Jason T
Thursday Apr 19 @ 8 pm

Three way tie break decides cash position

Img 20180419 223051465

It was a close fought quiz. We ended up with three teams in a tie-breaker to try and estimate the number of new Golf Cars registered in the UK in 2013. In the end it was 'Pete Postlethwaite's Preposterous Posthumous Pizza party' that stole the show and finally toppled 'Not Ready Already' from their extraordinary three week series of wins (despite an increasing handicap). Well done to everyone who attended on what turned out to be the hottest April day for 70 years! Come and cool down next week with Pete :)

Dsc 7542
Richard L
Thursday Apr 19 @ 8 pm

Jackpot Continues Growing!


Surely the warmest evening so far in 2018 but four teams competed at The Manor Arms for a £40 bar tab. Without exception all the teams enjoyed food as well so multi-tasking was much in evidence! Deja Vue was the victorious team with a score of 41, whilst the second to last wine prize went to Mom's Spaghetti. A member of Mom's Spaghetti, also had the chance of a shot at the jackpot - £194. No luck for the jackpot though because the cards went wrong after two guesses. Next week the jackpot goes up to...

Daniel C
Thursday Apr 19 @ 8 pm

Double winning Universally Challenged

Img 4234

Returning team Universally challenged not only won tonight’s top prize but also got to enter our envelope challenge and also won a round of drinks for the team. New team Dumb and Dumber took part for the first time and were rewarded by winning a couple of craft beers! Great weather and great teams made this one of the best quizzes to date, bring on next week!!

Callan+d+colour+view 125
Callan D
Thursday Apr 19 @ 8 pm

Opening Night Drama at The Crown and Anchor


I've done many quizzes as cover but as a regular this was my debut on top of being the first Quiz Night at The Crown & Anchor. And boy oh boy, was it action packed. £50 bar tab for the winners. Bottle of House Wine for second to last and an accumulator Jackpot (now standing at £79). Sounds ordinary but it was anything but come score totals. 4 points separated 1st from last. A tiebreaker needed to settle the wine and Tequila Mockingbird just scraped home to take the win. An amazing, fun filled, rollercoaster start...

Charlie tantam 023charlie tantam 023
Charlie T
Thursday Apr 19 @ 8 pm

This One's a Tight Fight


Things were super-close in the first round - two teams tied at 13.5, The Duchesses leading by a skinny half-point. That gap was separated by a particularly tough second round, The Duchesses kept their lead, and reinforced it by two points. Aquasplash fought a good fight, ending on 26.5, Les Quizerables ending close behind them on 25. The Jackpot rolls on into next week - still creeping up towards the £250 megaslam!

Jonathon M
Thursday Apr 19 @ 8 pm

Sweet Victory for Long Time Quizzers!


It was a sweet victory for tonight's winners, who have been attending the pub quiz at the Station Hotel in Hither Green for 6 months. Not only did they claim their first ever win, they also guessed the jackpot question correctly and ended up taking home that lovely cash jackpot! Certainly not a bad way to celebrate the hottest day in the country so far!

Lena Margareta E
Thursday Apr 19 @ 7 pm

A bitter sweet victory at the Pembroke

20180419 215958

Five teams ditched the sun and battled it out in an intensely tight race for the pot of gold at the foot of the rainbow. Team Yeah... had the lead in the first half, but Potato Heads, led by a professional quiz master from New York, were neck to neck. However, Team K sneakily made a dash for it in the second half, and won BOTH the 30 pound first price AND a chance at the 235 pound jackpot. The evening ended in a nail bitingly exciting game of Play Your Cards Right, where an evil...

James B
Thursday Apr 19 @ 7 pm

Thunder Quiz

Img 0763

On the hottest day of the year, we decided to have the hottest quiz of the DECADE! Three red hot teams battled it out with integrity, knowledge, and odd discussions about various topics. One team dominated the prizes however. Apart from our second place team, Cum Quiz Wiv Me, who got a bottle of wine, the main £30 bar tab AND the Jackpot Game was won by Team Quiz. However, they didn’t win the £158 jackpot but they did win the - still good - round of shots. Next week that means we have a jackpot...

Sweeney Y
Thursday Apr 19 @ 8 pm

An intimate little night of trivia


Yes only two teams this week - stressful times at uni perhaps? Terrifyingly I also tutor in psychology at uni and classes across the board have been lower this week. What the hell is going on out there - are people still attending Bunnings? That is what I want to know. Isn't that what everyone wants to know? I never understood people who dont leave the house because it is raining, especially if you were just planning on going to Bunnings. Bunnings is inside!!!

Ben S
Thursday Apr 19 @ 7 pm

Warped Moral Compas for the win!

Img 1139

Another cracking night at 3 Ravens Brewery with not only our usual friendly faces but an added bunch of friends raising awareness and funds with the Kolour4Kota team. Best team name: Warped Moral Compas + Friends. Be sure to book your table for next week! To find out more about Kolour4Kota head to: https://www.gofundme.com/vickie-slade-amp-lakota-morris

Corey J
Thursday Apr 19 @ 7 pm

‘Trivia Ends In A Three Way...........Tie.’


