Dean D.
Monday May 22 @ 8 pm

Chris the Dog win by one point

The battle between Chris the dog and the Bograts continues, with Chris the dog winning by a point tonight. However at the end of the evening it came down to two envelopes The Jackpot and a discount on a meal. Envelopes were not swopped and Chris the dog missed out on the jackpot which has now rolled...

Day1 session12 i%27m+producing+a+film+next+month %5bsmall%5d 95
Tom K.
Monday May 22 @ 8 pm

Teams of 2 sweep the prizes!

Another fun and competitive night at the Roundhouse saw a bit of a turn up for the books. Whilst it's not that uncommon to see a team of 2 win, this week both 1st and 2nd place went to dynamic duos! All the regular teams were in, but none of them could quite keep up the pace, gradually falling...

Steven B.
Monday May 22 @ 8 pm

No withdrawal for the Turtles!


It was a show down last night at the Castle in Holland Park. As celebrities and politicians walked past on the street, a much fiercer question time ensued in the back room of the pub. Congrats to the Turtles on their victorious win! but it was a close one, with Brexittt coming q close second with...

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David M.
Monday May 22 @ 8 pm

Rubbish at team names but not rubbish at team games


The sublimely named Rubbish At Team Names played a blinder. For a while it could have gone to any of the top three teams. In fact all the way through the game there were only ever three teams in it in my book. But after much brain cell crunching Rubbish At Team names emerged triumphant. Well done...

Jason T.
Monday May 22 @ 8 pm

Theresa did win the quiz!

Img 20170522 220458640

There was no case of 'May' when Theresa 'did' win the quiz. 'Theresa, May I have some more?' enjoyed a two point lead over their nearest rivals to secure top spot and take more than £40 hard cash for their efforts. Pinky & the Brains got the wine for coming second-to-last and there was general fun...

Jon B.
Monday May 22 @ 8 pm

The Colton Arms - hitting the right spot...

Pretty good night for the second quiz at The Colton, and certainly an educational night: we discovered two girls were able to name all 21 US states ending in the letter “A” just to score one bonus point, Joe thought that the world record for a javelin throw was under 10 meters and Jason has a...

Dsc 7542
Richard L.
Monday May 22 @ 8 pm

Family Wins!

Img 0405 Img 0406

The first time that this has happened at one of my quizzes but last night at The Waggon & Horses a team consisting of a mum with her two daughters was victorious. The one questionwhich defeated all the teams though, was the question asking the meaning of the German word "Elfmeter"! One football fan...

Charles+chalkly maber
Charles C.
Monday May 22 @ 8 pm

The triumphant return of ‘The Craptaculars’

Against a backdrop of balmy weather outside, we had a barmy quiz inside. Questions on: Hungry Hippos; Blondie; the Euphrates; and Christina Aguilera all getting their time in the sun. There was even a bonus mini-quiz on Shakespeare to see who would win some tickets to see Mid-Summer Night’s Dream at...

539257 10151189441614225 1666265647 n
Andy D.
Monday May 22 @ 8 pm

A Guiltless Win

Congratulations to Guiltless Boob Haze who won a close encounter to claim first prize. Sullicos and Jane were neck and neck with them at the break but fell away towards the end. Jane fell far enough to land the second from last place wine which left Queen Elizabeth and Painty Legs stranded in mid...

Graeme winchester
Graeme W.
Monday May 22 @ 7 pm

Boeing Take To The Skies


Tonight was a high-scoring evening, with no-one scoring below 30 points, but one troupe of trivia masters reigned supreme in N6 tonight. With one of the best second quiz half performances I have ever seen, Boeing absolutely bossed tonight's contest at The Bull. The advantage of different age ranges...

Jodyanne richardson 102 finished colour example 10x8
Jodyanne F.
Monday May 22 @ 7 pm

I can see her in my head...

Champions+of+the+evening+midget+crocodile Have+your+cake+and+quiz+it+bonus+drink+winner Have+your+cake+and+quiz+it+house+wine+winners

Both bonus drinks went to one savvy lady from Have Your Cake and Quiz It tonight who knew the best breakfast to cycle up a hill on. Meanwhile the Maple Baconeers had good cause to wag their tails after snapping up the anagram bonus point in record time. At the end of the evening Have Your Cake and...

Ken B.
Monday May 22 @ 6 pm

IUQ means International Union of Quizzes?

20170522 203148

And the winner is...... Team IUQ! Congrats to these first timers who scooped gold prize with a solid three point lead facing off stiff competition from returning winners Team Instagram! I'm told IUQ stands for International Union of Quizzes!

Day1 session12 i%27m+producing+a+film+next+month %5bsmall%5d 95
Tom K.
Sunday May 21 @ 8 pm

Summer brings intelligence

As the first signs of summer started to shine through, it brought with it a very high standard of quizzing! With regular winners 'The Bar Flies' not even on the leaderboard, it opened up the field for someone else to claim the £50 bar tab. Team of 2 'Fat Kids' made a valiant effort and oft-winners...

Tyrone A.
Sunday May 21 @ 8 pm

Ill Capo Prove To Be One Of The Best In Clapham Again!

The Jam Tree was subject to a close battle between two of the area's best teams tonight as Ken Dodd's Dad's Dogs Dead were pipped to the post by Clapham stalwarts Ill Capo. It was tense throughout as these two teams have pitted against each other many times before but there could be only one winner...

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David M.
Sunday May 21 @ 8 pm

High Fiving Like We've Never Seen Before

Img 6011

Thelma and Louise smashed their way into lead position and maintained their nerve jangling lead in Sunday nights quiztastic quiz at The Ram in Kingston. High Fiving like there was no tomorrow the two team players pushed last weeks winners Tom L. Walters into second place and grabbed the £50 Bar...

M00129071 0103
Eddie E.
Sunday May 21 @ 8 pm

Ahhhh nuts!


Both first and second place have team names with nuts in them. That's quite literally an observation right there. Peanut M&Ms probably managed to come first because they were able to specify exactly what type of nuts are involved. Specificity is always better in pub quizzes. See you all next time I...

Marnie N.
Sunday May 21 @ 8 pm

How many syllables in oops?


The quizzers of Chiswick put down their strimmers, took off their back garden bikinis and strolled down to The Duke for a plate of top notch Sunday dinner, a cold pint and some brain blasting teasers. Last week's winners 99 Problems had to be content with fourth place as winners Meth to my Madness...

Nigel B.
Sunday May 21 @ 7 pm

Enough friends to win!!!

The friends got together tonight to win convincingly for the first time. It was a generally quiet night, but it was nice to see some regular faces. The bottle of wine for second to last place went To the two muskaters. Play your cards right was again very exciting.The pot is now sorted up to £242...

Jonathan harden
Jonathan H.
Sunday May 21 @ 7 pm

Boy oh boy...

Img 2329

Some split points and a point deducted for calculator usage meant that the fight for prizes was focussed on the bottom end of tonight's table.At the front of the class, there was no question: Queen Quizlizabeth II proving that Shakespeare was right. There is NOTHING in a name; all the fancy puns in...

Web alice bell 2  michael wharley 2011
Alice B.
Sunday May 21 @ 7 pm

Newbies ace the test!

Two new teams joined us and were triumphant - but Quiz Akabussi took the tie break to victory. The sky teds were so close with the jackpot question but the unluckiest cards in the deck as 6 6 and 6 appeared. Nothing for a pair and the devil take the jackpot as it rolls over to next week. Again!

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