Eureka Hotel Thu, Oct 04 2018 19:30

“The Seven Card Studs” Take Top Prize!

Corey J

Ok, I’ll be honest, the team that won were not called "The Seven Card Studs". I had to change their name because it was SO offensive that I could not even bring myself to type it on this very blog! Alright, that’s not entirely true, I lost their answer sheet and couldn’t remember their team name. Whoops.

I like to think that an evening of trivia at the splendidly divey Eureka Hotel in Richmond not only allows you to flex your general knowledge muscles, but allows you to learn some interesting little facts about this wonderful world we live in. For example, did you know that you can get a Chicago style deep dish pizza in one of Melbourne's outer suburbs? I know where I’ll be going if I ever go to Pakenham again. Last time I went to Pakenham I grabbed a beer at a pub there. I can’t remember the name of it now but I do remember it was extremely busy. Oh that’s right, it was called The Pakenham Inn.

Thanks to all that graced us with their presence on Thursday night! Except for the guy that handed me his empty dinner plate as I approached his table to collect his answer sheet.

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