Xander A
Thursday Jul 18 @ 8 pm

Athiests trying to help

Anotger corner of a night at the Penny Black as our brave teams came forth to do battls in the arena of knowing stuff real good. By halftime it was a dead head between Soy Division, Athiests trying to help, and the Kmart Mums. But after a perfect music round the Athiests Trying To Help, nudged ahead and won the night!

Lauren B
Thursday Jul 18 @ 7 pm

Littlefoot lands on its feet

A fantastic night of trivia down at Littlefoot! 6 teams sailed the fair seas of trivia, with wind in their sails and beers in their hands. Monty took an early lead and stayed there, taking out the first prize, with the healer monsters snapping at their heels,! many thanks to the bar staff

Sweeney Y
Thursday Jul 18 @ 7 pm

Nerf Blasters, Flying Contraptions, and Robotic Engineers

We had in attendance tonight a robotronic engineer. He has promised to build me a wife. Or at least loan me one. Teams made floating UFO contraptions out of paper and dropped them from a great height while I attempted to blast them outta the air with a nerf gun. Free drinks were won. The top three teams had high scores, it was a high scoring evening generally. Well done to you the smart cookies: Quiz in my Pants, Strong Juice Baby Sucker, and Jackie. See ya next Thursday for Trivia at katuk Chapel St at...

Max B
Thursday Jul 18 @ 7 pm

One in the pocket snookers all!

On another quiet winters night in Melbourne there were only four teams battling out for the prestigious 'free drink cards'. The fresh kids on the block and reigning champions 'One in the pocket 'were too good in the tiebreaker question and have gone back to back, leaving the regulars 'Church Group' behind in the dirt. Who's man enough to take these guys down? God knows they'll be back...

Jarred K
Thursday Jul 18 @ 7 pm

Not PG rated

The quiz kicked off with quite a bang. Another full house saw one unlucky group forced to huddle in the corner against the fireplace with no table between 6 people. They were in good spirits at least, and won themselves a free drink even. And then we were only 2 questions in before one lovely lady on the more golden side decided to let it be known she was very averse to cuss words with a little bit of casually inappropriate touching thrown in for good measure. She quickly learned she was in the minority and...

Andrew B
Wednesday Jul 17 @ 8 pm

Start Spreading The News

'Twas a teary farewell after five good years hosting trivia at Lucky Coq. As the host moves on to spread the trivia love in NYC he leaves behind a trail of happiness and disappointment. Last night was no exception with the Peakers missing some important members and failing to trouble the scorers ("You're asking the wrong questions! I don't have a TV" said one), Jim's Natics Team were too busy blowing trumpets and pulling poppers to really care about anything but making noise and in the end the most well-behaved trivia team of all Quiz Eye...

Sweeney Y
Wednesday Jul 17 @ 8 pm

Looking after the Lovelies at Bimbo

The precious lovelies who attended trivia - they competed in a paper plane tournament while I attempted to shoot their planes out of the air with a Nerf Mega Dart Launcher. Most planes were fantastic, aerodynamic works of art, only one was terrible and flew backwards from its mark. The lovelies also competed in a paper scissors rock tournament, where they were encouraged to insult each other with devastating tongue lashings. Well done to all - we finished the night with a double tiebreaker for 2nd place, and for 2nd last place (bottle of wine). An...

Peter Y
Wednesday Jul 17 @ 7 pm

Three from three!

We all took another trip to Rehab tonight as "Rehab's for Quitters" backed it up with another stellar performance, leaving with a $50 venue voucher. "12 year old quiztian boys" took up second position, claiming their share of the glory along with a $25 venue voucher. Another great night at the Yarra ValleyGrand Hotel. Can't wait to see what happens next week!

Anna B
Wednesday Jul 17 @ 7 pm

Finally a Use for Leftover Cologne

Another fun night with the lovely people at the Golden Gate! The jackpot was, once again, not won. However, this does mean Cuban Pete (I named the donkey) gets to live on another week, so it's a win/win, really. Wings of Glory took out the W with 35 points, Beeched as Bro in 2nd on 30, and I Thought This Was Speed Dating (a common mistake, apparently) came in 3rd on 27. And with that, I finally found a use for the cologne my friend left in my car one night, as it was ceremoniously handed...

Christian S
Wednesday Jul 17 @ 7 pm

Siblings plus andrew = winning

I don't know let me Google that for you, best team name ever :))). A super high-quality evening of quizzing and general silliness. I particularly enjoyed the audience participation with the songs i.e. drunken singing lol. It was tons of fun meeting you guys, I'm keen for next time.

Lexi D
Wednesday Jul 17 @ 7 pm

Good Company Fun

Tonight at the National Hotel we had a very special trivia night as a corporate event. We put coworker against coworkers in a battle of the wits for office bragging rights! If you are looking for a fun event to gather your staff together why not book in for a private party of dinner, drinks and brain teasers!

