3 Ravens Brewery Thu, Nov 16 2017 19:30

A games theme, a sick quizmaster and a technical difficulty with a hilarious outcome

Aamir A

We had a pretty solid turnout for our games themed quiz where we unleashed questions around board games, video games and toys we all grew up with (that was nostalgia galore).

And I was in the final throes of my recently acquired flu, with a sore throat to make things even more challenging.

Each round went on well with people scratching their heads over the various questions. However when it came time to play a little clip of theme music for a spot prize, my phone decided to give up on me. So what did I do? That's right, I stood up on a chair and loudly hummed the Jurassic Park theme. I think I did a good job and did the original music justice (let's not talk about the coughing bout that immediately ensued).

It was a close finish at the end with the winners taking the lead by a single point!

Yet another damn fun night was had.

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