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The unexpected doppelganger....

Ben S

We were all gathering as usual, and I was wandering around chatting and handing out sheets when I noticed heads in the room began to turn...

I looked up and noticed a dapper, good looking, bearded man... That looked quite similar to me!

He was totally caught by surprise, and thankfully he was kind enough to let me capture the moment in a selfie!

Team name of the week: Blind Antelope (No Idea)

🍺 BEER OF THE WEEK: Matilda Bay, Ruby Tuesday, Port Melbourne, Victoria. 4.7%

I love the darker tints of Autumn and Winter beers – the robust styles and deeper flavours are exactly what a cold Melbourne evening calls for. Ruby Tuesday is made with 4 different specialty malts short roasted at high temperatures producing crystalised starches, these combine to produce a rich ruby hue. Very drinkable, pint after pint!

This week paired perfectly with a Chicken Schnitzel, chips, gravy, salad and a good dose of trivia!

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