Hop Poles Thu, Nov 30 2017 19:00

Aussie Invasion

James B

An absolutely insane pub quiz this week with 6 massive teams battling it out for £30 to spend at the bar with almost 50% of the turnout consisting of an Australian and Kiwi delegation (some of them won a bottle of wine!)
In the end we had some fantastic free drink questions (with one man struggling to come up with any compliments to be chosen - “You are audible” and “You have a microphone” are not compliments).
We had a very close call with The E Team winning by just one point.
In First Place won the Jackpot Game with some spot on Eiffel Tower knowledge but did not win the jackpot. Instead they won some life advice which shall be dispensed below.
That means the jackpot next week is £190!!!

Life Advice - To be sure of hitting your target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target

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