Colton Arms Mon, Feb 12 2018 20:00

Nobody Expected the Spanish InQUIZition...

Jon B

A competitive night at The Colton, with eight teams battling it out. 'Paceys Mom' returned after a short sabbatical, but they didn’t look as prepared for the competition as they should have been, and were clearly threatened by the presence of 'Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquizition', boasting a couple of Scottish academics who were there to prove that although Scotland are rubbish at Rugby, they can still do education…! Quite a tight first half, with only five points between top and bottom, but the tougher second half destroyed the hopes of 'Le Poulet de Cottage', 'Paceys Mom' and 'Between Iraq and Estonia Place', leaving 'No Expects the Spanish Inquizition' to romp home by two points. The confusingly titled 'I’m a Tw*t' managed to guess the envelope question, but were a little behind in where to find the winning envelope, because we don’t put it on the bottom anymore, or at least, we didn’t last night! Money rolls over to next week!! See you there!

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Top Teams
Nobody Expects the Spanish InQUIZisition
Poulet de Cottage
Betweem Iraq and Estonia Place
Paceys Mom
Kim Jong Ummmm