Eureka Hotel Thu, May 31 2018 19:30

“Drink Applejuice, OJ Will Kill You” Solid Advice And An Epic Victory.

Corey J

If you’d popped into The Eureka Hotel on Thursday night hoping for a couple of brewery fresh Carlton Draughts and a quiet game of pool you might have been a little disappointed. First of all the pool table was transformed into a makeshift dining table for 12 hungry and thirsty trivia participants. Second, there was nothing quiet about the interior of The Eureka on Thursday night.

The turn out was epic and the joint was buzzing. 10 teams battled it out for the top spot and it went down to the wire. A splendid evening was had by all, me included of course. Otherwise, I wouldn’t do it!

Congratulations to 'Drink Applejuice', OJ Will Kill You' for coming first in a very close one and earning yourselves and fitty Eureka $’s!

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