Calf Mon, Jul 24 2017 20:00

‘Hawaii Is The Wettest State’ return for victory

Charles C.

An impressive night’s quizzing took place at The Calf last night. Somehow teams knew who the second oldest Spice Girl was (is?); they made light work of a question on Groundhog Day; and, even defeated a tricky riddle about the Post Office. ‘Quizlamic Extremists’ and ‘Razta Pattern’ got close to a record for a first-half score but, the one-man band of ‘My Wife Said She Would Rather Watch Love Island’ broke the record for points on a per-team-member basis. However, last night also saw the return of two-thirds of ‘Hawaii Is The Wettest State’ and, even with a team member absent, they stormed to victory in a second-half thriller.

On top of all this, ‘Quizlamic Extremists’ won through to the jackpot round and, after blitzing my higher-or-lower card game, took home the £238. Cold hard cash. Quite a return on their £2 entry fee. It was as easy as that.

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