Lexi D
Wednesday May 22 @ 7 pm

Brain Teasers at The Nash!

Another awesome night of trivia kicked off this evening at the National Hotel here in the heart of Geelong. Teams battled it out to see who’s brains had the winning hodgepodge of random info floating around to take home to top prize and of course bragging rights and it was a close game all through. Hope you’ll come to join us next week to try your luck!

Tim L
Wednesday May 22 @ 7 pm

Supplementart Sudden Death 4 Second

Two teams fought it out taking two sudden death questions to claim the runner up Wednesday night at The East Brunswick Hotel. Overall victor 'S Club 7' stormed the comp with a dominating 10 point lead but all the drama was for second place as 'Nick You Suck' finally clinched it thanks to a Kelly Clarkson question.

Penny K
Wednesday May 22 @ 7 pm

The Caesarian Sections Cut Threw the Competition!

Another fun night down at the Hotel Brighton for another week of trivia! It was another close one, with only one point separating third, second and first places! Two regular Hotel Brighton trivia teams took the crown tonight, well done The Caesarian Sections and Lisa’s Legends! Hope to see you all down in Brighton for your weekly dose of trivia!

Jacqui D
Tuesday May 21 @ 7 pm

Their team name might’ve sucked but their score didn’t!

It was a little more intimate than last week but an energetic crowd kept the competition fierce! ‘Jees’ were back at full force but were pipped at the post by the lads going by the team name, ‘Fact Hunt’ (insert eye roll emoji!). Unfortunately I don’t think they’ll be up for a repeat performance next week because I’ll be deducting 5 points for that name next week! But well won lads ;)

Jordy M
Tuesday May 21 @ 7 pm

Death or Glory Comedy Opening night

The opening night of D.o.G featured an amazing line up with acts such as Izzy Ali, Mimi Shaheen, Logan Philips, Rakhesh Martyn and John Green (just to name a few). So many topics were covered that the audience only went for drinks at the break which proved the quality of the lineup guests were not thinking about work the next day with how many drinks were bought but the comedy was also complimented with brilliant food from downstairs.

Rian H
Tuesday May 21 @ 7 pm

The Provincial's Quality Is Inevitably High

This week at the Provincial saw yet another excellent game of trivia. If you live in the area and you haven't checked out the competition here then you are missing out! Tonight it was "Lame of Thrones" who won first prize after many rounds of close finishes. This week we learned that French steaks are delicious and hard to spell, that Romeo is a bad name, and that nobody watches the Munsters. See you next week!

Leigh Q
Tuesday May 21 @ 7 pm

Who Are We....WINNERS!

Well they had a big weekend of giving Jake Lever hell from the sidelines and they bought Port Melbourne's winning attitude to the North Port Hotel; Who Are We snatched 1st place on 31 points. Nipping at their heels in second place were the ever mighty Quizlamic Extremists! Who will win next week? Who will bring their A Game. Who will bring the cutest dog? All these questions will be answered at the North Port Hotel next week. Port Melbourne's fastest growing super fun Tuesday times!

David T
Tuesday May 21 @ 7 pm

Prince Albert. Wins the night.

The team that came second last week came back and took the main prize tonight. The energy was high and two teams were neck and neck at the halfway point. A team joined us from the patio and came in second and winning the $60 drink voucher. The teams said that they enjoyed the evening and will return next week!

Samuel L
Tuesday May 21 @ 7 pm

No such thing as Winter in Bondi

When the crowd gets involved, it always makes for a fun night. And last night at the Neighbourhood was certainly no exception! A small but feisty crowd took part in what is quickly becoming the most entertaining trivia night in the Eastern Suburbs. The highlight, however, may have been one of the contestants eating 4 baskets of the all you can eat wings, this was a rough total of close to 80 wings. Needless to say, he had trouble moving, luckily the drinks were flowing and there was no need to leave anyway. Come on down...

Anna B
Tuesday May 21 @ 7 pm

The Heat is On (Second Place Edition)

An amazing turnout tonight at Miss Moses for our weekly trivia! Many new faces, many returning faces - new friends made all around and awkward laughter shared (in the best way). The team of Carried by Claire took home the $50 voucher in first place with 40 points. Second place, however, was met with a TIE of 39 points. It came down to one rep from team Drunk Quiztory and team Hairy Tacos to guess the closest to the correct number... of the world record of how many times a bra had been unhooked in a...

