Danny hurst
Daniel H.
Tuesday Jan 23 @ 8 pm

Quiznessmen Returning Champions

Drafthouse Drafthouse2

On the anniversary of NASA announcing it's possession of moon landing equipment, tonight's creative challenge was the broad theme of outer space in tinfoil. A beautifully crafted craft took the bonus from You Choose, but once again, 'the Quiznessmen' took first prize overall. Great evening...

Img 20160321 wa0001
Chris R.
Tuesday Jan 23 @ 8 pm

There's a Jackpot Here You Know? £386 to GO!


Five teams were in the running for the massive jackpot of £342 this week, which meant at least two teams we're going home with a prize. There was a distinctly special relationship to the night with two teams sporting American members and one team all from Glasgow. Some easy questions and some...

Jason T.
Tuesday Jan 23 @ 8 pm

Harry Find's a Spell To Get The Cash


Well done to 'Your'e a Quizzard Harry' who managed to inch ahead of 'Trivia Newton John' to secure the £94 pot of gold on offer at the latest Tavern quiz night. But showing that size doesn't matter, 'The 1 foot Tsunami' managed to be strategic enough to come second-to-last to secure the delicious...

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David G.
Tuesday Jan 23 @ 8 pm

Ministers of Loneliness Make Friends with £50

20180123 214640 20180123 214638

'Ministers of Loneliness' won the Tuesday night quiz at The Star by Hackney Downs. They won the £50 cash in a keenly-fought contest. The runners up won a £25 and £15 bartab for finishing 2nd and 3rd, respectively. The 3rd-placed team also won the free drink, making it a very successful evening for...

Matthew F.
Tuesday Jan 23 @ 8 pm

Quizerable? Not in January

Princessofwales Princessofwales

... and not in Blackheath, despite 'Heaven Knows We’re Quizerable Now' surprising themselves and surpassing the great day with a wonder win to take away the £77 jackpot. The aptly named 'See you Next Tuesday' romped to second, with cocktails and sides, in what was a busy and joyous evening.

535244 707496851212 1856344632 n
Rachel L.
Tuesday Jan 23 @ 7 pm

Hobbit won the quiz

Eagle23rdjan Eagle

Hobbit is a dog, so didn’t ACTUALLY win the Quiz, but she came and won everyone’s hearts. She even did a half time show for the surrounding tables! There was a tie break for the wine this week, which is always interesting - the question was a cricket question...low and behold an ex cricketer didn’t...

Alex A.
Tuesday Jan 23 @ 7 pm

Busy Night


Probably, the busiest night I’ve seen since hosting at The Draft house Westbridge! We welcomed a bunch of new teams to quiz it out with the best of the area. Pretty close scores too! Get down and see if you can show your smarts and win the bar tab and the glory.

David J.
Tuesday Jan 23 @ 7 pm

Return to Glory

Draft+house+1 Draft+house+2

This week's quiz at The Draft House MK brought a whole number of achievements from all competing teams! The most notable achievements being 'Quiztal Palace's' climb back to first place after enduring a few difficult questions the week before, 'The Public Service Alliance' winning a bottle of house...

10658770 10152796398921810 5185918445123744046 o
Luke L.
Tuesday Jan 23 @ 7 pm

CIA Got You Pushing Too Many Pencils


As always it was a blast tonight at The Branch, with the ultimate top super mega thunder prize taken out by regular carryover champs 'Quiz On My'... (although tonight they were named after an early stab at the DITLOID, 'Three hoes on an artistic camel'). The sound round was mixed up a little as...

Img 0049
Xander A.
Tuesday Jan 23 @ 7 pm

2nd just won’t do

Img 0568 Img 0648

Oh what a packed night we had at the Provincial hotel. Eight mighty teams came forth to do battle in the arena of knowin’ stuff real good! By half time it looked like I Wish This Microphone Was A Penis were a shoe in for victory but in the final round Second Will Do, exceeded their own expectations...

