Ben P
Sunday Apr 22 @ 7 pm

Another record drops

It was another record-breaking night at the Bull and Last, albeit hardly our most memorable one. Regular winners (although not infallible!) 'My Interesting Ladyfriend' saw their biggest winning margin yet, a whole 11 pts clear of closest rivals. Some great performances including over half the teams on their debuts.

Howard S
Sunday Apr 22 @ 7 pm

Mum's the word

Team We Miss Your Mum won out convincingly in the end although it was close for a while there. The team who finished second to last were very happy with their bottle of champagne for finishing in that position, who wouldn't be?! The cash jackpot wasn't won so rolls over for another week, come in down it could be you!

James B
Sunday Apr 22 @ 7 pm

Quiz Champions Return To Form

The third quiz in the middle of the April heatwave and what a quiz it was! Despite some minor misunderstand with the rules of how quizzes work we had a fantastic time with Scott from Harry Aziz's ending up in two tie break situations (very tense). In the Jackpot Game he and another team wrote the same answer meaning they had a tie break question which he won, unfortunately only getting to 4 cards on Play James' Cards Right (which is the exact point that people get to every single week). His team also got joint...

Ainhoa B
Sunday Apr 22 @ 7 pm

Jackpot rollover

Lovely evening at the Walmer Castle with 7 excellent teams fighting for the quiz prize. There were some intense moments while playing the jackpot card game and after a few guesses a Queen beat the Jack and the jackpot rolled over to the following week. Don't miss out on your chance to win it!

Caolan B
Sunday Apr 22 @ 7 pm

It’s a marathon not a sprint

Marathon Sunday. One of the finest days in the calendar when the crowds descend on London for a challenge of endurance. The same could be said for The Kings Arms tonight as another endurance battle took place. Big teams,small teams, all battling it out to be the number one. At the half way mark it seemed as tho we were in for the closest quiz yet with just 2 points separating all the teams. But the second half was a different story. It seems some teams had peaked too early but not team Wah Wah pedals...

Callan D
Sunday Apr 22 @ 7 pm

Everyone’s A Winner! Literally!

As a last minute cover, super Callan raced like the London Marathon all the way down from finishing a show in Aberystwyth(!!) to host at The Phoenix. It also seems that the Marathon May have exhausted everyone in the heat because we had a grand total of 2 teams playing for tonight’s big prizes. That of course meant only one thing: EVERYONE’S A WINNER! In a fun filled, intimate and tense showdown, The Quizzly Bears took home the £50 bar tab with Old Alliance happy with their bottle of house wine. The Jackpot rolls over once...

Celia L
Sunday Apr 22 @ 7 pm

Sunday Run Day

Unfortunately no Marathon runners taking part in our quiz tonight - I imagine those I did see having their well-deserved victory pints with their medals hanging proudly round their necks wanted to get back home ASAP to bathe in ice and put their feet up after today’s challenge!! No energy left to dedicate to a quiz after that! But we did have one pub quiz punter preparing to run his first 5K and fittingly his team were the front runners in the quiz tonight coming out in first place. No medals to be awarded but a...

Charlie T
Sunday Apr 22 @ 7 pm

Sunday Quiz Fun at The Signal

A high-scoring quiz this week, with a lowest score a decent 20 and the two highest in the 40s. Quiz Flaps sneaked a win with 41, one point above Cloaklands FC. Easy, bo-nonsense company attentive and absorbed in the quiz action. A fine example for all pub quiz players.

Alex D
Sunday Apr 22 @ 7 pm

Three men (and a lady) waft over three Toms

It's hot. Sweaty. Moist. Great if you're with your lover but less so if you're doing a quiz. In this morass of clungy batter and fungal squee on team basted to the top. The "Three Wise Toms" didn't win though. They came second. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Liam E
Sunday Apr 22 @ 7 pm

High Scores

Tonight at The Rose it was all about the high scores as 3 teams scored 37 or more! I reckon that this week may have broken a few records as our winners this evening nearly had a full house by getting just one question wrong. Well done to 'Safe Crane Campaign' and I hope to see you in The Rose again soon, who knows you may be the first team to get a full house.

William F
Sunday Apr 22 @ 7 pm

Quizlamic Pundamentalists are really extreme!

Veteran quizzers, Quizlamic Pundamentalists rocked it tonight, scoring full marks for the first half; something I have never seen before in my quiz career! They rightly deserved the winning tab with an impressive 41 points. the excitement didn't stop there for them, though. One team member is a marathon fan and knew the women's record almost to the second. Unfortunately the cards weren't as kind and so the jackpot rolls over!

