Bush Inn Wed, Jun 14 2017 19:00

Quizzed in My Pants!

Sweeney Y

Holy Geezuz! Scores were close. The winning team: Quizzed in My Pants took home a $100 voucher for the Bush Inn (TOORAK), Quizzie Rascals came in 2nd with 45 and scored a great bottle of red, Faxed came in 3rd with 44 and got NOTHING. NOTHING. Thats right, NOTHING. Well, everyone got fake tattoos, so we all looked badass by the end of the night, and everyone got kitty cat or vintage-car stickers, so also looked sensitive and fun.
Also - a mysterious prophet told me that anyone who doesn't come to next weeks trvia night (wednesdays at 7pm, the Bush Inn, Toorak) is a quote "hairy dog-boy."

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