Penny K
Wednesday Jul 17 @ 7 pm

Move Over Norfolke n’ Goode, We Have a New Winner!

It was a super competitive night tonight of the regular teams down at the Hotel Brighton, with a different team taking the crown tonight! Congrats to Trivia Newton John, you guys did super well! Also a big congrats to Foxy Morons for coming in second, it was a close game between you guys all night! Make sure to head down to the Hotel Brighton for your weekly dose of trivia! Hope to see you all again next week!

Rian H
Tuesday Jul 16 @ 7 pm

The Provincial Brings In Another Huge Crowd!

Tonight at the Provincial saw another massive turnout, with over 70 players engaged in an epic battle of general knowledge mastery. It was a tough game and a number of teams crashed and burned with the difficulty, but it was no match for "Sandra Buttock", a team who has seen their fortunes falling over the past few weeks and who richly deserve to be back on top. This week we learned that Iraq actually isn't a real country, that Liam Neeson has a cushy job, and that when it comes to flying the Confederate flag... well,...

Jacob S
Tuesday Jul 16 @ 7 pm

Three Way Tie Breaker In The Bag

Grape and Grain in Moorabbin knows how to pull off a fantastic night of trivia and beers filling the room yet again. Standing up for the half time game for the chance to win a free drink, the crowd was slowly whittled down to four, and from four to one! The winner was on team “Bentleigh Mother’s Club”! Taking home the Wooden Spoon of Defeat, finally claims the name Rhys-With-A-Spoon was “Drinking On A Tuesday”. A three way tie breaker for second place was an opportunity taken by the scruff of the neck with a guess...

Martha C
Tuesday Jul 16 @ 7 pm

Quiz-tastical Night in Port Melbourne!

The fun-loving group of regulars at the Nort Port Hotel enjoyed a high energy game this evening, featuring up to 5 furry friends wandering around for cuddles!! As seen in the photos, the winning team member, Billie the Cavoodle, participated very well, giving many encouraging licks to whoever came near. Port Melbourne gave a generous cash prize for 1st and 2nd places, including several free drinks in 'quick question' rounds and halftime games. $5 tacos are on the menu for next week, so bring your friends, furry or otherwise, and join in on all the fun...

Anna B
Tuesday Jul 16 @ 7 pm

Remember Your Team Name, You May Just Win a Prize

Tonight came with the funniest reaction to a prize win I have yet to hear in my two months of trivia hosting at Miss Moses. In 2nd last place for a bottle of wine, Date Night with Lauren claimed the prize, however, seemed to momentarily forget their own team name. This was quickly followed by a, "Oh, that's us!" And my heart was instantly warmed. Fresh Mexicans were back in 2nd place after a few weeks off the leaderboard, and once again, the reigning Dumb & Dumbledore came in 1st with a strong 36 points. Who...

Penny K
Tuesday Jul 16 @ 7 pm

Mukduk Didn’t Muck It Up!

What a fun night down at Jimmi Jamz tonight! We had Mukduk winning by a substantial amount all night, so congrats to Mukduk! We had a tie-breaker for second place, with Federer’s Tears taking the win and winning second place! Also, congrats to Flighties, a team of two, who scored a house bottle of wine! So much fun covering for you guys tonight, thanks for having me!

Ben S
Tuesday Jul 16 @ 6 pm

New Zealand were [email protected]#%EN ROBBED... but won at trivia.

Another great night down at the Belgian Beer Cafe on Tuesday night. Winning Team: New Zealand Were F&*%$EN robbed. Team Name of the week: Kids + a grandma. Make sure you assemble your team and book your table for Tuesday trivia next week. Want some practice? Head to https://www.instagram.com/bensorensen1

Daniel L
Tuesday Jul 16 @ 6 pm

Light on competition but heavy on fun!

With only a few competitors this evening, it looks like everyone was once again going to win a prize! The Frisco hotel once again played host to 3 teams of hearty trivia buffs… And whilst all the questions were answered most were not answered correctly… Naughty by nature was down to half strength and only had two members and the captains were solely represented by one member joining two new people to form Barbarellas babes and finally the team of wobbly fucking table our regular team of swearword who once again managed to win and show...

Gabe H
Tuesday Jul 16 @ 6 pm

Proving Size Doesn't Matter.

It was cold and wet outside but warm and hearty inside. This week, it was a new breed of trivarians, who battled for the main prize. The small but dedicated Tempranillo's (pronounced Temp-hah-nee-yo, for the uncouth) just beat, Trivia is Our Safe Word, by one point. But with four prizes to give away and only two teams, everyone's a winner. The wine was flowing, the pizza was piping and the teams were invested yet jovial. It was a small gathering but full bodied and rich in flavour. The Common Man has a way with creating a...

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