Duchy Arms Wed, Oct 25 2017 20:00

There’s a new champion in town

Tok A

At last. At long long last the juggernauts of The Duchy Arms pub quiz has finally been beaten. As the new regular quiz master of this gloriously homely pub in south London, I was beginning to fear that no other team’s might and wisdom could match that of the dream team that is 'Fake Quiz - SAD!'.
In my personal opinion they are the perfect template of an ideal team: an amalgamation of lots of different professions all rolled into one table of five whose knowledge seemed to know no bounds. I was beginning to fear that no other team, whether regular or newbie, was going to knock them off the top spot.

But there was all hope. As with every question one pub quiz there was always hope. Specifically in this case, hope in two very quiet but determined women from Ireland. The friendship duo that is 'Heeby Jeebies' have been hot on the tail of this Alpha team for quite a while now and finally and fairly, they caught up.

With a sensationally impressive score of 40, these two Davids annihilated The Duchy Arms Goliath. See guys. I told you. Anything’s possible if you truly believe. I mean, who knows - you could be the next Duchy Arms Goliath.....or better yet - it’s potential new DAVID!

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