Lauren B
Wednesday Oct 17 @ 7 pm

Genius From Head To Littlefoot!

A superb night of trivia down in Footscray, with the best brains in the west battling it out for the big prize. A tense round with just 1 point between teams at the break. "JJ's" plane 'Wingward' took flight for a jug of beer, but it was "Teamy McTeam Face" that took out first and the cheeky pineapple behind the bar. "JJ's" gracefully accepted Proseccond! Many thanks to the bar staff! See you next time!

Jake S
Wednesday Oct 17 @ 7 pm

"Chocky Donuts" Win In Tie-Breaker!

There were a total 5 teams tonight at The Gold Diggers Arms battling out for quiz glory. Things were very very tight, probably the tightest contest we have ever had. After the final round there were 3 teams on equal highest score so we had to bring out a tie-breaker question. Our regulars, "Chocky Donuts" came through with the win. Well done all!!

Gosha R
Wednesday Oct 17 @ 7 pm

Quiz Master Serenades Crowd

The rainy evening called for something a little different tonight.... An intimate serenade was an appropriate choice for the music round this fine evening at The National Hotel in Geelong. Instead of turning the the usual audio for the sound round, tonight, host Gosha treated the crowd to something a little special. An A’Capella rendition of 4 songs for punters to guess. 'Smile' by Charlie Chaplain, 'Make You Feel My Love' made popular by Adele but written by Bob Dylan, 'Wish You Were Here' Pink Floyd and 'Ought To Know' by the one and only Alanis...

Josh W
Wednesday Oct 17 @ 7 pm

Still Winning

Tonight "Still Thinking" reached new heights, continuing their winning streak into a third week. Get on down to Hotel Brighton to take on these Goliaths of trivia knowledge (Goliaths? 'Minervas' is probably a better mythological reference for intelligence, but you probably already knew that because you're so good at trivia). See you there next week!

Rian H
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 7 pm

The Provincial Serves Up Yet Another Stellar Game!

This week at The Provincial we saw another high class performance from a large contingent of players all vying for the top spot and all the frankly unsustainable free prizes. "Buchan The Trend" practically waltzed to victory with a commanding lead, sitting all too comfortably on the throne. This week we learned that the digestive tract is really cool, that the moon is going to be conquered any day now and that when it comes to geography questions, it's either love it or hate it! See you next week!

Chad M
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 7 pm

The Phoenix Rises

Ladies and Gents what a suspense, we had a few old winning teams back at it and neck to neck again. And Yes, The stakes were high but the house wasn’t dry it was chills and thrills all round with a new table winner stealing the crown. Without a doubt this is a weekly fun night out, so come on down for great food with drinks all round and enjoy what is now the best trivia night around.

Robert K
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 7 pm

Great Fun In East Richmond And A Great Start To This New Trivia Masters' Career!

Hello everyone, my name is Rob Kefford, I'm a new trivia master and I had the chance to do my first quiz flying solo last night at the historic Prince Alfred Hotel! Great food, great atmosphere and best of all great prizes. The night was won by the team "Felix" who took home a $100 voucher for the venue, second place was "Multiple Scoregasms" with a $60 voucher and third was "Telsar" with a free bottle of house wine. These are some amazing prizes and if you want to win them just come down to The...

Christian S
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 7 pm

Kings Of More Than Just Sofa Marts

An epic evening filled with serious, high-quality quizzing, puerile innuendo and planes flying 5m backwards. Andy insists on putting in the bubblegum question; I can't get the room back for 2 minutes ;) I'm bracing myself for next week's excitement and the frivolity and capers that will ensue. Beep.

Lauren B
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 6 pm

Commonplace Genius At Common Man

A great night of trivia down at South Wharf with 3 enthusiastic teams taking on the big quiz for the big prize. "Over The Top" finally went all the way, taking out the paper plane round with a fantastic throw from most excellently named aircraft 'David Bowing', as well as winning first place for the first time, a big moment for the team! "Riverside" as a duo put up quite the fight, even though a team member was on crutches (you don't need your feet to answer questions!) and "Start Reacting" failed to react, but they...

Ben S
Tuesday Oct 16 @ 6 pm

The Return Of Ben...

Fun was had down at The Belgian Beer Cafe for Tuesday trivia this week, seeing the return of regular host Ben! We debated compass points and crossed many borders - All without getting our feet wet. The cheeky winning team name was "BBC Bitchezzz" - Be proud of what you're into!! Also a HUGE thank you to Alex who did a great job wrangling the teams in my absence. Want a hint for next week or to brush up your skills?

Christian S
Monday Oct 15 @ 7 pm

"B.Dat" As It May!

