Christian S
Wednesday Jan 15 @ 8 pm

Congo Drongo Combo!

Some brilliant answers pulled from nowhere and some so close but not quite. We explore the full gamut of human emotional on the road to quizzing glory. A particular shout out to Red Hot Trivia Peppers, brilliant name. I look forward to the next time I fill in and cross your paths.

Peter Y
Wednesday Jan 15 @ 7 pm

2020 Quizzin!

Kicking the New Year into gear with the first quiz of 2020 tonight at the Yarra Valley Grand Hotel! It was a real showdown between “Just the two of us” and “Rehab is for Quitters”, weekly rivals and fierce competitors. The Two put up a great fight, but Rehab scores the final goal, taking out top spot for the evening and going home with (yet another) $50 venue voucher! A great night all round! You stay classy, Yarra Glen!

Ben S
Wednesday Jan 15 @ 7 pm

Quizee Rascals for the WIN!

It was a great, wet night down at the East Brunswick hotel on Wednesday night. Winning Team: Quizee Rascals Team name of the week: ScoMo's Empathy Coaches Be sure you get your teams and book your tables for next weeks exciting Wednesday Trivia. for hints!

Camden T
Tuesday Jan 14 @ 7 pm

How To Extinguish Your Competition

Just like the crowd and millions of acres of completely obliterated Australian outback, everyone was fired up for the first game of trivia for the new year. It wasn’t long into the night though that you feel the determination spread through the room like a airborne virus which In the event of exposure symptoms can include; breaking out the glitter glue to construct a placate that makes your voice heard. So if you know that the answer to a question is is Guatemala, however a rouge faction has emerged within your party and presents a bill...

Corey W
Tuesday Jan 14 @ 7 pm

Single Malt Quizkey served neat answers

Despite smokey conditions, our teams were ready to play their hearts out. Single Malt Quizkey dominated with 32, winning them a cool $50 voucher to splurge on the top shelf, while Technical Difficulties showed they were all fixed up with 26, coming 2nd, and Han & Claire taking home the bottle of wine for 2nd last.

Penny K
Tuesday Jan 14 @ 7 pm

Sofa King’s Mart Sells the Night!

It was such a pleasure covering tonight at Grape and Grain! Sofa King’s Mart won tonight’s $50 first place prize with a whopping 38 points, well done guys! Also a huge congrats to Charlie got a Taco for taking second place, and for bringing their two adorable dogs. Also, well done to Profanitarians for winning tonight’s wooden spoon award! I had a great night with you all, and I look forward to seeing you again next week!

Anna B
Tuesday Jan 14 @ 7 pm

SWAT Outside But We Have Free Beer Inside

What an interesting night to kick off my 1st Tuesday trivia at Miss Moses in 2020! We had regulars, new faces, children correctly answering questions on beer pong and weed, and a very drunk group of patrons. Meanwhile, outside, we had a street lockdown and SWAT! ...I still don't know what that was about. Congratulations to the amazingly named team of Girls Gone Oscar Wilde, who I believe claim this as their 2nd first place win in a row. In 2nd place were the group I lovingly refer to as the little sh**s, Wrestle Kingdom 14...

Daniel L
Tuesday Jan 14 @ 6 pm

Quieter night but a good time was had by all! :)

The Frisco has not had a ginormous start to the new year, however with locals and regulars participating the trivia is always the highlight of my week! Last night was no exception, the stalwart team or Kirily and Mike, joined by Mark were once again chomping at the bit to prove their trivia chops and continue their winning streak... However relative newcomers Beyond the Bean, a team made up of my brother and his girlfriend and her very attractive friends proved that occasionally god gives with both hands and they had the brains along with the...

Christian S
Monday Jan 13 @ 7 pm

Far from Monday-ne

A night full of entertaining rivalries, with boys v girls, kids vs parents and accounting vs HR. In the end the one of every demographic team that worked together got the biscuits ;). And of course stupid questions get stupid answers; I ask ppl to name an island and I get "isly McIsland face"

Geoff S
Monday Jan 13 @ 7 pm

It must be trivia, trivia, trivia.

A great first night return for the Francesca's crew. With questions on a wide range of topics (and WrestleBrainia tickets available from trybooking right now). Topics includes the greatest TV show ever made (South Park, not Sex and the City) and the benefits of vegetables in a cryptic but healthy diet. Next week will bring another booming crowd to Francesca's join in.... same Fran time, same Fran channel!

Geoff S
Wednesday Jan 8 @ 8 pm

Lucy in the sky with Trivia!

