Nightingale, Balham Wed, Sep 13 2017 20:00

Good Karma

Michael B

Tonight's Nightingale fact-hunt restored my faith in both human nature and the power of quiz. First up, we had a nail-bitingly, bum-clenchingly, spine-tinglingly exciting finish, with 'The Wikipedia Files' beating 'Tryouts For The Human Race' by a mere, solitary point, 41-40 Then quartet 'Jarry & Narry' won "20 Seconds Behind The Bar" in the jackpot round and did a fine job, part-filling eight pitchers with cold, foaming (very foaming) lager. A heart-warming gesture, they proceeded to share their winnings with the remaining rival teams. THEN, in an even more heart-warming twist, 'Tryouts For The Human Race' noticed that the two female quizzers on 'Jarry & Narry' were drinking white wine - not cold, foamy lager - and so donated their runners-up bottle of house vino. What a lovely bunch we have here at 'The Nightingale' - a true community boozer. I'll drink to that ...

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