Francesca's Bar Mon, Jul 23 2018 19:30

Francesca's 6 - My Thumb-Rings Finally Arrived and I Wore Them

Rian H

This week saw an important chapter in Rian's life come to a disappointing end, as the men's thumb-rings that he paid so much for and waited for patiently turned out to be a second-hand wedding band and a plastic piece of costume jewellery, neither of which fit on his thumbs. As for the game, the competition was stiff with neck-and-neck performances over both rounds, culminating in a tense three-way competition for first place. As people of culture and discernment, naturally, the outcome was decided by a game of UNO. "Bless Club 7" came away with the win, a first for this hard-working, persistent team, and a well-deserved victory. This week we learned what PDF stands for, that sports questions (while asked for) are not necessarily easy, and that Rian will continue to sing at any opportunity. See you next week!

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