3 Ravens Brewery Thu, Jul 06 2017 19:00

What's the more popular name for the Will Rogers Highway?

Aamir A

It's none other than the well-known Route 66!

There's no better way to welcome the first quiz of July than with an all-American theme. We doubled up on the America-centered questions and had our friends from the Dr Sous food truck churning out a special menu for the night that included mouth-watering amazements like the southern style BBQ sub and Trailer Park Fries.

Sure enough, we had a big turnout and the energy during the night was electrifying. All teams seemed to be a similar level, and were only points apart from each other, but ultimately it was Not Bob Dole who took home that delicious $50 voucher for the night.

Theme nights are ridiculously fun, and we're going to do it monthly at 3 Ravens now. Be sure to come by for the next one!

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