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Quizzers Crushed. You Can't Handle These Man-Boobies, Man!

Connor S

Making a guest appearance in Southbank, 'Quiz Apprentice Connor' was welcomed with open arms, paddles of beer and an offer of a 1.4kg pork knuckle to The Belgium Beer Cafe. He declined, he's vegetarian, but thank you very much! It's a warmly lit Belgium style beer house, lots of wood and brass fittings, and a menu of food that begs to be washed down with steins of European beer. It's the perfect place for the jolly bit of trivia.
Now to quiz business.

Tonight's competition could be described as a micro quiz showdown, with 3 teams competing for 2 prizes. The stakes were high, with $100 and $50 Belgium Beer Cafe Dollars for the first and second place, respectively. After halftime, the scores were very close, it could have been any team's quiz, but after an unorthodox sound round where non-musical voices were played, and a challenging third round, a clear winner was found in the mischievous team, You Can't Handle These Man-Boobies, Man. Their performance was very impressive with two perfect scoring rounds and only missing 4 points in the whole quiz. Runner-ups 'My Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem' lived up to their name, winning both paddles of beer in the lightning rounds and the 2-for-1 beer vouchers in the paper-plane-toss-off. Finally, 'Michelle No-Mates' fought valiantly, but unfortunately were unable to nail down any evidence of their participation save a brain brimming with new trivia.
From this Quiz Apprentice to potential quizzers, I highly recommend this venue, it's warm, it's welcoming, the beer is cold, and the food servings large. Get you along!

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You Can't Handle These Man-Boobies, Man
My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem
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