Bush Inn Wed, Sep 20 2017 19:00

Two Tradies Unable to Complement Each Other Though Clearly Love Each Other Dearly - Also, the Pub Regulars Make a WIN!!

Sweeney Y

How do you make a tradie squirm? Put a microphpne in front of his face and ask him to explain what he likes about his mate, genuinely. "hes a knob" - no, try again, what do you really like about him? - "aghhh you've put me on the spot... squirms.. I dunno" - Come on! - "He can skull a beer" - Great effort mate!

Ahh giving each other shit - the way tradies and footy players have been showing affection for generations, and potentially the reason men die five years earlier.

Also - I was a proud boy! My regulars Panda, VJ and co took home a prize! They got a beautiful bottle of wine! Well done fellas, where was Skinny though!??

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