Bush Inn Wed, May 24 2017 19:00

All encouraged with stickers

Sweeney Y

Many encouraging stickers were dispensed such that all attendees had self-esteem sufficiently high to engage in high energy discussions. Stickers contained affirmations such as 'super-star', 'well done' and 'I finished my lunch.' Paper planes were thrown at my face whilst I wore a protective 'scream' mask - with the closest two throwers earning themselves special PLANES stickers. In the end, however, despite all encouraging words and stickers - only one team reigned supreme with the 7 other teams shamed as rank losers. The rowdy blokes of Evil's Here - who had caught up to celebrate one of their members having a kid, took home the $100 voucher. A tie breaker determined the second place holders: Quiztina Agulera + Friends, who took home a bottle of wine!

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