Eureka Hotel Thu, Aug 16 2018 19:30

"Cobra Kai 4 Eva" Win in Tiebreaker Like a Crane Kick to the Face

Corey J

Cracking turnout at The Eureka Hotel on Thursday night. Never in my 50 times hosting trivia has someone turned up dressed in a backwards suit. He did because he’s the backwards man the backwards man, the backwards man the backwards man. There were a couple of South African tourists who didn’t know it was trivia night at The Eureka but stayed for the duration anyway. On ya guys! There was an 8-person table of all new faces to Eureka Trivia who only came to a couple of points shy of victory. Maybe next time gang. Victory went to "Cobra Kai 4 Eva" just ahead of "Corey is a moron" (thanks guys) in the tiebreaker! "Cobra Kai 4 Eva" won’t be able to defend their title due to the fact they’ll be in the Netherlands for the wedding of two team members! Congrats guys! While you’re there, try the cookies. I hear they’re amazing.

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