Howard S.
Sunday Nov 12 @ 7 pm

Alan! Comes from behind


A great performance form 'Alan!' Who turned a two point deficit at half tine into a five point victory. They also managed to secure themselves a go at the £156 jackpot by getting "closest to" question right. This is where they came unstuck and were unable to win the jackpot settled by the legendary...

Jodyanne F.
Sunday Nov 12 @ 7 pm

Define teenager

Let%27s+get+quiz Kingsarms1 Kingsarms 2

An all pervasive perplexed silence fell over the room with the first bonus drink question. The wind howled, tumbleweed trundled past and the wagons lost their way until a brave but uncertain pilgrim from 'Let's Get Quizzical', 'Quizzical' finally consulted the map, picked the location and quenched...

Daniel C.
Sunday Nov 12 @ 7 pm

Richard Marx edges it tonight

Walmer1 Walmer2

Plenty of competition tonight with 10 teams competing for our £50 bar tab, close one tonight with team 'Richard Marx' coming out eventual winners on a whopping 38 points, we had plenty of new faces on tonight with one of those winning not only one of our free drinks but also getting our second to...

13906770 10154405635084570 3393116965994655651 n
Georgina E.
Sunday Nov 12 @ 7 pm

Joey Tribiani, Mary Poppins and Britney Spears walk into a bar...

Fullsizerender Fullsizerender 1

Brilliant night of quizzing in Clapham sheltered from the cold! 9 teams played for the £50 food and drink voucher and free bottle of wine. Team 'Missing Blue Planet For This' proved that venturing out and away from the telly on a windy Sunday night was well worth it! You can always catch up with...

 mg 0226%2810x8crop%29
Shaun B.
Sunday Nov 12 @ 7 pm

It's a mad house

20170813 210155

Cherry Tree is crazy! Full on crazy! I wouldn't give a point for forgetting the s on aliens, there was a riot. I said Moses was part of Christianity, I was run out of the bar. Some fella was adamant the Great Sphinx was in Cairo, they burnt the pub to the ground. Good night though. Congratulations...

Liam E.
Sunday Nov 12 @ 7 pm


Img 9139 Img 9137

It was close tonight as we went to a tiebreaker! 32 points each for 'Hardly Atheltic' and 'The Paradise Papers' as they went down to the wire to decide our winner. "How many episodes are there of LOST?" one team said 95 the other 130..The winner = 'Hardly Atheltic' with 130 as the answer is a 121...

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Michael L.
Sunday Nov 12 @ 7 pm

What a generous bunch at the Signal’s charity quiz


Oh what a wonderful night. Tonight as a little extra, The Signal themed their quiz to commemorate Armistice Day, with all the entry fees going straight to the Royal Legion charity as well as extra donation envelopes for every table if they were feeling generous, and generous they were! As well as...

Screen shot 2012 11 25 at 9.22.16 pm
Alex D.
Sunday Nov 12 @ 7 pm

Bloody Aussies coming here winning our quiz

20171112 213815

So, and no thanks to Mark (or Mike as he pretentiously likes to be known) who added absolutely nothing to the team score by not actually being at the quiz - bastard, 'The Spanish inquizition' won a-bloody-gain. And get this! The drongoes are not even Spanish. They're bloody Aussies. And they won. I...

Cookie M.
Sunday Nov 12 @ 6 pm

Soho Sundays


This weeks drag queen quiz at The Duck & Rice in Soho proves why Sundays in Soho are unlike no other. Not only do you get a quiz but a cabaret show thrown in just for good measure from your host - yours truly Cookie MonStar There might have been just one team - The Bukkake Banshees who walked away...

 mg 0226%2810x8crop%29
Shaun B.
Thursday Nov 9 @ 8 pm

Place is jumpin

20170803 222532

We had a very busy night down The Plough which just made for a very healthy jackpot to be won. Top prize went to regulars 'The Quizzie Rascals' who came back hard in round 2. Tonight's big winners were wave race 64 pocketing the rollover which was a cool £100.

