3 Ravens Brewery Thu, Jun 08 2017 19:00

That was some crazy energy!

Aamir A

Just another trivia night? Not anymore.

With ever growing numbers at the humble 3 Ravens Brewery, Thursday nights are getting even better - crazier and more fun.

The questions get into full swing and it's great seeing everyone get so invested. But also, the little competitions for spot prizes really shine too. From the theme music to paper plane rounds to Higher or Lower, the teams really show their energy and enthusiasm.

At the theme music round, a bloke confidently identified the tune being from Knight Rider (Fun Fact: Knight Rider had a french version called K2000. Neat, huh?)
The paperplane round was won decisively by the fella whose plane flew right into a tree. I expect it to remain there as a monument to that feat.
During Higher or Lower round, people took turns guessing the height of a skyscraper. It always turns into a frenzy of people yelling random numbers, trying to hone in on the exact height. And it's always brilliant.

It's only going to get better from here.

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