Branch Tue, Jan 30 2018 19:30

Texting Fab

Luke L

Tonight at The Branch we had a lovely time. A fellow named Fab had been in and asked to book a table, but had done so as a ploy to get the phone number of one of the lovely bar staff. He then proceeded to text her asking her out repeatedly, even after she had said no, made it clear she was uninterested and had a boyfriend she was very happy with.

So as a group we texted Fab to ask him to stop harassing Meaghan. He then started to reply to multiple phones and get very confused. One punter led us on a magical adventure into his own fictionalized Meaghan’s world of Warcraft campaign, her boyfriend - assassinwarrior18 (an orc mage), updates of the blossoming idiocy peppered the evening and filled our night with joy. We even had a chat with Fab briefly when he phoned multiple phones and he has many smiling photos of myself from multiple phones.

Please don’t sexually harass the bar staff. They’re nice to you because they’re paid to be.

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