A great night as tables grappled with questions on Katie Perry, Moshi Moshi and so much more. In the end second prize was fought out about the man with the toughest beard. This saw City Bums took out second prize as the came down to the wire. The Commonwealth won (not only the night's trivia but also the most multicultural (as you repeatedly told me). Well done to the Commonwealth

Sweeney Y
Wednesday Jan 8 @ 8 pm

Packed Night at Bimbo's Trivia

What an epic night. Backpackers bookended the night. A giant team of gorgeous travellers divided into two teams - evidently an A and Z team; one came first, the other last. We held a secret / awesome handshake competition which was fabulous, the top two won a bunch of free drinks and were some of the more spectactular displays of awesome that I have seen. Our paper plan comp also saw tremdous feats of creativity and earned some tables a jug. Congrats to Ms President who took out the $100 bar tab, Team Phaedra for taking...

Ben S
Wednesday Jan 8 @ 7 pm

The Barkly Squares for the Win!

What a great evening it was on Wednesday at the East Brunswick Hotel for Trivia - And our first week back! Winning Team: The Barkly Squares Team name of the week: Benny Ben Bens Make sure you book your table for next weeks wild trivia adventure. So, do you want some practise?

Jacqui D
Tuesday Jan 7 @ 7 pm

New Year and New Winners!

What a way to bring in the new year with close to a full house at The Phoenix this week. And I tell you WHAT everyone brought it! The scores were pretty close across the board with 'Birthday Bens' and 'Les Quizerables' streaking away in the end to end up on the same score. The birthday boy was very gracious in allowing 'Les Quizerables' the win on the technicality of having less than Ben's team - But hey at least that means he had a tonne of people turn up for his bday right?!

Camden T
Tuesday Jan 7 @ 7 pm

The Marvellous Mrs. Moses

As the reality of the new year dawns on our coal fuelled lungs full of smoke, the game was afoot! It didn’t take long for the teams to divide and concur their way through the questions much unlike the film Gladiator - and yes, I was by far entertained. The banter in the air was strong from the members of “Girls Gone Oscar Wilde” (by far the best team name I have heard in a long time, but also who doesn’t live a bit of literary humour?) who stole the night away with a massive 40...

Daniel L
Tuesday Jan 7 @ 6 pm

First trivia on 2020!!! Wooo!!!

After two weeks without a trivia experience I was missing the hum of my microphone, so it was with excitement that I strode in to the Frisco last night to find two teams of regulars and not many other punters looking to quiz... The somewhat diminished squad of Nordic by Nature were to be putting themselves against Kirilys team that makes you go Mmmm with more members than most evenings and also a lot more dogs... We were fortunate to have a lovely young couple on a date join and a few locals jump in at...

Christian S
Monday Jan 6 @ 7 pm

Back with a bang

After three unending and eternal weeks we are finally back in full swing and we filled our boots tonight. My highlights were definitely Fetch Coit instead of the office and the greatest team name ever 8=D once you see it you can never unsee it lol I've missed your high class humour and wit.

Geoff S
Monday Dec 23 @ 7 pm

It's beginning to look a lot like aaTRIVIA!!!

The final trivia for 2019 in Australia saw a great crowd at Francesca's for a lot of laughs and fun. With questions about all kinds of holidays and associated activities in the end it came right down to the wire with Mr Hankey presiding over precedings. In the end it was the departing Katie and James and their mates who took out the final trivia victory. Who knows what's going to happen next year? Only one way to find out, buy tickets to Geoff's comedy festival show (and come to Francesca's next year)!!

Anna B
Thursday Dec 19 @ 8 pm

James and the Giant Impeachment

A great turnout for our final trivia of 2019! It was a hard quiz tonight, but a good quiz. And made even better by the more gooder people. The team of Shooters Gonna Shoot, Peaches Gonna Impeach once again walked away with 1st prize on 35.5 points - a very impressive winning streak. Let's Get Quizzical ran away with 2nd on 31.5 points, and the Irish team of Amper Broekie took home 2nd last on 16 points. Have a wonderful holiday, and see you back for trivia January 16!

Sweeney Y
Thursday Dec 19 @ 7 pm

The Trivia Night Before Christmas at Katuk

What a jolly little crew we had tonight. Fairbairn were off form with a few key members missing, usurped by newcomers 'Big Wednesday' - well done folks. Make Trivia Great Again came in second, also scoring a voucher. Some excellent Poems were written about heat, stress, or existential dread, and were performed with sardonic delivery which suited the heat very nicely. Good work every body and merry christmas xxx Sween

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