Luke M.
Monday Sep 18 @ 7 pm

Two teams one prize


Two teams battled it out for the 50 bar tab this week at the Arnos arms , on a rainy miserable night in September . There was a solitary joinee halfway through, but in truth it was battle between young and old - and the elders taught the barely pubescent a harsh lesson.

Screenshot 20170524 034245 crop 224x257
Joshua H.
Monday Sep 18 @ 7 pm

The Hand Of Beadle Reaches The Highest

20170918 212522 20170918 212401 20170918 212451

Another super quiz at The Perseverance was narrowly won by The Hand Of Beadle who combined their six collective minds to answer the most questions correctly, collecting forty of the forty five points in the process. The house wine for second last was won by British-ish who were thrilled to have won...

Marnie N.
Monday Sep 18 @ 7 pm

One point short - again!

Image1 10 Image2 5

A full bar came to quiz tonight at The Duke. Waterloo's finest gave it their all. The Maple Baconeers were disappointed not to get their bottle of wine for second to last place but not as much as the Intergalactics who missed out on the top prize by one point for the second week running! Well done...

Jimmy Donny C.
Monday Sep 18 @ 6 pm

Newbies slam old guard

Img 4408

Only 3 teams this week, but 3 very big teams. 15 Best Quiz lead from the start, despite some repeated clarification around the riddle, they beat the Where's Ken regulars by 2 points. Limping in with a bronze medal (but they did win a free drink) where Quizkly Come Dancing. Bless.

Gary sansome 2011 march
Gary S.
Sunday Sep 17 @ 8 pm

No Restrictions on the Unrestricted

A small but fun quiz played out on Sunday 17th September at the Ram, the Spanish contingent that formed the Unicorn team may have come in 4th place but they scooped the PYCR jackpot! Despite only a half point separating and PHJ at half time the former ran out comfortable winners in...

Marnie N.
Sunday Sep 17 @ 8 pm

Sensational 4play


Despite a technical hitch it was rowdy business as usual at The Duke as a full bar of quizzers pitted their wits for Sunday night glory. Regulars 4Play won the preliminary round and then topped it off with a four point lead to finish! They were delighted to get a new £10 note in their cash pile...

Sam 1781
Matthew D.
Sunday Sep 17 @ 8 pm

One team takes almost a clean sweep!

Railway+blackheath0 Railway+blackheath1.1

Great to see so many more friendly faces at the Railway this weekend. He thinks I can't draw returned and did extremely well as a two-person team, despite wanting a quiet night (not getting that with my quiz I am afraid!) and Team Twat returned in greater numbers- but fewer points! Darn it! I really...

Ellie W.
Sunday Sep 17 @ 8 pm

Foil animals.

Image1 3

Thanks guys for being good sports about the tin foil animals, the art exhibition judged by the pub staff went down a storm. Ten teams but only 9 sculptures... one team were just too good to express their art for all. Well done to the "A-Team" for getting the tab - the 3 Point gain in the art round...

Tyrone A.
Sunday Sep 17 @ 8 pm

Clapham New Guys Reap Victory At The Jam Tree!

Dsc 0213

The Jam Tree welcomed a new team to the quiz tonight but the regulars were far from a welcoming mood when the team simply known as 'Table 1' waltzed off into the Clapham night with a landslide victory and the £50 bar spend first prize. Our new champions said they will be back next week but will you...

13906770 10154405635084570 3393116965994655651 n
Georgina E.
Sunday Sep 17 @ 7 pm

Postman Pat, Harry Styles and The Killers walk into a bar...

Img 4704 Img 4703

Brilliantly busy night of quizzing in Clapham tonight! 8 teams managed to squeeze into the Common Room and battle for the first prize of a £50 bar tab and second to last prize of a a free bottle of wine (well done to Six Chicks). After beating Team Joffrey by just half a point, Too Many Aussies in...

