3 Ravens Brewery Thu, Feb 02 2017 19:00

Trivia and True Love

Luke L

Tonight at Three Ravens Brewery we had a very special guest join us via the wonders of modern technology. It was Laura, my Tinder match! I was sent a notification just as the quiz started that I had a new match, so the audience and I decided it would be rude not to message her!

A dog enthusiast, Laura played along but unfortunately wasn't able to name the island on the picture sheet (it was Newfoundland- particularly upsetting because that's also a type of dog) but was able to share with the audience her knowledge of obscure kidney conditions as well as some transplant trivia! As the romance bloomed, the audience helped me with what to say and even had a few questions of their own, namely whether she'd like to go on a date with me on Monday. It was like doing trivia and watching The Notebook at the same time. So much swooning!

And yes, she would. Though I may need to borrow an Italian greyhound...

I'll be updating everyone how it went next week.

(Oh, I nearly forgot- Tonight's quiz was won by You Make Me Quiz In My Pants, though Trumpy Loves Vlad are still in first place on the leader board for the $1200 brewery tour, tasting and lunch for 12! And the jackpot went up to a life-changing $55!

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