Eureka Hotel Thu, Apr 05 2018 19:30

“Abbotsford Nine Nine” take down top prize in a tie breaker!

Corey J

Epic night of trivia at The Eureka Hotel last night! Jugs of Moon Dog were flowing and the 90’s Alt Rock playlist was bangin! I especially appreciated it having been born during the Great War. The Great Beta Vs VHS war.

Well done to “Abbotsford Nine Nine” for collecting 50 Eureka Dollars for coming first! They stuck around for a drink or three afterwards and were an absolute delight to hang out with!

Shout out to “In Slecond Place” for coming second (of course they did) in a tiebreaker and receiving a ten pack of Moon Dog tinnies!

My apologies to the team “Clitty Clitty Gangbang” for mispronouncing your amazing team name! I won’t do it again.

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