Rylston Wed, Dec 06 2017 20:00

Quizzie rascal miss out again

Graham E

After last weeks drama, 'Quizzie Rascal' found themselves once more having to pick an envelope after coming closest to correctly guessing the depth of the wreck of the Titanic (3,800m). With just two envelopes to choose from the girls wanted to plump for yellow, but the boys talked them into picking blue. if only the ladies had stuck to their highly tuned and accurate instincts, they'd have been walking away with £250. As it was, they had to console themselves with the bottle of wine they picked up for coming second-to-last, as the blue envelope only contained a single shot of Sambuca. The 'Rock Hard Boys' were highly excited to collect the £40 bar tab for winning the main event, and the excitement doesn't end there, because next week it's the special Christmas quiz, and, of course the £250 jackpot is still to be won, so make your booking now!

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