Francesca's Bar Mon, Aug 13 2018 19:30

Francesca's 9 - I Got Swindled at the Hat Store

Rian H

Mondays at The Francesca's Bar continue to provide all the thrills and atmosphere that we've come to expect of this gem of a venue. This time, two teams came out tied in the end, but heartbreak came for "Yoga with Anthony" as they lost one point for having 7 players. The winners this week, the regular local team who went by "When's Rob getting a Dog?" this time, made an impressive show of their skills with yet another first answer with the anagram. This week, we were all introduced to the little piggy bank that is soon to become a staple of the game, we saw the Quickdraw question go into triple overtime, and Rian resisted the urge (this time) to sing a song by the Beatles. See you next week!

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