Thursday Night Trivia at The Eureka Hotel got off to a flyer with a playlist curated by yours truly that was immediately asked to be turned down. Can’t please everybody I guess. It all went down to the wire with three teams tied for first place! It got even closer when I asked one of the most bizarrely random tie breaker questions in my Quiz Master career. Congratulations to ‘Trivi Newton John-Let’s Get Quizzical’ for getting to within two cans of knowing what the current world record is for most canned drinks opened by a parrot...

Eve ellenbogen 480 x 480 262x272
Eve E
Thursday Apr 19 @ 7 pm

Tie-Breaker Trivia Madness at the West Beach Bathers Pavilion


It was a beautiful beach night of trivia at the West Beach Bathers Pavilion on Thursday evening, but the beautiful scenery and calm ocean air didn't stop the 5 teams from playing with fierce intensity usually reserved for TV game shows and family reunion field days. At several points in the night, it seemed that the pressure was just too much, and that several of the teams were on the brink of Soviet Union-style collapse (marriages and friendships all hanging on by a thread), but everyone pulled through in the end, leaving us with a TIE...

Jarred dsc 6521
Jarred K
Thursday Apr 19 @ 7 pm

Crowded House


The weather was not brought with them by the many Brits we had in tonight, and thankfully the reservations were. A balmy night and a full house led to a lot of fun. Solid mix of regulars and newbies saw the conclusion of the 12 week run of "Ocean's Eleven Cast" as a question, but also impressively, Mexican Drift kept up their Dias worthy streak with a PB of 47 points! It was a tightly fought contest though, with at least 3 other teams scoring over 40.

Nigel B
Wednesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

The sun shines on les quizerables.

20180418 222815

Howdy chaps. A nice hot sweaty day greeted our quizzers tonight. Not a problem as the ice cold lager flowed freely and the pimms was being readily dispatched. Last weeks winners were again in fine form and ran out winners once again with 37 points. They were closely followed by theMile high team with 36 points. Team Devon were thrilled to walk away with the bottle of wine for second to last place. Right now i am going to pack my bags and head off for a tan!!!! Andrew will take the reigns until I see...

549529 10151595003659646 279349766 n
Jo S
Wednesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

Pathetic Fallacy is Rife in Clapham

2018 04 18+21.12.01

In a case of pathetic fallacy which could rival that found on the pages of any classic novel of the late 18th and early 19th century, as the weather in South London tonight began to hot up, so too did the climate amongst the players quizzing in The Bobbin in Clapham’s Old Town. In the words of Damon Runyon: the heat was on! The competition was immense, to say the least, and this was very much reflected in this week’s scores, where there was a mere 1 point difference between the top 3 scores. In 3rd...

At2w3347 2
Victoria S
Wednesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

Touching Tips at the Top!!

Img 20180418 221305

What do you get if you cross Krusty the Clown, Gloria Gaynor and man boobs? The Wednesday night Quiz at The Nightingale of course! An exciting tiebreaker for first place meant 2nd place went to 'My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard' and 1st time 1st placers 'Touching Tips in the Corner' took the gold! (Well the £40 bar tab). A cluster of new teams joined us tonight and many promise to return as the Jackpot creeps up week on week... Sadly not won tonight, but a packet of nuts was, and shared out...

William F
Wednesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

What a scorcher!

20180418 221432

Tonight's quiz at the Hare and Billet certainly saw some brains unaffected by the heat of this glorious day. Battling at the top of the pack were Not Deported Yet and Real Social Dads. Competition was fierce and the final decider proved to be half a point and a penalty for playing with one team member over the 6 brain limit! So close!

14224899 308966729463386 5590833159349559835 n+%282%29
David M
Wednesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

The Day They Did A Quiz

Img 20180418 221140

I've seen a lot of quizzes in my time. The main reason for that is because I'm a Quiz Master and that is one of the things I have to do. But aside from that I have seen hundreds of quizzes and I would have to say that tonight's quiz was definitely one of them. It was a beautiful evening, sun shining, birds singing and the glamorous people really came out on the other side of the road. (We could see them from where we were standing.) But we didn't need to look at them because...

Howard S
Wednesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

The Chinese are Victorious

20180418 222526

In a PACKED quiz The Chinese Team won out in a keenly fought quiz. With a total of fifteen teams playing they had to fight off challenges from every corner and a deserved visitor it was. For the jackpot question the team that came last in the quiz got the closest to the required number and stepped up to play for £200, they didn't win and so we have another £200 to win next week.

James H
Wednesday Apr 18 @ 8 pm

It's a Tiebreaker!

20180418 222528

14 teams and 62 players battled for the prizes at The Tavern last night in an evenly matched contest. Bonus points this evening were for the most topically named team as chosen by some unsuspecting punter. The winner of this extra point went to the cleverly named "Ruddy hell, resign already.." who also won several packs of sweets! At halftime they were leading the way however it was clear they had peaked too early as they overhauled by three others. In the end, it was a tiebreak between two teams on 38 points. Closest to the...

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