A very naughty evening filled with in-ur-endo and giggling. Thanks Andy for the bubblegum riddle, it took me two minutes to regain the room from childish giggling. One team even answered 'don't say penis!' Bitcoin was an amusing source of contention; with some people adamant it is BTC but Google appeared to say XBT. Good fun at the Skinny Dog, see you next time!

Rian H
Monday Oct 15 @ 7 pm

Francesca's 18 - Candalabra Accompanied Me To My VCAT Hearing With Yarra River Fine Dining Submersible Experience Ltd.

This week was a hot contest between committed teams of eager quizzers, all vying for that sweet top prize of a $50 voucher to the bar. But these mental athletes aren't really in it for the cash - It's all about the honour of the competition and the pride of victory. This week, the regular local team won by an inch, after a close game all-round. This week we learned that 40 million spiders exposed to cosmic radiation are an existential threat to the survival of the human race, that Michael Jackson's music videos were all...

Xander A
Thursday Oct 11 @ 8 pm

What’s In A Name Anyway?

Another cracking affair down at The Penny Black last night as 22 brave teams came forth to do battle in the arena of knowing stuff real good. By halftime it seemed "Steven And The Goodtime Girls" were the team to beat, but after a stellar third round, "Team" (that’s right, their team name was simply "Team") won the night with their clearly superior creative thinking!

Peter Y
Thursday Oct 11 @ 7 pm

D**kheads Or Eggheads?

"The Silvan D!ckheads" have taken the chocolates this week, scoring themselves a $50 venue voucher to The Yarra Valley Grand Hotel. They had some stiff competition from "Ridgies", who in turn had "China" and "Can't Decide" nipping at their heels all night. Looking forward to seeing what comes about next week at the Yarra Valley Grand!

Corey J
Thursday Oct 11 @ 7 pm

That's The Longest Team Name I’ve Ever Seen...

I think they were talking about me... It was the first Trivia Night at The Eureka Hotel of day light savings and it brought in with it a wonderful crew of peeps ready to devour parmas, smash some pints and play the best trivia night on Church Street, Richmond. Every night of trivia is super fun for me but this one just felt a little super-er than most. For those that constructed a paper plane, you guys really need some practice before next time. I’m sure there are some excellent tutorials on YouTube. Except for the...

Sweeney Y
Thursday Oct 11 @ 7 pm

"You Katuk My Breath Away!"

The best name from the worst team. Yes, "Katuk My Breath Away" came in last with a whopping 9 point deficit behind the aptly named "If You Lose to Us, Give Up" Though, the "Katuk My Breath Away" Guys were a couple of strapping young Kiwi lads in nice clothes and engineering jobs, so I'm sure they can handle the normally crippling humiliation of coming in last. The cash jackpot narrowly avoided going off and now sits at upwards of $470 cold hard cash. Come on down next week and try your luck..

Rian H
Thursday Oct 11 @ 7 pm

3 Ravens Is A Constant Exercise In Humiliation

This week at 3 Ravens we witnessed an absolute masterclass of trivia excellence, with the regular team once again showing all those who would bother showing up that they are the best team in town. In fact, enough compliments. This was a dismemberment. An 11 point blowout at the final stretch that shattered the spirits of all in attendance, including the host. A win so predictable, so mechanical, so unblinkingly callous that one begins to question the morality of this game we call trivia. I don't know how else to say it: This team must be...

Jarred K
Thursday Oct 11 @ 7 pm

The Mexicans Flooded In!

They weren't smuggling drugs or bad hombres, "The Mexican Drift" brought facts. Last week's champs here at The Lord Dudley were the Americans of "Not Afraid To Come First", this time it was the Central American team who took out the crown. However, it was only a narrow margin that secured their victory, thanks to a tie breaker about the length of The Great Wall Of China. It was sad in a sense as, despite their tacky and terrible team name, "Quiz On My Face" were celebrating a birthday and it was their first time playing...

Andrew B
Wednesday Oct 10 @ 8 pm


Wooowweeeee! It took a tiebreaker to decide this weeks winner and in the end it was "Jim Nastics Team" who came through with the goods for their forth win in a row! (they used a different name this week). Well done, what a team! Let's see how well they do in the next couple of weeks without a few star recruits, but lets not take anything away from their month of solid performances. And to win their forth in a tiebreaker proves they are the real deal! Another cracker night in the den of Coq! Who...

Jake S
Wednesday Oct 10 @ 7 pm

"Goth Carrots" On Top!

So here we are again with another week of trivia fun! The Gold Diggers Arms was nice and warm as always and it welcomed 8 teams, a total of 29 players into the venue. It was a close game all night with only one point between first and second place. Well done to everyone and thanks for playing! See you there next week!

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