Lauren B
Tuesday Jul 17 @ 6 pm

Pittsburghian Visitors Almost Steel The Quiz!

Cosy night of trivia, pizza, and a great atmosphere down at The Common Man in South Wharf! Big talkers the "Yinzers" hailed from Pittsburgh USA, decked out in Steelers garb and ready to take on the quiz. Fun Fact: "Yinzers" is apparently the collective noun for Pittsburghians, as they say 'yinz' the same way you would use 'yall'! Youngest Yinzer Connor took out the Paper Plane round and won a jug of beer for his family of which he wasn't allowed any, being under 18 and all. Winners of the night "Paul Bailed!" faced an awkward...

Ben S
Tuesday Jul 17 @ 6 pm

"Not Even Cloche"

Another great night down at The Belgian Beer Cafe on a Tuesday night for trivia! Tonight we learnt about deer hunters and their deer stalking, a topic that was Cloche to our heads... Speaking of which the poshest team name around was “Not even cloche”. Want a hint? Head to

Tom K
Monday Jul 16 @ 8 pm

£190 Jackpot Swept Away!

On a warm night in Wandsworth, there were a few unsuspecting couples who had just popped in for a couple of quiet drinks, but before long that were caught up in the fervour of quiz night. And for one lucky couple, it was most certainly the rights decision as they won £190 on Play Your Cards Right, after weeks of the Jackpot rolling over. Join us next Monday at 8 pm for more cash prizes and a chance to take home the £100 bar tab!

David G
Monday Jul 16 @ 8 pm

"Rubbish" Reclaim Their Crown

"Rubbish at Team Names" won the Monday night quiz at The Village Inn. They won the £40 food and bar tab and also won a free drink. The "3 Amigos" won the other free drink with "NicNatShe" winning the bottle of wine for coming second last. "NicNatShe" also played Play Your Cards Right but didn't win the £113 Jackpot. Next week's Jackpot will be £128. See you then. 8 pm!

James B
Monday Jul 16 @ 8 pm

Quizzy Quizzy, Let's Get Busy

After a break for the worldwide football competition, we returned with a vengeance with teams from all over the world (England, Spain and Rome) battling for a chance to win some free booze. It really was a game of two halves (literally) with two teams dominating the scores. In the end, though, veteran quizzers, "Ceefax The Cat", won the £30 bar tab and the wonderful, "Trivia Newton John" walked away with a bottle of wine (for coming second to last). The Jackpot Game was won by "Quizteama Aguilera" and their special guest from Rome won them...

Ellie W
Monday Jul 16 @ 8 pm

£150 Rollover Next Week!

...the highest rollover for quite some time is here! There are only x3 cards left as well. Well done to the winners "Les QUIZzerables" for your tab win! The Black Horse is the place to be this summer, if it’s too hot inside, outside there is a mix of amazing seating (fun fact of the week). See you next week!

Graham E
Monday Jul 16 @ 8 pm

"Very Stable Geniuses" Back To Win!

One of The Castle's former top sides "Very Stable Geniuses" returned to the fray after a long period of absence and scored a memorable victory with a remarkable 40 points. The other teams were left trailing in their wake, but nonetheless happy as French visitors "Moose" claimed the bottle of wine in second while first time quizzing couple "The Castle Winners" picked up a couple of free drinks in third. The Jackpot will roll over once more to next week when it will stand at more than £170!

Daniel C
Monday Jul 16 @ 7 pm

New Team Edge It On Tiebreaker

New team "Absolute Mess" put the regular team "Quizzy Rascals" to the test tonight, it was neck on neck until the tiebreaker which they just edged making them tonight’s champions, but "Quizzy Rascals" did not leave tonight empty-handed as they bagged themselves a bottle of wine for coming in second place. Team "The Bullquizzers" were treble champs tonight, they got themselves a bonus point for best team name and also won both of our free drinks questions. Great teams as always which is why The Bull is the best place to be on a Monday night.

Luke M
Monday Jul 16 @ 7 pm

"First Time Guessers" Triumph

What a night at The Arnos Arms!! 5 teams and 17 players turned up to take on the quiz. "First time guessers" were in third place at the halftime break but got an amazing 25 out of 28 in the second half to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Just us next week for more drama!

Charlie T
Monday Jul 16 @ 7 pm

Monday Night Face-Off

Tears spilt, pints smashed, hearts broken and dreams dashed - England's World Cup hangover cast a pale shadow over The White Swan tonight but those with the courage to partake in this pub quiz had a great time. Six brave girls and boys stepped up to the plate - "Recorderlings" came out victorious by a six-point whisker but "Team Heineken Ladies" vowed a heroic return. You wouldn't risk missing it if you saw the fierce in their faces tonight. Come along and join the fun every Monday night from 7pm.

Edward B
Monday Jul 16 @ 8 pm

It's Coming Home!

It didn't come home but quite frankly, the participants at the pub quiz at The Miejscowka couldn't care less. We're in the business of brains, not biceps. "#PDC" took the 100 zlotys once again in what's becoming quite a duel against "Pre Am Bula" - the previous week's reigning champs. This quiz is really growing in following and the banter between familiar teams and the balding, middle-aged host is really a sight to behold. Come and see for yourself!

