3 Ravens Brewery Thu, Nov 30 2017 19:30

Give a quizmaster a megaphone and he'll have the time of his life

Aamir A

Running a weekly quiz involves setting up the same old audio equipment week in and week out. So what better way to spice things up than to bring in a brand spanking new megaphone?

That's right, a megaphone. Didn't take it it to any rallies, just used it for good old trivia. And with that loud distorted voice, it was bound to be a crowd pleader (I think - I may be grossly wrong). But I had a great time!

Many laughs were had, and the competition was tight between the top three teams with Danger, Will Robinson, Danger! coming in first for that sweet $50 prize.

Will the megaphone make a reappearance in future quiz nights? Keep your eyes peeled (and ears protected)!

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Top Teams
Danger! Will Robinson, Danger!
Slush Bucket
Bob Dole
John snow