3 Ravens Brewery Thu, Aug 23 2018 19:30

3 Ravens Gets Personal

Rian H

This week saw yet another cosy game between three teams, as fair-weather quizzers preferred to stay at home rather than bear the cold. It was their loss, as the game inside the bar heated up and we took the opportunity to have a good chat between questions. The regular team this week took on the mantle of "The Jazzy Panflutes," and they absolutely waltzed through the evening, taking the win with a lead of nine points over the runner-up. Not only that, but the anagram was solved by this team before Rian had even finished reading out the question! This week we learned that Rian is passionate about salt and vinegar chips, that claiming you're a film expert is just asking for trouble, and that when it comes to music related questions, Rian WILL sing if he can fit it in somehow. See you next week!

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