Eureka Hotel Thu, Jul 26 2018 19:30

The Tiebreaker to End All Tiebreakers

Corey J

Faces familiar and new graced The Eureka Hotel in Richmond with their presence on Thursday night. As usual, parmas were consumed and the brewery fresh beer was flowing. Seriously, a well-timed torpedo punt might just make its way from the entrance of The Eureka to the car park of Carlton & United Breweries.

The team's patrons participated enthusiastically and some of the team names were, how should I put this, colourful?
For the second time in my illustrious trivia hosting career, I made a bit of a rookie mistake by giving away an answer to a question in the attempt to give possible bonus points. Happens to the best of us.

Question 29 proved a difficult one. So much so that after announcing the answer I felt it best to duck for cover behind the pool table.

In what was probably the closest tiebreaker I’ve ever witnessed, the spoils of victory went to "Phat Cox" along with a Eureka voucher to the tune of about a fitty.

Thank you to all that came along to participate or just hang out and enjoy the show!

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