13435432 10153868561073318 6577762032807796070 n
Skye V.
Thursday Nov 9 @ 8 pm

The cutest little quizzers

20171109 203828 Stationh1 Stationh222

At the Station Hotel, I am always delighted to see our quiz regular Fleur - the sweetest little fluffy dog - join in to support her human team. But this week the joy was doubled when she was joined by little Jack, rooting for his own team! Of course any other quizzers who passed by for questions...

Daniel C.
Thursday Nov 9 @ 8 pm

Highest team score ever at The Kings Arms

Img 1261 Img 1262 Img 1263

Tonight we had plenty of competition with 30 players split between 8 teams competing for our £40 bar tab, which went to team 'Quiz bang wallop' who scored the highest score we've ever had at 'The Kings Arms on 47 points. We needed a tie breaker to decide our second to last jackpot, regular team...

Liam E.
Thursday Nov 9 @ 8 pm

Dogs + Quiz = Winner

Manorarms112 Manorarms22

Today I learnt a very important fact. Dogs and pub quizzes together is a wonderful thing! Well at least at The Manor Arms anyway as they welcome doggies with open arms and thank goodness they do because many pups decided to pop in with their owners and take part. It makes for a lovely atmosphere and...

035ddfc9 bf1a 4ee3 b0bb f9d8ad7ad025
Michael L.
Thursday Nov 9 @ 7 pm

Italian Job had another mini rollover! What a jackpot


So tonight’s quiz was at Notting Hill’s new hot spot The Italian Job and with some challenging questions in the mix this week things were set to be as tense as it’s film’s namesake. However, after two close rounds, the aptly named ‘Blood Money’ came out on top, well done team. Prizes were also won...

James B.
Thursday Nov 9 @ 7 pm

IMPORTANT NEWS: Alcohol does improve intelligence

Img 1867 Img 1868

Another big night of fun quiz times with a lot of regular teams (and some newbies) returning to try and win the £79 Jackpot (and the £30 Jackpot). We had one genius lady (who I want to call Lizzy?) who won both free drink questions! We had the Latecomers coming second to last and winning a bottle of...

14224899 308966729463386 5590833159349559835 n+%282%29
David M.
Wednesday Nov 8 @ 8 pm

For Those That Are About To Quiz, We Salute You

Img 20171109 002434 Img 20171108 223701 Img 20171108 223615

An amazing night of question and answers back and fourth between six, that's right six teams in Goose Island Balham this Tuesday. Six amazing teams. Let's count them shall we? One, two, three, four, five, six. Six, yes six teams. You know word of mouth about the quiz has really picked up when it...

Img 3858
Tom W.
Wednesday Nov 8 @ 8 pm

Blue planet quizing

Tomw1 Tomw2 Tomw3

Another great quiz at The Railway Tavern. As well as the quiz, this week teams were asked to draw an underwater scene to celebrate the return of David Attenborough returning to our screens, with the spectacular blue planet. The gang did not disappoint. Congratulations to sock of flea gulls for the...

Tok A.
Wednesday Nov 8 @ 8 pm

Unlikely Champions

Img 0612

Every pub quiz (almost without fail) there is always one team that had no intention of taking part in a pub quiz when they arrived to drink that evening. They just happened to be in the area at the time, maybe celebrating something or just for a quiet one after work and they’re always quite...

Howard S.
Wednesday Nov 8 @ 8 pm

Mad mad fun

20171108 222742

'Just the Two Of Us' won by three points and it was CLOSE behind them. Four teams were deadlocked in second place and there's a bottle of wine to play for so it was serious stuff! It was won by Billie Jeans Dream Team with a great answer just one away from the actual correct answer. Which is rare....

Alex A.
Wednesday Nov 8 @ 8 pm

Chinese Takeaway

Beaufort1 Beaufort22

Little bit quiet tonight at The Beaufort, only 5 teams were in it to win it and whilst many prizes were won, 'Its Almost Quizmas' took out the bar tab with a fantastic effort of 38 points! But let’s give them more competition! After winning two weeks in a row hopefully next week an underdog can take...

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