Gerry howell
Gerry H.
Sunday Jul 16 @ 7 pm

Good things come to those...

Dsc 0199

Wait long enough for the unbeatable, incomparable Cloaklands FC not to turn up and clean up at the quiz, and you finally find your ship has come in and this is your night. A bit like waiting for Roger Federer to retire and then grabbing your chance to win Wimbledon, patience is the greatest...

Ken B.
Sunday Jul 16 @ 7 pm

Nothing dirty about your win!

Birkimg 20170716 205736

And the winner is....... Team Dirty Hangover! Congrats to these first timers who scooped gold prize of the £50 bar tab (not forgetting a free drink too)! It was a close call but they edged it with a one point lead!

Screen shot 2012 11 25 at 9.22.16 pm
Alex D.
Sunday Jul 16 @ 7 pm

Hot and sweaty

20170716 211813

Cor! It's muggy today. What with the weather and Wimbledon, a surprisingly large number turned out to quiz at the Prince of Wales. With the questions favouring the US it wasn't surprising that American team, Alternative Facts, stormed to victory. Or is that Fake News?

 mg 0226%2810x8crop%29
Shaun B.
Thursday Jul 13 @ 8 pm

High scoring night


Some very high scores this week at The Plough! New Russian Alligation (NRA) scored top marks, with an impressive score of 51 points. Only 2 wrong answers in the second half! Their hard working was rewarded with the cash pot! 'Have we got booze for you', 'Quizzy Rascals' and 'The Dumb Belles' all put...

Alex fisher
Alexandra F.
Thursday Jul 13 @ 8 pm

A warm welcome!

20170713 214755

I had an excellent night hosting my first quiz at the Manor Arms and what a very warm welcome I had. Thank you to all who came along and all the new faces I met. It was a super tight race to the end with just one point between the first and second place. Congrats to 'Boxing Day' who managed the win...

Graham E.
Thursday Jul 13 @ 8 pm

Topers come top!

20170713 214736

The 'Pissheads' can stay inebriated this week with a free drink and a £40 bar tab as they just stayed ahead of the competition in a cozy but laugh-filled quiz.

Graham E.
Wednesday Jul 12 @ 8 pm

They're gooner win it!

20170712 215440

Arsenal fans 'Wenger In?' were in top form at a lively and atmospheric quiz, scoring an excellent 40.5 points and collecting a £40 bar tab for their efforts. The beautiful blonde doppelgangers of 'Twinception' were delighted with their bottle of wine for second-to-last, and everyone left with a...

Img 6181
Stephanie S.
Wednesday Jul 12 @ 8 pm

Coalition of Teams


Two great teams last night joined forces to become one amazing team! Coalition of Chaos and The Fresh Prince of Mill Hill have previously scored high scores but have recently just not scored quite high enough to win. However, together they were a force to be reckoned with and won with a score of 37...

Nigel B.
Wednesday Jul 12 @ 8 pm

Insert the winners name here.

Great to see my regular teams back tonight. The audience participation was at a high tonight. Any new teams on show must have wondered what the hell was going on!!! Anyway last week's champions were a little depleted tonight and it showed with the scores as they struggled to get to 30 points. That's...

Ken B.
Wednesday Jul 12 @ 8 pm

Quizzing in the city

Img 0572

And the winner is......... Michael Schumachers Ski School! Well done to these first timers who scooped first prize- but only just though as they had to fight for it in our tie breaker showdown closest to question!

James B.
Wednesday Jul 12 @ 8 pm

Two Heads Are Better Than Everyone Else's


Tonight we had a really friendly and exciting quiz with a £74 cash prize to be won. We had everything! We had 9 friends who split into two teams and fought to the death! We had a birthday party who proved that age does not equal wisdom (though did win a bottle of wine for coming second to last). We...

Dsc 0405bw
Michael B.
Wednesday Jul 12 @ 8 pm

Everyone Deserves A Second Chance

Fullsizerender Img 3355 Fullsizerender 1

Question 5 in tonight's Nightingale quiz concerned unlucky number 13, which is in fact considered rather lucky in Italy. With that in mind perhaps, 'The Ratinators' picked envelope 13 in the jackpot round. The bad news - no prize. The good news - a slip of paper reading, "Second chance, try again"...

Howard S.
Wednesday Jul 12 @ 8 pm

First Timers Win!

20170712 220839

A team of two making their first appearance took first prize this week defeating two former winners in the process! Proof if it were needed it’s not about the numbers in your team it’s about who it is. So you only need one other person to make a team. Come and join us next week.

Sam 1781
Matthew D.
Wednesday Jul 12 @ 8 pm

Bye bye Pipi, Hello Fleagulls!

Img 20170712 221319 Img 20170712 220921

After a bit of a miserable day for me, I was really looking forward to hosting a nice, friendly quiz and, as always, the Railway did not disappoint. We had some spectacular names this week including The Desperate Housewives (who did not seem at all desperate), 214 to be exact (or rather, not exact)...

Rosie F.
Wednesday Jul 12 @ 8 pm

206 bones in the body- SAY WHAT?

Img 4128 Img 4127

Another round of quizzing last night and some interesting facts came to surface! The record for the most hot dogs eaten in 10 minutes-72!! Did you also know there are 206 bones in the body?? No wonder chiropractors are in business! Teams scored highly in the first round then "fake quiz-sad face"...

Fb img 1493755037205 1
Logan S.
Wednesday Jul 12 @ 8 pm

The Competition is Serious

20170712 223402 20170621 202154

Quizzing is not for the feint of heart at the Hare and Billet! We had 6 separate ties last night, including for the £50 bar tab and the bottle of wine. Everyone was in it until the end, with the bonus points for the best Patrick-Swayze-themed-drawing playing a deciding role! Great prizes, and...

Jason T.
Wednesday Jul 12 @ 7 pm

Nation of Quizlam (well only two of it) scoop top prize

Img 20170712 215709

Just two guys known as 'Nation of Quizlam' scooped the top prize at the latest Eagle Fact Hunt with a two point lead over their nearest rivals. It was a truly international quiz with a fabulously moustached man from New York within the mix. This is definitely the place to be on a Wednesday evening...

Simon K.
Wednesday Jul 12 @ 7 pm

A very creative creative round

Well done to 'Flap' for a super win. It's nice to have you back but who will beat you. 'Kissing the whippet' were so close. Well done to '3 degrees' for a great second to last prize. Our creative round tonight was 'worst tin foil' in which everyone was free to be as rude and in PC as possible. What...

Luolamies 017
Nick H.
Wednesday Jul 12 @ 7 pm

The Stinking Bishop and the Laughing Cow - masters of the second half

Wp 20170712 22 06 40 pro Wp 20170712 22 06 58 pro Wp 20170712 22 07 14 pro

Despite the Stinking Bishop saying it was Paul Ince who was the first black player to captain England's football team and the Laughing Cow not having it, "One Stinking Bishop and a Laughing Cow" did enough to overcome the three point lead "Neo" had after the first half of the quiz to take this...

Marnie N.
Wednesday Jul 12 @ 7 pm

Not a Savage Garden


Making the most of the lovely weather by quizzing al fresco. Quizzy Bears put up a brave fight after hit footing it back from Italy and T&P enjoyed the chips as much as the questions! It was Breakfast Radio Club who were triumphant and claimed the bar tab. Well done guys!

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