Ben S.
Tuesday Jan 23 @ 6 pm


Img 9959 Bbc Bbc+2

Back for an exciting 2018 filled with epic beers and fantastic trivia! We debated the spelling of Blue Movies - I thought it was past tense, it’s actually a colour. Team name of the week is: “Lance Armstrong Doesn’t Have the Balls for Trivia” For more fun and a questionable hint check out https://in...

Day1 session12 i%27m+producing+a+film+next+month %5bsmall%5d 95
Tom K.
Monday Jan 22 @ 8 pm

Selhurst Parkers Goes Crazy


It was a great night for those at Selhurst Park as they did away with memories of the weekend with a famous victory over lots of rivals at The Roundhouse! Both halves proved a tough contest with 3 teams tied in 2nd just 2 points behind them but they held firm and saw the game through to sweep the...

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Michael L.
Monday Jan 22 @ 8 pm

Sky High Scores

White+hart+1 White+hart+3

What’s going on! Either I’m throwing to many easy ones out there or the teams are just getting smarter by the week, but these scores were incredible, 41 was the winning score from talented regulars 'Sullicos & Stacey'. But heck, even second to last (with their bottle of wine in the bag) got a...

185691 10150415477780447 7422490 n
David G.
Monday Jan 22 @ 8 pm

Rubbish Irresistable - £183 jackpot ready for next Monday!


'Rubbish at Team Names' won the £40 voucher when they romped to victory at the Monday night quiz at The Village Inn. They also scooped both free drinks, making it a great night for the side. Other teams were either in the prizes, or skating just outside. 'North East no More' won the bottle of...

Jon B.
Monday Jan 22 @ 8 pm

England Thrash the Aussies...

Colton+arms Colton+arms2

A good night at The Colton, with several previous champions fighting it out for the spoils. 'The Naked Disney Princesses' have been unchallenged for a couple of weeks, but 'Paceys Mom' looked composed from the start with their new look team now including two girls, which surely raises their average...

Ellie W.
Monday Jan 22 @ 8 pm

3 and a half men snatch the tab again!


Well done to the winning team “3 and a Half Men” for their triumph! The rollover is creeping up again, we’re at £120.00 next week, it’s been quiet so I hope a few of you return from hibernating soon!! Thank you teams for joining this week! :D

Dean D.
Monday Jan 22 @ 8 pm

What a Bananarama Drama

001+sun+inn+22nd+jan+2018 Sun+inn+1 Sun+inn+2

What a great night it was tonight at The Sun Inn. The rollover jackpot has once again rolled over to a whopping £364.00 for next week!! Although it was a fairly tight quiz it was so good to see all teams interacting with each other and enjoying a warm and comfortable night of quizzing with your...

Graham E.
Monday Jan 22 @ 8 pm

The Right Hand Certainly Knew What The Left Hand Was Doing


Busy, atmospheric nights appear to becoming the norm at The Castle, and tonight eight teams were competing for the coveted £50 bar tab. At the finish, it was the 'Left Hand Tuggers' who came out on top, by just one point, in a very tricky quiz. Trio of newcomers 'Where's Dave' picked up a fine...

Graeme winchester
Graeme W.
Monday Jan 22 @ 7 pm

Rascals Reap Rewards

Bull+1 Bull+2

Regulars 'Quizzee Rascals' added another quiz victory to their Monday evening haul at The Bull. The four-piece took the N.6 crown again (and another £50 bar tab) with an impressive 33 point score! They were closely followed by the closely-named 'Quizzie Lager', who were only 2 points back on 31, but...

Luke M.
Monday Jan 22 @ 7 pm

Triple Trifle Rise From the Ashes :)


On a windy wet night at The Arnos Arms, 11 teams gathered for a test of trivia. It was a good clean fight, with several new teams and several veterans battling it out for the top prize of the £50 bar tab. It came down to a tie break, with regular winners 'Triple Trifle' going up against 'N N M'...

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