Bull, Highgate Mon, Feb 27 2017 19:30

Micro-Boeing Soar, Les Quizerables Make Do With The Bin Rouge

Graeme W.

On a damp February night in N6, a new team took the title away from last week's winners. Winning by a healthy 5 point margin, Micro-Boeing (a scaled-down version of regular team, erm, Boeing...) took home a well-deserved £50 bar voucher with an excellent 35 points. Last week's champions Les Quizerables have a warming bottle of vin rouge for 2nd, and stalwart Bull quizzers Nil Desperandum were 3rd with 28. Also a special mention for the last placed team who scored 23 points: Gusset Banjo. The mind boggles...

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Graeme winchester
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