Howard S
Wednesday Jul 4 @ 8 pm

First Time Winners Long Time Players

In a hot muggy quiz, history was made. The day after England won their first ever penalty shoot-out "Dodgy Knees" won their first quiz after many attempts. We also had a tie for second to last which is worth a bottle of wine and we played for the £200 jackpot as usual but it wasn't won. So maybe you could win it next week?

Charles C
Wednesday Jul 4 @ 8 pm

No Prize for the World's Biggest Sandwich

Whether it was World Cup exhaustion or people getting swept up in 4th July shenanigans (why?!), it was quite an intimate gig at The Duchy Arms last night. That said, there was still some exuberant quizzing to be done and the battle for the prizes was no less fierce, with the D-Day beaches, Radiohead and the new sports for the 2020 Olympics all playing their part in the trivia-testing. In the end, "My Close Friends" won the top prize, beating "Juicy On His Own" by just one point despite having a team five times the size....

Celia L
Wednesday Jul 4 @ 8 pm

"The Anglo-Aussi Agreement" Broken By The Not So "Universally Challenged"

The last two weeks "The Anglo-Aussi Agreement" have walked away with first prize and before they made the full trifecta, they were trounced by their competitors "Universally Challenged" who have nipped at their heels for the past fortnight! Hurrah!!! We had three teams tied for second to last place: "Vikings United", "Sir Radcliffe’s Rebels" and "I Am... Sasha Fierce" so it came to the team name tiebreaker and our bar staff unanimously voted the best team name was "I Am... Sasha Fierce"! Congrats to all who played. It has been a treat to quiz with you...

Nigel B
Wednesday Jul 4 @ 8 pm

Arise "Sir Gareth"!!!

A beautiful summer evening 2dhere at the Cutty meant a shortage of teams but not a shortage of fun. DSC MASSIVE were missing tonight so you would have thought this was going to be open and close. Nobody told that script to arise for "Sir Gareth of Southgate" who turned the quiz upside down and went onto win by a clear margin.

David J
Wednesday Jul 4 @ 7 pm

World Cup Jitters

This week at The Brewhouse & Kitchen MK brought us a fun pub quiz with a nice mix of regulars and new players! As decided by a tiebreaker with The "Quizzy Rascals", our winning team today was "Waitin' on Dibs" (who very much deserved a win) and our consolation growler went to some great newcomers: "Team Upnbangme". An air of excitement regarding the World Cup lingered in the air as expected, but this Saturday, if England does go through, next Wednesday's quiz (11th July 2018) will be cancelled so people can enjoy our big match vs....

Simon K
Wednesday Jul 4 @ 7 pm

A Great Night

Well done to the "Kissing The Whippet’ Team who won the main prize and to "Mr and Mrs" who won 2nd to last. Tonight’s creative round was ‘something special for me’ and I took the Oscar! Well done to "We Should’ve Brought The Dogs" for winning my secret stash. See you next Wednesday for more of the same!

Sean M
Wednesday Jul 4 @ 7 pm

I Got England On My Mind

After last night's historical win on penalties, it seemed few were prepared to venture out for fear of another defeat. With only 4 teams, half of them went home with a prize! Happy days! There was only 3 points in it in the need. But The "England S*xpests" came out on top of a very close affair... pun intended?

Keith H
Tuesday Jul 3 @ 8 pm

It May Be Coming Home - Unless Someone's Changed The Locks

So there was this bladder kicking thing on, but we found three football-averse mates and... Oh, alright. One team turned up and agreed to compete as three teams of one, and the banter, ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you, the banter was in a different class altogether. We even had a tie-break, which, of course, decided both first and second to last prizes. The wonderful thing about erstwhile teammates, is their guesses are wonderful. Who wraps buildings in clingfilm? Of course, Tutankhamun. What was that flower? Well, yes, it did indeed begin with a 'p'...

Victoria S
Tuesday Jul 3 @ 8 pm

The 2nd Biggest Game of the Night: Won by "Columbia"

Oh the irony! So on one of the most important nights of the World Cup, we had a lil' quiz surrounded by cheering and sounds of happiness. And that was just for the quiz! Two rival teams made up of best mates battled it out, with team "Columbia" beating "Ghana Guys"! Well, at least "Columbia" won something tonight... Too soon?... A £50 bar tab which they went on to spend immediately, sharing their winnings with their arch nemesis... That's how you do a quiz at The Fentiman!

Liam E
Tuesday Jul 3 @ 8 pm

England Game and Quiz

Tonight it was that classic English combination at The Brouge, a Quiz and an England-World-Cup-knock-out-match. You’ve never heard of that combo I hear you say? Well, we certainly made it work this evening. £50 bar tab won, £100 given away and an England-win! Perfect.