Jason T
Thursday Apr 19 @ 8 pm

Three way tie break decides cash position

It was a close fought quiz. We ended up with three teams in a tie-breaker to try and estimate the number of new Golf Cars registered in the UK in 2013. In the end it was 'Pete Postlethwaite's Preposterous Posthumous Pizza party' that stole the show and finally toppled 'Not Ready Already' from their extraordinary three week series of wins (despite an increasing handicap). Well done to everyone who attended on what turned out to be the hottest April day for 70 years! Come and cool down next week with Pete :)

Daniel C
Thursday Apr 19 @ 8 pm

Double winning Universally Challenged

Returning team Universally challenged not only won tonight’s top prize but also got to enter our envelope challenge and also won a round of drinks for the team. New team Dumb and Dumber took part for the first time and were rewarded by winning a couple of craft beers! Great weather and great teams made this one of the best quizzes to date, bring on next week!!

Richard L
Thursday Apr 19 @ 8 pm

Jackpot Continues Growing!

Surely the warmest evening so far in 2018 but four teams competed at The Manor Arms for a £40 bar tab. Without exception all the teams enjoyed food as well so multi-tasking was much in evidence! Deja Vue was the victorious team with a score of 41, whilst the second to last wine prize went to Mom's Spaghetti. A member of Mom's Spaghetti, also had the chance of a shot at the jackpot - £194. No luck for the jackpot though because the cards went wrong after two guesses. Next week the jackpot goes up to...

Charlie T
Thursday Apr 19 @ 8 pm

This One's a Tight Fight

Things were super-close in the first round - two teams tied at 13.5, The Duchesses leading by a skinny half-point. That gap was separated by a particularly tough second round, The Duchesses kept their lead, and reinforced it by two points. Aquasplash fought a good fight, ending on 26.5, Les Quizerables ending close behind them on 25. The Jackpot rolls on into next week - still creeping up towards the £250 megaslam!

Callan D
Thursday Apr 19 @ 8 pm

Opening Night Drama at The Crown and Anchor

I've done many quizzes as cover but as a regular this was my debut on top of being the first Quiz Night at The Crown & Anchor. And boy oh boy, was it action packed. £50 bar tab for the winners. Bottle of House Wine for second to last and an accumulator Jackpot (now standing at £79). Sounds ordinary but it was anything but come score totals. 4 points separated 1st from last. A tiebreaker needed to settle the wine and Tequila Mockingbird just scraped home to take the win. An amazing, fun filled, rollercoaster start...

Jonathon M
Thursday Apr 19 @ 8 pm

Sweet Victory for Long Time Quizzers!

It was a sweet victory for tonight's winners, who have been attending the pub quiz at the Station Hotel in Hither Green for 6 months. Not only did they claim their first ever win, they also guessed the jackpot question correctly and ended up taking home that lovely cash jackpot! Certainly not a bad way to celebrate the hottest day in the country so far!

Lena Margareta E
Thursday Apr 19 @ 7 pm

A bitter sweet victory at the Pembroke

Five teams ditched the sun and battled it out in an intensely tight race for the pot of gold at the foot of the rainbow. Team Yeah... had the lead in the first half, but Potato Heads, led by a professional quiz master from New York, were neck to neck. However, Team K sneakily made a dash for it in the second half, and won BOTH the 30 pound first price AND a chance at the 235 pound jackpot. The evening ended in a nail bitingly exciting game of Play Your Cards Right, where an evil...

James B
Thursday Apr 19 @ 7 pm

Thunder Quiz

On the hottest day of the year, we decided to have the hottest quiz of the DECADE! Three red hot teams battled it out with integrity, knowledge, and odd discussions about various topics. One team dominated the prizes however. Apart from our second place team, Cum Quiz Wiv Me, who got a bottle of wine, the main £30 bar tab AND the Jackpot Game was won by Team Quiz. However, they didn’t win the £158 jackpot but they did win the - still good - round of shots. Next week that means we have a jackpot...

Charles C
Wednesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

Hot town! Quizzin' in the City. Jackpot also hot - over £250 next week!

High energy in The Duchy Arms last night as the cash jackpot reached £245. Nine teams wrestled it out for the bar tab and for the glory. Just one point in between 'Fake Quiz - Sad!' in the first place and 'Quizzical' in second, by the end. It was electric. 'The Cockney Geezers' did admirably on a points-per-person basis and wowed everyone with their knowledge of the girl band, All Saints. 'We Were After The Wine' got what they came for in coming second from last, with 'Yanks' getting unfairly wrong-footed by the cryptic tube station...

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