Francesca's Bar Mon, Oct 22 2018 19:30

Francesca's 19 - I Am On The Verge Of Homelessness And Only Candalabra Can Help.

Rian H

This week saw a tight scrum between four teams, as trivia knowledge was put to the test in a stiff competition that tested the upper limits of our quizzers' brainpower. The regular local team is the one to beat, pulling away from the pack to take the victory after a solid performance. This week we learned that not everyone has what it takes to make it on Broadway, that a pancreas is perfectly good to eat if fried correctly and that lapels and epaulettes are two different things. See you next week!!

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Hi there, I'll take the ladymeat sandwich, with rye, not multigrain, and pickles, sauerkraut, lemon drizzle and please no tomato. I'd like the ladymeat cut thick, thanks.
Working on Cars with Anthony
Bless Club 7
Fitzcote Northroy