Francesca's Bar Mon, Oct 15 2018 19:30

Francesca's 18 - Candalabra Accompanied Me To My VCAT Hearing With Yarra River Fine Dining Submersible Experience Ltd.

Rian H

This week was a hot contest between committed teams of eager quizzers, all vying for that sweet top prize of a $50 voucher to the bar. But these mental athletes aren't really in it for the cash - It's all about the honour of the competition and the pride of victory. This week, the regular local team won by an inch, after a close game all-round. This week we learned that 40 million spiders exposed to cosmic radiation are an existential threat to the survival of the human race, that Michael Jackson's music videos were all the same, and that author Joseph Conrad has been forgotten by every living person in Victoria. See you next week!

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Top Teams
I'm feeling a little hungry, what's good here? Oh, the cockmeat sandwich, you say? I'll take one of them. Light rye for the bread, tomatoes, swiss cheese, lettuce, spicy pickles - oh, and can you thinly slice the cockmeat?
Bless Club 6
Trampolining with Anthony
Buck Mulligans
Lowering the bar
SA Great