Draft House Midsummer Tue, Feb 13 2018 19:00

Maths Wizards

David J

This week at The Draft House MK, there were a whole bunch of teams: big teams small teams, regulars and newcomers: just how we like it! Scores were varied this week, but the winners with a very impressive 38 points were 'You're a Quizzard, Harry!' At the ends of the quiz we had our Jackpot game, this week playing for £65, but the tie-breaker question leading up to that: "A Billion Seconds is How Many Years?" turned out to be the question to end all questions: with a more equation solving than a GCSE Maths exam, and a lot of confusing as to what constitutes a "billion".

In the end the Jackpot was narrowly missed, meaning that next week, we'll be playing for a greater sum. See you then, Tuesday at 7pm!

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