Marnie N
Monday Jul 16 @ 7 pm

Big Hair Big Win

The World Cup was a distant memory for the Waterloo quizzers this week. It was back to normal and regulars "In Vino Victory" had a great first half. The newbies of "Big Hair Don’t Care" were the France if this competition, coming from behind to take it to the final whistle and snaffling a nice £50 bar tab! "In Vino Victory" still got a bottle of wine! Tres Bien!!

Corinne P
Monday Jul 16 @ 8 pm

No i fruuu... Odlecieliśmy w stronę wakacyjnego klimatu

Pogoda za oknem wcale nie przypominała letniej, wakacyjnej aury.. ale my się nie dajemy! Jak co poniedziałek w Omercie odbył się fantastyczny quiz tym razem z NIESPODZIANKĄ! Otóż, wszystkie drużyny miały za zadanie stworzyć jak najbardziej wystrzałowy i najdalej latający samolot korzystając jedynie z białej kartki papieru. Tak, tak.. malutki powrót to czasów szkolnego szaleństwa! Ostatecznie to samolot "Zorganizowanej Grupy przestępczej z Przedszkola Kupa3" doleciał najdalej i zgarnął dodatkowy punkt! Dowiedzieliśmy się również, że James Bond w wiekszości swoich filmów uprawiał s... NarciarStwo! Drużyna "Jezu, nie wiem.." Wiedziała stanowczo wiecej niż sądzili i wygrała 75PLN do wykorzystania...

Sarah R
Monday Jul 16 @ 6 pm

"Matty's Minders" In Clean Sweep!

There was a very special team member at The Angel in Old Street on Monday night, and he certainly brought his team good luck! 12-week old Golden Doodle pup Matty certainly seemed to be enjoying himself as he chomped the door stop, ate quiz sheets & weed on the floor.

Graeme W
Monday Jul 16 @ 6 pm

Quizzing Comes Home

Tonight’s quiz winners at The Draft House were absolutely in a class of their own, dominating to a level that would make the England football team envious. "Three Lions On The Piss" took the £100 bar tab first prize with a splendid 40 points, absolutely streets ahead of "Oscar Quiztorius" on 24 in second place. The bottle of wine for second last went to "Bunga Bunga" on 22 points, and though "Three Lions" were absolutely banging on the nail with their jackpot question answer, the wrong envelope was drawn, and the Jackpot rolls over to next...

Josh P
Monday Jul 16 @ 7 pm

"Ninjas 4 : Croatia 2" Claim The Skinny Dog Trivia Win Day After FIFA World Cup Victory

After claiming The Skinny Dog Hotel trivia victory last week there was a lot riding on this round. Could "The Ninjas" go the second week in a row? 50 people showed up to try to stop them. Alas, "The Ninjas" were too good again taking away the coveted first place. The halftime beer jug went to "5 Dollar Notes" who performed the nights 'best bird whistle'. The quiz runners-up, "Quizgardium Triviosa" came very close trailing by one point after smashing the speed round anagram out of the park, correctly guessing 'Winona Ryder' in just 2 seconds....

Rian H
Monday Jul 16 @ 7 pm

Francesca's 5 - My Thumb-rings Are Both The Wrong Size

Tonight was another fun and energetic game with a group of keen competitors, and a quiz tough enough to keep them on their toes. We saw a group of baboons flying as close to the moon as any human, and another anagram be absolutely annihilated by the quickest gun in the North. We learned that Rian will take any opportunity to sing, that Roseanne Barr is racist (and not Rosie O'Donnell), and that the bar team is too dang good! Looking forward to next week!

Ellie W
Sunday Jul 15 @ 8 pm

£100 Bar Tab Up For Grabs!

If you haven’t dropped by recently, just to update you there is a delicious new menu! Next week there will be a £100 rollover up for grabs which is the highest it’s been quite some time. Also, don’t forget the winners get a £50 Tab - well-done "Barflies" on your win!

Marnie N
Sunday Jul 15 @ 8 pm

Allez Chiswick

The World Cup final whistle was barely blown but there was no time to stop because a bar of quiz hounds were sniffing out a trophy. The best name of the tournament "Allez les Clues" had a cracking first half, only dropping a single point. Round two was a nail-biting end to end thriller with second place "Wrongful Distribution of Hair" taking the title by one point! Join us next week when we’ll test brains, serve a cracking pint and awesome food!

David M
Sunday Jul 15 @ 8 pm

Birthday Quiz Action

Despite the blazing hot temperatures tonight's quiz at The Ram never flagged for one second. It was question after question. Answer after answer. The pens really came in handy and tonight's winners "Tequila Mockingbird" put their win to the type of pen they were using. This is what I have been saying for quite a long time now. The most important thing about doing a quiz apart from turning up is the type of pen you are using. Quiz after quiz has shown me that a biro often gives a team that extra bit of confidence...

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