Jacob S
Tuesday May 21 @ 7 pm

Paper Plane Determination

With friends in town and the latest niche craft beer in hand, Trivia Night Tuesday at Grape and Grain is the place to spend your weekday nights. The paper plane competition was won on the last throw with determination and lots of boasting. The free drink went to “The Profanitarians”! The Wooden Spoon of Defeat went to the biggest losers of the night. Losing even in the game of Scissors, Paper, Rock: “Chicken Palmer United Party”! The second place prize, a $25 voucher to Grape and Grain, went to “The Doof of Wall Street” on 49...

Alex A
Tuesday May 21 @ 7 pm

It's Browny's BDAY!

It's Browny's and EVERYONE's BDAY tonight at Jimmi Jamz. Wow! What a fantastic evening of trivia fun. Our beautiful regulars battled it out for the prize in an awe-inspiring showdown of wit and knowledge. There's no better place to be on a Tuesday night, so be sure to be there next week, and every week after that!

Dolores L
Tuesday May 21 @ 6 pm

Country folk win in the city.

The Frisco Woolloomooloo trivia always has visitors from all corners of the globe, tonight was no exception. The Dublin lads knew their movies, but they were no match for a team of agricultural scientists from country Australia. The Agri5 team had members from Tassy to Woop Woop and they proudly took the $50 win.

Geoff S
Tuesday May 21 @ 6 pm

Bye Buy Bai beauty!

What a tremendous night at Henry and the Fox. The gentlemen from 'Bye Buy Bai' returned to take the crown in what was an extremely tight competition. With 'Davey F and the DMs' bringing a HUGE crew and lots of laughs and inter-office competition between 'Let's Get Quizzical' and 'Quiz on my Face', the competition and comments were flying thick and fast. Next week we return at 6:30, don't you be the one to miss the excitement, the fun and the questions!

Ben S
Tuesday May 21 @ 6 pm

Nothing Trivial About Us!

Super fun night at the Belgian Beer Cafe on Tuesday... We flippantly asked "What is Pi to 10 decimal places" and was subsequently floored by an answer from The Jennie-uses to 50 places!!! Winning team (tiebreaker): Nothing Trivial About Us Favourite Team Name: Dinner for Two! Be sure to book your tables for next week. Want a hint? https://www.instagram.com/bensorensen1

Christian S
Monday May 20 @ 7 pm

Assorted winners

A thrilling evening and a delight to have a nice full room. Of particular excitement was everyone yelling "steeeelllllaaaaaa" in unison. And no one picking up on my anagram clue "the greatest name ever invented" how do we miss that lol. The answer "that place didier drogba comes from" solid gold :)))

Rian H
Monday May 20 @ 7 pm

Francesca's S02E20 - With His Last Ounce Of Strength, Marcus Saved My Life. Now I Am Scamming His Grandmother.

This week at Francesca's, the game happened to coincide with the finale of Game of Thrones, and the crowd was pretty thin - that didn't stop the trivia from sizzling however, as the teams fought hard with a challenging quiz and some impressive scores were reached. In the end it was "ManchuRian Candidate" who won the Leather Throne back from the usurpers, reasserting their dominance at the venue. Tonight we learned that Rian can't do the splits, that Lord Porkington's appetite can't be satisfied, and that when it comes to James Corden... he sucks. See you...

Xander A
Thursday May 16 @ 8 pm

'I’m Idaho' take the gold

Another cracking night last night down at the Penny Black as sixteen brave teams came forth to do battle in the arena of knowing stuff real good. By halftime it seems 'Xanders' Funhouse 2: Backdoor Boogaloo' were going to take the gold but after a perfect third round, I’m Idaho' shot forth and won the night.

Lauren B
Thursday May 16 @ 7 pm

Putting on their boogie shoes at littlefoot

A fantastic night of trivia down at the most photogenic bar in Footscray, Littlefoot! 3 brave teams battled it out, 'The Pink Tacos' sailed to victory winning the paper plane round, 'Bi-Furious' as a dynamic duo came in pro second, and 'You're Trivial, Muriel' went home with first prize! Many thanks to the bar staff!

Sweeney Y
Thursday May 16 @ 7 pm

Straight Talking Russian Ladies Claim the Top Spot!

The periodic table dancers seem to be off kilter the last few weeks - what's happening, girls?? Resting on your laurels?? Hot singles also didn't place tonight - more click bait than New York Times??? Congrats to team Natasha - made up of an Aussie and two Russians who assure me that they 'tell it like it is', before telling me I had a s**t haircut. Thanks, guys. I will address your concerns before next week...

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