Eureka Hotel Thu, Mar 08 2018 19:30

“I don’t own a television” claims victory!

Corey J

Remember the show ‘You Can’t Do That On Televesion’? It was a Canadian sketch comedy series from the early 80’s. Kind of like Saturday Night Live with a cast of teenagers. This has nothing at all to do with Thursday Night Trivia at the Eureka Hotel. The victorious teams name just reminded me of it. Mmmmmm.......nostalgia.

Thursday night trivia at the delightful Eureka Hotel in Richmond brought in a colourful bunch of patrons. Some regular, some semi regular and some just downright perculiar.

I think a fun night of trivia and the consumption of booze and delicious pub food was had by all. I know I had a blast and to be honest that’s all that matters.

If you’ve never dared venture into this wonderful little bar on the corner of Church and Victoria St may suggest you give it a go. Perhaps you could pop in for a quick pint while waiting for the 109. You’ll probably end up missing it but don’t worry, you can always catch the next one. Or the one after that!

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