Paul A
Tuesday Jul 3 @ 8 pm

A Draw After Extra Time? Time for Penalties...

Two teams battled out a top-flight quiz at the same time as England battled at the highest level in the World Cup. And strangely the result mirrored, the events in Moscow! After 90 minutes the scores were all level. Extra-time was needed in the form of a tie-break. The "Yes Sir" team were victorious, but then they decided to gamble. No, not a penalty shoot-out, but the Golden Gamble. Sadly unlike England, the "Yes Sir" team were not victorious, they gambled their £50 prize and picked a bottle of house wine. Well, at least they had...

Graham E
Monday Jul 2 @ 8 pm

An American Dream

With nine out of the eleven participants being from across the pond, the quiz had a distinctly transatlantic feel. Such was the dominance of the Yanks that I thought about introducing a quiz tariff, but I abandoned the idea after realising it would destroy the quizzing economy of both nations. In the end, it was the family "McKinney" who took the honours and the £50 bar tab, with the only Brits in the contest - plucky couple "King of the Castle" - coming second and picking up the bottle of wine. The jackpot rolls over to...

Tom K
Monday Jul 2 @ 8 pm

Selhurst Parkers Back to Winning Ways

They might not be Belgian, but they still know how to work a brilliant comeback. After being 2 points behind at half time, "Selhurst Parkers" pulled a brilliant second half out the bag and stormed to victory to claim the £100 bar tab. And in a possible first ever, all teams scored over 40 points... Last place was an oft winning score of 41! On top of all this, Play Your Cards Right rolled over again so next week will be a minimum of £100 up for grabs! See you there.

Ellie W
Monday Jul 2 @ 8 pm

Quick Question...

Who wants an outdoor quiz? It’s difficult getting some of you sun worshipers back in the building for some general knowledge action. Let us know your thoughts! Congratulations to the team “My 3 Sons” on your £50 bar tab win. There is a £100 rollover next week with just a few cards left on the board - see you in a few days!

Jon B
Monday Jul 2 @ 8 pm

Belgium 3...12 Japangry Men Won

Another hot night at The Colton, and with a lot of the garden taken by Belgian football supporters, we had to make do with the cosy inside! No shortage of players though, with previous champs '12 Japangry Men' (new name) taking on 'Quiz in my Pants', 'The Colour Turquiz' and 'Ronaldoh', it was going to be a competitive night. As ever, a high scoring first half gave nothing away, but we all know the combination of more Rose and tough questions usually takes it’s toll on one or two, and 'Quiz in My Pants' certainly showed...

Michael L
Monday Jul 2 @ 8 pm

Straw Football, Car Logos & A Lot of Happy Belgians

This week we introduced a few new challenges into the midst of our usual Monday night quiz here at The White Hart. Have you ever played straw football? I’ll explain it to do it: shuffle around a table or two while confusing all the teams as to what you are doing between asking quiz questions. Get a ping pong ball (or two for multi ball fun). Put a straw in several players’ mouths and tell them to blow the ball into the other teams' goals. It’s hilarious, and surprise surprise, who would come up the unexpected...

Dean D
Monday Jul 2 @ 8 pm

Two Teams Go to War and Win

Tonight wasn't so much a battle of the giants but a battle of those who decided that Japan versus Belgium was not good enough to distract them from a darned good quiz. It was a very close battle between two teams in particular "Moman Griffal" and "And The Beasty Boys", who won respectively first and second prize (excuse the in-joke, you had to have been there). The Jackpot has rolled over to next week and is now £300.00 which is due to a team member taking £75.00 cash to not turn the next card which had...

Daniel C
Monday Jul 2 @ 7 pm

Clean Sweep for Quizzy Rascals

"Quizzy Rascals" were all-round-champions tonight but not only scoring a colossal 43 points to take tonight’s £50 bar tab but they were also the winners of both of our free drinks. A tough slog for second place saw the team "Do You Really Like It, Quiz It Quiz It Wicked?" just edge it and win themselves a bottle of wine.

Luke M
Monday Jul 2 @ 7 pm

World Cup Quizzing

Is very dangerous! Two teams turned up but still had one eye on the World Cup as they battled it out for top of the group. It was a real knock out group as just as Belgium secured victory in the last minute "Fab Four" took the prize. Join us next week for Red Cards, last minute goals and VAR.

Graeme W
Monday Jul 2 @ 6 pm

Billy Gets Mates & Triumphs Again

Last week’s winning team was "Billy No Mates", and as I’m sure you’ve guessed that was a one person team. This week, Billy (if that is his real name) found some mates and they triumphed. "We Only Came Here For The Wings" expertly took the quiz crown at The Draft House with an excellent total of 36 points. The marvellously named "3 Busty Queens" took the consolation prize of a bottle of wine with 31 points.

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