3 Ravens Brewery Thu, Feb 15 2018 19:30

Dog Friendly Brewery Bar Scores High

Connor S

Host Connor travelled up from fancy pants Brighton to hipster Thornbury to deliver another Question 1 quiz at 3 Ravens Brewery. It is a cosy, warmly lit space with boutique in-house brewed beers, and snacks.
The dog friendly bar's star of the night was the winning team's pooch Lucy, a big black distraction with her own jar of treats on the bar. As if previously winning team 'I'm Only Here to Establish an Alibi' (strategically split into two teams this week, 'You're Tearing Me Apart Lisa' and 'Beer: Our Drug of Choice') needed extra points for the dog show, winning the night on a comfortable 36 points, with only two incorrect answers.
In the Q1 Paper Plane Toss Off, the winning craft graciously cleared a 2 lane road, nature strip and lodged in a fence.
Host Connor was sad to leave and is planning on returning without the responsibility of work!!:)

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