Web alice bell 2  michael wharley 2011
Alice B.
Sunday Sep 17 @ 7 pm

Winnie's return.

Winnie Mandela's dog allergy didn't prevent them from victory as the return after a summer break. Fantastic to see them back and the Jelly Beans had a great night coming in silver. A warm welcome to some brand new teams. And we've all ordered off the Christmas menu already.

145 img 6827
Ben P.
Sunday Sep 17 @ 7 pm

Another record breaking night


Tonight's Bull & Last quiz saw 27 players compete across a mere 5 teams, giving possibly the highest average number of players-per-team the quizzing world has witnessed in an epoch (5.4 for you budding mathematicians). The quiz saw regulars My Interesting Ladyfriend triumph by 9 clear points having...

Jodyanne richardson 102 finished colour example 10x8
Jodyanne F.
Sunday Sep 17 @ 7 pm

Treasure Hunt gold

Alternative+answers+bonus+drink+winner+number+1 Alternative+answers+bonus+drink+winner+number+2 Desert+island+disco+house+wine+winners

Alternative Answers proved themselves top speed by taking both bonus drinks whilst It's Quiz-me Bitches showed their alphabetic agility to take the bonus anagram point. At the end of the evening it was the dancers of Desert Island Disco who scooped up the house wine second to last place prize...

Daniel C.
Sunday Sep 17 @ 7 pm

Aussies win all round

Img 0551 Walmer+castle0

2 Australian teams were in tonight with the drop kicks repeating last weeks success, narrowly beating Irish wrist watches on a tie breaker, and team Aussies abroad taking our second to last bottle of wine place. Plenty of competition in tonight with tonight being the busiest night we've had to date...

Marcel H.
Sunday Sep 17 @ 7 pm

Hardest Quiz ever quizzed

Ship+inn0 Ship+inn1.1

What a fight. We came together on a charming Sunday night to have a good night but the questions were just too hard. It became a battle of the minds, during which, in the end, a clear winner was able to rise from. We love crayons used their creative energy to bring home a clear win.

Steven B.
Sunday Sep 17 @ 7 pm

This Rose has some Thorns...


A heated night with quizzers up against each other from all around the world, we had Spain, USA, Australia and even a few British! 'Hardly Athletic' showed they may not be athletic in the body but they were gold Medal Olympians in the mind winning once again and receiving a free Sunday Roast at the...

Screen shot 2012 11 25 at 9.22.16 pm
Alex D.
Sunday Sep 17 @ 7 pm

Best quiz for only £2

20170917 211958

After an exciting tiebreak, Team Underwood narrowly claimed victory on a tiebreak by guessing the capacity of the Emirates Stadium to within 20 seats. The price has gone up to £2 but it's still the best quiz in Putney. It's on every sunday at the Prince of Wales and it's very good.

13435432 10153868561073318 6577762032807796070 n
Skye V.
Sunday Sep 17 @ 7 pm

If you're not going to win, just drink.

20170917 211932

Another lovely evening of quizzing at The Signal, with no less than 6 very knowledgeable teams. Despite not coming in first (or second... Or third) one team considered themselves the grand winners of the night after winning every free drink round, AND the bottle of wine, making them the proud owners...

Tok A.
Sunday Sep 17 @ 7 pm

Quizzly Geniuses


Once again at the Cherry Tree the paralegal/civil servant/illustrating powerhouse have done it again. The Quizzly bears were at their humble second quiz night and were already way in the lead by the end of the first half, meaning that by the time it got the he second stage, they had already begun to...

Dsc 7542
Richard L.
Thursday Sep 14 @ 8 pm

Three way tie-break!

Img 0123 Img 0125 Img 0127

Last night at The Plough, six teams quizzed trying to win one of several prizes. At the end three teams scored 33 so a tie-break question was needed. "What height is The Gherkin", asked quizmaster Richard Linton and the nearest team was Jarsberg Lite, a team of just two people whose guess at 185...

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