Nightingale, Balham Wed, Aug 09 2017 20:00

Wet Wet Wet

Michael B

It's August. It's summer. It's the school holidays. So, of course, it rained solidly for about twenty hours today. Thus, imagine my surprise - and indeed delight - as fourteen teams braved the elements to take part in tonight's soggy, squelchy, saturated Nightingale quiz.
Neil from 'Stephen Hawking's Football Boots' cheated on his usual team-mates (the harlot) and created 'Stephen Hawking's New & Improved Football Boots' - a new name (sort of), a new line-up (definitely) but a familiar outcome. A famous victory on an impressive 42 points. 'SW Brains' - a visiting (and hopefully permanent) quiz team from the nearby Balham Grove pub were unlucky to finish in third place due to having one more teammate than runners-up 'Drinks On Me'. However, their disappointment was short-lived as they claimed a bottle of Prosecco in the Jackpot Round. The first prize of many, I hope. Till next time, folks ...

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Top Teams
Stephen Hawking's New & Improved Football Boots
SW Brains
Drinks On Me
Agatha Quizty
Quizlamic State
Have I Got Nukes For You