Flower Pot Sun, Oct 09 2016 19:00

The winner takes it all

Mark T

When does a really good night become an excellent night? When you win the Flower Pot quiz.

When does it become an amazing night?... When you win the quiz, and the Jackpot that has been building up over the last couple of months to an wadtastic £250. The team with the skill... and it has to be said, lady luck on their side this evening, were newcomers, 'Berty's Allsorts', named after the team dog.

"What are you going to do with the prize," I asked. Talk of Expresso Martinis (a Flower Pot Hotel cocktail special) were muttered around the room, but they were talking of a quiz holiday. Some people just can't get enough.

Don't forget, the quiz starts at 7pm now, so plenty of time to have some cerebral fun before work the next day. Have a great week,


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