Francesca's Bar Mon, Oct 08 2018 19:30

Francesca's 17 - Candelabra Snailpoison Hatter And I Nearly Died In A Yarra River Submersible Accident

Rian H

This was a classic week of trivia, with the questions dialled up in difficulty from last week and a sweat on every brow. The victory went to "Bless Club 7", who once again proved that they are a force to be reckoned with at Francesca's. This week we learned that Rick and Morty is THE BEST SHOW EVER AND YOU HAVE TO BE SMART TO GET THE JOKES, that Elton John is a talent-less hack and that Earth now has 40 million spiders in orbit above it, who are growing to unnatural sizes in the cosmic radiation. Hopefully we can blast them out of the sky before they return to Earth to enslave and eat us all. See you next week!

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Bless Club 7
Can I have a ruben sandwich please, hold the pastrami, extra slaw please. And can you also add cock meat, thinly sliced, and extra pickles. They have to be very hot, I am eating a cock meat sandwich after all.
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Buck Mulligans