3 Ravens Brewery Thu, Feb 09 2017 19:00

Outsourced dating and jackpots

Luke L

Tonight at Three Ravens Brewery we caught up with our adventures with our phone-in correspondent from last week, my Tinder date Laura. We found out that she was studying medicine, which made sense of her encyclopaedic knowledge of kidney deformities and superfluous nipples.*

What I'm trying to say is Laura unmatched me when I updated my profile to include the fact that I have children. So I went for a swim instead.

Tonight's quiz was, much like the water in the pool that night, refreshing and welcome, and likely superior to a date with a hater of flaxen-haired children.

We had three lovely teams, and approximately twice that many pizzas. We had a nice time without Laura. Who's Laura?

In an effort to move on, I contacted a new Tinder match named Lauren, but when she typed that she didn't want to "loose" points at trivia, we, as a group- host, competitors and bar staff- decided to cut this one loose lest we lose track of the quiz. We collectively judged her on her literacy.

It was a nice night. Without you, Laura.

Jackpot went off, for sixty five bucks! And the aptly named better half of the couples won.

*knowledge, not ownership of. I have no way of knowing of the status or number of her nipples

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