Eureka Hotel Thu, May 03 2018 19:30

Paper plane down, we got a paper plane down

Corey J

The highlight of the evening was clearly the moment that trivia reg Nick stepped up to the line to launch his carefully constructed paper plane at the designated target. With a gentle flick of the wrist compared to a certain colourfully mohawked professional dart flinger, Nick managed to guide his aircraft more than halfway across The Eureka Hotel and land it directly into my pint of delicious and refreshing 2 Brothers Brewery Cider. He left the crowd awestruck and rightfully deserved the thunderous applause he received. If only he didn’t remove his now paper submarine from my bevvy before I could get a snapshot. Oh well, I’m sure it was a moment that those in attendance will not be forgetting anytime soon. They’ll probably even pass the unlikely series of events on to their grandchildren and the story of Nick and his paper plane prowess will go on to become a legend.

Also, well done to ‘Up The Bum No Babies’ for winning the evening and taking home 50 Eureka Dollars!

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