Francesca's Bar Mon, Aug 20 2018 19:30

Francesca's 10 - I'm Starting Litigation with City Hatters

Rian H

What a good, tight game this one was! The energy was high and the questions were firm but fair, and Rian had control of the lighting controls so the whole game was lit up nice and colourfully. This week the very talented new team, making their way to becoming regulars, took victory under the name "Ryan's answer sheet". Rian didn't have the heart to tell them that's not how he spells his name, but regardless, they finished on top, with a tense game of ConnectFour to round out second place. This week, we learned that Rian tries to yodel sometimes, that the moon is no place for snakes, and we had our first game of Higher or Lower. Now the jackpot stands til next time when our frankly disgusting little piggybank might finally give up the contents of its gross belly. See you next week!

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