Francesca's Bar Mon, Jul 02 2018 19:30

Francesca's 3 - The Thumb Ring I ordered got delayed somehow

Rian H

This week saw a lot of eager quizzers coming in from the cold to drink a mulled wine and play an energetic game! 'This is what Don Burke likes' went home with a stirring win, but it was the sudden-death ConnectFour playoff for the second place bottle of wine that had the whole bar cheering like the International ConnectFour Convention of 1991. 'Whisky Business' opened the game with a blistering Moscow Split, with 'Fat Jon' coming around for a Denver Break that nobody saw coming. In the end, 'Fat Jon' took out the spot for second place with an astonishing Double Reuben. Riveting. This week we learned that Rian seriously can't help himself with The Lord of the Rings impressions, we saw a paper spaceship reach the closest to the air-conditioner-moon that we can hope for, and we learned that nothing Rian says about how well the teams are doing should be trusted - always assume he's lying!

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The person reading this is a real wanker
I thought this was speed dating