellie W.
Monday Jan 15 @ 8 pm

£100 rollover next week


YES! That’s right is already straight back to £100 rollover at The Black Horse. Did you miss us tonight? It was ‘2.5 Men’ who scooped the tab. 'Wolvergate' almost got the Ace of Spades on the board but sadly missed out, oh my! Tonight’s photo is of the games board - one thing I love about here is...

Dean D.
Monday Jan 15 @ 8 pm

Three men and a dog take the biscuit

Sun+inn+1 Sun+inn+2 Sun+inn+3

'Three men and a dog' walked into a pub quiz. The quiz master asks the dog why do you keep chasing your tail? And the dog says 'I'm just trying to make both ends meet.'The Smart arse dog may have been the one to give his human team mates enough of an edge to win the quiz. The rollover jackpot for...

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Michael L.
Monday Jan 15 @ 8 pm

'Honey we disembowelled granma’ win their second quiz of the year


Winners of last weeks Monday night quiz were back to hold their title, using yet another weird team name from the Wikipedia article ‘banned and unusual Wikipedia pages’ (if you’re wondering!!) But their win was only by one point- competition was fierce last night with all teams scores only a couple...

Graeme winchester
Graeme W.
Monday Jan 15 @ 7 pm

Quiziz's Quiz Wits Pip Quizzees

Bull Bull2

A new team came to The Bull's regular quiz tonight for the first time, armed with a topical, near-the-knuckle team name, a pen, booze money and five superb brains...and with these things, they triumphed at their first attempt. Five person 'Quiziz Ansari - Master of Tongue' beat no less a team than...

Luke M.
Monday Jan 15 @ 7 pm

Five newbies and three times a lady


5 new teams and a veteran team turned up tonight as The Arnos Arms continued it's free January policy. The teams all played the quiz for free, and one of the newbies took home the much coveted fifty pound par tab. It was a scrappy affair, with just two teams getting past 30 points, but in the end...

Screenshot 20170524 034245 crop 224x257
Joshua H.
Monday Jan 15 @ 7 pm

Epic Skillz Beat Mother

20180115 213426 20180115 212330 20180115 213445

It was a family affair at The Perseverance as I brought along my nearest and dearest who formed a dream team. Unfortunately, they hadn't been dreaming of winning a quiz! Admittedly, I was relieved they only managed second place as it hopefully maintains my credibility as an impartial quizmaster. 🤣 A...

Tyrone A.
Monday Jan 15 @ 7 pm

A Sweet Victory For This Week's Winners in Pimlico


The team of 'Looking For The Singles Matches' sealed victory and the cash kitty prize with a deserved two point win tonight leaving their rivals dreaming of what might have been. They were lucky in quiz but sadly not in love as all the other participants were sadly attached. Still, they weren't...

Marnie N.
Monday Jan 15 @ 7 pm

Lollage all round

Image1 Image2

What a night in Waterloo! We had a packed bar of quizzers with pens hovering over answer sheets. Hats off to 'Dukes of Custard' who couldn’t be beaten in the first half with a near perfect score. They slipped into second in round two as the beer and lovely food directed! It was 'General Lollage' who...

Jimmy Donny C.
Monday Jan 15 @ 6 pm

Chaos at the quiz

Img 5648

With a world record 57 participants and 9 teams it’s was pandemonium down at The Angel. However this was soon out to one side as the teams battled it out. Half time there were some exciting scores it’s three teams in 19 and 2 on 18. But there was only to be one winner (due to one team losing 4...

Marnie N.
Sunday Jan 14 @ 8 pm

First round three way


What a packed bar of quiz living punters turned out at The Duke tonight. Three teams tied for the top spot at the end of the first half but the cream of 'Ideas for Names' rose to the tope and took the sizable pot with a cracking round two. Join the fun next week it could be you with the victory pint...

549529 10151595003659646 279349766 n
Jo S.
Sunday Jan 14 @ 8 pm

We'll Have Whatever They're Drinking

Img 20180114 213744 Img 20180114 213753 Img 20180114 213805

Tonight's quiz at The Jam Tree in Clapham saw four determined teams battle it out in The Bookcase Bar for the top prize. We had two new teams and two returning teams, and it quickly became a close race between one new and one returning team. New-comers 'Bonne Maman' impressed with an excellent 32...

Dsc 7542
Richard L.
Sunday Jan 14 @ 8 pm

Jackpot Still Standing At £200

Ram Ram

To be in with a chance of winning £200 and having some fun as well, the place to be on a Sunday night is The Ram in Kingston upon Thames. Close to the river Thames this is a great pub with food available and a friendly atmosphere. Five teams played the quiz last night with 'I am a pootato salad'...

Ellie W.
Sunday Jan 14 @ 8 pm


Image1 Image2

Tonight was the first time I met little Maggie aka Simon the pub managers dog - she sat with me while I was sorting out all my papers at the end of the quiz, have you guys met her? See pictured! Also a huge well done to the winners tonight, I thought I better feature your photo as well as it’s not...

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